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Loohan's blog for August, 2016

Aug 1, '16:

(8:45am) Man, it rained again night before last and yesterday morning. Got a little over an inch.

Gangstalking was weaker at work this weekend. Yes, some werewolves, MIBs, and their clones, but not very noticeable.

Something odd about this: Bahraini dissident dies 'after torture' in regime custody. This human actor is alive. But when i tried to find pics of his family, i found images by a guy in Bahrain with the same name, presumably same guy. One of the pics is of 4 DORy repticlone toddler drag queens. And it has the tab heading "blackmagic".
I get a nasty vibe from these 4. I suspect this is an old pic and they are adults now.

Controversial Cardiff imam implies sex slaves OK under Islam. Mossad repticlone.

Aug 2, '16: (7:50am) Notice: my site may be down for a couple days. I've been trying to migrate to a new server and having some problems (like not being given a way to upload). My old hosting service expires today.

Aug 7, '16: (4:05am) My site has been down a few days but now i am starting to re-upload.
This morning they said 50% chance of 0.13" but mid-afternoon we got a strong gully washer, and it is still raining.

This is what i posted on the forum on the 2nd since i couldn't post on my site:
Some great news for me. A few days ago i was able to get an exemption from the culling progress for my family. I dunno what's going on with good beings losing their souls, but i had lost a lot of valuable, hard-working allies and didn't know when or if it would stop. Is the Infinite reeling in all individual selves? But if so, why take out some of the finest warriors against evil when they are still needed? Doesn't make sense.

Furthermore, a couple days ago, we started looking into the possibility of restoring the good wives we had lost. Normally it is not possible to get back a culled soul. However, these girls, as a last act of giving, gave their last soul energy to me, and in the process some part of me took snapshots of their soul templates or whatever, and thus there was a faint chance we might restore them.

Of course i don't comprehend the procedure, but 'Vozy, Eenia, and Yo-ke worked their butts off for over 24 hours, then yesterday came to me indicating there was a 50% chance of success, and we would know within a couple days.

Then last night, Babs came back to hug me! Then my other sweet cat wives i had lost. Then the others. So i think i got them all back except for known infiltrators. Maia and Novz are back on The Committee.
FBI employee pleads guilty to acting as agent of China. Actually, a CIA repticlone.

BDS is Mossad! Pic of BDS co-founder Omar Barghouti, Mossad repticlone. Information on the other co-founder(s) is confoundingly difficult to find, but i get a Mossad repticlone vibe.

Engineered story: Funding for Malawi charity stopped amid claims British govt cash was paid to 'cult'. Petersen is a MI repticlone.

Satoshi Uematsu, the 26-year-old "murderer whose deadly knife attack in Japan claimed the lives of 19 people and sent 26 others to the hospital" is a human clone. He looks a bit FTM with that jaw angle. I think the jaw-angle genes were deliberately chosen for that reason. But he's male.

The 1972 Munich "Massacre". I thought i'd look up pics of the "victims", expecting to see a bunch of repts/trannies. But no, just some male-looking dudes with no particular vibe.
However, all is not right with this pic. Spivey has pointed out that, when they have a bunch of "victims" in a pic, often many of the faces are of the same person, maybe slightly modified. Just to mock us, i guess.
In the top row, 3 of the 4 pics are of the same guy. The same probably holds true for the middle row as well; different same guy. And the last 2 guys in the bottom row might be morphed versions of the guy in the middle row.
The alleged perps were not trannies either. SSers, though.

Of course, this historical tragedy lives on and must be commemorated occasionally to keep the memories of the lost ones alive: IOC honors Israelis slain in terror attack at 1972 Olympics. Tranny "widows".

Lawyer: Paul O'Neal was "executed" by Chicago police. Lawyers lie a lot. No less so when they are CIA repticlone Masons. This "executed" MPD CIA human clone is fine.

Aug 8, '16: (12:35pm) Cool, overcast, faint drizzle now. I got 3.7" yesterday, and another 1/2" this morning. Amazing to be getting this much rain in mid-summer.

I just uploaded OTB 47 on Concretite.

Aug 10, '16: (6:25pm) Still, almost every day, wunderground keeps promising that today will be much cooler than yesterday. Then later they claim it got to 105, 107, 102... Not quite that hot at my place but still hot. There were showers in my area today but they missed me.

Somali Gang Beats Young White Boy in Denmark While Recording the Assault. Brian Anker and the boy are Mossad repticlones.

Anti-Cop 'Black Panther' Gets Robbed. Calls the Police He Formerly Hated.... MPD CIA human clone phones home.

Another MPD CIA human clone: Mohammed Hussein I. Eldai, responsible for Another Disturbing Sexual Assault in Twin Falls.

And another: ramblin' Jack Elliott, who recently stuck the devil's horn hand sign in the face of one of my correspondents at a dance.

WOW! BREAKING=> Julian Assange Suggests Seth Rich -- Who Was MURDERED in DC -- Was Wikileaks DNC Source! First, CIA SSer Miss Julia hasn't said a word since she died. Second, CIA repticlone Seth Conrad Rich will continue to live so long as he stays above-ground.

Aug 11, '16: (3:40pm) Yup, still the daily joke of "Today is forecast to be much cooler than yesterday". But, now they are predicting big rains starting tomorrow or the next day, for several days, with cool temps. We'll see.
It was supposed to get to 91 today, but right now wunderground is claiming it's 102.9, "Feels Like 120". Yeah, it has been humid this summer. I do not recall such humidity since before the advent of orgonite early this century.

Armed man on bike shoots Gladstone cop, takes hostage at Subway before SWAT team shoots him. Pic of Jeffrey Giddings, MPD CIA human clone. So creative, CIA.

Friends of DNC-Linked Shawn Lucas "Freaked Out" by His Death. "Attorney found dead after filing lawsuit alleging election rigging". Right. This repticlone is alive. It's all a part of the hoax that anyone in power gives a crap about election results.

Aug 12, '16: (12:40pm) Myanmar has them too: MPD human clone soldiers.

Another Hindu deity who is for real and can be called for help against demons: Narasimha AKA Narasimhadeva (Wikipedia). The lion-headed protector. If i google images, the first term will get me more golden-faced likenesses, and the 2nd term will get more black-faced ones.

Real nasty-feeling Jesuit repticlone: Radhanath Swami.

Aug 16 [15], '16: (11:30am) It rained for days and we are supposed to get a little more. I got something in the neighborhood of 2" so far but i haven't measured yet. Cool weather.

Women burn burqas, men cut beards: Manbij celebrates liberation from ISIS (Manbij is a city in the Aleppo Governorate, Syria). All the prominent people in the first 4 pics are Mossad repticlones. The 7th pic has 3 cross-dressed men (not eunuchs) in black. In the 8th pic, everyone but the guy in white is cross-dressed.

Thailand just made it the law to ban 'dishonest' politicians. Excellent! I fully expect them to clear out all the fake humans and covert TGs, as well as any figures having connections to organized crime such as the CIA and local mafia. A new day is dawning.

Aug 18, '16: (11:35pm) I have been very incapacitated for days. I can barely type even now. But getting better.
My emails have stacked up, sorry.

Aug 19. '16: (4:30pm) Getting some real sunshine for the first time in a week. It rained most of yesterday again. I just checked the guage and i got a total of about 3.1" over the last week. At least i didn't have to worry about my garden drying up as would be normal this time of year.
I haven't even been into my gardens in a week. I didn't go Sat and Sun because it was raining. And after that i was crippled up. I'll go out later and probably find loads of huge squash that need to be thrown in the compost.

What happened is that my left psoas totally freaked out. Any large movement of my limbs or body caused intense pain, as everything is supported by the core muscles. Even just getting in or out of bed is a long drawn-out traumatic procedure, let alone walking across the room.
It actually was real bad Friday a week ago, and i rested a lot that day. Then i was better Sat and went to work. Strained it by lifting some heavy stuff around. Felt worse Sun but not real bad; worked. Expected to be much better Mon after a good sleep, but as soon as i tried to move, realised i was in big trouble. Then Tues was much worse even, and Wed was the worst. Lightened up a tiny bit Thu, and then this morning i felt vastly better and more mobile.

I had my lower back go out real bad several times in the 90s, but this was even worse. I had crutches but they were useless because they have to be lifted slightly off the floor with an arm that is connected to the core muscles.

None of my allies, even Durkistan, could find any black magic behind it. Felter came at one point (in the astral) and found a delayed-release etheric implant on the left side of my solar plexus. It had been put there years ago by ETs and had recently sprung. But removing it didn't make any difference. He couldn't find more.
My acupuncturist (whom i was unable to keep an appointment with) said over the phone that it was the damp. It has been very humid for weeks and according to TCM, one can get ill from such things. But it seems to me extreme that i would get crippled like that from humidity. I mean, does that happen to bunnies and deer and cows?
Also i have probably had some kind of miasm or something in that area for a long time. My left hip muscles often want to clamp in certain positions.

Day before yesterday was the worst. I had over-irritated it by getting up to pee or something, and my psoas kept spazzing out, clenching like a charley-horse but only half as hard. I did some shrieking. It was impossible to relax my core muscles during various periods of time.

Aug 20, '16: (6:10pm) Got another inch of rain in the wee hours. The heat of summer has broken, apparently.
I went in my gardens yesterday and the scene was not too bad. Since it had been cool, the squash had not gotten huge. I did have to throw away dozens that were a bit too big and hard, but i also got a sack of nice ones, most of which i gave away today. I got squash out my ears.
Also had a bunch of big (but still good) lemon cukes. I've grown these for about 15 years and i never suspected they could get so big unless they were too old and hard. Many were tennis-ball size.

In my Feb 2014 blog on Feb 3 i wrote:

(12:10pm) ... Here's a radical new technical advance!
This is an ordinary magnifying glass. If you are sensitive, you will note that it feels very positive and orgoney, as though it was programmed.
The reason it feels that way is because 50 special etheric crystals have been inserted into the glass, and 20 more into the plastic handle.
If The Committee likes you, they might implant a bunch of these crystals into your stuff for you.

Although The Committee has learned to mass-duplicate these crystals, the credit for developing them goes to some people and other entities associated with Presbeia Protoi, which i don't understand much about yet.

(3:15) I do have many serious differences in beliefs and perceptions with these people. But they are OK. If you contact Dynamis (at), she will send you, for the cost of postage, a free key thing like this, or bracelet maybe. (The metal in this pic was not programmed when it arrived, and was programmed by The Committee.)

I have been corresponding with Dynamis there, and she says our crystals are not the same, and that my key thingie came with only 1 crystal, and that The Committee added the others. But, to my perception, it came with 10 crystals (1 in each round bead and 6 in the square one), and The C added none.
You can make up your own mind.
[Warning! May, 2014: these people channel evil energies, with the result that people have been hurt! Evil ETs from around Cluster A1775 in the Bootes Supercluster have been using them, as have demons used them as portals. They are deluded and won't cop to this. Beware of any contact with them, including watching their videos.]
Actually, they are not well-intentioned ninnies. They consist of an extremely effeminate Egyptoid male (YT channel), and a non-descript female "Dynamis" who i think is Egyptoid yet does not look drag-queenly in the one pic i have of her. Also the admin of their FB group (Energetic Healing with Protoi) is a blood-drinking satanist Romani (pic). And the woman's son is also an effeminate male Egyptoid pseudo-tranny (pic).

The little crystals (at least when made by The Committee) are great, though. I tend to forget about them, but just realized that my concretite has a bunch, as well as all my orgonite and more.

Aug 21, '16: (6:15pm) Sunny today. This morning was the coolest in months, and tonight it's supposed to get down to the 50s.

Gangstalking at work report: the last weekend and this weekend were pretty similar to the previous one. Except this weekend there were few MIB clones and few or no MIBs, just loads of (mostly cloned) werewolves.
Last weekend the only agents i spotted in the store were 3 CIA human clones. One was male and the other 2 ugly fat drag queens.
This weekend, i got 1 CIA human clone yesterday, an apparent drag queen but with no prostate vibe either. And today i got a FTM CIA werewolf clone with 3 MTF human clones. The WW clone gave me a demonic, wolfish grin right off. The 2 little "girls" still had all male organs. The older one is about the age for them to come off soon. I was trying to covertly scrutinize these clones while they endlessly procrastinated over what to buy. Twice, the youngest "girl" caught my eye and smiled very broadly in an exaggerated way. Is this how he is trained to respond to men looking at him? Also, "daddy" made a point of being disgustingly physical with the little one, hugging him from behind and repeatedly thumping his belly and chest in a friendly way from behind.
CIA has so much class.
But one intriguing thing: i scrutinized "daddy" hard, and got a very clear view of "his" profile. There was absolutely no visual cue i could spot that he was a she. Only by dowsing could i discern the truth. Brow, forehead, jaw, lean physique, all looked totally male.
"He" lasted almost an hour after he left.

Also in the past week or so, we have taken out over half a billion werewolves in U bases. These were there all the time but only recently am i spotting many of these. Lately i feel U WWs behind many clones. If i get a harsh vibe from a clone, it is usually a WW connection now. Sometimes a MIB, but i am noticing far fewer of these lately. Not sure how depleted their population is; they may just be lying low for a while.
The clones are not channeling WW energies deliberately, The stalkers are still channeling demon energies.

Deutsche Bank Whistleblower Tells SEC To Take That $16.5 Million Award And Shove It Up Its Hintern. Wow, such a principled human clone.

Dalian Atkinson: former footballer dies after police shoot him with Taser. Live human clone.

Aug 24, '16: (7:10pm) Today was hot (low 90s) sunny, and humid. Lots of chem yesterday, less today.

Another CIA human clone: Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Another: Oscar Morel "Charged with Executing Two Muslims in New York". Can't find pics of the "victims" but there are some mighty dubious "mourners".

Another: Brendan Dassey, the 26-year-old convicted murderer who became famous thanks to Netflix's documentary series Making a Murderer.

Such bold mendacity, Vice: "Chris Mosier, the first transgender athlete on Team USA". This might be the only FTM and the only female US Olympian this year (i haven't scrutinized all the athletes).
This is a CIA human clone mutant freak that looks like a drag queen but is the opposite! Just to confuse people.

Backpacker Mia Ayliffe-Chung stabbed to death at Australian hostel. Weird thing about this is the "victim" has no vibe whatsoever. It has no parents, but does not even have the vibe of any known lab-grown simulations. Nor do i think she is a mannequin. Nor does it make sense they would have killed her if she wasn't a repticlone. (They sometimes euthanize repticlone hoax "victims" because they have a vibe, and i might track them down above or below ground.)
There are surprisingly many pics of her that come up in google. Also there is a brief vid which looks disgustingly faked, posed, and self-conscious. Whatever this thing is, it is capable of acting self-conscious when allegedly filming itself bopping repugnantly in a phony-smiley manner.
She does not really look TG except jaw-wise in a few pics. And her shoulders tend to be obscured but square-looking.
There are many pics on this page, including her posed with 2 obvious drag queens, and posed with a girl in a lesbianish pose, and another showing titty (part of the sluttiness-is-sweet psyop).

Aug 25, '16: (11:30am) Fatah militia leader killed by PA forces. Jesuit repticlone is still alive. Er, was, until we took out the U base in Jordan at 31.352289, 36.873484.

Native American Tribe Just Donated $10,000 to Help Flint Deal with Lead Water Crisis. Hmmm, now, i have no problem believing that some Indians can be generous in a naive way, but this made me suspicious.
The tribal leader, Larry Romanelli, is a CIA repticlone.
I think the tribe is OK for the most part, but infiltrated. There was (now deceased) a Waunetta McClellan (PDF document with pic) who looks quite TG. Also here is a pic with 2 CIA drag queens, as well as an anomalous, highly effeminate male named Dahkota Brown, also depicted in shocking pink on this page which also sports a CIA drag queen Suzan Shown Harjo.

Aug 26, '16: (9:10am) I really dunno wassup with this femmy-indian. Another pic of him sandwiched between 2 of the CIA MTFs. He dowses as male, and not Egyptoid, yet obviously he is an agent.
That last page is from the Center for Native American Youth, another CIA front with plenty of trannies. The Board of Advisors is all CIA repticlones.

It's been too hot to put in my fall garden. All i've done is sprout some things in grow-cubes to plant later. And plant some chard in my hydroponic setup. Chard takes forever to get going.
Yesterday was supposed to be cooler, but still got close to 100F and muggy. Today is, as usual "forecast to be MUCH COOLER than yesterday" with a high of 83 and rain chances. And indeed, so far it is cool, overcast, plus we had a sprinkle a little while ago.

Israeli forces kill youth two months before his wedding. Except this Mossad repticlone is still alive. Donate now for more hard-hitting coverage from the The Electronic Trannies. I'm surprised the "victim" wasn't cross-dressed this time.

DEBTORS' PRISON: JUDGE GIVES CANCER PATIENT 90 DAYS IN JAIL FOR BEING TOO SICK TO PAY BILLS. Just another pretext to stick a tranny pic in your face. The judge's nickname is "Butch", haha.
The "cancer victim" is not TG, just another CIA human clone. President and Executive Director of the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law Kristen Clarke is a CIA human clone drag queen (pic).

SCREAMING BABY FOUND STRAPPED TO FENCE BY HER NECK WITH A BUNGEE CORD IN SPOKANE, MOTHER CLAIMS IT WAS JUST AN "ACCIDENT". Ludicrous to make such a fuss over a doll. I skimmed through the vid. It shows the doll several times, never moving, whereas the drag queen "reporters'" lips move quite a bit.

Aug 28, '16: (8:10pm) Wunderground has persisted in saying it will be cooler every day, and then predictably, it always gets about 10 degrees hotter than they said. No doubt it will be the same from here to the end of eternity.

OK, this weekend was a bit different, in terms of drive-by stalkers at work. It started off more intensely than usual, with endless WW clones going by, channeling demon energies at me. No MIBs or MIB clones. No non-clone WWs. I was reflecting how odd it is that anytime i drive Hwy 66 to Mountain View, there is usually extremely little traffic. Sometimes i can make it almost to Mountain View (30 miles) without having a single vehicle come up behind me, nor seeing one ahead of me. Mainly just seeing a few coming the opposite way. And usually all or almost all the vehicles i see driving that stretch are repticlones, with a rare human or SHer. But at work there are dense streams of werewolf clones going by on the same highway, and, until recently, MIB clones. Further in the past, there were more non-clone MIBs and WWs mixed in.

But then around mid-morning, i felt bunches of stalkers already dying in U bases, so soon after stalking me. It seemed they were more suicidal than usual.
Then, even more strange, around early or mid afternoon, all the stalking stopped! Yes, there was the normal repticlone traffic, but they were going about their business and not making special trips to stalk me. I can't recall how long it has been since I didn't get drive-bys at work.

Then i realized something: i had new allies blasting them hard. I dunno who or what these guys are, but for the past month or so i have been feeling their badass protective monitoring presence around my property. They don't protect against etheric demons, just physical bad guys, i felt. Only this weekend did i notice them at work.
And today, Sunday, absolutely no drive-bys by werewolf clones, werewolves, MIBs, MIB clones... at least that i noticed. Which does not make sense, because even the routine traffic normally contains some. In fact i noticed a WW female getting gas at the station on my way in to work today.

I did get the requisite 1 visit by CIA human clones both days. Saturday it was 2 tall young guys with their obligatory drag queen. Sunday, 2 attractive young TG couples no-one would suspect were TG unless they were savvy about facial structure.
All acted like normal, polite people (neither obnoxious nor syrupy sweet). I'm not sure what the CIA's objective is, but i found it gratifying to nail the 8 million U WWs connected to today's batch.

In other news, i found out about yet another type of fake humans. What makes these different is they were made only by WWs in U bases in Greece. We may have destroyed their hatcheries, but there seem to be many of these things in Slovenia, at least. I call them Werewolf Drones. Pics and more info down my Doubles page.

Aug. 29, '16: (1:55pm) It was supposed to be much cooler today, but it was already sweltering by mid-morning; up in the 90s somewhere and very muggy. BUT then clouds moved in with a cool front, and we've had a couple sprinkles.

OK, someone on the forum brought to my attention that these Werewolf Drones are the same thing as what a youtuber calls Vlash hybrids which were witnessed at the Bataclan hoax. Apparently their eyes glow in the dark.

In other news (for those who haven't checked the forum recently) there is a powerful new tech advance for orgone crafters: Luke's Coil.

Oh yeah, and i got slightly in touch with my new allies i mentioned yesterday. Actually, i know them from the distant past, when i was associated with the Venusians. These are friends of the good Venusians (Valiant Thor et al) and there are 4 individuals among them whom i knew well at that time.
It seems they will also be helping some of my targeted friends, and even Chris Spivey hopefully.

Aug 31, '16: (12:55pm) Never did get more rain. It heated up again after i posted last. Then yesterday was supposed to get to 83, but got into the high 90s and very humid. And "Today is forecast to be Much Cooler than yesterday", high of 87, but of course it is hot, wunderclones admit 93.4 already before 1pm. In other words, normal weather for this time of year here.

The youtuber i mentioned last post... i haven't been able to make much sense of him or what he calls Vlash yet. I think he may be confused as to what all he calls Vlash. Anyway, started a forum thread about him.

(9:30pm) Turns out Dante Santori is disinfo.

Today was hot and muggy again, but there is the usual "much cooler" predicted for tomorrow. Anybody taking bets?

What Happened When I Left the Hells Angels: another total CIA production. George Christie is a CIA human Freemason. I think all the "people" in the 2nd pic are CIA repticlones now being nailed in U bases.