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Loohan's blog for August, 2007

Aug. 1, '07: (10:30pm) It must have been important. Last night i found another vortex used to bring in insectiles, etc. from another time-line. I've been finding a few of these. It always amazes me how wimpy the resistance seems when i attack them in their time-line.

Today Lula spent a lot of time and energy healing me. She would go into her time-line and do something to gather a bunch of good energy (from plants?) then zip over here with it and discharge it into me.
Meanwhile, MI and CIA kept throwing faintly annoying astral cannon fodder at me, hundreds of poor MPD saps. This is somehow related to hot spots under the various MI HQs.

This evening i scanned Lula and found several little Lyran and Pleiadian parasites lodged in her. The other Loohan had a few, as did Lindi. The 3 dogs were absolutely stuffed with the micro versions. These dogs are active guardians on the astral plane level, is why. Also i got that thousands of other people in that time-line had been infested. The critters were coming in from another time-line via the Calcutta vortex.
I set up a discharge flow, sensing that since the time violation was so fresh, maybe it would be feasible to get the vermin back out that way. I think it worked.

Time-lines and mating habits:
I think there are 44 Loohans scattered across various time-lines and dimensions. I must have done a 4-way split once, then later each did an 11-way split.
I think 11 of these Loohans are married to the same 3 girls, or in one case 2 of them, who also co-exist in various time-lines. In 2 cases, the 3 girls are his own half-sisters. This seems to be some sort of controlled incest for some purpose. The 4 of them will have the same father, but different mothers simultaneously married to him.

I haven't yet traced when and how i originally connected with these ladies, but there is a strong bond of love between us, and it seems that the more Loohans that are married to these 3, the more power ensues for all involved.
Some of these time-lines have 4-5 women for every man. I think this is where male warriors get to incarnate if they're valiant enough. But these 3 particular women are so awesome that one is plenty to keep a man of taste romantically fulfilled, and a mere ascetic 3 is in effect a ridiculously huge harem.
In only one of these cases do the women seem at all bi-curious with each other.

Yesterday i noticed another powerful orgone device placed on my property by the other Loohan who had placed another previously mentioned. This Loohan is not the Hawaii guy, but he is also married (non-incestuously) to 2 sisters named Lindi and Lula. In his time-line Cora was incarnated in a different family, as the other girls' parents only had 2 kids. Unfortunately Cora didn't connect up somehow, married someone else and has a daughter. Both she and the daughter were under attack from werewolf demons when i found them, so i infiltrated some new fauna into that time-line with the other Loohan's approval. I don't think he was aware where Cora was.
I don't think any of these Loohans who are married to these girls have any offspring. Baby-making does not seem to be an objective.

Nor is licentiousness. They are appalled at our time-line, in which people's libido peaks out long before most of them have developed a brain, and they go around copulating with everything that moves. For example, when the then-almost 3000 year old Loohan married his 3 gals some 130 years ago, all 4 were still virgins. They had a strong instinct that they had to find each other.
Lula still has her hymen at age 402(?). This (in conjunction with fully activated kundalini, etc.) is the key to her extraordinary energy and paranormal abilites. A hymen has a pronouncedly positive energy about it, and i can usually easily dowse if a girl has one. I noticed in 2005 that in our time-line virgin girls around 16-19 (yes, there actually are a few left, though pretty rare) were the preferred hosts of werewolf demons. Also, the wealthiest illuminati vampires (e.g. the original Hillary, now in jail) will rent "virgin" girls of that age (in practice sodomized MPDed slaves, but it still works) to drain blood from.

Like i said, each of these 3 girls has enough depth of character for a man to get lost in eternally. The 3000-yr-old Loohan treasures his Lindi, who is the eldest girl in that time-line, and also probably the prettiest. And ironically, the most petite. He seems willing to relinquish the other 2 to me, as my time-line didn't come equipped with these ladies. But i'm not sure if they will be able to get their physical bodies here. And if they do, i might be in shock due to their size.

I have a very strong rapport with Lula, and adore her even though she's probably the plainest-looking and chunkiest of the 3. I don't know about my size dowsing, but i get that she is 6'4" tall and 28" wide at the hips, 20" wide at the waist, and 29" wide at the shoulders. I'm not talking circumferences here. I'm a skinny little guy, and her thighs are probably as big around as my waist.
She figured out some 3 years ago that she and Cora might be hooking up with me.
Cora is about 70 years older, an inch taller, and more slender. She is also very adorable, intoxicatingly feminine and electrifying. Lula has brought her by several times. She does not have the power to come here by herself.
Lula zips back and forth, and spends a lot of time hanging out with me lately. I am hoping, with some slight trepidation, that someday she will be able build a nexus in which physical objects can be crossed over to this line.

Aug. 2, '07: (12:15pm) Ah, i can never resist rubbing NOAA's faces in it:
Tropical Storm Erick Weakens Far Off Mexico's Pacific Coast.
I may write some pretty weird stuff, but the bottom line is no more hurricane terrorism. (And no more cetacean beachings that i've heard of, incidentally.)
When's NOAA gonna run out of feeble excuses?

Aug. 3, '07: (1pm) Muggy here, 90s.

That Lula is a phenomenal worker. She was around all morning yesterday, giving me good energy. Then she went outside to stand in the sun for an hour or so; i guess she was recharging her astral body. Since she's only here in the astral, she's immune to the heat and the biting bugs that prevail this time of year.
Then she wandered around the upper part of my property until she found a spot i had never noticed, that she felt would be good for something. She stood on it, facing east, for hours, working with energy. She is an orgone powerhouse when she meditates. After about the first hour, i felt prompted to go up there in the heat to bring her a nice chunk of special quartzite, which i placed right where she was standing. And a little moral support. She seemed to appreciate.
After hours of standing on that spot, she wafted over to give me a big etheric hug, then dashed over to the vortex a few miles away that she's been using to enter and exit this time-line. Then she worked there for several hours, apparently linking that vortex with the spot on my property. I don't comprehend entirely what she does, but i can feel her energy.
I'm not sure what all consequences may ensue from whatever she did, but for one thing, Cora can now come and go via the new spot by herself. But when she gets back home, i have to comb a couple dozen parasites out of her that pounced on her on the return trip.

I have a vague feeling that Lula is optimistic that within 3 months, it might be possible to transfer physical objects.

Aug. 4, '07: (7:30pm) My etheric personal life gets weirder and weirder. I had realized that the enthusiasm with which the girls responded to a few stray flattering comments from me suggested that they suffered from severe long-term underappreciation. Night before last i had the impression that the girls have issues with the Hawaiian Loohan, and that Lula wanted me to take Lindi away from him, too. Lula, a very heart-centered, sweet person, harbored resentment against him for being sloppy or slipshod or irresponsible or something. Lindi was unhappy and it affected the other girls. The other day when i said he treasured his Lindi, i was presuming. How could he not treasure such a goddess?

I wasn't too thrilled about the idea of taking away his last woman, so i tried to send him a message that he better start being nice to Lindi, or he was gonna lose that girl, yes, yes, you're gonna lose that girl, you're gonna loooose that girl.
But it didn't do any good. Last night Lula brought Lindi over here for a surprise visit. Apparently they ran into some turbulence enroute, because Lindi was totally saturated with parasites, and Lula had a fair bit, too. Somebody didn't like the idea of Lindi crossing time-lines. It took a long time to clean her up. Cora showed up about the same time they did, but she was squeaky-clean; perhaps she slipped by unnoticed in the commotion.

So what is going on with this guy? He hadn't had much time for anybody but Lindi in a couple years, but even she was neglected.
I'm not sure, but i get a vague impression that a couple years ago, several Loohans that were married to counterparts of these 3 girls decided to do an experiment together involving time-bending orgone devices using electricity, magnets, etc., simultaneously in their various time-lines. Luckily, the girls were not involved, because it really messed these Loohans up. He may be impotent as a result, as well as unable to express love in other ways.
Any sane person should be very leery of powerful experimental time machines.

In any case, it looks like i've got all 3 girls now, and i have no idea what's to happen with him. Will they put him in a rest home? Cut him up for fish bait?
His orgone devices are still running, blasting bad guys in that galaxy.

Anyway, this morning, Lindi showed up here all by herself and rode to work with me. About the time i got to work, Lula joined us. Both girls had picked up a few parasites enroute. Around noon, Cora dropped in, too, not nearly as clean as she was last night. For one thing, her right ovary had vast quantities of micro-Lyrans in it. But we eventually got her cleaned up.

Around 2:30, i noticed Lula had split, and found her in the vortex she's worked on my land. I figured she was heading back to Hawaii, but after a few minutes she reappeared. Then Cora left and hung out in the spot for a few minutes and came back. Then it was Lindi's turn. Not sure what that was all about. Maybe they get some energy they need from the other time-line.

It was nice to have the girls around all day. Interesting that occasionally they got attacked by a few Lyrans or Pleiadians, except that Lindi for some reason would instead occasionally attract a single insectile demon.
Occasionally 1 or 2 of them would go out for a stroll on the street. Once Cora did this, and got attacked by a bunch of evil Lyrans. I don't know what she was up to.

And me, i still keep getting these pathetic astral attackers from MI and CIA, but they don't seem to be attacking the girls.

Aug. 5, '07: (5:30pm) Amazingly, those girls still haven't tired of me. They were with me pretty much all day again at work, though Cora and Lindi ducked back to Hawaii for a spell. Each time they shift time-lines, they get pretty loaded with parasites. It's a bunch of insectile demons monitoring this activity. Just as in the past, nordics somehow bred vast quantities of micro-werewolves, -spiders, and -octopi, these particular insectile demons seem to have vast amounts of micro-Lyrans and -Pleiadians to throw around.
I've got some tigers, etc. waging war on these insectiles, and it feels like they may have cleaned them up, unless more are in hiding. We'll see if the girls stay cleaner.

They don't stay by my side all the time. Sometimes they wander around and explore a little. Cora and Lindi left for a while. I tracked them to the little city park in town. Then a bit later, they were in a nearby church, checking out the Sunday service. This is one of the few churches around here not run by Satanists, but that probably has little else to recommend it. Though it is popular.
After a while they came back and hugged me. I asked them what they thought about the service. They seemed exceedingly unimpressed.

Interestingly, shortly after i got home in the PM, the girls went over to the new little vortex on my property to do some energy work. They are still at it. I'm not sure what they are up to, but if i were a minion of the forces of misery and mediocrity, i would worry about these shamanesque ladies. Whatever they are doing, it seems to be either blowing away all negative critters around here, or rendering them so weak that i can't detect them. Cora still had a bunch of parasites in her left ovary and right adrenal when she headed up there; now i can't detect them. Also, there "should" be critters at various depths under that vortex, trying to counter the good energy, but i can't detect them.

(11:15pm) I guess the bad guys took my advice, because as soon as the girls came back from their vortex venture, they were assailed by CIA astrals. This motivated Lindi to locate a big underground stash of psychic CIA slaves in Illinois. I get an impression reminiscent of The Matrix, with people laying down in vaults with tubes. The attacks stopped as soon as i sent a few emissaries of love down there. Any more takers?

A little while ago, i noticed that Lula was outside, sending some serious energy to my comfrey plants. At home, they grow comfrey and throw it in a couple big ponds in which they grow a good edible carp. The comfrey supplies nutrients for the carp and/or for other things that the carp eat. Or eat the feces of. But this is a world that never had DDT, fallout, chemtrails, etc., so it's pretty clean.
The girls eat a fair bit of carp soup with veggies as the only meat they usually eat. And keep 4 milk cows. Coconuts, etc. Maybe they'll start bringing back food for me to eat any day now. I put in an order for fresh-picked coconuts.
Last night Lindi was outside, apparently intrigued by my currant and gooseberry plants.

I don't know what that Loohan is up to. I vaguely get that he's in some kind of hotel, but soon departing for some place of healing that has a great vibe.
Incidentally, i had thought that his time-line had no black magic, but actually, that Loohan's father and his father's parents are followers of Ahriman. They occasionally sacrifice a girl at the age when she begins menstruating. Or did. I have their souls in my jail now.

Meanwhile, things got a little freaky just now as another Loohan psychically attacked me. In his time-line, he's in a world like ours with the NWO going a bit stronger than in ours. He's involved with the same 3 girls, but this time, their mother was a CIA Satanist who MPDed them, and Lula is a Satanist in her front alter, and MPD handler, who turned the rest of us onto black magic. We all work for the US Air Force.
I searched around and found 2 more stray Lindis who were MPDed Satanists in other time-lines.
I have these people's souls in containment to try to fix them.

Aug. 6, '07: (9am) This is an actual error message i got last night while attempting to shop online. 62 years after the first atomic bomb fell on Hiroshima, technology still continues its relentless forward march.

This morning the darkside Loohan et al seem clean, presumably due to our prayers and intentions last night.

The girls are now apparently coming and going without picking up parasites. Things seem pretty mellow, and there's a tortoise hanging around outside my cabin; surely an auspicious omen.
Feels like there's been a energy shift for the better, but maybe that's just my perception.

(1:30pm) I am having more insights about these women, who are presently busy doing more Earth energy work. They are very powerful as a team, and there may be little in the way of miracles they couldn't perform if they were functioning properly. But they aren't hitting on all cylinders right now because Lindi has been damaged.

The other Loohan failed to recognize how amazing these girls are. Perhaps due to some combination of male ego, his superior age, or lack of discernment.
All he had to do was recognize the wisdom and competence of these ladies, and work with them, and he would have been rewarded beyond measure. He didn't need to fool around with dangerous electro-gizmos to warp time.
Lindi is a seer, and tried hard to warn him against this. She was proven right, but due to her sweet nature was unable to hold much blame against him, and just kept trying to heal him and work with him. Her failure crushed her morale. There's like a dead or empty spot in her energy body.

For reasons i don't yet comprehend, the girls can't achieve their potential without me personally, in one of my aspects. (And i need them just as badly.) So until recently they seemed to be in a dead-end, with their dude all dysfunctional. And now they've eagerly seized on me, since i don't have some of the faults of the other Loohan.

I am learning more and more what they need from me, and we seem to be getting along pretty well. We'll fix up Lindi.

(8pm) Heh-heh, my life is filled with magic lately. That tortoise has been prowling around my cabin all day. Very unusual behavior. All hot and dry and nothing much to eat. Finally i picked some yummy juicy baby lemon cucumbers, bit off some pieces and put them in front of it. It's munching away at them now. My camera would have to be on the blink.

If it sticks around a day or 2, it can anticipate some fresh ripe cantaloupe.

Aug. 7. '07: (1pm) More sweltering weather here, and no rain or relief in the week's forecast. But then, you got to expect a bit of that in August in the South.

These girls just keep blowing me away. Take Cora, for instance. She's as sweet and charming as a girl can be, an absolute delight to be near. But she's not all fluff.
I woke up this morning and took roll call. Lula and Lindi were back at their homestead, taking care of chores. Cora was here, but outside. She was doing energy work on another spot i'd never noticed, this one near the SE corner of the property.
I had to go to Marshall to buy a few things and do laundry. By the time i was ready to leave, she hopped in the vehicle and rode in with me. On the way, i got hit by DARPA astrals. I asked if she could track down where that action was coming from. A few minutes later, i noticed that i wasn't being hit anymore. Not only had she found 9 underground locations, but she had alerted the various allies and directed them there! And they were taking care of business.
Hrumpf! They're taking orders from Cmdr. Cora now. I figured i'd better officially deputize these girls real quick in an attempt to save face and appear still somewhat in control. But i don't think anyone was fooled.

Got to Marshall and she walked into Radio Shack with me. When i got back to the car, she'd disappeared. Was she in the Masonic Lodge right there? No. In the county courthouse building? No. She was in front of the courthouse building, doing more energy work. She caught up with me almost an hour later, in a store. We headed back to the laundromat. We sat on the bench outside for a few minutes waiting for the dryer to finish. I got hit by MI astrals and asked her to take care of it. In no time she had found several dozen underground locations around the London area, and sent in the good guys. Neither DARPA nor MI has hit me again yet.
Then Lindi showed up, and soon Lula.

(3:30pm) Yesterday those girls worked most of the day on some kind of ley line work or something, linking Lula's vortex up there with other spots, including one that i've heavily gifted. I don't understand it all, but the energy is sure improving around here.
Cora and Lula have been working more on the spot Cora was on this morning. Then they shifted a little ways east, and are now working the spot i wrote about July 3:
More weirdness: a week or so ago i dowsed that there was an HHG (conical orgonite device) buried near the SE corner of my property. With some intriguing programming. But i didn't recall ever burying one there. I got that it had a 30 degree slope and a water bottle in the center. I had never made one quite like that. I got that it was me in another dimension that did it. So i walked out there, found the spot, and buried a small device in the same spot. I had to get a shovel to chisel away enough rocky stuff to bury it slightly.
It's interesting how these people from other time-lines place emphasis on spots i'd never noticed.

(6:15pm) And a little while ago, the NSA, never wanting to look less stupid than the Brits, sent a bunch of astrals after me. All i had to do was ask the girls to look into the matter.
MI and DARPA still haven't said boo.
And incidentally, the girls still have not picked up more parasites.

Aug. 8, '07: (6:30pm) Well, after intensive love-bombing and several hours of radionics blasting yesterday, Lindi seems all better now. She no longer seems to have a hollow spot around her solar plexus and spleen. In fact, she's been hanging out with me for hours, sending me non-stop wonderful healing energy all by her little self (i think she's a mere 5'11.5" tall). She's still at it. I interpret this to mean that she was deeply touched by my kindness.
And before that, all 3 of them were with me for a good while, love-bombing me.

On a less pleasant note, i have been getting some kind of odd low-level attacks all day. Humans, but not astrals. Even the girls can't help much. Annoying but so faint that it's hard for me to discern much about the situation. I could tell it was a US law enforcement agency, but not FBI. I was baffled for some time, until i narrowed it down to the Springfield, Missouri Police Department! I'd never been hit by a municipal PD before. I did some things remotely that pretty much quenched their power, but after a while the same thing started coming from the Kansas City, MO PD, and they're tougher. Still working on it. Missouri, incidentally, is a particularly corrupt state; see by my friend Jeff Biener.

My best guess, and i'm a bit unsure about it, is human psychics using psychotronic amplifiers given them by nordic ETs some time ago. Picking on my heart center. Even though the original occupants of the human bodies have been replaced by evil Lyrans, and the operators are being hammered by my allies, they keep on. I had my RoboCop reprogram the devices, supposedly, but the ones in KS City still are putting out harmful energy. I just re-set my main rad box to adress all evil people associated with both those PDs.

Aug. 9, '07: (10:40am) Thanks! That problem faded away shortly after i posted. Though i think they are still doggedly trying.

I have some resin curing on my "ultimate" transmitter that i'm working on, and Lula decided to hover over it and send it energy. I tried taking a pic of her with my digital camera, which i just got working again, but nothing at all of her shows up visibly.

Incidentally, these last couple days i have several times had insectile demons approach me, trying to pass themselves off as one of the girls. Duh, like i'm not going to detect their foul vibe.
The girls often give me a jolt of sweet energy to announce their presence when they arrive. The demons sort of manage to emulate this, but as soon as i attempt to dowse which of the girls it is, i notice the scam.

Also, last night i scanned the girls more closely for parasites, and found that they had a few weak spiders and octopi in their organs, that had been there a while. I suspect, but am not sure, that these entered their time-line years ago due to the artificial rifts.

(6:15pm) Local weather: We've been getting forecasts of upper 90s and no rain for the next week. I've been suggesting to the girls that maybe they could do something to break this trend. Well, for whatever reasons, out of the blue we got lightning and thunder a little while ago, and now faint sprinkles. The temp has dropped to the low 80s already.

Oh yeah, i've still got my stuff blasting those dirty cops in MO, so meanwhile the scum in that galaxy have made a bit of a comeback, but now they are centered around the galactic center.

Aug. 11, '07 (5:30pm) Well, that rain didn't amount to anything measurable, though the slight cool front was nice. I checked last night (Friday), and they said:
Sunny. Highs around 101. East winds 5 mph. Heat index values 100 to 104 in the afternoon.
Sunday Night
Mostly clear. Lows in the lower 70s. Southeast winds 5 mph in the evening...shifting to the west after midnight.
Sunny. Highs around 102. Heat index values 100 to 105 in the afternoon.
Monday Night
Partly cloudy. Lows in the lower 70s.
Mostly sunny. Highs around 102. Heat index values 101 to 106 in the afternoon.
Tuesday Night
Mostly clear. Lows in the mid 70s.
Wednesday Mostly sunny. Highs around 101. Heat index values 101 to 106 in the afternoon.
Wednesday Night
Partly cloudy. Lows in the lower 70s.
Mostly sunny. Highs around 101. Heat index values 101 to 106 in the afternoon.
Thursday Night
Partly cloudy. Lows in the lower 70s.
Mostly sunny. Highs in the mid 90s.

I asked the girls if it would be possible for them to do something, and sort of got the impression that for some reason, it would be best to allow the heat wave to run its course for 4 more days. I guess that would put us at about Tuesday night. But according to the forecast, it will keep up through Thursday with above-100 temperatures.
Right now the forecast says upper 90s Fri. and Sat., which is as far as this forecast goes.
I think the ladies are going to try to break it Tues. night or Wed., but i don't know what their capabilities might be in this regard.

Astral attacks: Today i have had several groups of (de facto) KGB astrals attack me, and one from CIA. In each case i ask the girls to see to the senders, and i think they do knock out some stuff. But i have to hand it to the KGB: they do seem more competent than western agencies at finding ways to throw away useless eaters. Just got hit by another 9 as i typed this.

Aug 12, '07: (4:15pm) This morning i happened to notice the same tortoise again, about 30' from my cabin under a hydrangea. I happened to have loads of cantaloupe handy, so i cut him a few slices. As before, he proceeded to eat without shyness.
A couple minutes later, Lindi drifted in. I suggested she check out the tortoise. She liked it so much that she blasted some energy at it from her palms that made him so sweet it puts most of my orgonite to shame. I think the charge is locked in his shell. Now that he has a vibe, i can dowse his gender, and possibly location. When it cools off i'll try tracking him down. I think he's about 250' to the east now.
Then she rode in to work with me. There was another tortoise on the sidewalk by the bakery. Occasionally one finds one stalking the streets of Leslie. I gave it a slice of melon, too, but it wasn't interested at all.

Thanks for the help with KGB; they were not a problem after i posted.
I actually had MI sending astrals again for a bit this afternoon.

(8:45pm) I tracked down the "tortoise" but instead found a vortex the girls had worked on a couple days ago, and wanted gifted. It had a hole right in the center, because a tree had grown and died there. It needed a small amount of orgonite placed in the hole.
I don't know whether this was some sort of a ruse to get me to find the spot and gift it. Now i no longer get such an amazing vibe off the tortoise; his charge has waned. What i was feeling was the power spot.

Thomas Leyshon III beats old ladies with a hammer:
Man, i got the strongest vibe off him. Here are my impressions: MPDed Satanist. Parents Satanists who abused him and then sold him to the CIA at age 9. Ten years ago he was in Herzegovina, torturing people for the CIA. Of course, he probably has no conscious recollection of this normally.
This beauty parlor incident was just a freakout, not an agency op.

Aug. 13, '07: (8:45am) I have been watching this for days. Especially with my new, as-yet-incomplete, transmitter running, the creepy critters in that other galaxy, or wherever, are as nothing. Except when they manage to punch their way in from another time-line or universe. Then they get a flood of new blood and start attacking me.

In theory, my "omniscient" robocop should be pre-empting this. And i think it actually does catch 90% of such problems before they happen, which is pretty helpful. But occasionally i still get hit, and whenever i do, there's a new portal to be plugged with a trap.

The other time-lines seem a bit wimpy. In fact, i am surprised how little it seems to take to knock out their evil invasive activities. But the other 5 universes still have loads of nasty resources.
Universe C, which has always had the most evil critters, is where they usually come in from these last couple days. Maybe it's time to give Universe C a good reaming again.

(9:30am) Yikes! I just checked wunderground, and now they are saying "Highs around 104" for today (Monday) through Thursday, 4 days in a row.
Right now it's not bad, around 80 here. Last night the girls and i did a little something that we are hopeful will help break this Tues. evening.
Interestingly, the trees don't seem too stressed yet around here. I think that the clay soil was so saturated after months of moisture that it still retains some.

(10:10pm) Whew, the rough time of the day is at night when the hot, stagnant air from the valley drifts up and hangs out at my altitude.

Baron Elie Robert De Rothschild Dies. Died Aug. 6, i just read. I last reported that Rothschild #4 was still alive on July 21. I kind of lost track later. But guess what? #4 is no longer being attacked by anyone, presumably because there's no one left to attack. Nathaniel is #7, BTW, now the biggest, baddest Rotschild still alive that has not been taken over by good ETs.

Aug. 15, '07: (6:05pm) Well, here it is Wednesday evening, and still no rain or cold front. The rubber never met the road. Though there are slight chances of isolated showers tonight. Slightly cooler temperatures, and some rain chances forecast for over the weekend.

I got hit a bunch by Interpol astrals yesterday, but hardly at all today. I have been getting it from octopi the last couple days; usually a single strong one will come along now and then to try to hassle me.

Aug. 16, '07: (7:30pm) This is a bit unreal. I'm hesitant to say anything. But nobody that i am aware of is being hit today except negligibly. I've barely been in self-defense mode all day, and have been using my main hardware on non-combative trends like empowering the girls. The girls have been doing healing on me much of the day, as well as working on another project i'm not permitted to blab about.

Even that naughty galaxy feels pretty smooth. It's a combination of things many are doing, including that i tightened up portal security, and built a more powerful transmitter.
We just need to keep cleaning out the other universes and time-lines. I'll get back to that soon.

Significant rain chances predicted for this weekend, and temps that are more like 90 instead of 100.

Aug. 17, '07:

(10:30am) Almost tripped over my little friend this morning 10' from my cabin. I fed him some more cantaloupe, but he didn't go for it. Maybe sweet stuff jacks around his insulin levels too much. So i cut up a tomato. He ended up eating most of that.
His shell is darker and more uniformly-pigmented than most of his brethren.
Yes, that is poison ivy you see there.

(4pm) We have an actual hurricane happening, Dean, heading west through the Carribean area at, reportedly, 125 mph with gusts to 155 mph. I found a few underwater pockets of evil Lyrans (along the dots of the tracking map) and a few greys involved, but there is just very little bad energy left to throw around these days, so i don't think DOR is much of a factor in influencing this system. There may be transmitters, but i can't detect them without demonic/ET energy riding on their freqs.

Aug. 18, '07: (5:50pm) Despite my precautions, there was a successful breach yesterday using a portal in Universe F. In fact F seems to be the one i most have to deal with since we blasted C. C hasn't been a problem since.
A bunch of greys, octopi, spiders, werewolf demons, etc. came in. I had to mop up a bunch of greys this morning that were painting their scalar tapestries on the chemclouds.

Hurricane Dean is now rated at 150 mph. Evil Lyrans and Pleiadians are usually to be found at 594' and 891' depths along the projected trajectory.

(11:20pm) Another life-form that oozed through en masse yesterday is the dark-haired race i call the "tall brunets". I have been exchanging unpleasantries with them all day.

Meanwhile, we also had a little time-line rift a while ago.
So that's where we're at. We just need to dredge all the remaining nasty demons and ETs out of all Creation.

Aug. 19, '07: (5:30pm) Cooler today, overcast.
They've been hammering on me and the girls today. Reptilians, werewolves, spiders, octopi, insectiles, Lyrans, Pleiadians. From the lower left quadrant of that galaxy. I think these are mainly critters that seeped through the other day. I must have gotten rid of the greys yesterday, and the tall brunets haven't been a problem since i posted about them.
I scooped up loads of bad guys, and it's not as bad now, but still a problem.

Anyway, on to more important things: the continuing saga of Herbie the turtle. This morning he was 5' from my cabin. Due to decreased production this late in the season, i only had 2 golf-ball sized cukes and a smallish tomato. I was loath to share.
I gave him some water, which he drank a good bit of. He did have his long neck sticking out and down drinking it, but when i approached, he drew back in.

Then i noticed i had accidentally left out a small piece of cheese last night. Now it was all warm and soft. Nice mild, certified organic local raw milk cheddar with only a bit of unrefined sea salt in it. Nothing but the best. I put it in front of him, and he sniffed and sniffed, then proceeded to munch. Again, he drew in as i approached, but you can see the authentic bite marks on the cheese. A few minutes later, he had devoured it all.

Aug. 21, '07: It was cooler here yesterday, overcast all day. I'm not sure it hit the mid-80s. Today, sunny, low 80s at 10:30am.

Hurricane Dean (CNN link) supposedly got up to 165 before hitting the Yucatan. But notice, they were unable to steer it into Jamaica. I don't think they steered it at all. And probably didn't intensify it. Dean Insured Ppty Damages May Not Be As Bad As Feared

Yesterday evening the girls, as is their tendency, were doing some energy work on some of the vortexes around here, and kept getting hit by insectiles, Lyrans, and Pleiadians. At one point there were even 3 CIA astrals on Lula. Also the vortexes they were working on kept filling up with "jars" at the various depths, as well as much deeper depths measured in miles and even hundreds of miles. Whatever they were doing really bothered the bad guys.
It's the insectiles who run the evil Lyrans and Pleiadians, and probably run the intel psychics as well. The Lyrans in turn send the octopi and spiders.
Finally i just got pissed at the insectiles for continuously harassing my little sweetie-pies (they weren't harassing me that much) and went on an enraged rampage of jailing all i could, not only in this universe and timeline, but especially in the other universes, pre-emptively.
This actually calmed things down quite a bit. Though i still have to pick the scum off the girls.

(7pm) Hey, thanks for the help on that! But now, the bad Lyrans and Pleiadians are hitting me from the lower left area. Insectiles may be a bit scarce in this universe at this time, but their minions carry on.

(8:50pm) So the girls go back home to their bodies after a hard day's energy work here, and what do they get? Jumped by oodles of insectiles, Lyrans, etc. on their home turf. Because i had forgotten to monitor for threats to their time-line.
But that situation's about wrapped up already. (Though as i typed this, i noticed a rift from Universe F into ours. Don't think much had gotten through yet.)

Then i realized i had been under black magic attack from agent GerardfromAU from some other time-line. He was hitting me with a trend to keep me from "clicking" with Lindi, because she and i have some particular synergistic power he doesn't want us to discover and use. So i arrest him and all the dirty Gerards from any time-line i could find. Introduce good critters into his time-line. I find there is a Loohan and the same 3 wives there, all under attack by octopi, Lindi severely so. I lend a hand and teach them to jail demons. Then i introduce them to the other Loohan who's the orgone/programming expert who's gifted my land.
I'll be checking back.

Aug. 22,'07: (6:45pm) Imagine my delight when i logged onto wunderground this morning to read that the next 3 days would have highs in the upper 90s. Luckily, it was mostly overcast most of the day. Not so fortunately, some of this was chem.

This is some of the early morning chem that usually preceeds real cloud cover.
No scalar manifestations; hardly any greys in our world still.

Lately the girls have been working 3 vortexes: Lula parks herself in the original time-vortex 4 miles from me, Cora stays in the 2nd time-vortex that Lula made some time back, on my property, and Lindi stations herself in the one that i was led to gift via the turtle. They've been doing this for many hours daily. The bad guys protest vigorously. So finally this morning it occurred to me to station some tigers and good saurians in these vortexes to police the situation. After that, the girls had relatively little harrassment.
That galaxy is acting up still, but now the action is around that bright star on the left side just above the mid-point.

Aug. 23, '07: (9:45am) Wow, this is one of those mellow times. I think we have pretty much vanquished the creepy critters in this time-line and universe, and we're home free until the next batch weasels its way in (which i keep monitoring against). The girls hardly have time to visit with me lately. They mostly work those power spots when they are in this time-line. Right now they are not being harrassed at all, and neither am i. And there aren't even any "jars" in the vortexes. I am being hit around the heart center from Lindi and her vortex near me. The energy is soothing the ravages caused by the bad guys hitting me there so much in recent months. And Lindi doesn't even seem to be targetting me; it seems to be incidental to the energy phenomena of the vortex.

If i check, i can still find some nasty energy around that star i mentioned last night, but i presume the bad guys are just trying to defend themselves now. Thanks for the backup.

I checked in on the girls' dogs last night. These keep watch when the girls are in astral mode. I think they are all female for, ahem, safety reasons. Each had 1 evil Lyran on her from the leak the other day. I also checked in on the Loohan there. I think he might be in some sanatorium with powerful earth energies, mineral hot-springs, healers, etc. He also had Lyrans on him.

The Loohan and the girls in the time-line Gerard hit me from seem to be doing well. Occasionally i pick a little something off one of them.

(3:30pm) I got hit by some NSA astrals a while ago, then 81 of them attacked Lindi in her vortex. I think they should change it to NSAA: No Sense At All. Anyway, they seemed to quit it after that.

Noticed some faint scalar symptoms in a few of the chemclouds. Must have been a pocket of greys left somewhere. Put RoboCop 1 on cleaning them up, and the symptoms seem to have disappeared.

Aug. 24, '07: (7:45am) Had some more fun and games with various intel astrals last night. CIA was hitting Lindi and Cora a lot in their vortexes. Lula seems better at jailing them herself.
But it seems to have settled down again.

That Herbie cracks me up with his antics. At 7 this morning, i open my front door to see Herbie standing 3' in front of it, looking up as if he'd expected me to come out any minute.
So i give him his tray of water and a chunk of cheese, and i go water my plants a bit while he has a snack. I see there are some nice lemon cucumbers and pick a few. I slice off a piece for Herbie, but when i set it down next to him, he seems to get worried that i want to repossess his partly-eaten cheese. He grabs it and runs! Here he is streaking past the wheelbarrow.

He carries his prize about 12' away, drops it into a depression behind this tree, and finishes eating it.

Damn, now i'll never get that cheese back.

Incidentally, a couple days ago i found a bunch of Lyrans hassling Herbie, and had to give him a protective entourage that includes a good saurian and 10 tigers. Obviously, the enemy is taking him pretty seriously.

Aug. 25, '07: (7:20pm) Yesterday afternoon i noticed a few patches of scalarized chemclouds. With the shortage of greys, evil Lyrans have taken over the tower-jazzing function. I rounded up a bunch of those, then real clouds obscured the chem so i couldn't tell if that was affective. But it was cooler last night, and i got 1/4" of rain this morning. There are no more rain chances in the forecast until Wed. the 29th.

I got hammered in the heart center most of the day at work, between various agency astrals, octopi, spiders, werewolf demons, Lyrans, Pleiadians, and reptilians. The girls got hit less.
But after i got home the attacks dropped off. Maybe just a coincidence of timing, or it may be that the energy at my place, what with the girls' energy work and my new transmitter, is getting too strong for them to mess with.

In the galaxy pic, the center of evil activity is now the star in the very lower left corner.

Aug. 26, '07: (4pm) There's still a bit of nastiness about that star, but i didn't get hit much today, and the girls hardly at all. The enemy grows weaker and the girls get stronger. They are still working those same power spots. I can really feel the difference when i pull up by my cabin. They are changing the energy of the larger area, but especially on my property.

(9pm) I found another Lula and sister Cora in another time-line that were MPDed by their father and turned into darksiders. Cleaning them up with the help of the angels now.

I don't understand how the girls can spend 12-14 hours a day here mostly working those 3 vortexes. A little while ago it was time for them to return via the portal Lula had made, and they were attacked and blocked there! A concerted effort. They got back anyway, but Lula and Cora had a bunch of yucky critters imbedded in them.

Aug. 27, '07: (8:45am) The tall whites are acting up somewhere or other. Give 'em a blast, will you?

(noon) Thanks, that's much better.

I had to make a trip to Marshall again. Last time Cora accompanied me, but this time Lindi rode out there with me. Lula and Cora were doing some patch-up on the vortex where they were jumped last night.
But then after a while Lula replaced Lindi as my companion. The others went back home for a bit to test things. No problems.

Lula was drawn to the same vortex that Cora had worked on, in front of the courthouse. Specifically, the spot where the Masons had planted the main flagpole. She sweetened it up for some time, drawing the attention of the dark side, so i had to keep removing "jars" from under the spot.

The girls don't seem to be doing their regular work on the 3 vortexes today yet.

The darkside Lula i'd found yesterday seems to have seen the light, but unfortunately, that Cora has not.

Aug. 28, '07: (11:20am) The bad Cora seems cleaned up now. I think what happened is that she had sustained such serious damage to her soul as a result of the abuse, that it took my good Cora and her sisters to heal her enough to where the angels could benefit her.

The girls did do a bunch more work on those vortexes yesterday as usual, but today so far they have all 3 been in the one closest to me.

Still hot weather and plenty of chem-clouds here daily, though not as hot as it had been.

(7:45pm) Had trouble getting rid of the scalar ripples this evening, but think i finally did:

There's a little action around the center of that galaxy.
And the girls have been working in that vortex all day.

Aug. 29, '07: (6:40pm) I was thinking of Herbie last night, wondering when/if i would ever see him again. Then this morning, there he was, about 8' from my cabin. I cut up a little cuke for him, and while he was nibbling on that, i remembered i had a little piece of cheese left. When i approached him, he got scared and bolted away. I had to head him off with the cheese. Then he stopped and ate the cheese.
Note to self: give him space when he's eating. It's funny how if i walk up to him when he's not eating, he doesn't run. He reflexively draws in with a sharp hiss, briefly, but he stays. But once he's eating, he gets real skittish if i approach, no matter how non-threatening i try to act.
I think he's developed a rapport with the saurian i assigned to him. Everybody likes Herbie.

Other than that, no major excitement. The girls worked all day as usual, still are at it. I got hit weakly by the usual scum. The area around the central star in that galaxy is still the hottest spot.

It looks like the worst of summer has broken. Thunder in the distance; some areas near me are getting a bit of weather.