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Loohan's blog for August, 2012
Aug. 1, '12: (7pm) Got almost 1/2" rain [correction: almost 0.3"] this morning, and getting faint drizzle now.

Found some CIAlizard orgonite people:
nomesb69 (wonder how he came up with that number 69) is behind
Orgonite Austin [Wrong! Sorry, made mistake. He was probably under attack by SSers at the time].
Visions in Motion Productions.
As far as i can tell, these people are not making evil-energy devices, just very wimpy ones.

Aug. 2, '12: (7:30pm) Had thunder much of the night, and still occasionally hear some in the distance. Almost no moisture hit the ground, though. Overcast, cool. 30% daily rain chances forecast through next 3 days.
Hehehe, guess what other satanist lizard bitch has been replaced by a non-satanist double? Sarah Palin. Also possibly Ann Coulter, but i'm not sure.

BOD of Union of Concerned Reptilian Scientists.

(8:20am) Yes! Just got a cloudburst and brief drenching. Now it is raining moderately.

Perhaps this is a good time to introduce Pier Luigi IGHINA, a deceased Italian orgone genius. If you read Italian, you are in luck. I don't, and not much of his stuff has been translated into English, apparently.

The person who brought Ighina to my attention said that he could always make rain anywhere in 20 minutes or so.
Anyway, a few weeks ago The Committee apparently was able to connect to his 14D self. I've been expecting some sort of exotic design coming through them, but all i got so far is this crystal program. I doubt Ighina was into programming crystals when he was alive, but apparently they put their heads together and came up with this. They programmed this crystal (which, incidentally, i had found in a creek bed close to my parent's house in VA years ago). I put it in an old sock, and lowered it down on top of the big rose quartz that was already in my cannon CB (which, incidentally, i've been keeping indoors in my metal-roofed cabin lately) a week or so ago. Despite the fact that my cabin was exceedingly orgonized already, i felt a strong new radiance of expansive, harmonious orgone radiating from the unit after that.
Also, The Committee tucked some of this program into a bunch of my other CBs and devices at the time.
It remained to be seen if this would induce a weather correction. Well, at least an improvement seems to be happening, although one cannot state with certainty which factors have a bearing on this.

So this program is now available to the public. I suggest you invite The Committee to modify the programming in any CBs you already have.
I doubt this will cause rain where there is already excess; i think it is a balancing program.

(9:50am) Got slightly over 0.3", which is probably about all i'll get today, judging by the radar map. Also i see that i misread my gauge yesterday; i reported almost 1/2" when it was more like almost 0.3".
Still, it helps. Cooled things off a lot.

Satanist shapeshifter ormus vendor:

(10:20am) More CIAlizards: Diggity Dave, Matthew VanDyke.

More lizard-on-lizard warfare: Rand Paul Tries to Intimidate & Harass Journalist After A Youtube Video. Wearethesameolds* lizards are so outraged.

(3pm) Kinsey Institute: CIAlizards. No great surprise there.

1981 Buck Rogers segment showing reptilian shapeshifting as part of the plot. All the actors are shapeshifters, of course.
I doubt it's true in suggesting they can't take cold. I did an image search for Inuit, but the Inuit don't seem reptilian. How about Gwich'in? Hmmmm! Some of these lizards are into blood ritual.
The reason i knew about them was due to environmental issues i was aware of. I remember talking to NSAtanist "enviro"-lizard Tim McHugh in the Bellingham food coop in [1992 or] 1993; he told me he had just come back from a visit with the Gwich'in.
Now i see that other lizards also took up their cause, at least ostensibly. Of course those satanists wanting to drill in ANWR are also shapeshifters. This last article mentions US PIRG, a lizard group started by Ralph Nader.

(5:40pm) More shapeshifter groups: World Freeman Society, Sovereign Man.

Another real person: IndustrialSurrealism. Someone recommended these vids. I have only watched the 1st one so far. Food for thought. Right away we found 70 of these craft and 6 U bases for them.
Warning: the ads at the beginning are 50X as loud as the guy's voice.

Aug. 3, '12: (6:30am) I still haven't watched more, but now the count is 243 triangle craft and 42 U bases.
30% today, they say, and it looks like a line of rain clouds may be headed this way soon on the weathermap.

Chick-Fil-As Across The Country Were Absolutely Jam-Packed. I.e. Promiscuous Bisexual Pedophile Shapeshifters Con Earthlings into Mass Support for Hypocritical Shapeshifter Business. Almost all these people in the pix are soulless Earth dupes displaying their superior morality.

(7:55am) Another shapeshifter: Jeffrey M. Smith of the purportedly anti-GMO Institute for Responsible Technology. However, there are good people and info on the site.

HIV doesn't exist?

(8:20am) Also lizard-run: World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA). I got onto this from this article: Raht the donkey - update, about a donkey that got torched by some Israeli brats who were probably jealous that he has a viable soul.
The Pegasus Society, however, seems run by real people.
On the bottom of that Pegasus page is a video. The horse in the center is being cleared of etheric implants now.

Thunder now.

Therapeutic Family Life with many TX locations. Edgewood with 2 CA locations. Both great places for children to receive the best reptilian attentions.

(4:15pm) As is Modeling Camp with 5 locations: turn your Earth girl into a real CIA MPD Beta asset.

Well, a bunch of real and fake clouds passed over, all right, but only a few drops fell.

Colin Andrews was very shielded. I could not get that lizard-vibe kickback from him until i had worked on him a bunch. This was also somewhat true of some people he's associated with, the Orion Project, and the Aerial Phenomena Investigation Team.

Aug. 4, '12: (6:10am) Ah, yes, time to whip out more shapeshifters with "opposing views" in order to liven up the big Chic-fil-A controversy. Fil-A This, Chick, viewpoint written by one lizard, directed in a hostile manner toward another, who has ostensibly taken a stance against Chic-fil-A and the values they laughingly pretend to represent.
Here we have a stereotype bull-dyke executive made of iron and gristle, swaggeringly trying to ram conformity with her "perverted" values down the throats of good clean soulless hypocritical Bible-toting parasites.
Great. I'm glad important, interesting things are happening in the world to entertain us.

(5:15pm) See, the ETs know what shallow, sanctimonious, pompous douchebags many of us Earthlings are, so they can easily direct our behavior. Of all these people with nothing better to do than make a big deal about people of the same gender getting married, i wonder, how many have built CBs? Gifted a tower? Said NO to creeping military fascism? Have a soul? Busted a drought? Stopped a pedophile? Killed their TV? Done a damn thing to make the world better instead of worse?

More hot, sunny weather with some chem-clouds today.

Creepy CIAlizard site: SouledOut. Warning, we are not quite done yet removing all the spells that hook onto the viewer.

(5:55pm) CIAlizard: Brian Sussman. He's a TV meteorologist, for crying out loud, and Alex Jones is promoting him.

Another one: Stephen Lendman.

Want to piss off the shapeshifters, ladies? Then boldly flaunt hairy legs. Reptilians don't have body hair, unlike icky humans and hybrids. The shapeshifters want us to emulate reptilians, hence they control the fashion-related industries and promote beauty pageants in which even little girls must have their peach fuzz waxed because it's so gross and disgusting.
Toronto police sued for $1.4M over G20 ‘hairy legs’ profiling.

(9:05pm) Many years ago, there were DORy satanists galore on web forums. Then, after i became able to recognize and out them, they simply disappeared. I wrote about this phenomenon on Feb. 9, 2009. Wow, agents gone!
But now i realize that they only pulled most of their satanists off of those jobs. They still have loads of CIAlizards posting on forums and on news articles. And most have been posting from U bases!

Almost all of the commenters on the hairy legs article were CIAlizards. All of these were in U bases. This includes the ones under Older Comments. Arguing amongst each other. What a bizarre expenditure of resources. We put them out of their misery.

Mordok and i have already marked 3K+ such small U bases which have been nailed. Just in case the CIA has the slightest interest in pulling people out of U bases to save their worthless hides. But there is little risk of that, as everything the shapeshifters are doing seems to be an effort to have us kill them in their U lairs.

Aug. 5,'12: (7:15am) Dark clouds; 30% chance forecast.

Olympics UFO Was Definitely Our Blimp: Goodyear (PHOTOS). But the pic taken by a spectator has a vibe to it. The elephant-headed people, i think.

(8am) Still finding reptards that i've been looking at pix of for months without spotting. Like Lendman yesterday. And now Maria Heller, who is always on Icke's headline page. I see she is pushing a video called "How to Spot Psychic Fraud". I haven't watched it, but i'm getting better at it anyway.

Historic US drought deepens.
And what about that site,
I have sometimes quoted articles by Michel Chossudovsky, who seemed like such a legitimate, cool kind of guy. Wikipedia says
he is founder, editor, and director of the Centre for Research on Globalisation (CRG), based in Montreal, Canada. It is "committed to curbing the tide of globalisation and disarming the new world order".[6] CRG maintains the website which is critical of United States foreign policy and NATO, as well as theories concerning the September 11 attacks in 2001 and the war on terror, media disinformation, poverty and social inequality, the global economic crisis, and politics and religion.

I saw a pic of gold ingots in this article Where’s the gold? NY Fed undergoes first-ever audit. Gold is a substance that has such a distinct characteristic vibe that it is easy to dowse about. The gold in this pic is real, but has been melted down.

There is no gold at this NY location. And little if any at Fort Knox, West Point and the US Mint in Denver.
This claim feels like pure fiction to me: "The US government has been quietly carrying out an audit of all the American-owned gold at the New York Fed. The process involves drilling small holes in about ten per cent, or roughly 350, of the bars to make sure they're pure.

The gold in NYC was melted down and reformed into other ingots, and buried here at 750' depth, maybe 4 years ago. The T'al are retrieving it now.

(4:10pm) Slightly cooler today. Heavy chem-clouds and occasionally big CTs.

Vandals tear birds' heads off at Australian zoo. I have the impression of 3 shapeshifting satanists here who did it.

(5pm) Awright, let's take a look at that Ft. Hood "shooting". Going off Wikipedia article. Nidal Malik Hasan is, of course, a CIAlizard. As were Anwar al-Awlaki, and the 13 (wonder how they happened upon that number?) "fatalities" which were just now in 2 U bases, and now are fatalities. Obama was also a CIAlizard, as are his clone replacements. Who else in this story is one? Army Specialist William Gilbert, Michael Welner, M.D., and Duane Reasoner Jr at least.
I have not found a list of the "injured" but am pretty sure what they are.

All the people in this pic are shapeshifters. A couple of them have complexion problems from their junk food addictions.

(5:55pm) Took a look at Scott Philip Roeder. This guy is a victim of MPD by the NSA. Roeder's former roommate of two years, Eddie Ebecher, is a NSAtanist shapeshifting MPD handler. Cheryl Sullenger is CIAlizard.

Now, check out Living Hope for Life. All the pix on that page are of CIAlizards. Some of them are satanists.

(6:25pm) More CIA BS unfolding: Gunman opens fire at Sikh temple in Wisconsin; 7 dead. Riiight. We know the drill. The "Sikh" at the top with the illuminati one-eye salute is not a shapeshifter nor satanist that i can tell, but is a CIA thug. Ven Boba Ri is a CIAlizard. All the cops shown are CIAlizards. I am not detecting any fatalities, and i doubt there were injuries. Satwant Kaleka is a CIAlizard. Sukhwindar Nagr, another one.

(8:10pm) More CIAlizards bringing you the scoop on James Holmes: JosephFamilyMediaTV, and Shielaaliens. I haven't watched them.

Aug. 6, '12: (3:10pm) Looks like the worst of the heat wave is over. Still not much rain in the forecast, though.

Yet more raw-food CIAlizards: Real Raw Results. Quote:
By a stroke of luck, I stumbled upon a YouTube video of a guy named Harley Johnstone, AKA Durianrider. He went through and showed how much fruit he ate in a day and I thought he was absolutely nuts (or bananas!) and thought his approach was nothing but ridiculous. I mean, that’s way too much fruit, right?! But something told me to keep coming back to him. After a while, it just started making sense, and it was in a high carbohydrate, low fat raw vegan diet that I saw the convenience and ease. On October 1st 2010, I decided to give the high carb, low fat fruit based diet a shot. With a few ups and downs as I learned how to work the diet and lifestyle correctly, I have been 100% since and haven’t looked back...
Let's take a look at this Harley Johnstone, AKA Durianrider: pix. Another CIAlizard.
Note: CIAlizards often lie. You want a hi-carb, lo-fat diet? Try it a while, i have. Lowfat makes sense to some extent if you are 15-25 years old and have raging hormone greaseface, but as i get older i appreciate FAT and protein a lot more. Dr. Mercola recommends one get 70% of one's calories from high-quality fats.
And i have been guilty in my youth of scarfing way too much sugary fruit, thinking i was living clean.
Based on my own experiments, i now advocate a quality diet high in fat and protein, with a bit of starchy vegetables, and low in sugars.
I'm 58, lean, and physically fit.

(3:35pm) CIA trots out more lizard actors: Gunman in Sikh temple shooting identified as ex-Army soldier Wade Michael Page. Also the mysterious "person of interest" is another CIAlizard.
Edwards also released the names of the people Page allegedly shot while inside the temple: Sita Singh, 41; Ranjit Singh, 49; Satwant Singh Kalka, 65; Prakash Singh, 39; Suveg Singh, 84; and Paramjit Kaur, 41 and the only woman killed.
Fortunately, all CIAlizards. Three of them, Satwant Singh Kalka, 65; Prakash Singh, 39; Suveg Singh, 84; are living here for the time being. The other 3 are staying nearby here.
Mr Mystery is residing nearby, too, here at the Lisowe Acres CIA dairy. Anyone with information on the man is asked to call 1-800-CALL-FBI.

(3:45pm) That whole neighborhood for 3 miles around feels like it's mostly CIA.

Aug. 7, '12: (7:35am) I just remembered reading years ago where Viktoras Kulvinskas, one of the major promoters of a raw vegan diet, said something to the effect that it is better to be a frugal meat-eater than a gluttonous fruitarian. Even he warned strongly against eating too much fruit, several decades ago. And those CIA guys are claiming that one should eat 30 bananas a day or something. Nope; might be good for gorillas, but not humans.

Somebody sent me a link to a video about charging drinking water, and changing its spin from north-pole to south-pole.
I think my free water-charging program for resin (see Mar.4, 2010 entry here) automatically does this, and brings the water to 7200 or so on the Bovis scale. Probably takes 20 minutes or so, but leaving it on longer can't hurt.
Also, now i'm getting that the resin no longer needs to be doped with silica powder for this program; this can be omitted. You can just use plain resin.

(7:50am) Intuitive Angels, another shapeshifter youtube channel.

(10:15am) Missouri mosque destroyed in suspicious fire. I went hunting for the perp. All i could find was a few little CIA U bases and tunnels north of town. Fairly sure CIA did it.

Another CIAlizard: Amardeep Kaleka.

(6:30pm) Nasty CIAlizard: Alfonso De Rose.

Something different about shapeshifter Bruce Lee. It was real hard to de-cloak him. Finally i found a pic of his brother Robert, and after some time, was able to get the shapeshifter vibe off him. Then also Bruce's widow, daughter, deceased son, father, and Bruce himself. But none of these are very DORy. None have U bases connected to them. I suspect these are/were a different type (behaviorally) from the sterotype shapeshifters. For one thing, i still can't cull Bruce's soul.

His dad was a film actor as well. I read a rumor that the Lee family were progeny of the illuminati Li family of Hong Kong, which may be true.
Bruce had married a white American shapeshifter. His shapeshifter son, Brandon, died under dubious circumstances.

I decided to track the apparent hit man (mystery guy who loaded the gun), and found him cruising south on 280 in San Francisco.

I think he got stuck in some traffic but later made it to Daly City United Methodist Church, which seems to be all Asian (pic). I have the impression that the hit man is another Chinese-reptilian from Hong Kong. He is visiting a shapeshifting priest who wants to hire him to kill yet another Chinese-reptilian.
I have the impression that the Fairmont area contains 500+ more Chinese shapeshifters that are in the same clan as the hit man. This is probably where he lives.

(6:55pm) I also do not detect U bases connected with these shapeshifters.

The hit man was hired by someone in Hong Kong. Looking at the map, first i found this area which has a strong DORy vibe of this tong. Then i found 12 of their U bases around Hong Kong.
I think Mr. Big, who ordered the hit on Brandon and probably Bruce, too, lives in the Palatial Coast Clubhouse. He might be the manager of the clubhouse. I sense gambling, prostitution, drugs.

Aug. 8, '12: (7:10am) More shapeshifters: Mary Sutherland, author.
Gordon Michael Scallion and Cynthia Keyes of the Matrix Institute.
Higher Frequencies' Wendy Kennedy and her pals.

(8:15pm) Chem-clouds this morning and dark blue rain clouds this afternoon. Virtually no precipitation here, though, yet. 30% tonight.
Cooler today. High in the upper 80s i think. It's in the 70s now out.

Kurt Haskell Wins House of Representatives Primary in Michigan. Ah, of course, of course. Responsible citizen spots and reports suspicious activity; rises to fame. Wow, let's vote for him! After all, this is Amerika, where any shapeshifter has the potential to be in public office.

(9pm) I did an image search and found 1 pic that feels like it is of members of the same organized-crime group that killed Brandon Lee.
That photostream is about some 2011 conference that occurred in Leiden, NE. Another mafia pic from that conference. And whoever this DORy Erica lizard is, she seems involved with them.
It is interesting that the photographer labeled that first pic as "Hong Kong Mafia + 1 Token Taiwanese". Is that how they introduced themselves? Oh, haha, we're the Hong Kong Mafia, hehe.

Aug. 9, '12: (8:40am) Cool out; chem-clouds. Wunderground predicts 100 degrees, but they usually exaggerate. And 91 tomorrow. 30% chance of rain today then none for the next week.

Lawsuit Alleges Bank Fired Him, Cut Dying Daughter's Health Insurance. It is simply tragic how shapeshifters treat each other. This, i'm pretty sure, is why we have a legal system. The shapeshifters (usually) agree that it is a way to resolve differences between themselves. If Earthlings are naive enough, they can choose to give this reptilian pedophile system authority over themselves, too.

DHS and US Military Make Final Preparations Before Announcing Martial Law. We know that's true because it comes straight from the CIAlizards. Actually there is some truth in it. They threw in the bit about U stuff in Lassen National Forest in order to ensure the rapid demise of a CIA U base that had 700+ shapeshifters they needed to dispose of. There are tunnels all around there too.

More shapeshifters: Nick Begich and Jeanne Manning, Daniel Ellsberg [update May, 2013: wrong on Ellsburg; it's his wife, Patricia Marx Ellsberg, who is is a CIAlizard. Being close to a shapeshifter can make a normal person feel like one. I regret the error..

(11:05am) Top Colombian drug trafficker arrested: authorities. Wow, some non-reptilians actually thought they could make money off drugs independently of the CIA.

In that mafia pic, the guy on the far left as well as the guy with glasses near the middle have apparently been killed, possibly above-ground for calling for a hit on me. Also last night 3 of their hit men in NYC's Chinatown were killed, as these were the top prospects for a hit on me.
Looking at the map, i get a vibe off the Bank of America in Chinatown. I believe this group runs that branch, and launders money through it.
I suspect they also run a "protection service" throughout the Chinese businesses there. Meaning they actually will terminate any rivals that would be foolish enough to push these businesses around. This group seems like the dominant force in Hong Kong and NY's Chinatown.
Also, they had a big U base in China with thousands of shapeshifters. They are very much tied in with the Chinese government, which is why there is no crackdown.
I keep having impressions that Bruce Lee's 50D self senses that his old enemies are getting nailed, and feels gratified. He is reincarnate (i know where but ain't telling). Question is, as a shapeshifter or not? I'm not sure.

On the 6th, i neglected to search for Wade Michael Page, the alleged dead gunman. I started looking a while ago. He was unusually well-cloaked. I could hit him but not find his location. Found a bunch of other CIA stuff while looking for him. Finally found him in a mobile home here in rural NC.

Aug. 10, '12: (7:45am) More CIAlizards:
Tom Heneghan
Joe Plummer of StopTheLie.
Not sure if she's CIA, but Dr. Sherri J. Tenpenny is a shapeshifter.

One by one, the Alah-kur have killed all the Chinese shapeshifters in those pix i posted links to on the 8th. The 2nd pic actually only had 1 new person in it, the woman.
This is very unusual. Usually, the good ETs are "allowed" to kill evil ETs on the surface of Earth if
  • they have more than 50% rept DNA, or
  • if they are a direct physical threat to myself or certain others.
I don't think either of these applies. Even ordering a hit on me is not normally reason enough.
I have to presume that these mafiosi are guilty of something else that will get them killed according to whatever mysterious rules the ETs go by. They were foolhardy in some way that the Nigerian mafia, the CIA, etc, etc, aren't.
I get that a total of 23 of the Hong Kong mafia have been killed so far, including Mr Big. The people in the photos seemed like very high rank; probably directly under Mr Big. Many have been replaced by doubles already.

And the Alah-kur are still stalking around Hong Kong.
Also i get the impression that the Alah-kur are disarming them, then killing them in one-on-one hand-to-hand combat, as if they are curious what kung-fu these guys can come up with.

(11am) There was a period a couple years ago (i never wrote about it) when Thor'p and i had the distinct impression that a team of 6 Ta'l was working over Tel Aviv, taking out certain (unknown) individuals there. But i never really understood what that was about. I think they got 46 individuals there.

Found an interesting article on Hong Kong organized crime: Partners in Crime. It mentions the 3 major Hong Kong triad groups, one of which is called Wo Hop To. I think this is the group that took issue with Brandon Lee. The Wikipedia article does not mention NYC, though. It does say they are based in Wanchai, Hong Kong, and indeed i feel their vibe there, and in a bunch of U stuff southish from there.

In any case, i have the impression of a different class of shapeshifters associated with Hong Kong. I am talking about people like Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. Here's a pic of the Jackie Chan family. I just don't get a vibe of incest, homosexuality, black magic, or cruelty from these shapeshifters. Yet they hobnob with "dirty", often satanist shapeshifters in their careers.
Are there a bunch of relatively benign shapeshifters? How about Bruce Lee's Filipino friend Dan Inosanto? All these people in the pics (most of whom are from some Tae Kwon Do school) are shapeshifters, yet, somehow, i have the impression they are relatively decent people. Master Nam might even have a viable soul. (None of the Chan family do, but then few non-reptilian Earthlings do anymore, either.) [Update: in July 2014 i noticed that Jackie does draw on shapeshifter U bases for psychic strength, something that only evil shapeshfters do.]
There are white people in the pics. Suggesting that even in the US there might be this relatively benign form of shapeshifter, and they know how to find each other.

(5:15pm) Another uppity Earthling who dared to compete with the Lizards of Privilege: Sandra Avila Beltran, Alleged Woman Drug Boss, Sent From Mexico To U.S.

Wo Hop To proprietary business: Sands Macao.

Amazingly clear sky out now; cooler weather too.

(6:45pm) A real sweet fellow who likes the Wo Hop To: Sheldon Adelson.

Interestingly, as soon as the Alah-kur found out there were Wo Hop To in Macau, they hopped on over and so far have killed 35 there. I think the body count is 83 in Hong Kong.

(5:25pm) Even cooler weather today. Much thin chem-smear.

Big Pharma and Collaborators Resort to Underhanded Tactics in Push to Ban Homeopathy. Oh, boo hoo. The major homeopathic companies as well as Bach Flower Remedies were bought out by shapeshifters years ago.
Here's something The Committee will do for individuals it deems worthy: they can duplicate any type of homeopathic formula that is 10X potency or higher. Trouble is, i don't know where an individual could get blank lactose pills. But water, perhaps with a bit of liquor in it, can hold homeopathic programs. Also homeopathic lactose pills can be reprogrammed. One can get homeopathic cell salts such as this at health food stores, and ask The C to reprogram them.
The Committee even has a metal-detox formula, with homeopathic frequencies of common toxic metals, including even barium, fluoride, and radioactive metals as well as the non-metallic iodine-131. My belief is, it seems to neutralize most of the bad effects of amalgam fillings too. I have several amalgam fillings but am not aware of ill effects. I do eat chlorella, too, but never have any cleansing reactions.

(7:50pm) Too much: The Shapeshifting Nun Who Broke Into the Nuclear Sanctum. Also her fellow activists Greg Boertje-Obed and Michael Walli (whose pupils look a bit odd).

More shapeshifters: Youtuber megawatts1066 promotes various more agents such as Ammach, Eva Zemanova, John Shelton, John Urwin, Anya Briggs, Sissel Tvedte, Kelvin Curnow, John Lear...
[Woops! Looking back 2/2013, i think i screwed up here. My apologies. Megawatts1066 (whom i can't find a pic of) is probably OK, and many of the videos are of real people. AMMACH is not a person, but a project by 2 people. For more info about this, see my entry for Feb. 19, 2013.]

I just updated my culling page with a couple details.

Aug. 12, '12: (5:05pm) Chem-clouds and real overcast mixed.

Neighborhood near L.A. which seems to be about 100% MIB.

Aug. 13, '12: (7:20am) Had a pre-dawn thunderstorm which made a lot of noise and dropped about 0.15". On the weathermap, it looked like i got the thin part of a front moving through; areas north and south of me apparently got a lot more.

There are several sites associated with a Brian T. Collins lizard, such as UCADIA and, which had demonic kickback to anyone opening the sites.

Kasamba is a shapeshifter psychic site. Click the Psychic link for a bunch of them. Another site like that is

Common Dreams' CIAlizard staff.

(9:05am) Rehoboth McKinley "Christian" Health Care Services is a nurturing, all-lizard community which receives funding from New Mexico's Sole Community Provider Program. As i understand it, this means that poor Indians on the Navajo reservation get to go there if they need surgery. And have shapeshifting pedophiles anaesthetize and slice them, with plenty of opportunities to insert extra ET gadgetry.

(10am) Funny thing: if i do an image search for Navajo people, all the older pix are devoid of a reptilian vibe. Yet, if i look up the Navajo Nation Council, all of these are shapeshifting reptilians.
Some more pix i found of modern ET hybrid Navajo: Navajo people and sheep, Miss Navajo Nation.
You know a tribe has been lizardized when they start having beauty pageants.

Aug. 14, '12: (7:35am) Elizabeth wrote:
The Navajo pagaents are nothing like the white peoples. They are about honoring tradition, and respecting their culture. One part is killing, skinning and preparing a sheep. This is quite heavy work, and no one is allowed to help them hang the sheep or anything else. The language is nearly gone among the young people, a contestant must present an essay both in Navajo and English. Navajo was used in World War 2 to pass messages because it was indecipherable to anyone who wasn't Navajo. The dance performed is usually a traditional dance in a handmade costume that can take several years to make, very intricate, and tells a story. The females are accompompanied at all times by a female chaperone, usually a grandmother or aunt, anything in dress considered suggestive in any way is disrespectful to the elders and disallowed. It's a serious and sacred event that the girls prepare for for several years, if you look at winners, it isn't based on physical beauty as much as how the woman represents her tribe. A saying all Navajo live by is, "I walk in beauty.", in simplest terms it means to be in harmony with every living thing, and to the Navajo, everything is alive. Here is one example of the prayer. So, a "beauty pagaent" to this tribe is not anything like ours.
Yes, the parasites are not always totally stupid. In jiu-jitsu and aikido one uses the opponent's momentum against him, by blending with it and co-opting it. One can't just replace a culture like the Navajo's in one swoop, with mainstream commercial lizard culture.
I can't find a single pic of a non-ET Navajo who ever won one of these things, or even competed.
Miss Navajo Council, Inc..

Cool morning, mostly clear with some chem-smear.

(8:30am) CIA fear-mongering continues daily, with such stories as National Weather Service Follows DHS In Huge Ammo Purchase. Who knows whether they actually have any intention of buying this ammo. All they have to do is plant a solicitation and have the CIA "alternate" news pick up on it.
There are 2 possible reasons for such a story:
  • They really intend to declare martial law, and shoot/detain millions of undesirables. In which case they are fulfilling disclosure requirements.
  • They have no particular intention of doing this (because the good ETs wish they would try it), and are faking this as a psy-op to stress people out over non-existent threats, to distract them from real issues.
IMO, the latter explanation applies.

(9:40am) More manufactured controversy: In Mississippi, Dress Code Violations and Back-Talk Send Students Straight to Jail. I smell CIA. The director and stuffed-shirt board of the Lauderdale County Juvenile Detention Facility are CIAlizards, for example, as are the SPLC.
What purposes does all this serve? The shapeshifters are constantly poking around, checking people's reactions and acceptance levels. How much gestapo crap can the sheep be encouraged to accept? Let's keep pushing the boundaries of what is considered appropriate law-'n-order.
The CIA is constantly manufacturing fake events to monopolize the news with. An illusion is created that "something is being done" if the government forces an improvement; "something happened" because there are checks and balances in society and government. Long as you vote Obama. Or something.

(10:10am) Weird story. A sharp reader sent this in: Derek Fierro, Chicago Public School Teacher, Charged With Beating Rescue Dog To Death. Shapeshifter beats ensouled pup to death, then turns himself in, crying. I can understand why he and the dog did not get along, but, who would have known if he had just dumped the carcass somewhere? I'm a bit stumped. Then again, some of these people do illogical things.
BTW the cute lizard newscaster ho in the video had 37 sexiness spells on her. Gotta get people to watch the news somehow.

The Sakudas are comforting/recruiting the dog's soul.

(12:15pm) CIAlizards: DAI (Development Alternatives, Inc.)

What is wrong with this story? Stand in Honor of Martyr Journalist Ali Abbas.
Abbas was just now killed in a CIA U base in Egypt. He was a CIAlizard. The head of the Syrian Journalists Union Elias Murad is another one. So is Director General of al-Wahda Establishment for Press, Printing, Publishing and Distribution, Khalaf al-Miftah. Ali Kassem, editor-in-chief of al-Thawra newspaper, another CIAlizard.

(7:15pm) Sure was remarkably cool here today. Overcast with dubious mixed clouds all afternoon. Didn't even have to turn on the A/C as it only got to 76 indoors.

Worldmeets.US is a CIAlizard project to connect Americans with the rest of the world, and inform them about global perceptions of their nation.
Worldmeets.US is a non-partisan, volunteer-based, nonprofit organization that operates solely in the public interest. Would we lie to you?

(7:25pm) I mentioned a few days ago that Sheldon Adelson was a friend of that erstwhile organization, Wo Hop To. Well dig this: Paul Ryan Meeting With Sheldon Adelson in Vegas.

Aug. 15, '12: (7:30am) Ensouled man refuses to live under Nazi lizard occupation. Seems the best pix so far are on this German site.
Darrius Kennedy failed to line up ET backup first. Lizard coward dipwads were able to overcome the big threat.

(8:40pm) Another day with no A/C needed at my place.

I was just checking out, a site by Laura Knight-Jadczyk and Arkadiusz Jadczyk. I have not been able to get any dirt on these 2. They are ensouled 96s. But that site is a hotbed of lizzies. They have a shapeshifting NSA editor Niall Bradley (pic halfway down page). I looked at some articles. First one was by another shapeshifter, Gabriela Segura, M.D..
Then there's this article by Dominique de Kevelioc de Bailleu de Reptile of lizard publication ETF News.
Then some shapeshifter from PressTV. That's as far as i got in my investigations.

Strange. Someone asked me whether Mossad is behind But the vibe i get is Brits. First off on the map, i noticed this same group had lots of U bases in Georgia. Then i found there vibe strongly in this long bldg as well as the rest of that complex in Barton-upon-Humber, UK.
Next i am drawn to this house, which is more quaint than ostentatious, yet i get the feeling 3 very important satanist shapeshifters live here.
Also nailing U bases under the town as well as north of the river.
Then i got an intense vibe off this shed in Swinton, Mexborough, South Yorkshire. ET transmitter? This is also connected to that group. 2 of them live in the house there. I think google is street-viewing the wrong house, though. And U stuff just west of the house.

1 important female of this DORy group lives here in Sheffield. And they have an office here which i think she oversees. U stuff under town, too.
I also feel their vibe at Fusion and Foundry. There is a link there to Sheffield's Student Union's site, which has pix of DORy shapeshifters labeled "Your SU Officers" but they feel more like reptilian officers of this group (which might be a section of MI2 possibly). Page for Fusion and Foundry -- feels like a fair bit of advanced MK lizard dancing goes on there.
Their vibes are all over that University. At least 40% of the students are also shapeshifters. Recruitment is big here.

Their dirty vibes are all over the Children's Hospital, too. Sweet director, David Vernon-Edwards, had a bunch of attack U bases covering him.
Then there is Royal Hallamshire/Sheffield Teaching Hospital.
Even Elden Minns & Co. Ltd. Chartered Architects is MI2.

Aug. 16,'12: (4:55pm) The drought map does not look good today. 20% chance given this morning for today. I reflected this morning that i should probably make another busting run to Russellville tomorrow. I did not make one last week or this week because my efforts were better spent doing hardware upgrades that have made my wand thousands of times more potent.

It got to be a fairly hot day, then around 2pm we got a little thunderstorm. Then more, and more. It is still thundering and raining. Cool out. Getting a fair bit. Also there was a bunch of hail, some at least 1" in size. Hail that shot in at crazy angles. I took a MP4 as evidence.
I was standing on the threshhold of my mud room, which is rather sheltered with a big overhang. Nevertheless, the hail was being driven at such angles that my feet started getting hammered by hail which was also bouncing into the mud room, hence i closed the door.

"Anti-CT" shapeshifter lineup: Jeffrey M. Smith, Roseanne Barr and Cynthia McKinney at WHY? World Premiere.

(6:40pm) The rain stopped for now. I checked my rain gauge, a new plastic one i had only put out a month or 2 ago. It had a hole knocked in it which removed a section at the 3.5" mark and above. The water level was up to the hole at 3.5".
I checked a coffee-type can i had also set out, but it also had 3.5", so i guess that's what i got. Biggest rain in a real long time.

Aug. 17, '12: (7:25am) Got another 0.4" overnight. 40% today and cooler weather forecast.

You got to be kidding me, CIA: Sherry Daniel, Ph.D., shapeshifting Director of The Heaven Project, Founder of The Miracle School.

And here we see the CIAlizards generating controversy among themselves: Dave Mustaine: Obama Staged ‘Batman’ Massacre. Dig that rhetoric from shapeshifters Mustaine and Larry Pratt.
The young black witness to the Batman "shooting" seems genuine. But this bozo speaking about the "Sikh killings" (which "victims" were neither Sikhs nor harmed) is a CIAlizard. As, of course is Amardeep Kaleka, as i have said before.
This witness seems sincere.
So there were multiple "shooters". The CIA makes sure this is mentioned, then the MSM censors or downplays this, and other CIA assets on the conspiracy sites bring it up.

As usual, they deliberately leave clues and hints that the government and media are hiding important stuff about real or faked "violent murders". Then people can choose to dwell on this or put it out of their minds.

(8:35am) Another dubious story: Startling Evidence That Central Banks And Wall Street Insiders Are Rapidly Preparing For Something BIG. George Soros is buying gold? What gold, where? Show me.
This draws on an article in the CIAlizard
What this suggests to me is that they intend to stop short of completely collapsing the economy. I think they are going to continue to slowly milk it for all it's worth, with their various scams, but not completely demolish it.

Ecuador President Rafael “We Are Not A Colony” Correa Stands Up To The Jackbooted British Gestapo. Sheesh. Assange and Correa are both CIAlizards. And the CIA gets along fine with the Brits; even has their guys in the BBC, etc.

Before Shooting: Southern Poverty Law Center Put Family Research Council on ‘Hate Map’. This is the first i've seen of this alleged FRC shooting. Again, we have a CIA "gunman" "shooting" a CIA "security guard". Then the CIAlizard SPLC, which normally warns against right-wing gun nuts, CIA Nazis, etc., gets blamed for a supposed gay gunman's supposed actions.
If the CIA weren't always fighting with the CIA, the media would have little to write about.
I think this apt in Silver Spring is somehow related to the FRC op. Maybe the CIA guy in charge of it lives there. I think the "gunman" visited there many times. As well as a few U bases we took out.

The Indigo Evolution Full Length Documentary Indigo children. Obviously, being a soulless NSA reptilian shapeshifter is no impediment to being an Indigo. I did a rapid scan through the flick and noticed only lizards speaking. Posted by bangonitdave, the CIA slave.

Historic figures that i'm pretty sure were shapeshifters: Robin Hood, Guy Fawkes.

(10:30am) Very foggy out now.

A reader noticed these shapeshifter tantra sites:,,,, School of Awakening,

Shapeshifting MI psychic investigators on Red Star Films, a production of Paul Kimball, MI3(?) lizard.
I got onto this from ‘Star jelly’ baffling investigators in Scotland, which says "Paranormal investigator Steve Mera is convinced he was dealing with aliens after a sample he collected DISAPPEARED.
He said: I was dumbfounded." Would he lie to you?

Whew, finally de-cloaked Pussy Riot. These lizard women had a real solid "nice" veneer. But the whole thing was too Hollywood to believe. I think they are FSB.

(2:50pm) Still foggy, faint drizzle. Wunderground still says it will get to 88 F today, but i have severe doubts, as it's still only 70 at my place.

Agnihotra and Radioactivity. I suspect orgone also has this effect to some extent. This is part of the reason i like to bust the heck out of the landscape between me and the upwind nuke.

I am now offering (for a limited time) 3oz epoxy TBs of the July 2012 Program on my products page for $3 each. I am probably going to stop selling ice cubes, because the only good trays doubled in price recently. But i am charging less for these TBs than i was charging for ice cubes.
Of course i encourage people to make their own TBs. I have less than 90 cents worth of materials in each of these.
The program is free for DIYers; you just need to get it while the resin is curing.

(4:30pm) Hollywood comes to Ukraine: Pussy Riot topless protest: FEMEN lizard activist takes chainsaw to cross. (Don't worry, the lizard titties are smudged out in this vid.)

And, lizards attack Russian embassy in London: Russia embassy in UK says attacked by Syria activists. Cool. Fake Syrian activists support fake Russian activists. News happens.

(8:15pm) Erica Goetsch on her positive UFO Reptilian alien experiences. There are good reptilians out there. But they wouldn't care much for CIAlizard Goetsch. Her pic is #2 on the slideshow.
An NSAtanist posted a link to that on a forum. And the guy who posted the video is shapeshifter Jeffery Pritchett of the Church of Mabus.

Aug. 18, '12: (7:35am) Still overcast and 70 degrees.

Japan man, 106, travels round the world on public transport. Were you able to guess what kind of animal this is? Lotta other lizards cheering him on there.

Another CIAlizard being promoted by the Lizartarians: Fmr. Marine Arrested By FBI For Patriotic Facebook Posts! Share Everywhere!

(5:20pm) Still cool, overcast.

Message from Bal:
Cookie has been my loyal companion and is nothing but ready to make you happy and love on you. She warns you about Darksiders nearby with a soft, quiet and short growl and is a GREAT Watchdog if you own or rent your own place without Darksider room mates, otherwise she'll continue to nip their legs as she does with my Uncle.. and it's his house. She is a Purebred Queensland Blue Heeler at ~2 years old. She is not fixed. I am unfit to take care of her needs as I am in the pits now and think I will be for a while. She is unhappy and on edge here with me and my MIB uncle. Free to GOOD home. Anyone in and around Los Angeles that is a good person can have her either for the rest of her life or until I am in a position where I can properly care for her needs and attentions. Thanks.
Here's a pic of Cookie. She is being worked on right now by 6 Sakudas because Uncle did something mysterious to her.
Now let me tell you something about Cookie. Many months ago Bal sent me pics of a few dogs he was considering adopting. I advised he choose her because she was stuffed with etheric implants. Now, she is the only one of those dogs that still has a soul.
If i remotely scan her for implants, she usually recognizes me right away and sends me love and appreciation.
Please email me if interested.

Aug. 19, '12: (4:25pm) Yay, it started raining again a little while ago.

Irish heroine of Batman shooting spree drowns. Tsk. Accidents do happen to CIAlizards. They've been having a rough time lately.

Why is it that no-one but the CIA and suchlike shapeshifters ever puts out this sort of crap? Netanyahu's Secret War Plan: Leaked Document Outlines Israel's "Shock and Awe" Plan to Attack Iran. BTW, took out some CIA U bases in Iran yesterday.

Endless shapeshifter media. Here's another one: The Electronic Intifada, which is mainly Mossad. But we know Mossad is very intimate with US and British agencies.
This article chastises a Guardian shapeshifter for inciting people to murder shapeshifters pretending to be pro-Palestinian. In the process of reading this i found Kindertransport (vomit).

(5:15pm) Cutting edge CIAlizard wholistic health advisors: NaturalNews Inner Circle.
And even Healing Pathways CIAlizard Cancer Clinic.

DORy CIAlizard geeks: 3DTraining. This satanist bozo had some strong demonic energy kickback to him. [Update: this guy ventured into a U base on the evening of the 20th, and is no longer with us except in clone form.]

(9pm) Georgia woman killed by dogs she was rescuing . Ensouled woman killed by soulless dogs. Not all animals are worth rescuing.

Aug. 20, '12: (8:55am) Found about 0.45" in my rain gauge this morning. And it is very cool. Normally here, July and August are the hottest months, and sometimes the heat lingers quite a while longer.

Again, Rumors of War. CIA rumors of domestic war. I'm quivering, how about you?
And The survivalist shapeshifter: Roscoe Bartlett prepares for a threatened future. Golly, he must know something.
"Bartlett.. recently sat around a Capitol Hill conference room table with a group of like-minded experts to unveil legislation that calls for “every citizen to develop an individual emergency plan to prepare for the absence of government assistance for extended periods” and for communities to become capable of providing 20 percent of their own power, food and water if necessary."
Not that bad an idea, really, but they want to sell it by force?

Gotta love some of the names the CIA chooses for its genuine media outlets: NoMoreFakeNews, Raw Story, etc. Found another: The Real News. Right at the top it boldly declares "NO GOVERNMENT, CORPORATE OR ADVERTISING $$$". Would the CIAlizards lie to you? Wonder how they survive, then, since this is the first i've noticed them. They even have 3 jobs listed. Of course, you have to have certain credentials for such jobs. Doubt anyone will get hired who finds out about the jobs from the site.

Sigh. CIAlizard Aurora Eyewitness: Alarm Announced “Murder In The Theater”. I wonder if anyone else in the theater heard this. Why is only a CIAlizard (who probably wasn't there) quoted?
Ah, but they do reference Nurse Who “Saw Everything” At Hospital After Suspicious Batman Shooting Found Dead at 46, an article on a site with the confidence-inspiring name of The End Run. "Research, news, and analysis pertaining to the "end run around national sovereignty" being perpetrated by elitist totalitarians (collectivists)." If the CIA gets any more grass-roots, i'll puke.
A pic in this 2nd article shows a collection of hospital lizards with ObamaBetaClone#4783d. And oooh, "The death of this national heroine does not appear to have been picked up at all by the major U.S. national media." Luckily, we websurfers are more informed, thanks to the sharp alternate media that has sprung up everywhere.

My impression has been that she did drown accidentally. Here's a list of employees of Dickson County Sheriff's Office. I doubt any are CIA, and there might not even be any shapeshifters there, aside from the Sheriff himself and the Office Manager.
The press release states that "a family member located Galagher underneath a nearby dock". Is this true? I think so. As as far as i can tell, the death was accidental, and now the CIA is exploiting it to whip up more conspiracy mysteries around the Batman event.

Another CIAlizard: Former union boss at Occupy event: Our goal is to ‘overthrow the capitalist system and build communism’. Sounds groovy.

(10:05am) I just updated OTB 27e to say that the Iargan program is also programmable into plain quartz and quartzite. I just realized this, but The Committee had already tucked some into some of my quartz some time ago. They have also been sticking some into quartzite in the landscape in many areas.

Rachel Carson?!? Yes, another shapeshifter. Just like the purveyors of poisons. See, if they deliberately poison us and the wildlife, they also have to let us know how bad it is.
Funny how they feed us heroes who often display sexual eccenticities. Carson was a known lesbian back when there was more stigma associated with this. And Assange is portrayed as a romantically-shallow womanizer who jumps into bed with floozies and ill-treats them.

(1:30pm) CIA reports that its CIA Muslim Brotherhood is crucifying non-reptilians.

One nice thing about rain is that it smooths out the gravel/dirt roads in the backcountry here. They are horribly bumpy and dusty to travel on in the dry summer. I just got back from a trip to an area a few miles east of here, in the boondocks. Lots of shapeshifters live out there, a few of them satanists. I have busted this are a great deal in the past, but it always starts feeling a bit nasty again later.

See, for years i have been busting my area with programs that didn't really dig into non-satanist shapeshifters. So areas with no satanists would mysteriously turn nasty again. Areas that had been inexplicably nasty to begin with. On Apr. 30, '10, i reported having busted Heber Springs, for example (i have only been there once so far). I said
For years i've been meaning to bust Heber Springs especially, as it was DORy. The people there are relatively OK, but there is demon crap below.
I did not get hit by demons until i hit Heber Springs. Then they hammered on me the rest of the day. Same symptoms: dull headache. Also occasional nausea. This was especially noted in Heber Springs and just west of there. Plenty of underground demons.
Well, it may be true that Heber has few satanists, but it is still mostly NGC4414 shapeshifters (pic). Actually i'm surprised it hasn't gotten more DORy in the 2 years+ since i busted it. I did a pretty good job. It still feels surprisingly good. But i believe those demons were there because they were fed by the energy of the shapeshifters, even though that energy was totally cloaked from me. Or else they were there because the shapeshifters brought them in as allies.
But other areas i've had to repeatedly bust, and only recently did i realize those are areas where shapeshifters predominate.
The earlier programs did not address non-DORy shapeshifters. So now if i go over that same area near me with the July 2012 Program TBs (i liberated several dozen today) and my newly beefed-up wand, i stir up the surface dwellers that are presumably causing the land to turn nasty, and weaken them.

I also stirred up some other demons, previously unnoticed, today. They reacted with definite resentment, like "You can't do that!" sometimes after i threw a TB. Yeah, show me the law.

(1:40pm) Was Heber Springs always a lizard nest? No. Check out Disfarmer's photos of local people taken decades ago. I spot no shapeshifters. Wonder what happened to all these people. Did they just vanish like the real Pomo Indians?
None of the "notable natives" listed on Wikipedia have the lizard vibe.
Perhaps the population in the '30s and '40s was very small, and the Earthlings were later just vastly outnumbered by ET immigrants, i don't know.

(2pm) More lizard nests:
WomenAware, Inc., "Empowering" women.
NJ branch(? may be unaffiliated): Women Aware.
Sports Agent Directory.

Aug. 21, '12: (8:55am) Yesterday was clear at first, then mostly-natural clouds dotted the sky. This morning, lite chem-smear.

Former Marine Indefinitely Detained In Psychiatric Ward Over 9/11 Facebook Posts. This is about CIAlizard Raub again, but the article points out that other CIAlizards have also been incarcerated for questioning 9/11: Clare Swinney of the CIA Scholars for 9/11 Truth & Justice, and Susan Lindauer, dangerous CIAlizard woman.
Then the article lists dozens more shapeshifters, mostly professors and shrinks, who question "the government’s cut-and-dried version of 9/11".

Man who armed Black Panthers was FBI informant, records show. Richard Masato Aoki was a classic agent. A reptilian shapeshifter who 'acknowledged in the 2007 interview that he had “cut a deal” in which military authorities arranged for his criminal record to be sealed.'
Yes, i think the gov't recruits a lot of people who are compromised. Especially shapeshifters with criminal records. I suspect an awful lot of illegal aliens (not that Aoki was one) who find themselves in a tight spot with the fuzz, end up working for the military in U bases, etc. as well as infiltrating grass-roots groups.

French mother in child custody battle with Saudi prince falls to her death. Neither of these females had/has a soul. The daughter is an MPD sex slave. If you know anything about the House of Saud, you know they are some of the vilest satanist Zionist perverts around.
I thought i better have a look at Paris to see if anyone there had a hand in this murder. I found a DORy U base by the Tuileries with 80+ satanists of a French agency: Service central de la sécurité des systèmes d'informations, though i don't quite see what this situation has to do with cryptosystems. But i do think they are the killers. Also there are tunnels from this base. Dozens more little bases around Paris are being addressed now.

(10:20am) Another mind-control profession open only to reptilian shapeshifters in the Land of Equal Opportunity: sports writers.

Police investigate attempted kidnapping in Van Buren, MO. Ensouled Earth girl escapes from 3 NGC4414 shapeshifters. I feel their vibe here. Methheads? I am not detecting manufacture or trafficking.
When i ask who hired these guys, i get a U base here that had 500+ NGC4414ers, including some lookalikes for this woman. I think they wanted to switch her out and use her for a sex slave.
Also finding more of their tunnels and bases around town, especially on the west side of the airport.

(10:30am) And why are shapeshifters running into so much bad luck lately? Drowning, letting victims slip away, etc.?
I like to believe that the July 2012 Program has something to do with it. I love this program.

Here's a cone of just programmed epoxy with nothing else.

(3pm) It even drives 'em to jump off bridges. Irrefutable proof: Tony Scott did NOT have inoperable brain cancer... so what drove him to jump from a Los Angeles bridge?.

More scare-mongering: Netanyahu ‘determined to attack Iran’ before US elections. I can't rule out that they might actually overtly attack Iran someday, but meanwhile they sure are milking this psyop.
A sentence from the article that sums up what loathesome, prevaricating nazi slime our lizard politicians are: "Earlier this month, the Senate passed the ‘Iran Threat Reduction and Syria Human Rights Act’ by unanimous consent; and the House passed it 421-6." And when will democracy come to the US?
The lizards strongly believe in Human Rights. Humans have the right to be ripped off, raped, murdered, deceived, enslaved, mind-controlled, jailed, tortured, implanted, parasitized, poisoned, starved, and otherwise exploited.

(7:15pm) Another lizard speaks out: Hank Williams Jr. Says Obama ‘staged’ Sikh shooting. A fairly true statement; actually the CIA staged Obama and the "shooting".
BTW a lotta country music greats are shapeshifters.

Suspects in deadly Louisiana sheriff shootings 'linked to violent anarchist group on the FBI domestic terror watchlist'. This is uglier.
No shapeshifters among the suspects nor cop victims.
The only satanist among them is Louisiana sheriff's deputies Michael Scott Boyington, who supposedly was wounded.
All the suspects are MPD byt the same gov't agency. Feels sorta like NSA or DARPA, but may be some other, more obsure agency.
Looking around LaPlace, LA, i find a bunch of U stuff with vibe of same agency.
St. John the Baptist Parish Sheriff Mike Tegre is a shapeshifter, and agent of this same agency. The satanist cop who got shot, Michael Scott Boyington, also seems to be part of it. I have doubts about his woundedness.
Those 2 non-shapeshifting cops actually did get killed. Convenient opportunity to clear out some Earthlings.

Now for some more map hunting. Where, on the surface, is this shapeshifter agency most present?
River's Palace Casino in the town of Reserve, just west of LaPlace, is one of their businesses. Dozens of them work there, and dozens more use its private rooms for drug transactions.
Near there is a CBSL Transportation Services which website also lists 2 more locations -- all proprietaries of this agency. Trucking is a good business to be in if you are moving gov't drugs.
There was a U base all around here, containing 91 gov't shapeshifters and a meth lab. Yeesh, how much meth does a country need? Note that the airport is right close by, as well. The agency keeps a couple planes there..

I wanted to track where the stuff goes, but i am distracted by more of their U bases in many places.

Aug. 22, '12: (7:15pm) Hollister Rand is another one that used to feel OK, but now feels like the DORy lizard she is. Possible CIA connection.

Aug. 23, '12: (11:45am) Getting warmer today. I just turned on my A/C for the first time in a week.

My Destroyers of Evil forum seems to have been shut down. Anyone who tries to post just gets a 999 message. I contacted Yahell! (NGC4414ers) but they only send form emails with the same info as the 999 message, which has no pertinent info.

Are they doing this on purpose because the forum picked up lately? Possibly. Not because they don't want us speaking on the forum, but because they occasionally do a silly psyop where they try to get me to think they don't want me to do what i'm doing. Actually, they do want me to do what i'm doing, and generally stay out of my way. I publish a lot of details about darkside activities that no-one else does, thus greatly serving their self-disclosure agenda.
And i have my friends kill off lots of them in U bases, which also somehow seems to serve their agenda.

(3:40pm) Didn't get very hot. Sylphed chem and a few chemtrails.

The American Muslim,, Muslim Brotherhood, Islamic, The Muslim Group of USA and Canada, and Yusuf Estes are all a buncha CIAlizards.

Aug. 24, '12: (6:30am) Getting rid of non-reptilian schools: the city of Citrus Heights, CA lizards need to get rid of Creative Frontiers School, a non-reptilian school. For the sake of the children, because, they claim, this ensouled man is a pedophile.

Note that the article at first refers to the City of Citrus Hill, which does not exist. This is Citrus Heights.
Adams was the headmaster of Creative Frontiers School, a private school which Citrus Hill officials closed down after Adams was charged. Later, some people associated with Adams wanted to re-open the school with others in charge, but the city shot down that request, claiming that it essentially would be the same school. While that argument really did not make sense, given that no one else had been accused, nonetheless the decision stood.
Makes perfect sense, actually. None of the staff are shapeshifters. Easier to shut it down than covertly take it over.

Fortunately, 6 of the City Council reptards were just now in a U base here. In fact there is a whole bunch of U crap between Citrus Heights and McClellan AFB. In fact, the city council is a front for the USAF and their dirty ops.
Who was killed on the council? Greg Anderson, Kevin Becker, Gloria Blair, Leah Buck, Dena Burhans, Sorahana Carman.

(6:40am) Also killed were Alison Bermudez, Dena Burhans, Casey Kempenaar, and Nick Lagura, all of the Planning dept., and Regina Cave and Freida Morales of General Services.

(9:05am) Khris Krepcik, the Hooded Reptard; CIA.

I thought i'd take a look at Buffalo, NY on the map. DORiest thing i spot is Lake Erie Recycling Corps (map), a huge bldg with the vibe of dozens of CIAlizards. Also some U bases. And i sense that this recycling co. is connected (by truck route and CIAlizardness) to a Canadian Tire location in Welland, ON, Canada [which map link i lost due to a glitch and can't find; it's not the one that comes up in google maps for Welland. It's a few blocks SW of here.], which is also connected to a nearby Active Green & Ross Tire & Auto Centre. But the whole Active Green & Ross Tire chain is CIA.
Aside from U bases, Welland also sports the following CIA enterprise: Niagara College Canada.
Not sure what all this is about, but it's all connected.

(10:10am) The reason i was checking out Buffalo was due to this article Something Demonic is Going On in Buffalo’s County Jail, about dozens of dubious suicides.
Looks like the sheriff's dept, indeed, city gov't, is of the usual ethnicity. But i'm not picking up on anything novel here.

Cool, chemmy, some chemtrails.

I've still been working on my hardware that remotely boosts my wand. It is at 63,000X now (63,000 times intrinsic power of wand). It's been mostly trained on MIBsville, Santa Clarita for days. This morning the neighborhood where Bal is stuck there feels pretty good, and all of a sudden lots of deep U bases are showing up that hadn't been found before; for about 40 miles around.

(10:20am) Another shapeshifter thrust into the public eye by a cruel miscarriage of reptilian gov't: German customs seized a $1.2 million violin from a Japanese professional musician and are demanding she pay almost $500,000 to get it back. Ah, what's a powerless lizard girl to do on this wicked planet? If she runs for office, i'll vote for her.

NSAtanist shapeshifter Stewart Swerdlow's Current Events, Hyperspace & Oversoul event is being held at the Park Inn Radisson, Birmingham Road, West Bromwich, all day this Saturday, August 25th. That's tomorrow. Mark your calendars.

(10:35am) Wow, this happens to some of my correspondents, but virtually never to me: a black chopper just slowly and loudly circled low over my property. It had no vibe; another hologram with sound effects.
When i finally ran out with my camera, they shut off the visuals for the chopper but left the sound running, as it faded away to the south.
This hologram was produced by an NGC4414 machine here, that just got taken out along with several more U bases.
Real smart move, lizards. I think i'll quit now, intimidated, and become an obedient citizen.

(7:40pm) Heavy chem. Rain chances for next 3 days.

My wand booster is at 82,000X now. It is causing underground weather mod transmitters to show up worldwide. Just 'cause of the clash in energies.

Bal, who was in MIB Central in Santa Clara [Clarita] recently, has made it back to Salt Lake City.

Aug. 25, '12: (6:50am) Getting faint mist.

Heavy Metal Toxicity Raises Your Risk of Electromagnetic Sensitivity. A reader just recently wrote me that he felt this is true. Especially if you are under focused gov't attack, it is good to detox.

Another shapeshifter site: Strategic-Living.

(7:25am) Fiction at BeforeItsNews: Another Veteran Raided & His Firearms Confiscated – Must Appear Before Judge For Mental Evaluation/Alert. Ah, but they are withholding his name. "...this [nonexistent] man is an Army combat veteran, a Purple Heart recipient, a Christian working for a Christian company, his father is a pastor and a police officer..." yet he has no vibe, snicker. With a repty resume like that.

(6:05pm) Got a decent drenching in town, but only 0.3" here. High around 80 F. Then saw 2 layers of chem-cloud at different altitudes. The top one was stationary and the lower one moving north quickly.

Just nailed Bernanke in a U base.

Aug. 27, '12: (7:35am) Got another 0.3" of rain last night, and the news is still all about the CIA. Some things never change.

Lizartarian media reports that "With the world watching the case of Wikileaks Julian Assange [CIAlizard], Russia Today [NWO shapeshifters] sat down with American author Naomi Wolf [CIAlizard] to discuss why journalists are finding it increasingly difficult to publish information the US government doesn’t want them to."
Shapeshifters nauseated by own behavior.
And in Nigeria, CIAlizard leadership in talks with CIAlizard militants to end violence.

And, we got some new allies. Last night a guy came to me in the astral offering military help. He looked almost Mexican or something, with a broad, brown face, short black hair, small beard and mustache. These people are centered near the center of galaxy cluster Abell 1689, and there are a lot of them. 2 million+ have already entered our Solar System.
I think they are short, like 5'2". And sternly disapprove of the CIA.

(4:35pm) Sunny, real & fake clouds.

Shapeshifter: Mychal S. Massie, among other things a member of the shifty National Center for Public Policy Research.

Tampa Cops Discover Bricks, Pipes on Top of Building Near GOP Convention and Police Chief Calls It ‘Not Surprising’. That ol' pic of shapeshifting Vatican agent Fawkes, made familiar by Hollywood.
Anonymous did not do this. Haven't seen any pix of Anonymous yet ;-) but they might be largely composed of sincere people. This graffiti, etc. was done by 1 male CIAlizard who lives here, and who tipped off the lizard fuzz.

Aug. 28, '12: (7:40am) I am trying to unravel this story now: Army soldiers allegedly bought $87K worth of weapons to kill Obama. First impressions: i can't detect that the soldiers are shapeshifters, MPD, CIA, or anything fishy. Maybe just a mysterious, vague, "off" vibe. But, why does Tiffany York feel like pure evil? And she has a sister named Morgan York, but as far as i can tell, this is not the Hollywood actress by that name, although, oddly, both Morgans have the same shapeshifter vibe, and the actress (pic) has a rounded facial structure not unlike Tiffany's.
None of the articles i found so far ambiguate nor disambiguate these 2 Morgans. But the actress was born in CA and has a sister named Drew.

What else can we dig up about this mysterious teen lizard girl Tiffany? She was into fashion. But, er, why is there a very similar Tiffany York, same rept vibe, bleached hair, looking a bit older, who has an erotically-oriented commercial website selling advanced vibrators?

I get that York and her BF Roark really were killed. Other than that i am still a bit mystified. "Two fishermen found the bodies of Roark and York on Dec. 6 near Morgan Lake Road." There's that name Morgan again. Coincidence?

(8:25am) Oh yeah, then there's this weird item about Tiffany from Oddity Central.
"There is just one other case, 17 year old American, Tiffany York, who has undergone successful separation surgery, before." For mermaidism.

(8:50am) Lookout, world: CIAlizard Adam Kokesh Has Had Enough of "Ron Paul Inc.". More "authentic" inter-lizard conflict.

Objective shapeshifting researchers who really care are unanimous: Teens Beware: Using Marijuana Could Make You Dumber. Not that i advocate heavy teen consumption. I suspect that, in excess, it can mess with male hormonal development for one thing.

(9:50am) Beautiful clear cool morning so far.

The new guys from Abell 1689 want me to disclose that another 3 million of them are now in our Solar System.

(8:15pm) I just realized Van Gogh was a shapeshifter. In fact, if you're sensitive, check out the list of Old Masters in Wikipedia.
Shapeshifters have been controlling our culture for so long. No wonder it's so screwed up.

More shapeshifter madness: 5 Real-Life Dolls Who Have Achieved Internet Fame. The top pic is not of a rept, but the other 5 are.

Aug. 30, '12: (10:05am) Yee-ha! Tropical Storm Isaac is heading thisaway, and it appears unlikely anything "they" have left will derail 3-4 inches over the next day and a half. Nonetheless, there is a big, sylphed-out, fading chemtrail right over me now. Otherwise sunny.

Archbishop Tutu dodges event over Blair because Tutu, as a Nobel-Prize-winning Vatican shapeshifter, is in a position of moral superiority over others who do the Vatican's bidding.

(2:50pm) Pix of Khmer (Cambodian) people. This is interesting. The Khmer Rouge were all satanists, but satanists do not come up in this search of regular Cambodians. However, all these people feel like shapeshifters. Yet not evil ones for the most part. In fact there is probably a higher percentage of viable souls here than among most people.
I looked up Vietnamese and Laotian people, and there are shapeshifters there, too, but not in unusual percentages.
Pix of Lao shapeshifters who seem to be benign people.

This is interesting stuff. If any good shapeshifters want to contact me, i invite anthropological discussion.

(4:45pm) The Tropical Depression Isaac has hit here, and the monsoon is beginning.

Ensouled Earthling Rock 'n Roll: Heart: Straight On.
The girls are MPD, unfortunately; Marine daddy. But i don't detect that their career has been handled.

(5:30pm) Bal spotted these MIBs: Clayton Morris & Jim Harold. Note the Fedora hat and Morris' runaway blinking toward the end. Also their body language seems oddly grim and ill-at-ease to me. Too serious.

Aug. 31, '12: (9:55am) Getting gentle, soaking, slow rain.

Another CIAlizard publication with one of those catchy names: Houston Free Thinkers. Why lookee, it's all about broken chains and freedom and sovereignty.

Justice For Brad Cooper. Uh, yeah right. So this guy gets sent to the clink by a bunch of sleazy lizards for the alleged murder of his wife. So sad. Let's take a look at hubby. Recognize that vibe yet? MIB. Raleigh, NC is loaded with MIBs; at least about 12% of the above-ground population, plus plenty of tunnels etc. underground.

Since we have an anthropological interest in MIB psychology, let's take a look at this article:
More than a dozen of Nancy Cooper's friends and family members also testified about trouble in the Coopers' failing marriage, including signs that Brad Cooper was controlling of his wife.

He put her on a weekly allowance, monitored her phone calls and intercepted her email, witnesses testified, and he took away their two children's passports to keep her from returning to her native Canada when he learned of the proposed financial terms of a separation agreement.
Are these guys like grim control freaks?

(10:20am) In general, Raleigh seems to have at least 50% shapeshifters: pix of Raleigh people. Maybe 70%.
Raleigh City Council. Eugene Weeks, lower right, is a MIB. The rest are also shapeshifters.
Raleigh has a black university called Shaw University. Taking out its U bases now. Reptilian Executive Leadership.
And there's the Shaw University Mosque. In 1981, the daughter of the Late King Khalid ibn Abdul-Azizz Al-Saud of Saudi Arabia made a generous grant of $1,000,000 to Shaw University for the building of an Islamic and International Studies Center. Get the picture?

(noon) Bal spotted another MIB on youtube: Hollow earth... Stuff they don't want you to know!!! I haven't watched it except the beginning. Fedora hat. Often they just can't resist flaunting that hat.

University of Macau sure feels like a Wo Shing Wo triad proprietary training and recruitment office.

(4:50pm) Well, the storm has pretty much passed. I got 2.2" of gentle rain.

Good reptilians? These guys feel like shapeshifters but seem to have good souls and not be jerks, as far as i can discern at this time: Paul Simon, and one Bal found: Brandon McCuien.

(7:45pm) Deutsche Bank lizard freaks out in LA. Must be those TBs Bal threw in the aqueduct over there.

More MIBs: Alec Baldwin.
The guy on the right in the top pic here. There are more pix of him below.
The sick-looking dork here.