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Loohan's blog for Aug, 2017

Aug 2, '17: (2:55pm) Wow, they nailed it yesterday: it was much cooler. Didn't even get to 80 at my place. Got tiny bit of drizzle.

Gang Who Called Themselves 'Musketeers' Guilty Of Plotting UK Bomb Attack. Actually just one guy playing quadruplets. Of course this is a reference to satanist SSer Alexandre Dumas, much given to Masonic hand signs.

Aug 5, '17: (5:10pm) Got 0.2" of rain the night of the 2nd. Then the last 2 days have been very mild. More cool weather and rain in the forecast.

Israel launches first environmental research satellite Venus. Why? Why do they have to name a phallic object for this iconic representative of the Sacred Feminine? For the same reason that, in English, the accepted way to pronounce her name is so that it rhymes with penis. Another dimension of the war on femaleness.
Venus is not amused.
Vennooss. Rhymes with puss.

The first couple that came in the bakery this morning were both MTF repticlones. That is, the husband was dressed as a man, did not have silicone, did have moobs, and had had his external organs removed. Strange.

(7:50pm) I have added some stuff to my page on Egyptoids about something i discovered last night: Egyptoids are shape-shifters!

The video is here. You can forward to the area where these are and see a whole lotta teeth-shifting.
This is a non-repty Triad hooker, Category 1 Egyptoid.

Aug 8, '17: (4:40pm) It has been much cooler lately. Yesterday was overcast and only got to the mid-70s here (although wunderground reports 85) and today, of course, was to be "much cooler" but actually was a bit warmer. I planted some fall veggies yesterday in case it stays cool. Usually, once the heat breaks like this here, it pretty much stays broken.

Video: African Migrants Go Wild After Crossing Border; No Women or Children. I spot 2 Masonic M hand signs in the still pic of these clowns. These are human sellouts pandering to white fears of unruly African spear-chuckers.

Egyptian court upholds 12 death sentences, 157 life terms over Matay case. I wonder why those guys are doing so many raised fists and finger-pointing.
And that meanie cop is doing the Heil Hitler salute, sort of. Pretty scary stuff.
Matay is a location, but if you google it, this gross Category 1 Egyptomutant comes up, having that name.

Aug 9, '17: (7pm) CIA proprietary: Ultimate Limousine of Vancouver, BC. Staffed by WW satanists. About 40% of their "customers" are also CIA ET satanists. Something funny going on there.
And they are resisting going underground. I have been blasting them for almost 24 hours yet they are still alive. Works for me! The originals are much DORier than the clone replacements, so i can track them as they hobnob with their "clients".
I'll be impressed if they survive the night, though.

Australia Just Banned An Anti-Vaxxer And All Hell Has Broken Loose. Yes, banned a CIA human clone who displays just the right amount of titty to be appropriate (pic, pic). Real ones, too. No silicone, just pure GMO flesh and blood. And she doesn't have all that much in the way of Egyptoid features, either, considering she's a human clone.

But what on Earth is this CIA hoaxer? Amber Amour: Woman 'live-blogged her rape on Instagram'. (More pix.)
Nothing from Earth. I think this is yet another type of ET that does not seem familiar. I sense 2 parents like her on Earth. I'm trying to light up more of them. Amouroids? Rhymes with hemmorhoids...

(7:30pm) And the main thing those CIA limo guys link to, oddly, is Simon Fraser University (map, website.) This campus must be about 8% normal Earth humans, and the rest repticlones etc. but also many WWs and SSers who are not yet replaced by clones. Place has a hot CIA vibe.

Aug 10, '17: (6:10pm) Those CIA tough guys are still alive! The next hottest CIA op they are connected to is the Rogers Arena (website, map). We are removing lots of spells and demons the place is packed with. This place is a power spot.

The middle-class teens' feud that ended in girl, 18, being scarred for life by ACID: Barrister's daughter who poured drain cleaner into rival's viola case faked letter making out SHE was the real victim. Note that both the victim and the perp are the same MI repticlone.
And further down, article mentions another hoax, this one involving the MI Category 1 Egyptoid Christopheros family, and a MI Category 1 blood-ritual satanist perp.

How flagrant: Bennet von Vertes, the son of an aristocratic Zurich art gallery owner (left), was found guilty of the murder of his friend Alex Morgan (right). This distinctive-looking guy playing both roles is a CIA repticlone.
Further down is his "mother" who seems about the same age as himself, and has the pseudotranny look; CIA female repticlone.

Hilarious title: Russian man is refused a job because he LOOKS GAY and his 'feminine manner' and 'being too well groomed' suggest he would promote 'non-traditional sexual relations'.
Eduard Myra was rejected for a position at LLC Hardcore, but when he asked for feedback he was told his 'feminine manner' had cost him the job...

A controversial law in Russia states that it is illegal to promote homosexuality and LGBT values to children. The law has been condemned by the European Court of Human Rights and Russian nationals.
There appears to be only 1 pic of him online, blurry, and not very fruity-looking for a Category 1 Etoid. FSB agent.
I can't find a site for LLC Hardcore.

Migrants from Africa are found clinging to the bottom of a freight train travelling from Valencia to Munich at speeds of up to 93mph. The first pic "shows a human hand clinging onto a tyre under the train's carriage". But the vid shows them crawling out from on top of the train carriage, underneath some trucks that were on the train. Trains don't have rubber tires. But no matter; the whole thing is staged anyway. Even so it is odd that the headline is so at variance with the content.
The hand is doing a Masonic M hand sign. If you want to see some really bad acting, watch the vid. Those rough-looking Africans are Masons. Prior to being recruited by the CIA, they were already black magicians and very nasty thugs. At one point the camera zooms in and lingers on a guy's hand pointing nowhere.

Cheesy faker: "Human Light Bulb" Claims That He Feeds on Electricity When He Gets Hungry. Ordinary human, but in the vid you can see his Category 1 Egyptoid wife.

Aug 11, '17: (9:15am) Ah, those Vancouver CIAtanists finally bit it.

Got a brief sprinkle here yesterday, and getting a bit more now.

Russian spy plane conducts overflight tour of the Capitol, CIA -- and Trump's New Jersey golf club -- accompanied by military officials on board. "The unarmed Russian Air Force Tupolev Tu-154M left Moscow before arriving in southern Virginia, conducting several sweeps of the nation's capital."
Yet, my impression is, this plane is at Chicago's O'Hare airport, where it is usually berthed, and it was piloted by 2 USAF SSer satanists.

(5:45pm) Got 3/4"! and some hard thunder and lightning. May get more in the next day or so.

Ha! How Cults Use YouTube for Recruitment. In this article, the CIA (Vice) tells how 2 CIA repticlones got into trouble due to the influence of CIA repticlone Sherry Shriner's charisma. Pics of the unfortunates here: Reptile Cult Feud Ends in Death. Reptile cult, indeed.
The rest of the Vice article is about more CIA repticlones.

Ah, Agent Spivey has come out with another article. Truth mixed with a bit of BS. For example, he rightly points out that Teresa May is male, but also shows Dickless May in staged pics with a crotch bulge. And here he awkwardly conflates 2 different guys.
Also, i hate to admit it for fear of appearing dumb, but sometimes i just don't understand what he's pointing out in pics. Example: Savile's hand.

Aug 14, '17: (5:40pm) It has been mild and overcast lately. Got another 1/2" between yesterday and today.

'I was hoping for a non-painful death': British model Chloe Ayling breaks down in tears on This Morning as she defends herself over doubts about her six-day 'kidnap' ordeal in Italy and why she went shoe-shopping with an 'assassin'. This seems to be an ordinary female human MI Mason. Note how the video FLAUNTS the fact that she is completely dry-eyed, yet wipes away a "tear" from the top of her eyelid, where tears would not accumulate. Front and center, repeatedly. How much confession do the masses need?

Mother and daughter who graduated from the same university on the same day look so alike that they were mistaken for SISTERS (but can YOU guess their age difference?) MI MPD human clones. Note the totally gratuitous and inappropriate display of GMO cleavage.

Aug 16, '17: (8:15pm) Got another 1/2" the night of the 14th and yesterday morning.

Totally feels like BS: Japanese fungus spreading in UK hospitals. "Public Health England says in some cases patients will have no symptoms, but the infection can cause serious bloodstream and wound infections." Oh gosh, now i'm worried. I feel fine but i could be being eaten alive by this exotic fungus.

Eenia programmmed some new big crystals for me. She recently got a lot better at programming and even coils.
Anyway, when i sweep one of these crystals around, i find that Earth is surrounded by mobs of cloaked Plejaran (Egyptoid) craft, especially aound 80 miles out. The crystal lights them up, and the allies then can address them.

Aug 17, '17: (3:25pm) We apparently wiped them all out without casualties on our side. Not sure how that was feasible, except that we had a presence 3X as strong as theirs.

Got woken up around 2am by another rainstorm; got 2"! We only had a chance of small rain forecast.
Overcast today.

Aug 19, '17: (9:40pm) Got another thunderstorm and 1/10" last night.

We had to deal with more Plejaran craft yesterday, these were hundreds of miles out.

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