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Loohan's blog for August, 2013
Aug. 1, '13: (12:25pm) Before dark last night i took a look out and there was nothing in the sky except fat, expanded chemtrails that had blown over.

It was a cool morning again. Unlike yesterday, which was unusually seasonable.
No trails spotted, just dubious clouds.

Yep, it is getting clearer that Paul Haggis is definitely a CIA asset: Paul Haggis Pens Open Letter Praising Leah Remini's 'Brave' Break With Scientology.
I was onto Paul being a shapeshifter for months before i posted about it. I assumed he would go underground and be terminated. But he clings to "life". You know what your masters do about wussies who cling to life, Paul? Kissinger, Schwartzenegger, Sensei Dennis, and many other wussies who were afraid to die physically even though they no longer had souls, including many high Jesuits, were killed on the surface late last year. Not by the illuminati, but by the Alah-kur, after the controllers made sure to commit senseless "illegal" acts that seemed to have no purpose other than to enable the Alah-kur to "legally" do so.
For whatever reason, Abell 2218 wants all their pawns to be replaced by clones, and this is one way they go about it.

BTW i still detect no replacements for Leah, her husband, or daughter. But Nicole Remini and Donna Fiore have been replaced by clones.

Aug. 2, '13: (9:45am) Another nice cool morning. Chemstreaks + overcast.
I noticed my website was down this morning. It so happened that my hosting service was about to expire anyway, and they wanted an outrageous price to renew it, so i switched hosts again. Except the new ones are screwing up too...

In 2011 i posted this pic of David Miscavige + chem. Now i just found this more flagrant one in a 2011 video. -------->

Miscavige was a gov't satanist shapeshifting MPD handler, who died last year and was replaced by a clone.

Aug. 3, '13: (6:10pm) I switched web hosts yesterday and the site went down again. It was back up this morning, but i was unable to upload for some reason. Then when i got home from work, suddenly FTP worked again, but my site had vanished! Ipage just lost my entire site today, and they have no explanation. Luckily i have a backup, which i am uploading now.

Yesterday was relatively cool; didn't run the A/C. Then this morning around dawn it started raining pretty good. Got 1.6" in a short time.
Then today was relatively cool again, and heavy on the chem-clouds, like yesterday.

Ewwww! Human-Alien Hybrid Aborted: Shocking Videos And Photos! I didn't watch the Italian vids. Hoax? I doubt it. These people are ensouled.
I don't get a vibe off the ETs; i hope that means we already eradicated them. This info is from 2010.

(7:25pm) There is a galaxy slightly left of center in this pic which hosts some shapeshifting repts that were remotely causing the chem-clouds to ripple badly in Missouri. Bal sent me a pic but i could not get a vibe off who was doing it. ChemmerBuster had to trace them. They work for Abell 2218. There are lots of them, octillions at least.

Aug. 4, '13: (8:05am) And then this morning someone in Bristol, UK emailed me about some peculiar chem ripples there. On these i got an obvious demon vibe, and the demons were being sent by some other shapeshifters in the center here.

I am still having trouble uploading my website. I can upload individual files, but any wholesale uploading freaks out ipage's server and stalls.

Overcast. Faint sporadic drizzle this morning. Rain chances 60% today, 50 tonight, 50 tomorrow.

Just had a cool experience. I was walking down my driveway to go pick some veggies out of my garden, when i heard a loud fluttering noise above. It was an ensouled wild turkey, 25-30' up a pine tree, taking off like a torpedo to the south at my approach. One occasionally sees wild turkeys here, but they are normally hopping along the ground munching on stuff, or fluttering short distances near the ground like chickens. And usually one sees more than one at a time.
This was a massive adult turkey that seemed poorly designed for real flight. The wings made much noise to move all that mass.

Aug. 5, '13: (8am) Well, yesterday morning i look at the regional weathermap, and it appears that a large mass of weather is passing just north of me, as usual. So, when i got home in the afternoon, i look at the regional weathermap, and it appears that a large mass of weather is passing just north of me, as usual. Then this morning i log on and look at the regional weathermap, and it appears that a large mass of weather is passing just north of me, as usual.
But also, a medium-sized glob of weather appears headed this way.
Yesterday got up to 84 F in town, much better than the 104 we had become accustomed to for this time of year. It was overcast all day.
I've accumulated 0.3" since yesterday morning. 70% rain chance today, 30 tonight, 20 tomorrow, 20 the next day. Overcast and foggy now.

Terrorist jaibreak alert: Chris Spivey explains the seriousness.

There are some bad ETs around the area of the Y-labeled star in this pic of Gemini who have, incredibly, been shaking the floor of the Queens apt. of a Targeted Individual.

(4:15pm) Astoundingly, that glob of weather that was headed this way, er, passed just north of me, as usual. And later, some more did. Lots of thunder to the north, north-east. Virtually no rain here, even tho they changed the forecast to 90%. Sun and chem-clouds, occasional overcast. Warmer and very muggy.

Just as they tear Scientology down, the same interests simultaneously promote it. CBS Sacramento lizards did a slick, sexy Morning News promotion of the local church (videos). Note the cute brunette CIAlizard church spokesperson, Erin. Isn't she adorably sincere? Good actress.

Aug. 6, '13: (9:25am) Got 1/10" rain overnight. Got up at dawn and checked the weathermap, to see a bunch of weather passing north of me. Southern MO must be getting drenched lately.
They say 50% today here, but nothing much shows headed this way on the weathermap.

LOL, NASA Almost Makes Historical Announcement About A Rodent On "Mars". Yeah, they put that squirrel (last mentioned here on New Year's Day) on Mars to see how long it would live in the local atmosphere and temperatures. That's why it looks so relaxed.
And they also placed an engine block on Mars to see how long it takes to corrode.

(6:50pm) So then the wunderclowns upgraded my rain chances to 70% for a while, even though nothing was headed this far south. It all passed to the north again. But it was a fairly cool day. Shreddable chem-clouds, sylphs.

Another slithery social network: Apparently they wanted me to give them some publicity; a CIAlizard invited Mordok to join.

Species Status Report: In the last couple months or so, Antuvozy and i have been going ape improving jailers, converting older units into super-jailers, etc. 'Vozy spends most of her time tweaking programming in my stuff, with excellent results. Right now we are bagging 6 million+ per second of:
  • Boss Bitches, which is what i call the demons that are above the Bigheads of various types. These are plain-looking astral white women, and they sometimes come around in the astral only to get jailed within seconds.
  • Bigheads, including the "Mega-Bigheads" and "Giga-Bigheads". Actually i don't discern a great power difference between these varieties, but they dowse as distinct sub-groups.
I think 60% of the above demons we are getting are in Abell 2218. Also, of course, other demons come up to be dealt with here and there.
We were bagging orders of magnitude more per second a week or so ago. It is possible we are over the hump on these. But they still attack me most of the time.

Also we are always blasting the various evil physical ETs in Abell 2218.
On the back burner a little, we are blasting the rept hybrids in the center here, whom i mentioned on the 3rd. There are lots of them, they work for the Jesuits in Abell 2218, and they will need to be addressed. They have continued to ripple chem in Iowa, the nerve. I think we only have a couple hundred thousand warriors attacking their region so far, as Abell is still more important.

Aug. 7, '13: (7:10pm) Warmer today and very muggy. I got up to 90 F in town.
Sure enough, rain did hot S MO: Missouri National Guard to help with flooding in south-central MO.

CIA promotes anti-Monsanto film: Indiegogo is CIA, as is Natural News. The guy making the film seems OK.

Astronaut twins could reveal genetics of space health. Depicted, on the right is the lizard clone of Gabby Giffords' husband. On the left, the deceased's twin, who is a Scottish Rite satanist.
The article starts "In 2015, a clone will spend a year on the International Space Station..." Then it states that Scott the non-clone will be sent. But, these guys have such a sense of humor and probably plan to send another clone up instead.

Aug. 8, '13: (7:50am) I don't think those back-assward wunderclones even mentioned rain chances last night for the next couple days, but at 11pm i got rolling thunder and a lot of rain. Then around dawn, it started back up again. Another big system is pounding MO, and i am getting a little fragment of it over me (animated gif). Southern MO is drowning. 30% rain chance here today ;-)

Normally i don't notice the CIA attacking the very people they are promoting, but Mike Adams promotes Lloyd Burell's site on EMF sensitivity. I thought i'd check it out. Burell had a nasty vibe due to demons placed in his living space by the CIA in U bases. But he seems OK.

(9:50am) Now, supposedly, LEAH REMINI FILES MISSING-PERSON REPORT ON SCIENTOLOGY LEADER'S WIFE. More of the psyop. The CIA-controlled reptilian LAPD claims Leah filed this report, therefore it must be true. I still detect no double for her.
Tony Ortega means well, but i look forward to the day when "reporters" rely less on unsubstantiated lizard gas.

The article also mentions a missing Barbara Ruiz and her ex-husband Javier Ruiz, and his new wife Brittany Sierra Garrett. These are soulless Earthlings. (Almost nobody in the church these days is still ensouled.)

(11:40am) Then again, who knows where Tony Ortega's ethical boundaries are. He does not feel like a shapeshifter, but has no soul. And... he seems a trifle compromi$ed.

I got 1" of rain, and i'm sure parts of MO got several. Looks like i might get a bit more later.
Unlike the past days, in which the weather was on a NW to SE path, these new rains are coming up from the SW to the NE, yet are still socking it to MO.

(5:20pm) Build Your Own Faraday Cage. Here's How. This article may be of interest to some, especially those under electronic attack. An excerpt:
A poor-man's shield room can be made by lining a small closet with heavy-duty aluminum foil, covering all four walls, the floor, the ceiling, and the inside of the door. Overlap and tape the seams using either conductive or regular cellophane tape. There can be no conductive penetrations into the room, or it will seriously degrade the shielding. Cover all electrical outlets, light switches, etc. with aluminum foil. Do not plug anything into the electrical outlets. Also, lay a piece of plywood or cardboard on the floor so that it can be walked on without damaging the aluminum foil. Rooms built in this way have been shown to offer more than 50 dB of shielding up to several hundred MHz.
Those who are very electrosensitive yet must live in a high-EMF environment could line a small sleeping space this way.

I have heard that strong microwave weapons will bore pinholes in foil. I have heard this anecdotally from 3 different victims whom i trust. But such strengths seem to be seldom used anymore, as far as i know anyway.

Aug. 9, '13: (7am) Late afternoon yesterday a violent thunderstorm passed just north of me. Just as well, perhaps; later, i got almost 1/2" of gentle rain.
Today they say 50%, but on the weathermap it looks like i will certainly get the south edge of a large system passing north of me... Hello, Missouri, time for some moisture.
Shortly after i typed that, it started raining here.

British royalty dined on human flesh. Interesting article, especially the top pic, which i have cached here. If you inspect it, you will see that some of the people look a bit scaly or something. Also, most of the men look like clones (with a snazzy hairdo resembling mine). Even the little boy has the same head.
I presume this was a woodcut. Maybe the book tells where and when from.

Aug. 10, '13: (8:10am) Lots of weather has been passing to the north yesterday and this morning. I am only getting a tiny fraction. Nonetheless i got 0.6" yesterday and it has been raining strongly this morning.

I thought i'd share some sky pix people have sent me recently.
Redmond, WA: chemtrail broken up into sylph clouds.
Slovenia: mysterious sky beings similar to sylphs except having humanoid shape. Left one is female, right one is male.

(6:35pm) I got another 2" since last night, and most of that was early this morning. I. e. 2.6" for the last 2 days. Overcast all day.

He-he, Send A Message Into Deep Space Using The Jamesburg Earth Station Radio Telescope! I see The Committee has already programmed that thang. Now we can connect orgone instruments to it remotely to broadcast "radionic trends" out towards Gliese 526. There are bad guys out there like everywhere.

Aug. 11, '13: (11:15am) Yesterday before dawn i got another inch of rain. High in mid-80s in the afternoon. Now they say 50% today, 60% tonight, 60% tomorrow, 50% the next day. And of course, there is a big mass of weather passing north of me and slamming MO again.
Looks like the rest of the summer might stay below 90 F...

Unable to pour resin? Hardware stores sell epoxy putty. One can easily roll this into balls and get the free Rolling Vicarah pgm. Any of these products will work fine as is, for this program. They are 2-part sticks that need to be kneaded before use. Be sure you are connected to The Committee before you roll. Use suitable gloves, as epoxy is largely BPA.
The spheres harden up in 1/2 hour. I made a few the other day with some decade-old epoxy stick i had left. It was kind of dry and hard to knead after 10 years, but made nice balls. Any size at least 1/4" in diameter will take the program. Even if you can pour, this is a nice way to make small spheres that can be incorporated into wands, coils, etc.
Don't drill holes to make necklace beads, as that will ruin this pgm.
The Rolling Vicarah Program is a premium orgone pgm agains evil energies. Good to carry in pockets, etc.

Aug. 13, '13: (10:15am) And, i've gotten another inch of rain, almost all of it yesterday early afternoon. At some point in the afternoon, things switched so that now the big masses of weather are passing south instead of north; like Little Rock. Looks like Little Rock is getting clobbered today.
60% here today, they say. Overcast.

Another bizarre expenditure of CIA resources: Your Lifestyle Evolution. All these "nice people" went into U bases overnight, and got killed.
I've been noticing a funny thing, i think. I need to test this some more. But it seems that if i mark a bunch of CIAlizards or CIA-assetlizards and don't post about it, they seem more likely to go underground and get killed. Yet, the CIA, NSA, etc. know about it whether i post about it or not, as they monitor my surfing. Why would they only warn their people if i post about it? I presume Plausible Deniability. If i post about it, they can't deny they knew about it.

Aug. 16, '13: (8:20am) Got 0.2" on the 14th. On the 15th, it only got to low 80s in town despite sunny weather. Hybrid clouds. Yesterday, it was only 52 F at 7am here, and never got above the mid-70s at home. This morning, 59 F.

Hee-hee, talk about "in your face". Check out these Role Model pix: Miss NC Promotes Passion for Reading.
"It's something I am passionate about," Edmonds said. "I would love to visit every elementary school in every county or town across the state during my year as Miss North Carolina. Children need role models and encouragement along the way..."
Fighting to the death over which CIAlizard clone gets to be the ruler-puppet: Horrifying moment Egyptian protestors pushed an armoured police van 50ft off a bridge before officers were stoned by mob. Ain't it great?

(11:30am) I just realized there are a few people in the US Senate who actually are not lizard clones. I'm not sure if i have claimed otherwise on this blog, but i have in emails.
I'm pretty sure all the US Representatives are, though. Also i am pretty sure no shapeshifters in Congress are still alive; just their clones.

Overcast, cool here.

Aug. 17, '13: (6:50pm) It only got to 76 F yesterday at my place, and similar today.

Someone sent me a link to an interesting video The Next Generation of Chemtrails. Apparently the source of much of these chem-clouds is not spray, but chem-bombs set off in various places.
I get that in North America, it is NSA doing it, HQ in Ft. Meade, MD. Elsewhere UNEP. I suspect from airborne vehicles which may or may not be planes. I found a big underground area in KY which might be the main "hangar" for the North American Union. Lots of NSAlizards.

(7pm) More such areas (UNEP):
offshore of Mauritania
This is all i'm finding so far. Of course we are taking these out.

Aug. 18, '13: (8:20am) Well, it looks like chem-bomb deployment has not been very adversely affected yet. I see some over land masses, which can't be from boats.
I think i found 1 more of their U UNEP airports, in China.

Ah, more CIA vs CIA conflicts: CIA Blames Boston Bombing on "Deeply Racist" CIA, CIA Smears CIA. It's a CIAlizard-eat-CIAlizard world out there.

(5:20pm) More wonderfully cool weather.

Somebody emailed me about some more "spiritual" shapeshifters. Is it just me, or is the CIA just flat out inadvertently funny sometimes? This capture is from True Divine Nature.

Or how about Braco? Gotta be the most narcissistic-looking CIAlizard i have found. Maybe the only really narcissistic-looking CIAlizard. I can't help cracking up, looking at his pics.

And this Zdenko lizard has a real Vatican vibe. I understand he rakes in big bucks. Does his "Biotherapy According to the Method of Zdenko" work? Possibly. Unlike the cookie-cutter CIA clowns, there are some lizard agents who actually have healing ability. This guy John Frank is particularly scary because he has real healing powers. Or did; i've been frying him lately. Actually the powers were from his, uh, Committee:
In my work, I am helped and advised by a group of advanced beings from the spirit world. I call them my "Committee"! I can ask them any questions you like....and they always give answers.
Hmmm. Buncha demons, these were.
The web is full of fake testimonials, but his feel real, including those of many ensouleds. And the guy who asked me about him said he got an amazing quick healing from him over the phone.
However, he also ended up with cords attached. John Frank had parasitic cords to all his clients.

(8:20pm) I had some scruffy-looking bikers come in the bakery today. 3 old guys (maybe almost as old as i) with their wives. Wearing denim jackets, etc. with lots of patches. The patches were all Masonic symbols and phrases. They were Widow's Sons.
Actually they were not ETs or black magicians. No souls, but probably relatively decent guys.

Hehe, i just received an email from one of my female forum members:
Just read your blog. HOLY SHIT on a Cracker. I KNOW john frank. He used to chat with me online (yahoo) years ago, I recognize his pix. He said at the time he was a "financial investor", lived in England. This was years ago...I found him to be a pest, always trying to chat and he was kind of a perv. He didn't let up for a long time; I finally had to block him. I checked to see if I still had any of his old conversations in yahoo, but I have changed computers, so no. Bizarre seeing this guy on your blog. Wow.
John Frank went into a U base a while ago, and perished along with 30 or so more of them.

Aug. 19, '13: (6:30am) The Ghost Rapes of Bolivia. Mennonites, many of them still ensouled, raped by their own kind. The evils of this world.
a group of nine Manitoba men, ages 19 to 43, eventually confessed that they had been raping Colony families since 2005. To incapacitate their victims and any possible witnesses, the men used a spray created by a veterinarian from a neighboring Mennonite community that he had adapted from a chemical used to anesthetize cows. According to their initial confessions (which they later recanted), the rapists admitted to -- sometimes in groups, sometimes alone -- hiding outside bedroom windows at night, spraying the substance through the screens to drug entire families, and then crawling inside.
And the perverts are not even shapeshifters or black magicians. But of course the local satanist lizard bishop dishes out the standard Jesuit advice:
But if one woman didn't want to forgive... she would have been visited by Bishop Neurdorf, Manitoba's highest authority, and "he would have simply explained to her that if she didn't forgive, then God wouldn't forgive her."
(Mennonites are Protestants, i.e. under covert Vatican control -- another level of covert rape -- and have bishops.)

On p. 4 we learn that incestuous molestation and rape is very common in many Mennonite families: "It happened to them, it happened to their mom and their grandmother, so they've always been told [to] just deal with it."
Minister Jacob Fehr is not even a shapeshifter (there is a pic of him here), but he is a soulless drone of the Vatican. And a rapist himself. [And most of the other guys in that pic are serial rapists as well.]

(6:45am) Rainbow Chemtrail Filmed Over East Coast. I think it's been like a couple years since i last saw a "real" chemtrail, that is, one that actually had metal in it, hence was programmable. And was sprayed by a physical flying object that was traceable.
This trail has the vibe of the Strontium-Barium pgm, and the Arcturan girl Tory (of The Committee) says she programmed it and a bunch of other chem out there that day, the 14th, as well as on the 15th and 16th.
There were 3 sprayers, and right now they are getting nailed in their U base near Stafford, VA, along with 436 NSAlizards and a bunch of chem.

(5:25pm) Mordok has been finding some U bases of shapeshifters(?) that have been psi-attacking him. They are from NGC 1456, and we are finding lots more U bases now.

(8:15pm) Mordok figured out their main home is in Universe J.

Aug. 20, '13: (9:10am) Mordok noticed yet another strain of shapeshifter. Example: Barrelhouse Bonni. I found a lot more of them in Syktyvkar, Russia. I think 10% of the town's population. Also there were many underground there. Then, we found loads more under most of the eastern half of Russia. Also central China, Australia, NZ...
They seem to originate from the center here.

Boston Fakery ~ An Expose of the Boston Marathon Bombings Hoax. Warning! Graphic images of fake blood.

I am feeling a whole lot better today than i have in a while. What happened is, Antuvozy and i have been hell-bent on upgrading demon jailers and converting older units into powerful jailers, and focusing on the Boss Bitches especially. But yesterday afternoon i checked, and we were only bagging 65,000/second. So i mentally concentrated on connecting the jailers to the bitches, and soon we were jailing 15 million/sec. A great improvement. But why had it been so low before? Normally Lt Veo, Chemmerbuster, and other sentients who use the big jailers would keep them working at maximum capacity. Plus the genius Antuvozy was right in the thick of things and she didn't notice anything wrong.
I presume the demons had somehow covertly messed us all up.

So i went to bed feeling pretty smug about how much better things were going (i had been uncomfortable for some time due to their attacks) when i sensed a foreign presence and "saw" a large, fluffy, orange-brown thing.

Not a demon, though; an astral lion! But i don't know any lions, i thought. "Who are you, Mr. Lion?"
He explained that a couple years ago i had seen a pic of him online (probably in a zoo), and rescued him from attacks. I had sent Sakudas to remove lots of implants. And we had outfitted him with etheric jailers, etc. (I don't recall the incident, but it is the sort of thing i routinely do.)

He had recently died, and now he felt he wanted to stay discarnate a while and hang out with us and help.
Then he started licking my head.

"Hmmm, and what are you good at, Mr. Lion?"
"Jailing!" he said, with confidence and finality.
So i put him in charge of monitoring the jailers and keeping them optimized. He latches onto them and forces them to work much more strongly than before. Soon we were jailing 122 million/sec. It leveled off there last night. But now it's up to 134 million. And that's Boss Bitches alone, not counting all the Bigheads and other demons we're raking in.

I had been feeling lethargic for weeks. I figured, well, i'm pushing 60; i guess my testosterone is flagging and i'm starting to slow down with age.
But today i'm feeling 40 years younger, and full of energy. And the attack pressure is gone.

Aug. 22, '13: (8:30am) Can't figure this one out: British tourist who lost a leg in New York taxi crash says she 'won't let it ruin her life'... First i've seen of this story. Don't detect any shapeshifters nor ensouled people involved.
Why is mommy showing such an absurd amount of cleavage? I never get to see such things here in the backwoods of Arkansas.
Why the ridiculous pic of Sian smiling while a dog sticks its nose in her crotch? Something weird about all this.

Weird is the new normal, folks. Adapt and conform now; don't be left behind.

(9:40am) There is quite a bit of controversy on the web about the British badger cull. I have not studied the matter in depth but i will note that the only shapeshifters in this argument are on the side of the cullers. Even the RSPCA is clean (unlike the CIA-run ASPCA).
All badgers seem to be ensouled. In fact, i sense that many trapped badgers have been tortured to death in satanic rites in recent years, what with the increased difficulty of finding ensouled domestic animals or humans for such purposes. Is the suffering that is hoped to result from the culling intended to feed demons? Is this just another aspect of the soulless illegal aliens' war on the ensouled?

(6:20pm) Getting hotter lately. Running my A/C again.

Sakudas have been looking around for trapped badgers, to liberate their souls, thus depriving the dark side of the food of their suffering. So far they have only found 4, plus 2 that aren't willing to bug out yet.

What the ....? Satanists Westboro: Pink Mass, gay ritual held by Satanic Temple for mom. Maybe i'm missing it, but i don't even detect a CIA connection to the Satanists Westboro. They do have the blood-ritual vibe but i don't detect the lizard vibe (pix). Tentatively, i think these might be retards that don't realize Phelps is a CIAlizard and that his CIAlizard mom's soul is long gone.
But who knows, maybe the CIA instigated it and i'm just missing it.

(7:15pm) Wow, a rare event! I just had a passenger plane spray over my property. I happened to be checking out the sky (which has bits of chem-smear here and there) and saw a passenger plane leaving a contrail. I could tell it was a passenger flight becaue it has a bunch of shapeshifters/satanists aboard.
Then, as it was approaching my place, they turned on the chem, and it left a long trail. No metals detected in the trail; if it had aluminum or barium, we could program it.
I do believe the plane is UAL230 from Houston to Chicago, but i get a real Atlanta vibe. It seems to be associated with the NSA U base here, which is 5-6 miles NNE of the airport, which also has a bunch of U NSA stuff.

(7:50pm) More disgusting CIAlizards: Meline Lafont (other site).
Sierra Neblina of GalacticU.

Aug. 23, '13: (1:15pm) CIAlizard discusses 2 satanists joking about satanism: Fox News' Charles Krauthammer Jokes about Masonic Blood Sacrifice with Bill O'Reilly.

Paola Harris is another shapeshifter.

Video by Chris Constantine: John F Kennedy Masonic Assisted Ritual Suicide. JFK, Jackie, and Onassis were NGC4414 shapeshifters, and i have been wondering what was up with JFK; was he sincere? Did he really get killed because he took stands against his own kind? Or was all that a play-act?

Likewise, MLK was a shapeshifter who was apparently assassinated by the FBI. Likewise, south of the border, the Jesuits executed their own high-profile agents.
I strongly suspect these "victims" may all have been complicit.

BTW i never get a vibe off this Apollyon dude; i presume i must've gotten rid of him before i heard of him.
Marilyn Monroe was not a shapeshifter, just an MPD victim.

(8:15pm) Had a few spray drones, as well as the usual chem-clouds. Got up to 90 degrees, and it looks like it will do that for the next 10 days at least. This is more normal weather for this time of year.

Serious about rolling your own Rolling Vicarah balls? I have not yet tried this item, but i think it would be good: "System Three" SculpWood Epoxy Putty. (Another source.)
With shipping in the US it should cost around $60-65 for enough to make a half gallon of Vicarah balls, which is not bad. If anyone tries this, let me know how well it works.

Aug. 24, '13: (6:45am) Good news: i think we may have gotten rid of all the BigHead demons last night.
Somehow Antuvozy was finally able to hack their collective genetic code or something, and they seem to be gone now. All 3 tiers.

The Boss Bitches are still left, bereft of their underlings.

Also there is another type of demon i've been working on lately. They are pretty creepy. The way to find them is, they are inexplicably dead set on hounding a young lady in Silkeborg, DK. I can feel them on the map because they are usually swarming around, hounding her. This is a sneaky, shadowy type of demon i wouldn't know exists otherwise, that was fairly plentiful.

Aug. 25, '13: (7:25pm) Interesting food for thought: Why I Am No Longer a Light Worker.
There are various minor points i don't agree with in this article, but by and large, there may be some truth in it. For example, the author doesn't seem to realize that most of these "channellers" of "positive" Ass-Ended Masters, etc., are actually CIAlizards.
Also he doesn't really carry his points over to the "real" world of mass media.

We are given our heroes and villains on the "material plane" as well: JFK, MLK, Snowden, Assange, Manning, Gary McKinnon, Arredondo, Mother Theresa, Gandhi, Lennon, Moses, Mohammed, the Pope, Femen, Icke, Sheriff Mack, Guy Fawkes, etc. being reptilian "positive" agents, while Osama, Saddam, Awlaki, the various false-flag "shooters", Manson, Al-CIAduh, Boko Haram, Miscavige, etc., being reptilian "negative" agents.
Then "they" also play all sides of issues such as gun rights, GMO, cannabis, gay rights, Zionism, the "Holocaust", racism, abortion, 9/11, chemtrails, fluoride, etc.

* * *
Another story that sets off my bullshit detector: US arrests man 'with uranium for Iran in shoes'. (Eyes raised heavenwards.) They sometimes dream up the most stupid, implausible scenarios. And i think they are meant to be ridiculous, just as their false flag events are meant to be full of contradictions and absurdities.
Look at how much time and effort has been spent by people trying to sort out the truth about the JFK assassination, 9/11, whether we walked on the Moon, etc.

Aug. 27, '13: (4:20pm) It's not enough we get treated to a smiling wench with her dog's nose up her crotch: now it's time for some titty-grabbing: Charity begins at home -- Especially for the Rigbys. Check out that top pic: the dude has his paws on 2 women's breasts. The lady in red has 2 different people's hands on her right breast. Rigby family values.

Burning Man is going on now. Their BOD is here (website having problems right now). Buncha shapeshifters; likely CIA connection.

Aug. 28, '13: (7:25pm) Here's a new badass 10.5" X 6" disk i just finished yesterday. It is still being programmed, and will be for a long time. It will probably be hundreds of times as powerful in a few weeks.
It contains a large Rolling Vicarah dome. For more info, see the bottom of OTB 40.

Aug. 29, '13: (6:45am) Assholes. Napalm, white phosphorus, gas used in Syria came from US Army U base in Iraq. 200+ army scum getting nailed there now, as well as big stash of chemicals.

(8:30am) Psyops in the news:

MTV VMAs 2013: It Was About Miley Cyrus Taking the Fall.
The article quotes another interesting article about her dad: Billy Ray Cyrus in GQ: My family is under attack by Satan, I’m ‘scared for’ daughter Miley. More psyop. Daddy, like daughter, is a shapeshifting reptilian CIA asset, posturing.

Gun Bill in Missouri Would Test Limits in Nullifying U.S. Law. "Test limits"? Never mind that the MO legistature is composed of shapeshifters, many of them satanists.

(8:50pm) The Drought Monitor confirms that the droughts out west have been breaking up a lot lately. Meanwhile, it is starting to dry up again here, although the monitor does not show that yet. Today and the next 2 days are supposed to get to 97 F, then a slight cooling after that. At least nights and mornings have been relatively cool. Sky clear here this morning.
Will they force me to make another drought-busting run again soon? Probably; they love it when i kick their ass. But chem has not been too bad lately; lots of real clouds oftentimes, along with a few chem-clouds.

(12:20pm) The curious case of the vanishing lizards:

Last year i think i commented about how so many shapeshifter-run businesses use mainly shapeshifters in their ads, e.g. as clothing models. But lately it seems like Belk, etc. hardly ever use them anymore. I presume they are forced to hire mere Earthlings as models because the lizards just get blasted and eventually killed underground.
Striking is the change in Victoria's Secret. Years ago this used to be a major black magic channel, using DORy satanist wenches.

Similarly, it is getting harder to find pictures of shapeshifters in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. I look at the paper at work. The Sunday High Profile section used to be like 60% shapeshifters, but they've been thinning out, and i could not find a single one in last week's. Even none in the weddings and anniversaries sections.
I presume that now, when a shapeshifter calls in to place a wedding notice, the receptionist tells them sorry, but if their names/pics appear in the paper, they will be marked, fried, and next time they go underground for a pedo-party, they will be killed by space aliens.
What really blew me away is that they had an article on educators meeting at the Clinton Library, with plenty of pix but none of lizards! I wouldn't have thought it possible that so many "educators" around here were non-reptilian. I presume the reporters took lots of pix of everyone, then culled the pics that had shapeshifters. Even so, how did they get groups of Earthlings like that? Did they pull them aside and have them pose together?

And their Sunday magazine had only 1 rept in it, in an ad for a surgeon who specializes in man-breasts. And there were practically no pics of SSers in other sections of the paper, either.

(12:30pm) And then there's the local Off the Beaten Path Studio Tour, which years ago was largely composed of satanists! Back then i could not detect the shapeshifters per se, just satanists. (Those satanists in OTBPST were all shapeshifters.) But now i don't even detect a single SSer in the membership. And this is in Stone County, which has a very high percentage of shapeshifters.

Aug. 30, '13: (9:30am) I think Duder has passed on. His spirit is here with me and the lion spirit now. Duder is one of my dearest friends; a superb ally, gifted healer, and tireless warrior.

He belonged to the woman in Auburn, WA whom i rescued from M32ers, grays, etc.

She eventually went crazy and stopped answering my emails in Nov/11. I continued to remotely defend her from grays, etc. for a long time, cleared implants, even sent healers as recently as several months ago. Then i realized she was criminal; she wants to keep ES2, which sits in her basement, and is not for sale. I trustingly lent it to her a few months before she broke off contact.
She lost her soul a few months ago.

Duder, who used to love her, got really creeped out by the change in her. That may have contributed to his demise.

(1pm) Thor'p wrote me all excited about this video. Says at first he thought it was a Thelian ship, then Rojohy, then this weird gray-like critter steps out.
I get that these are friends of the Rojohy, and come from Mayall's Object AKA Arp 148. Why were they flying low, uncloaked, over the Beijing area? Why did they land? Beats me.

They may look creepy, but have strong good vibe.

(2pm) I feel several more such ships of theirs around Earth. Thor'p says they are not combatants, which i feel is correct.

More about Daniel Ellsberg. Not long ago i said that his wife is a CIAlizard, but he was ensouled and probably used without his knowledge.
But just now i culled his soul.
His 1st wife was also a SSer.
Interesting post: The "Pentagon Papers" leak was a CIA op. At the end, the poster links to Remote Viewing Timeline, which i co-incidentlly am presently reading. I found it linked on the Ex-Scientology Message Board, and it provoked me to scrutinize Ellsberg more fully.
Now i realize Ellsberg is a conscious CIA agent who just still had a soul by some fluke.
Another interesting article i came across: Daniel Ellsberg Initially Suspected That C.I.A. Was Behind WikiLeaks. Oooh, smoooth:

Mr. Ellsberg said that years ago, when he first heard about the project, he initially thought that WikiLeaks was either (a) being launched by incredibly naive people or (b) was a trap being set by the C.I.A.

As it turns out, WikiLeaks was neither.

And on Thursday morning, Mr. Ellsberg expressed his admiration of the site and said that it was still amazing to him that apparently the N.S.A. "can't crack this organization."

Mr. Assange, in turn, called Mr. Ellsberg one of his personal heroes.

The New York Reptserver neglects to specify how it was determined that "WikiLeaks was neither".

(5:25pm) Last Sep. 9 i wrote
Ghostbusting, anyone? The area in and around Bristol, England is full of ghosts, most of them evil. I have been reeling in hundreds in the past couple hours. As near as i can figure out, some evil druids or something, centuries ago, "planted" the ghosts of evil people in selected spots, and since then the ghosts have been acting as DOR transmitters.
Well damn, i was looking for whoever burned this ensouled dog in St. Louis, and started finding exactly the same crap in the neighborhood where the dog was found. DORy spots that turn out to be evil ghosts implanted maybe in the 1820s.

(8:15pm) And it's more widespread. (map) I've been finding them as far as Waterloo, Festus, Labadie, Wentzville.

Aug. 31, '13: (5pm) Got up to 97 F in town today. Tomorrow is supposed to be hot, too, then cooling slightly henceforth.

Time to re-visit Bashar. People have asked me about him in the past, but i couldn't find anything on him except that he had a couple CIAlizards close to him on video (who then got killed and have been replaced by clones). But, just now i was watching this cool video Illuminati Fashion News, Episode 1: Awake & Aware JAGuar PatternZ which features a bunch of colorful characters we are familiar with, and it showed Bashar doing a Masonic hand thingie. Hmm....
Looking at his pic again, he has a hard-to-identify vibe, but i don't detect that he's a shapeshifter or blood-ritualist.
I thought he still had a soul last time i checked, but now he clearly doesn't.

(5:40pm) Here's my new 6-quart Rolling Vicarah ball, made from a plastic jack-o-lantern. I did not tweak the color or brightness; that glow is how it happens to direct the evening sun.
You can see how complex it can be to make an amazingly powerful and effective orgone item. No magnets, coils, stones, electronics. Shavings optional for this program. This ball has only epoxy.

Getting the plastic mold off it is a struggle, but if one were going to bury the unit, or toss it off the side of a boat, one could just leave the plastic on. If one wanted to make it less conspicuous to skin divers, one could paint the outside with grey primer.

* * *

Shortly before 9am CST today, i felt a disturbance in the force as 5 million elite allied warriors slammed into Abell 2218. Thor'p had told me days ago that something like this was about to happen.
We already had some 20 million allies fighting there.