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Loohan's blog for August, 2015

Aug 1, '15: (8:20pm) It actually has been a bit warmer the last 2 days. And, of course, tomorrow is supposed to be much warmer.

Blue Moon party time in London now. Loads of U bases of reptilains and other ETs; not so much SSers or their clones.

I sense an evil species there that is humanoid, non-reptilian (as far as i can tell). They had a DORy U base here. They seem very familiar, and i am convinced i have had to deal with them a lot in past lives. They might not be jailable; working on that. I will try to figure out more about them. Ah, some of their species elsewhere are good, and old friends of mine.
Meanwhile, gotta blast London.

(8:35pm) The good guys of this species seem to be HQ'ed here, and in conflict with EHETs, repts, SSers, etc.

(8:55pm) And this area feels like one of several major hangouts for the bad ones of the same species. I just had a demon visitor from there, which they sent.

(9pm) And in the center here is a sacred-energy planet the evil ones stole from the good ones about 8K Earth-years ago.

Aug 3, '15: (11am) Now, about that Cecil the Lion.
When the story came out several days ago, i noticed that the dentist is a human, the lion was ensouled, and all the ZIMBABWE PROFESSIONAL HUNTERS AND GUIDES ASSOCIATION guys are clones. I've been blasting them, and all have been killed and replaced at least twice already. That is not a complete list. I sense 37 clones there, some of which are other types of employees.

A few CIA front groups linked from the CIA site [Self-corrupting code from that site deleted here. At this time the groups are linked from the bottom of that page.]

The big September psyop being promoted by the CIA: Now, it is possible some big SHTF in September. Or December. Or 2017. Or they may just boil us slowly indefinitely. Personally, i am experiencing no particular angst about September.
Lisa Haven is a SHer.

Oooh, have you heard of the big Fourth Reich clampdown happening in Germany? History is Repeating -- German Government Launches Investigation of Journalists for Treason, according to the CIA. Wow, let's take a gander at these brave alternative Netzpolitik warriors. Why, how about that? No SSers. However, at this time, the entire bunch are critters of the first variety i mentioned Dec., 2014 on my doubles page (same type as the present version of Richard Branson).

(6:20pm) Some more interesting info regarding Sandra Bland: SANDY BLAND, SKULL AND BONES, MK ULTRA.

Got attacked from EHETs from U bases a couple hours ago. Attacking my left hip. Had to keep frying them on the map, until it got to the point where they were just mildly hitting me from diffuse locations everywhere on Earth.

But now Antuvozy did something to take the EHETs down another notch. I did something to cripple them on July 10, but they came back somewhat after a while. Now 'Vozy has slammed them down another notch, and it will probably be a while before they do much again, and then they will be fewer and weaker.

Aug 4, '15: (12:55pm) Normally i'm not much on birthdays, holidays, etc. They are pretty much like any other day, as far as i care. But this is different! This is important! Today is the one-year anniversary of when Rorg and i started shacking up together. Here is a pic of him today.

(2:25pm) I cleaned up the Lagos, Nigeria area a few days ago, but since then bunches of the numbered repts have moved back in to the underground. And no matter how many i jail, or how much i blast the area, more keep streaming in from offworld. Lagos is a power spot they are loathe to relinquish.

(5:20pm) And here he is enjoying his anniversary feast.

Aug 5, '15: (6:35pm) Had a brief, very windy thundershower today; got about 0.2". Probably will get more rain tonight.

Clone enclave: Great Neck, NY. "There are some 15,000-17,000 Persian Jews in the greater New York area..." and probably 100% are clones now.
If google images results are any indication, all "Persian Jews" are actually lizard clones.
BTW my friend in Queens is of Iranian SSer descent (his dad was CIAlizard associated with Savak and the shah) and for the crime of having a soul he is relentlessly targeted.

Aug 6, '15: (2:05pm) Got another small thundershower last night. Might get a bit more rain today or tomorrow.

Is the Biotech Industry Behind the Destruction of Italy's Olive trees? Dunno, but it does look mighty suspicious.
The Mediterranean Institute of Agronomy of Bari is clony-phony. Giuseppe Silletti is a clone. As is the commenter Karl Haro von Mogel.

"Murderous" Jade Helm Revenge Plot: Tattoo Parlor Owner, Friends Planned To Ambush Army. Is this for real? The guys and the informant are human. Could they really be so cartoonishly stupid/loudmouthed? Conceivably. Maybe this is just some harvest for what the CIA sowed with its Jade Helm conspiracy theories. Even CIAtanist (human sellout) Chuck Norris got in on the act.

Aug 7, '15: (noon) Well, a big storm narrowly missed me, unfortunately. Haven't had any more rain.

Radical UK Preacher Anjem Choudary Charged. Gov't SHer.

Sheriff: Triple murders center around 'witchcraft'. Kinda looks like it, but if so, by dumshit human witches who don't know there is no power in killing soulless victims. Not getting a vibe off this. The sheriff is a CIA clone, but that's fairly normal in the US. Is he trying to pull a faux satanic-panic to be later de-bunked? Possibly, i dunno.

Saudi mosque bombing targets police, 17 dead. I doubt it. Only clones in the pic.

Defense minister vows to meet terror with 'iron fist'... Three Israelis injured in car attack revealed to be IDF troops; soldiers sweep through assailant's home village. The false flags never stop.

More clony-phonies: the Non-GMO Project.

Aug 8, '15: (5:55pm) And more: WICKR. All NSA clones.

Today i happened to see a paper version of Epoch Times and Epoch Taste (about Asian food). Epoch Times, as we know, is the website of the Falun Dafa, who are good guys. (I had never heard of Epoch Taste.) But something has happened. First i saw the Epoch Taste section, and it was all clones, clones clones! In fact, the website is the same way.
The Epoch Times section of the paper was also mostly about shoving clones in your face, but it also had some humans. There was a pic of the publisher, though, who is human. I assume that lizards inflitrated and largely took over production.
The Epoch Times website is not nearly as repty as the print version.

The CIA treated me to a clone parade in town today. I have seen their clones wearing rebel flags or displaying them across their pickup window occasionally lately, but this is the first march with flagpoles.

Aug 9, 2015: (4:20pm) Catholic Church files complaint against it's own cloney Mossad front Lehava.

Bernie Sanders CIA Clone Forced Off Seattle Stage By Black Lives Matter CIA Clones. This news brought to you by CIA clones. Wow, let's drive a big wedge between blacks and liberal whites.

CIA clone Morsi says attempts were made to poison him in prison.

Vaccine industry attempted to bribe fellow illuminati industries. Because suicidal clones are so money-motivated.

The drivel just gets stupider and stupider.

(4:40pm) With phased hunger strike, Israeli lizard clone women urge new attempt at peacemaking. All of these depicted were underground just now.

(5:10pm) EPA Spills Million of Gallons of Toxic Waste into Colorado River. I have to wonder, did these clones do it on purpose? At a time when there is endless psyoppery going with corrupt gov't, e.g. clones busting clones over Planned Parenthood, ACLU CIA clones v CIA-run crazed cops, British newsclones and policeclones going after living [by living i meant ostensibly living, via clones] and dead elite gov't pedo-lizards, etc. etc., it makes sense that this could well have been deliberate.

Aug 10, '15: (8:05am) A big storm system is passing north of me again, but it looks like i might only get peripheral sprinkles.

McDonald's forces blind woman to leave in tears because she was accompanied by her guide dog. Never mind that the woman is a SHer, and her "daughter" a lizard clone. Anything to fill up the nooz with BS distractions.

So why are they "taking down" illuminati giant McDonald's? You have to understand that they only pretend to care about wealth, accumulation, material success, etc. You see super-rich (but suicidal clones) flaunting their extreme wealth, as though they enjoyed it, as though the reason for ripping off us peons was greed. But the real reason is to deprive humans, and to irritate them with displays of ostentatious waste. Hence, CIAtanist Neil Young whittles down Monsanto. CIAlizard Jon Rappoport (and others) bash the pharmaceutical industry (and falsely blame false flags on genuinely dangerous psych meds). CIA clone Jeffrey Smith takes on GMOs.
They don't care whether these corporations go boom or bust; whether their clone directors and stockholders live in mansions or cardboard boxes. It's all grist for the mill. The game is to distract, deprive, and torture humans.
Another example: Venezuela CIA Clone Regime Forces Polar Foods, PepsiCo, And Nestle To Leave Within 60 Days.

Libor scandal: You can bank on there being a scapegoat. I have no comprehension of Libor, and no concept of what this fall guy did or didn't do. I just want to point out that Tom Hayes is actually a human, and even has an authentic Asperger vibe. I get a slightly off-vibe about his wife, which i can't quite pin down. Might not be anything much.
Also the author is human. The judge, of course, is a clone.

Aug 14, '15: (8:50am) Progress happens: US Senate Confirms First-Ever Native American Woman As Federal Judge. Yessir, this CIAlizard clone test-tube baby spent most of her life under America. Can't get more native than that.

Special Ops Soldiers Use Rental Trucks to Infiltrate & Occupy California Town. Here we have a story on one CIA website quoting another CIA website. And a very posed-looking pic of 5 CIA clones. Makes me wonder how much truth is in the story.

FBI Arrests Pair of CIA Clones in Mississippi. Like LOUD repty vibe off these, especially the cute black chick. In addition to the usual 81 sexiness spells, she had oodles of CIA and EHET U bases pumping her full off "psychotic sex appeal" energy. We have been working on these bases for a couple hours, and still have lots of EHET bases to deal with on this matter.

What do the darksiders do on their way down the drain? As the reptilian web disintegrates, they just try more desperately to turn people into celebrity-obsessed sex perverts.

Aug 15, '15: (6pm) Still enjoying unusually mild weather for this time of year.

'Aliens prevented nuclear war on Earth': Former reptilian NASA astronaut's 3rd clone replacement makes unexpected claim.

Mexico Government Gives Free TVs to Millions of Poor. Because what the poor most need is to spend time watching sexy clones promote hoaxes.

Various repty as well as human sources are suggesting that fly ash is what is being sprayed in chemtrails.
As far as i can discern, J. Marvin Herndon is a clean human. However, i have some doubts about this notion. I wouldn't rule out that fly ash might have been a component historically (although it seems unlikely due to it being a crude particulate substance) but it has been a long time since i have spotted a "real" chemtrail, that is, one that had programmable components. In fact it has been a good while since i have detected real chem being sprayed by flying craft anywhere.

Supposedly, fly ash "is the mineral residue resulting from the combustion of powdered coal in power generating plants. Fly ash consists mostly of silicon dioxide, aluminum oxide and iron oxide." All those substances, as well as misc toxic metals listed elsewhere, are programmable. Fly ash has a vibe even by itself, although pretty weak.
"Most power plants are required by law to reduce their fly ash emissions to less than 1 percent. The remaining 99% is collected using electrostatic precipitators or filter bags." Well, depending on how well the laws are enforced, there has been a fair bit of fly ash blown around by smokestacks, so one might expect to find it.

Aug 17, '15: (11:10am) CIAlizard Islamic State chief raped American CIAlizard hostage, CIA finds. Poor thing.

Too White? Sorority Video Slammed for Being "Racially Homogeneous". What blows my mind is that all these bouncy bleached bimbos are human [Update: no, Egyptoid]. Normally sororities, fraternities, and even the general college population contain a high proportion of SSers.

"September 23", a concerted agency psyop.

Oath Keepers to Arm 50 Black Protesters in Ferguson with AR-15's for an Epic Rights Flexing March. So many of these guys are sincere but led around by the nose. As usual, the CIA leads the show.

OK, now this is very interesting to me. In the past, i have only noticed CIA sources claiming to have identified heavy barium/aluminum loads in rainwater. So i have been sceptical, especially since i have noticed scant metal spraying in recent years. But here we have an ensouled guy lecturing clones about geoengineering: Patrick Roddie. Around the 7:50 mark, he testifies that he collected rainwater in San Francisco in April, and sent them to a lab which found high levels of barium. Also he refers to a January test which showed high aluminum.
So apparently plenty of metal is still being sprayed, at least in some areas (offshore?)
As soon as i typed that, i got a strong vibe, but all i found was CIA U bases offshore of CA as well as in areas east of the Bay. Possibly the spraying is done by exotic craft berthed underground. Not detecting airlines or airports involved at this time.
Looks like Roddie has an interesting channel.

Strange stalking i have been getting lately from NSA MIBs. On Saturday (2 days ago) i kept getting LOUD motorcycles and other vehicles revving by my workplace. They would deliberately gun it as they went by, and they seemed to have trumpets in lieu of mufflers. This happened dozens of times. My boss is in and out on Saturdays; he goes to our 2nd (nearby) location for various lengths of time, and comes back to the location i work for various lengths of time, parking on the side of the bdlg where the noise occurs. But it never happens while he's there.

The offending drivers were mostly clone NSAlizards, and they channeled #6 rept energy with their noise. But i noticed there were 6 MIB satanists at Ft. Meade who seemed to be directing this. Why their involvement was even required, i don't know. But i blasted these, and the noise stopped for a while. Then later it picked up again, and i found 6 fresh MIB satanists behind it, at Ft. Meade. I blasted them, it stopped for a while, then 9 more took over.
Oddly, the following day at work (the boss doesn't come in on Sundays), there was almost none of this Braaaap! stuff. I don't know why not.

Then last night, a very DORy noisy prop plane with 3 NSAtanist MIBs came by after i had gone to bed. Instead of channeling #6 repts as planes normally do here, they were channeling the concerted intent of 333,333 NSAtanist MIBs in U bases! It was not very pleasant for a while, but we did get innumerable U bases off of this.

Then this morning i got some other weird NSA stalking. Someone spoofed a correspondent i have who has sent me hundreds of $$ in the past, for whom i have done remote clearing work. The sender used this person's name as well as a very similar email address. Dig this:
Appreciate your kind response. Am currently out of Country to Kiev, Ukraine on a business trip but having a little problem here. I tried to make withdrawals from about 5 different Machines but all to no avail and after visiting the banks here i was told it was due to network errors. I am stranded here without no money, so i was wondering if i could get a quick loan of $1,350 from you or any amount you can afford if not all. I promise to refund it back immediately i get back home.

Let me know if you can help me out so i can instruct you on how to get it sent to me.

Await your response.
_____ ______
This traced to a NSA clone in a U base in SC, which was connected to a bunch more NSA U bases. Like duh, did they expect me to fall for this? They must know i don't even have much money in my paypal or bank account; i recently ordered another 16 gallons of epoxy. What other outcome could there be other than me finding bunches of their U bases in several states?

(1:35pm) I checked out Roddie's channel a bit. I do not detect metals in most of the video splash pics of CTs over SF. However, a few of them definitely do feel like barium, aluminum, etc., e.g. Chemtrails over San Francisco, 1-28-15 as well as similar vids for 3-30-15, 4-1-15, and a few earlier ones.

Also, regarding the NSA MIB harrassment, yesterday evening 2 of my exotic supersoldier wives came by in the astral to let me know to blast this place in rural GA. There are 2 houses, but also it feels like a trailer or something (not depicted) is just west of the driveway at a latitude in between the 2 houses. It feels like each of these 3 structures houses 1 NSAtanist MIB. The south house MIB is female.
I have been blasting them since, but they have not gone underground. They seem important.

Aug 19, '15: (7:30pm) Got light rain all day, about 9/10". Now it is unusually cold for this time of year, and they predict a low of 52 tonight!

The Chelsea Market area of NY is a CIA hotbed. Right now i feel 14 CIAlizards around here, involved in hacking, coordinating MW attacks, etc.

Aug 20, '15: (7:30am) It was around 56 F at dawn at my place. With a laser temp gun i got reads of 49-51 off of rocks on the ground.

More clones: Anna Tuv et al.

And Shaun King is another plastic man of the first type mentioned in December, 2014 on my Doubles page (same type as Richard Branson).

(noon) LOL, check out that haunted look: Woman: Planned Parenthood Coerced Me to "Donate" My Aborted Baby for Research. CIA clone.

Possibly yet another type of plastic "human": Matisyahu.
Recently i made a new wand which lights up all the types of creatures on my Doubles page. It also lights him up, but he does not seem categorized on that page.
He lacks an assemblage point. His physical heart feels normal.

(7:15pm) Clear skies this morning gave way to heavy chemclouds late.

I was feeling great this morning, did some light weight-lifting and some yoga which i was able to enjoy due to the relative lack of attacks (often i don't work out for days due to the heat and/or painful attacks, so i take advantage when the enemy is slacking and the weather is cool). Then did some gardening, and wanted to do more, but got attacked hard by a bunch of the usual offworld suspects early afternoon. Despite locating them and launching a jail-a-thon against them, i had to lay down pretty much all afternoon. Got up 4 times to heave my guts. It's hard to make me puke. It happened a couple times in 2012 from heavy attacks, but today was much worse. The last couple times i convulsed uncontrollably but hardly anything came out.
Also i don't sweat easily, but i broke out in a clammy sweat each time from the exertion, despite standing naked in a cabin that was cooler than it had been in months.
And then, oddly, i squirted out quite a large volume of watery poop. But i don't think it was from anything i ate. Still feel a bit queasy. Drank a tall mug of fresh-picked tulsi+mint tea.
It cost them a few zillion ETs, so it was worth it, i guess.

Aug. 21, '15: (5:30pm) Got a slight rain a little while ago.

Oh, pity the poor CIA, never getting much respect from other gov't agencies. Not only did the FBI assassinate their CIAlizard MLK, but they even had a file on George Carlin. And now the CIA's Burning Man May Be Moving To Utah After State Of Nevada Forces Them Out With New Taxes. Why can't these SSers just get along? Don't they have secret handshakes and hand-signs?

Sigh. Clones take amateur video of their amateur skit: France train shooting.

More clone actors to blast: Security guard, gunman dead after federal building shooting.

Aug 23, '15: (8:05am) Weak storm system rolling over now. At least the part heading over me is weak.

I love the way the CIA cleverly debunks its own false flags: 'Let's Roll' Part Deux: American (Military) Tourists Thwart 'Random ISIS Attack' in Paris.

New ET species discovered? This sinister-looking witch had 3000 spells to cover her evil vibes, as she deals with the public. 3000 is a strange number, as normally darksiders would use 3333 instead. I do not get a repty vibe exactly; she might be some non-repty type of ET. I've been blasting her since last night. Haven't located more like her yet.

(8:40pm) Sheesh, all i've gotten in the last couple days is 1/4" of rain, at the most.

Interesting youtube channel: YAHWEHYAHWEH HolyGod, mainly about outing transvestite entertainers. It appears there are quite a lot of them. Actually, i haven't watched any of her videos, but just looked at the thumbnails. All her title statements feel correct! All these she-males dowse as having prostates. Some of them, e.g. Dionne Warwick, Christina Milan, Jennifer Anniston, etc. are repticlones as well.

About that brunette witch in the pic above, i am now finding U bases of her species in N California.

Aug 24, '15: (8:45am) The summer heat has broken. We've been having cool mornings and evenings, and mild days for a while, and it looks like it will continue.

Belgium seems to use a lot of human gov't agents. Check out the "Syrians" in the pic here. Compare it with a pic of Syrians.
In the Reptilian Times pic, the man in the foreground is a human satanist freemason Belgian agent. So is the woman in red near the center. I'm pretty sure the rest are also Belgian agents, many of them Masons.
Supposedly the pic was taken in Italy. I have doubts.

EPIC View of Moon Transiting the Earth. Feels totally CGI to me. If you're sensitive, compare it with pics of the moon.

(12:30pm) There are more ETs like that brunette witch living in Charleston, SC. Also finding quite a bunch underground there.

Another hokey story: 3,000 migrants rescued off Italy in single day, tensions rise. All the guys in white suits and wet suits are clones. The "migrants" feel like human actors.

Dumb human College Professor to Spend a Year Living as Pop Icon David Bowie. He misses the boat slightly. If you want "the authentic Bowie experience", first of all, you need to be born as a female shapeshifting reptilian. Then you need to become a high illuminatus and Project Monarch handler, raping and killing children. Without such factors, i doubt you will know what it's like to be in "his" headspace.
I confess, i used to think Bowie was OK, too. But i certainly never craved to emulate "him".

(7:30pm) New sentient turtle i was allowed to make.

Hmm, now this is interesting. As i said not long ago, the original David Icke was a human. Then, sometime not long before i started dowsing people, he disappeared and was replaced by an SSer morphed to look like him. And then more recently, this one went underground, got killed and replaced by a SSer clone. He's on at least his 2nd clone replacement now. However, the first repty Icke did not have the clone vibe.

Similarly, Thorp's mom as well as the parents of another correspondent of mine, disappeared and were replaced by morphed repts, who later got replaced by clones. In fact locally where i live, i know of at least 2 "people" who died and were replaced by morphed sexually-propagated SSers, who subsequently also went underground and got killed and replaced by clones.

But perhaps this sort of thing has been happening a while to human celebrities. For example, when i first became aware of Katy Perry years ago, she was a satanist SSer. Then she died and got replaced by a clone. But check out a pic of the original Katie before she got famous. She does not have a repty vibe. In fact she seems like a likable kid. Also check out her parents with the satanist replacement Katy. Parents are humans.

I got onto this from youtube channel Dead Celebrities & The Illuminati which i think is done by the same ensouled gal who does the previously mentioned channel on transvestites. I doubt all of this info on this channel is correct. But at least some of it is.

She says they are clones, robotoids, or synthetics whereas by contrast, i say the originals (if they were humans) were initially replaced by sexually-reproduced SSers brought up from the underground. Such have the same vibe as ordinary SSers on the surface, and are sturdy enough to be blood-drinking satanists, and can resist positive energy better than clones.

Of course countless original SSer celebs have recently been replaced by clones, SHers, etc. Also a few who were SSers originally, like the Jenners, somewhere along the line got replaced with those silicon-based robotoids, probably as a special project.

And Richard Branson was probably a human, who got directly replaced by a fabricated double. I don't think she mentions him, but that is definitely one case in line with her ideology.

(9pm) Awesome! BTW youtube is feeding me these things. All i have to do is go to and they feed me this disclosure stuff from ensouled humans.
Celebrities being replaced by synthetic lifeforms and clones. BacktoIndia gets it. This is a vid about Katy Melua, who started out a very talented human but was replaced with a CIA organic robotoid, who then started doing illumi-vids using only CIAlizards (clones now) dancing around. All the dudes had heavy homoerotic spells. Melua also had ass-kicking sexiness spells in the last sample.

Aug 25. '15: (11:35am) Super clear sky here this fine morning.

Found this pic on Spivey's site; something someone had sent him. If you do image searches on these guys, you will see that the pic is not a hoax.
Ferrari was a satanist SSer. Ozil is a clone.
According to Wikipedia, Ozil was born 2 months after Ferrari died.

What does this mean? I dunno.
Was Ozil the reincarnation of Ferrari? I doubt that, because physical bodies don't normally reincarnate; souls do. And these guys would have had souls in their time. And souls can probably affect the physical appearance of the body, but not to such a marked extent.

If Ozil had been born before Ferrari died, that would help narrow down the question.

(1pm) Ozil's grandfather is from a poor village in Turkey. There are few, if any, SSers in Turkey in the peasant class.
Some earlier pics of Ozil, posted 2012. And, a 2010 pic. I think these pics are of a human who is now dead. We inadvertently discovered another human who has been replaced. Such synchronicity.

But why the uncanny resemblance to Ferrari? Coincidence? Especially the youngest pic of him looks like Ferrari.

(2:50pm) Bal has been seeing a bunch of hologram planes in Phoenix today. He says they don't even make noise, even though they fly low.

Technical difficulties, apparently.

Aug 26, '15: (6:55pm) Head of Fusion Center and Two Others Commit Suicide over Ashley Madison Hack. Puh-leez. That satanist CIAlizard committed suicide long ago. Now his clone has been terminated to create the illusion that fusion centers are run by humans with a sense of shame.

WDBJ7 Reporter Alison Parker, Photographer Adam Ward Killed on Live TV. Another ludicrous all-clone skit. Except for the "shooter"; no repty vibe. Was he a SHer? Most likely but i can't tell because he's been terminated. I could not find any pics of him in his youth nor any mention of a wife or family.

(9:10pm) More CIA clones: Free and Equal, which is putting on a festival. Unfortunately many of these sponsors are duped but honorable humans. Also most of their confirmed talent is human.
See, instead of just infiltrating honest activists at the grassroots level, they also LEAD and direct this coming together of humans and covert repts.

Aug 28, '15: (10:10am) Pedophile Australian government considers chemically castrating paedophiles. Yeah! We all know where you should start.

Some of the lower spots of today's incredible media drivel:
Aug 29, '15: (7:30am) And the clone circus continues: Death lorry had no air vents and its doors were wired shut: Shocking details emerge... Of course, the Refugees Welcome protesters are more clones.

Starting yesterday morning, the planes and clones around here have reverted to channeling #9 repts instead of #6s.
Yesterday the sky started out clear, then got mostly whited out with blown-in chem. Full moon. Now sudden rain chances appeared.

Another all-clone production: Jerry Seinfeld Hilariously Trolls Cops After they Shut Down his Son's Lemonade Stand. Seinfield suicided years ago.

Al-Jazeera clones sentenced by clone judge to three years for 'spreading false news' in Egyptian retrial. About time these clones started enforcing the law on each other.
Clone wife distraught. None of these jokers went to acting school.

Aug 30, '15: (6:40pm) I got ~0.4" rain yesterday morning.

Saw the Little Rock paper at work today. I have mentioned their High Profile section before (Aug and Sep 2013). Since then it has been mostly clones in that section. Usually 100% or close to it, but sometimes a few humans too. I think today's was all-clone. There's even a weddings and anniversaries section.
Also usually about 100% of the clones happen to be underground when i see the paper. This was true again today.

But this is the first time i've noticed a blatant Masonic hand signal.

Aug 31, '15: (7:45am) Ah, lessee what's in the nooz this morning...

EU plans extra billion euros to pay African countries to take back migrants. Depicted are a bunch of human Serbian soldiers from the same platoon, who have known each other for months. Some may be wearing Hungarian police uniforms.
I can hear how they planned this photo-op:
"Hey, forget women and children. Let's just take a bunch of short-haired healthy young white men all the same age and size from the army and call them African refugees. Flaunt the fact that this is an 'amateurish' hoax."
"Yeah, great plan! Let's use humans, swear them to secrecy, and down the road some will inevitably flap their jaws about how they took part in this, giving rise to delicious scurrilous rumors!"

They constantly plant red flags on purpose. Is The Virginia Shooting Hoax Blowing Up in the MSM's Face? CIA clone Dutchsinse draws attention to a few deliberate oddities here.

(6:20pm) One thing i am in the process of becoming increasingly aware of is cross-dressing of SSers and their clones, as well as their plastic humans and sold-out slave humans. For instance, i just realized that Timothy Dean Langford-clone, depicted above, dowses as having no prostate, testes, or penis.

There are videos online showing that Michelle Obama and Serena Williams are men, and Justin Bieber a woman. They make a good case in terms of bone structure.

But what about Barack Obama? I saw a vid showing that he has the face of a woman. Yet, he dowses (or did when he was alive, and so do his clones) as having male organs (hard to believe, i know).
Or how about Ina Bruhn, a Danish clone, author of children's school books with satanist spells and subject matter to encourage them to be deranged juvenile delinquents. This thing has male parts too. But does it have the heavy brow ridges or Adam's apple of a man? Not that i see but then maybe the pic is shopped.
And Timothy Dean Langford has quite a chin on her. Normally when males are surgically feminized, their prostate is retained. Langford has none. Of course there may be exceptions, e.g. if the person had prostate cancer (as Michelle Obama might have had, as the original dowsed as having no prostate. I neglected to check for testes when the original was alive, but her clones have no prostate but do have testes).
Anyway, if my dowsing is correct, there may be at least some shemales who have female faces. And Langford might be a "natural" (non-surgical) female with a male face.

Or is something else going on? I watched a vid by Manny Skywatch who thinks these lizards are not even real transvestites... But he also seems to believe that all these lizards are cross-dressers. Well, a lot more are than i realized, but many are not.

And Justin Bieber and the Williams "sisters" are human! as far as i can tell. Yet supported by the SSers. Bieber is totally sold out to them.