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Loohan's blog for August, 2008

Aug. 1, '08: [not uploaded until Aug. 2] It may be that Darpa is weakening slightly. Now the 3 Dias are after me. And as is the case with the Darpas, the Dia bases in the other timelines are archon-backed.
And the other timelines of Dia are the same as for Darpa. Someday we'll get those archons cleaned out.

Aug. 2, '08: (4pm) Connecting to the internet by dial-up in town. ISP kaput.

Last night i asked the Loohan and Jim in the other time-line to focus on the archons in the time-line of Darpa3 & Dia3 with their machinery. This seems to help. It messes up their numerology; they like to hit me from 3 bases at once, but today have not been hitting me from the "#3" bases.
Still getting hit by that nasty little mantis nest.

(7:55pm) I half-heartedly tried to see if my ISP is working from home, and was amazed to find it was. Maybe they fixed the transmitter today.

Anyway, this is the mantis hive i was talking about. They seem spread all over that galaxy.

(8:10pm) It is real hot here lately, and we have in the forecast several 100 degree days.
Thought i'd check the tropical weather (link), and pulled thousands of mantis, rept, pleiadian, lyran, and grey vessels off just one "invest".

Aug. 3, '08: (4pm) Someone who lives near the St. Catherine Monastery in Egypt emailed me about possession problems, etc.
There is a grey/mantis nest at 594' below the center of the basilica.

(4:15pm) Yesterday evening i asked the other Loohan & Jim to switch to the archons in the "2" time-line.
That helped a lot, but the Venusians were hitting me so much that i had them switch back to those this morning.
The Dar-pustules and Dia-mwits are a lot weaker now, but still hitting me some. The archons seem pretty much knocked out for now.
Also that mantis hive i posted the pic of yesterday is still hitting me pretty often with nasty energy.

Aug. 4, '08: (6:30pm) I keep finding evil Lyran, Pleaidian, grey, and mantis vessels around tropical storm Edouard.

Fairly sizable mantis hive at 594' below sea bottom off Haiti.
Another of comparable size at 594' under Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.
One about half that size at 594' in Swaziland.
And another like that at 297' below sea bottom off of Macau.

(8:50pm) This could get interesting. The Arcturans seem to be establishing a huge base under Iceland. They are already there in astronomical quantities, with more streaming in non-stop. Give them a welcome.
Today Iceland, tomorrow the world.

Aug. 5, '08: (12:05pm) "Edouard has now made landfall along the upper Texas coast at the McFaddin National Wildlife Refuge. Edouard never did make it to hurricane intensity and came ashore as a strong tropical storm with maximum sustained winds of 65 mph." (link).
That scene feels clean. But i just got 666 mantis ships and 333 each Pleiadian, Lyran, and grey, off of Invest 92. This is a common numerical configuration i'm finding lately on these tropical storms.
Oops, now i got 999 each of the latter 3, no mantises.

Aug. 6, '08: (10:05pm) Fair-sized hive at 594' in New Zealand that has been messing with some people's minds down there.

Other than that, i could use a hand with the Darpunks and Venusians.

Aug. 9, '08: (5:15pm) Just got my internet back again.

Whew, that heat wave broke up pretty good, with cooler weather and 1/3" rain on the 7th, autumn-like weather on the 8th, and cold this morning, turning a bit muggy this afternoon, but not too bad.
Now there's a flash flood warning through tomorrow evening. Looks like we are likely to get inches of rain. System is bearing down on me soon.

Before things got overcast this morning, there were scalar ripples in the chem-clouds. I kept getting 333 craft each of Pleadians, Lyrans, and greys doing this. Sometimes it was all 3, sometimes just one of these groups.
And when i scanned for them, i would also scan the area where K lives in CA, as they have a drought there. I kept finding the same pattern there.
Then they quit at both places for an hour or 2. Meanwhile, i started feeling worse and worse. Finally tracked it down to the weather mantises messing me up somehow. Apparently they no longer have so many cannon-fodder ETs to waste. They would really like to stop as much rain as they can, but now that i'm hitting the weather mantises again, they seem to have largely stopped the scalar activity.

Ever since i've been consciously working with Wopwex the Kami, the weather has more or less been doing what i wanted. Yes, we did have a relatively brief heat wave. But now it seems broken, as well as the dry spell. Starting to sprinkle as i type.

John wrote me the other day that they have a Kami near them now, in Little Rock! But down underground. Apparently they can live down there to escape the noise and bustle. I suspect this is extremely unusual.
Seems to be a female, Lokwor(?).

I realized there are still a fair number (73?) on the island of Honshu, Japan. They were being harrassed by greys. I had my master anti-grey crystal hassle the greys, and now things seem better there.

Aug. 10, '08: (2:40am) Getting lots of rain. On the radar map, there is a dark reddish line running from NW to SE right over my place. The storm is also moving from NW to SE. Centered right over me for probably several more hours as it crawls along. As if the water was seeking out my place. Good thing, because after a dryish period with several days of 100 degree heat, many of my little fruit trees were in need of a soaking, and i had accidentally drained one of my big water storage tanks, so had little water to irrigate them with. Now my ponds will fill up to where i can pump water back into my tanks -- though i'm not sure that's necessary. But there's always a chance we might get another hot, dry spell this year.
NOAA punks must be tearing their hair out.
Because the clayey ground had been so saturated before, the plants had not yet showed significant stress symtoms -- except for a lot of the poison ivy which had put on "fall colors" and is shriveling away.
Meanwhile, tropical storm activity in the North Atlantic region is comparable to what one might expect on Lake Placid this time of year. Let's see; i did read a prediction a couple months ago that this was going to be a serious hurricane season.
We'll see what happens.
Amazingly, the scalar ET thing seems to have stopped since yesterday. Like they have given up on wasting their dwindling resources. Not only here.

Can't even blame Clyde much for these last 2 storm systems: he's SW of me, but these storms are coming from the NE.
No, i think it's largely thanks to Wopwex, plus the fact that i am assisting by impeding the bad ETs and cleaning the energy with orgone devices.

Aug. 12, '08: (10:50am) I guess other parts of the region got most of that rain on the 10th. I ended up with a total slightly over 2". I heard 2.4" in town. But it never got above 74 F in town that day.
Getting more light rain today, maybe a couple tenths so far. It's 60 degrees out. Hard to believe it was 100 a few days ago.
When the overcast cleared briefly yesterday, the chem behind it was heavy.
Forecast is for more temperate weather with some rain chances.

John wrote me yesterday (slightly edited):
Look out for Scorpians, and beetles.
There are also these things that look like the thing from Lord of the Rings, Gollum (pic).

The mantises are also doing new, weird stuff. We are encountering a stronger breed of mantis with new abilities. I believe these guys are the ones who are on top, and don't have anymore peons to shoot off at us. Basically, they can do like three new things.. which may even be two. They can do this pressure thing, where they fill your house or body or something with DOR pressure (which I think has been what you have been experiencing), and they can also bend reality and perceptions of reality very strongly.. which usually accompanies the pressure. Lastly, they can do this neat new thing where they forcefully try to remove your astral body from you to take you over or something. Not very fun. They haven't been hitting me very hard, though. I can tell when it happens normally right off the bat. The numbness happens when they are trying to knock you out of your body, so be extra careful of that. Send some allies to the source and they are squashed quick.

There is also some more shit in Crestone with the WhiteEagle group. They apparently have a bunch of followers now.
Good thing he warned me, because the Scorpians (which i think are 6'4" yellow-orange humanoids from Constellation Scorpio) and those (4 foot red and black?) beetles attacked me later. I think the beetle hive might be in Constellation Sagittarius, but if so, i'm having trouble dowsing it. I tossed something into their hive last night which may have weakened them considerably, rendering them vulnerable to predation.
Remember, Scorpio is also where Darpa is. Those guys are also still a frequent nuisance.

I went on the offensive last night and reamed out Crestone some.

Also, although in the past i never detected anything beyond 24D, John wrote me about some 35D allies. Then they gave me 6 swords like long-handled multicolored katanas the other day. I distributed 4 of them to my wives, but then could not give away any more. They refused them one after another. Then i realized i was supposed to keep 2. Mostly i just mentally toss them into a target, like the beetle and Scorpian hives. I'm not detecting the latter, either.
The swords are very powerful jailers, for one.

Got jumped per their new protocols by the weather mantises last night. All the mantis galaxies i've posted pics of are still relevant targets, as are the Darpas and Dias and the archon hives in their time-lines #2 & 3.
I may have done something to weaken the Venusians, and they could be kicked some while they're down.

Aug. 13, '08 (6:15pm) It got up to 75 F up here yesterday, and 82 today down in town.

Aside from the Darpas, about the only thing hitting me is the big hive John found, to which i found a pic.
This is the biggest mantis hive i know of.

Only one thing nags at me about all these galaxy hives i'm always finding.
If you look up "universe" in a dictionary, it will say something like
universe: all existing matter and space considered as a whole; the cosmos. The universe is believed to be at least 10 billion light years in diameter and contains a vast number of galaxies...
The "universe" of galaxies that are depicted on the web is much less vast; i'm guessing a thousand or 2 at the most galaxies. Maybe only several hundred.
So, what are the odds of finding a pic for a randomly-chosen but unknown galaxy in a web search? Almost nil. And i know that. Yet, with rare exceptions, i can always find a hive that we are fighting on the web. And it always seems to consist of an entire galaxy, unless it's a hive in the Milky Way.
Hmm, but maybe the ones we have pics of are the ones that are closer to us, and also the bad guys prefer locations closer to us so that they can pester us better. Does that explanation hold much water? No, because distances don't apply in the energy universe, and besides there are 5 more universes that i know of that have plenty of bad guys in them.

It is most improbable that i can almost always find a pic for a troubled galaxy, yet i assure you that these are the true and correct locations of these hives.
There, i have now debunked myself to my complete satisfaction. Either that, or there are far fewer galaxies than believed, which i doubt.

Aug. 15, '08: (3:20pm) Middle of August, and more cool, wet weather. It's been sprinkling on and off since last night. Haven't seen a tick in days, even though during the hot spell i got tiny seed ticks every time i went out.

Oddly, i had several groups of 33 Mossad astrals hit me from the Tel-Aviv office last night. They hadn't messed with me in months.
And the Brits, man, it seems it's been a year or more maybe since they hit me. C'mon chaps, for old times' sake.
When i say the Mossad masseurs "hit me" i mean to say that they hung out nearby giving me angry vibes as if to say "Grrr! We are mad at you, Loohan. You have gone to far. We are not taking this without registering a formal protest. Go ahead, make us martyrs, you brute!"

Other than that, it's still mainly that big mantis hive being a slight pain at times. The occasional Darpans, octopi, beetles and Scorpians, too.

(5pm) Kind of large grey hive in Nepal at 297' (pic). That's a flashearth map, not google. I like it better. Has crosshairs, even! They were thinking of me.

And the Arcts now have 10 bases under Iceland. Repts are nagging at them a bit.

(10:35pm) John and Andrea have been having problems with Draco from this hive.

Aug. 16, '08: (6:25pm) More cool weather, but it dried up today. Only got about 1/4" from the last system.

The big thing right now is that big mantis hive (pic). Things have come to a head there.

Aug. 18, '08: (7:55am) That was the night of the full moon and lunar eclipse. Those mantises got so bad i had to ream them out. They've been much weaker since.

More fall weather. Lots of chem. Still occasionally getting hit by Darpa, mantises, octopi, etc.
Not finding much in the way of ETs doing the scalar weather stuff. Even tropical storm Fay feels clean whenever i check. I presume some people out there are working at that. Also enemy resources seem to be flagging.

Here's a company in Denmark that i stumbled across looking for some perpetrators (link). There are 21 evil people there and some clean ones too. The place is DORy just from the evil ones, especially the tank and silo dept.
Their hardware is now being programmed. I do not know what this is about, except i was tracing a Freemason pedophile who was a member of a Danish political party named Venstre (Wikipedia) who used to attend their meetings in the town of Rudkżbing. It was suspected that he may have been covertly attending Masonic meetings while visiting that town. While looking for any Masonic Lodge in Rudkżbing from the map, just this building stuck out. This is the Hammerum Stainless factory. This is somehow connected to all that. Possibly lodge meetings were held there after hours?
Venstre feels like a pretty evil bunch, too.

Last night i noticed that my girls and myself were getting stuffed with some kind of implants from the beetles. All i know is that it makes the victim's energy very hard to detect. Seems akin to the mantis fog stuff.

Aug. 20, '08: (1:35am) Getting more light rain and cool weather.

I keep getting stuffed with those beetle implants. This is the 3rd time tonight that a couple of my girls had to work to clear that up. The beetles usually attack now whenever i have heart-feelings toward any of the girls. I can nail them and seemingly stop it, yet a few minutes later the anaesthesia will set in anyway.

Hurricane Fay made landfall in FL, and has intensified over land, which is unusual (story). It still feels clean to me, so if this is manipulated, it's off my perceptual chart.
They are expecting it to emerge over the Atlantic today.

(6:55pm) Got nailed a couple more times by the beetles before i passed out. Funny thing is i've only ever noticed this stuff at night. Maybe that's just because that's the time i hug my sweeties for lengths of time, and heart energy gets to resonating strongly. But they haven't hit me today yet.

Fay seems to be weakening.
Got 2.2" here since last night, and it's likely to be more through tomorrow night. Now they are forecasting that a week from today it will get back up to around 90 F.
Been getting hit by various critters, but the Darpa repts are acting like they're the strongest now. I had to seriously slap the archons in the Darpa 2 & 3 timelines last night and the night before, and they seem to have dropped out of the action at this time. But the lizards are still strong.
I have a big new piece of hardware that i cast before and during the full moon eclipse. Didn't consciously plan it that way. Anyway, it does some serious damage to their cause, but this also motivates them to punish me all the harder.

Aug. 23, '08 (7:05am) I just got my internet back after 2 days.

Got another inch of rain meanwhile.

Someone emailed me about a coven of 33 in the Valley of the Kings, Egypt. It is right in the center of this map at about 30' depth. They are not there full-time, but that's where they do evil rituals. In fact the person who told me about the situation feels it has already been pretty much handled. But this spot is still DORy.

I started a new forum for those few people who are particularly able to work with the Arcturans on programming, etc. The info has a less broad practicality for the general reader, who might nonetheless glean an occasional useful tidbit.

(5:45pm) Whew, got the better part of 2 more inches of rain today. The usual summer drought does not seem to be happening this year.

Lately Darpa and i have been lobbing anvils, tire-irons, and monkeywrenches at each other a lot. Yesterday at one point they overhwelmed my 6th & 7th centers so badly i had to lay down. It wasn't painful; i just felt dizzy and sleepy. All i could do was ride it out while jailing as many as possible. When i had jailed all the malefactors, a bunch of implants remained in me. Got those cleared out with some help.
Then later i realized the Darpas were under heavy attack. From the majority of my girls, with thousands of copies of themselves. They were pissed and punitive over what they did to me. I gave them some cover, and after a while they left, triumphant. The Darpas didn't show any signs of life for a while, but then they started to hit me again. And they have hit me much of today. But they feel much, much weaker.

Also i am not finding much in the way of ETs doing the tower thing lately. Every now and then i bag maybe 333 Lyran ships.
During any breaks in the natural cloud cover, extensive chem is to be seen. But they can't stop the rain. The forecast this morning was something like 30-40% chance of rain, as best i can remember, with average rainfall 1/10" or less. Instead we had violent thunder and lightning, and hard rain hitting at a 45 degree angle.
If the seeds didn't get washed up, i should have a great fall garden this year. The cooler, wetter weather allowed me to re-plant earlier than usual.

(11:35pm) Now they are doing the weather DOR thing. I had neglected to check lately, but Tropical Storm Fay (satellite map) feels DORy. I just picked off 6666 grey craft and 3 sets of 666 Pleiadian ones. And 3 sets of 333 Lyran ones.
Well, now it feels better for the moment, but i'm going back to sleep. If i can get rid of these octopi hassling me.

Aug. 24, '08: (7:15pm) I over-reported the rainfall yesterday. Actually, including a small shower today, i got about 1.5" over the weekend so far. I read that some parts of Florida got as much as 20 inches from Fay.

I just noticed that, although Iceland is radiating a strong wonderful energy, Antarctica is radiating DOR!
I looked on a map, but the whole continent feels almost evenly DORy to me right now. Not able to get details.

Aug. 25, '08: (5:30pm) Not sure what was going on in Antarctica last night, but today i've been finding lots of nests of repts and greys (separately) usually between 2/3 mile to 3 miles depth. I have been addressing them in tandem with wife #12,404: Maia, another Arcturan i recently picked up. She is very powerful and into Earth energies. When i find a spot on a map and hit it with the usual, she also hits it with something that sweetens it up remarkably.
But more nests keep flaring up.

So now i have 2 Arcturan wives, and they have almost the same names: Myra and Maia. Also, Maia so far has eschewed any weapons. So now i have 2 wives who eschew weapons, with similar names: Maia and Meera.
I perceive Maia as having rather bright red hair, very curly, down to her ankles, fair skin, and green eyes.

Aug. 26, '08: (3:45pm) Also many of the bases are offshore from the continent. Still finding more every time i check.

There was a small hurricane, Gustav, going in the North Atlantic, but it downgraded into a tropical storm when it hit Haiti's mountains. It will do some damage nonetheless, and intensify when it gets back over water.
Seems fairly clean, but i did get 333 rept craft a while ago.

Electrets: Someone emailed me about his experiments with them, and i threw together a page from his info here.

Aug. 27, '08: (8:40pm) Now things seem to have come to a head with the Darpa lizards. They are real heavy on me and John. I even got them off of Cynthia McKinney and Marci Kaptur. But can't get them off of me or John.

Aug. 29, '08: (12:15pm) The dark side seems pretty feeble right now, due to some stuff we've been doing, but they are nonetheless investing scant resources to juice up tropical storm Gustav (update). A couple times i have found 999 enemy craft there this morning. Which is not much, but...

Well, Maia has 4 friends she naturally wanted me to marry. Turns out they are of the same species as Jurizweb, Srora, et al. I think the species name is Kyoju and the girls are called Wepyex, Dirriti, Kisizol, and Rodof. Which brings the count up to 12,408.

Incidentally, the 3 older Kyoju that don't have names (previously mentioned), are 20D beings! They seem to be Kyoju like the others, except the others are 5D. Maybe these 3 used to be 5D and evolved over time.

(2:10pm) Yeah, the usual perps are hurtin' right now. I've mainly been getting hit by Pleaidians and Lyrans. Other than the 3 NSA astrals sent a while back. They were sent from an NSA base on the edge of Little Savannah Lake in MD. There is a white spot in the center of this map. At 597' below that, is an NSA base with humans but no ETs that i noticed. Seems like a funny place to put a U base, right at the edge of a lake. Check it out and see what you get.
This base is the first i've encountered that had mantis style cloaking but no mantises. It seemed to be much further west, and i had to crawl eastward to find it.

(2:20pm) I posted a few pic links and explanations of my latest mean toy on the Arct-tech forum. See messages 2, 7 and 8.

I now have several orgone devices with blinking LEDs inside them. Guess what? The LED/orgone combination has attracted numerous sprites. At least that's what they dowse as, though the word can refer to a wide variety of critters. These are like flashing spots of light, probably genderless. They seem to like to hang in groups of 21. At least several of my units have 21. That's in addition to devas and the occasional pixie. For example, the "88" unit i recently made has 21 sprites, 30 devas, and 1 pixie hanging out in it.
All my devices with flashing LEDs have sprites, but none of the LEDless ones do. The other species aren't that particular.

Aug. 30, '08: (4:45pm) Aiiie! Gustav is hitting the western tip of Cuba with reported 145 mph winds.
I just bagged 333 mantis craft there, and 666 Lyran.

Aug. 31, '08: (7:25am) The other day i said all the pesky ticks were gone, but for the last few days the seed ticks (tiny babies) have been much worse than ever, for the 12 summers i've spent here. Due to the relatively wet summer, there are a lot of tall weeds still around, and lately it seems these have a lot of seed ticks on them.

Last night after i posted, i thought i'd try slowing down Gustav with a special etheric Arcturan crystal i have. (All my girls have one, too.) I asked Cora to check out whether this seemed effective, and if so, to have some of the other girls do likewise. A while later i found that 8 of our crystals were on the job. And they still are.

So i checked out Gustav this morning. This discussion says:
Apparently...the interaction with western Cuba took more of a tollon the hurricane than earlier estimated. Data from the Air Forcehurricane hunter show that Gustav has weakened with maximumflight-level winds of 112 kt...SFMR winds of 98 kt...and a minimumcentral pressure of 958 mb. Satellite images confirm this weakeningtrend as the eye no longer visible. Aircraft and radar observationsalso indicate that the eye has expanded to around 25 N mi indiameter. The initial intensity is lowered to 110 kt...and Gustavmay even be a little weaker for the moment. However this weakeningis forecast to be short-lived as the hurricane traverses therelatively high heat content of the Gulf loop current.
and goes on to make forecasts for the Gulf Coast (conversion table for knots to mph.)
If the crystals are effective, the forecasts should end up being scarier than the real future. We'll see.
plus, of course, some of us are bagging bad guys from the scene. Look for Lyrans, Pleiadians, greys, repts, and mantises.