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Loohan's blog for August, 2009

Aug. 1, '09: (4:30pm) Got only relatively light rain today so far.

That Tall White hive has gotten strong again, and has been causing me some physical pain and nausea.

Aug. 2, '09: (7:40am) Hard to believe it's early August. Got 1/10" rain yesterday. Cool now; supposed to get up to mid-80s today. And all the way up to low 90s soon. But with more slight rain chances daily, and cool nights.
Sky is clear now. It was pretty chemmy yesterday evening when the natural clouds parted.

This is really weird. Last night as i was about to fall asleep, a jet roared over with a nasty vibe. I got that it contained 81 (9X9) CIAtanists who were coming from an Arkansas base and returning to the same base after hassling me. They flew over just one pass, "glaring" at me. All 81 knew who i was and were sending me negative energy, but i couldn't detect that they were really doing a thing that could harm me, aside from the normal pollution.
This morning i looked the base up on the map. It is here in Clarksville, AR, at a depth of 225-414', containing 320 CIAtanists including those 81. Hi, guys and gals, wassup? Are y'all having a pleasant summer, too?

(4:45pm) Jose Merced and Santeria:
Is Santeria evil? It involves animal sacrifice, supposedly done in a humane manner.
When i first looked into this, back in '05 during the heydey of highly DORy demons, i noticed that the entities involved were not DORy, but did not feel real nice, either.
Later when i became able to jail demons, i experimentally tried one of the Santeria divinities, and he went right into jail. At that time i thought there was only 1 such entity, an impression from something i had read. But there are several, as listed here. I just bagged those others, too.
In fact, they come from a race of demonic entities that reside in Galaxy M100, which is also the werewolf demon hive galaxy.
Since they are not DORy, it is a bit hard to dowse, but i think these entities are called Som and may resemble small black bears.

Sunny today with plenty of clouds, mostly natural but also chem mixed in.

(5pm) Oh, yeah, forgot to complete my thought about Santeria.
The people who practice it might be mostly OK. They do not have the energy taint like practitioners other types of blood sacrifice. Merced is a 12 that i can't jail. So this is very different from Satanism, etc. And there does not seem to be the usual cross-fertilization with myriad other types of demons. However, the Som are in close proximity to the werewolf demons, and there does not seem to be conflict between them.

Aug. 3, '09: (6:50pm) A reader pointed out that M100 also has a hive of Tall Whites, as pointed out March 4.
So M100 has TWs, werewolf demons, and Som coexisting happily, apparently.

Pretty chemmy (stale stuff) most of the day here; less so now.

Found a medium-sized nest of mantises here right under the main intersection of Ledoux, NM, at 297' depth.

Aug. 4, '09: (8:20am) Last night i was checking out Tim Rifat's space. It is my belief that he lost his psi abiliites well over a year ago, and has been having evil Nordics do his work since. Now, there are no more evil Nordics, and the good ones want nothing to do with him. But as i was checking this out, i kept getting a DORy vibe, which traced to another type of evil ET working with him.
These ETs reside in a distant galactic cluster which is shown as blue in the pic here. They are called Vipyed i think, 7' humanoids.

Also last night i had an astral visitor who had a face similar to a Lam but with a wider chin and fat face. The entity seemed rotund. Funky vibe, so i bagged him. A 99th tier Tall Grey; high echelon.
Immediately i got the sense that he wanted to negotiate, and was sincere. Riiight, a sincere Tall Grey. Oxymoron.
But he actually seemed to be asking for therapy on behalf of all Tall Greys. So now my 21D self is working with him and them, and i am optimistic we might soon come to a positive outcome.
Meanwhile, the Tall Greys seem to be remaining at their stations (i just pulled one out of a highly compromised newage channeler this morning) but not being aggressive.

Aug. 5, '09: (7:10pm) Overcast all day.

Mordok found another NSA weather manipulation base here in Illinois. 512 NSAtanists, base at 321-411' depth. Tyhiz at 417', TWs at 211'. No transmitter here, but they seem to be running one way over here in Louisville, KY (a population center again) at 225' depth.
512 personnel for just one remote transmitter hardly makes sense. I feel they are also involved in chemtrails. Still, that sure is a lot of people.

(9:10pm) Lately i have had 3 DORy planes go over with important-but-not-real-important scum in them. One with 24 Blackwater satanists flew over a while ago. I did not bother to track these guys.

But just now i got one that does feel of urgency. 51 Navy satanists coming from this spot in North Little Rock at 360-510' depth, still containing 804 Navy Satanists. 3 strong transmitters at depths 224', 424', and 623'.
They are heading to this one in Lansing, MI, at 341-531' depth presently containing 622 Navy satanists. 3 transmitters again. Depths 141', 300', 518'.

Aug. 7, '09: (10:15am) Chemmy yesterday and today. We had slight rain chances given, but no rain.

I heard there is a drought in Romania, and found this transmitter at 310' depth, run by UNEP.
The UNEP base running it is here at 121-307' depth, containing 351 satanists.

While searching for more transmitters, i found this base which i think is 321(?) physical reptilians at 130' depth.
Incidentally i believe i have had a long-standing blind spot for physical reptilians that are evil but not overtly DORy. I have been having The Committee put together a program that should make them show up for me. The underground might well be teeming with them. I think the pgm is about 2/3 complete. It's been taking a while.
I am detecting these ones here because they are locked in conflict with my allies.

Also there are several Tyhiz nests still in Romania.

There are a couple US spots Mordok sent me links to that i can't ID though they are definitely DORy. The sheriff is working on them, but it's slow going.
The first is here in NE. Mordok thinks it might be 261 NSAtanists at 128'. But all i detect is something unidentifiable at 722'.
The other is here in WY. Mordok thinks it might be 278 NSAtanists at 162', but i haven't even been able to get a depth on this one, let alone a clue as to who or what. But i doubt either of these places has humans in it.

(11:55am) New product: clear epoxy pyramids with an Arcturan-style protective program. $28. See products page.

I have also extensively used this program (triangle version mostly) within "tossing gifts".

This program is very synergistic with the strontium-barium program as well as the sodium-nucleus [error: sodium-neutron] program, and i will be offering some larger units in the future which incorporate those programs as well as these pyramids.

I just updated OTB 33 with some important new info for people interested in making strontium devices.

(11:05pm) Yee-haw! My Babs is back! In great form, wonderful energy. That Tall White hive is beaten down, finally, and the dregs are being mopped up.

And a few minutes after she came back, a big fat 98th tier Tall Grey came up, asking whose ass i want them to kick!
The Tall Greys seem fine now, hopefully. I was unable to jail this one.

Aug. 8, '09: (5:10pm) Mild chem, a few trails today. High of 88F.

Holy crap! Now when i take a look at Romania, i feel 7 million+ physical repts, mostly around 200-300' depth. Like practically all over the country. It seems pretty much contained in Romania, except there are also a bunch in the southern half of Serbia.

At the same time, i am also noticing many pockets of Chitauri reptilians all flared up all over the world. I don't know why they are suddenly so DORy. They do not particularly seem to be under attack.
I get a 3D vibe off the Romanian repts, and can't bag them. I get a 4D vibe off the Chitauri, but they are easy to bag -- i presume these do not have solid physical bodies.

The Tall Greys are fighting the mantises off the coast of the SE US as well as at their presently most troublesome hive here.

(6pm) Now that a couple hundred more people have been blasting Romania, i am feeling 62K+ of those repts. I think they are the size of humans: 5'5" to 6' tall.
There are some big droughts in RO, by the way.

(8:35pm) I just happened to be looking at this pic of the dark side of the moon again. I first linked to this on June 23, mentioning that it had a bunch of Tall White bases. Well, the TWs have been eradicated from there, but now i feel more of those same physical repts under there. I am feeling 3,001 of them there now, at 626' depth. The base at 5:00 position is where the repts are.

I just checked in at Project Camelot. Miriam Delicado was in a severe car accident a week ago. There is a 15-minute audio clip Of Bill, Kerry, and Miriam talking. Miriam mentions a black magician that has been causing problems. I popped his Lyran, keyed his head, and a few other things.
I would especially urge you to pay attention to something Bill talks about for a while. He talks about your friends suddenly changing and bad-mouthing you, etc. This happened to me with a very good and important friend a couple years ago, and i feel it is happening now to another extremely important friend. Not that this latter person has bad-mouthed me, but i strongly feel the same black magic influence.
I do not understand this black magic, as i feel no demons involved. When i don't understand some black magic i need to deal with, i submit the issue to Jesus, which i just did.

(9:10pm) Took a lot of orgone to blast through the shielding, but i think i got the base which is the source of the psi attacks. It is in a place with the name of Christchurch, NZ, but i think a lot of very unChristian things go on down there.
411 black magicians of some unusual type. I don't know what techniques they are using, but i think we can render them useless as psychics easily enough as we have with so many NRO mercenaries, Chinese, etc.
122-314' depth.

Aug. 9, '09: (2:40am) I just realized my friends were still under attack, and dug up another base like the other one, this one here in Mali, at 271'-310' depth. 204 dark psychics. I think these are Australians, as are the ones in NZ. The guy Miriam referred to is connected to the NZ base, but i don't think he's an Aussie; perhaps South American.

North of NZ here is a 3rd base. Depth 122-240' below the ocean floor. 240 more of those guys.
And east of there is a 4th base, this one at 125-311' depth containing 142 more of these guys. Actually, half are gals in these bases. All these agents seem to not be MPD, incidentally.
And NE of there, south of Tonga, is base #5 at 122-305' depth with 103 of these folks.
I think that's all of these bases.

(4:40pm) Mordok correctly wrote me
I got that those repts in Romania were from the M80 star system. It looks like there are Delk (12 stars), Spiders (3 stars), Mantises (1 star), Tall Grays (2 stars) and the repts (47 stars) all represented here.
To which i wrote back
I think the greys are on our side now. I can feel them because they are under attack from repts, but i think not the same phys ones. 4D ones. I guess the 47 stars are the phys ones.
Then he wrote that he thinks some of these mantises are from M64 and M73. This is correct. Those places are seething with them.

(6:15pm) A reader just asked
so, in your blog I read that there are now FAR LESS phys repts than when you've first discovered them? FROM 7 MILLION TO 62K? where did the rest go?
to which i replied
You know it's weird. By the time i wrote 62K i had forgotten it was previously 7 million. I was thinking it had been 7K.
Now i am only feeling 4,100 of them exactly. Either my dowsing is bonkers, or they are being killed off by orgone. I don't detect that any have split.
So whattaya think? If i'm right this phys-rept situation might be easy to handle...

(7pm) I just updated OTB 27c with an exciting new program. It is real good for deflecting negative energies and mind-control energies into a surrogate target.

(7:40pm) I just posted an important update and a pic link to that OTB 27 entry.

(11pm) In that clip, Miriam Delicado said that the darkside is now getting stronger. Actually, the creepy astral critters are all getting wiped out or converted, and that job continues to near completion ;-) But now there's this weird black magic that humans do that does not seem to require demons as far as i can tell. Not only those Aussies, but a friend of mine has Houston relatives that are getting hassled in paranormal ways by a couple satanist relatives. Despite the fact that i did all kinds of stuff to them and the people planted some strontium cubes around.
I don't understand this stuff. But i don't have to. I have my sweet stoned ninja cat-goddess Babs.
The Aussies until just recently were still feeling amazingly strong, and despite the hammering they were receiving, were still hitting my friends. Well, i had my new sphere protecting one.
Then Babs showed up for hugs, and i told her about my woes and begged for her help, because she's so damn competent. Well, i don't know how she did it, but she just worked remotely on them while she was hugging me, and they got weaker and weaker until now they seem ineffective.
And i told her about the people in Houston, and she seems to be kicking their butts, too.
So now i put my new sphere on protecting me (getting hit by mantises) and Babs seems to be addressing those mantises somehow.

Aug. 10, '09: (1:05pm) Some chem yesterday and earlier today.

This is from an email that i wrote a good friend on July 24:
Have u seen this?

I don't recognize who it is, but it seems real. I had Cora contact them a couple days ago, then she turned the matter over to my wife Fo-Touki, who is like an ambassador that represents the political entity of my family at ET councils, etc. Now Fo-Touki is with me trying to tell me something, but i am sometimes lousy at receiving telepathic info. Can you figure out what she's trying to say and/or anything else about these beings? Right now i get a feeling they are liable to show up in a couple months.
Well, that person never replied (and, presumably due to Aussie mind-control, hasn't replied to any of my emails in a month) but just now Kneweyes emailed me this concerning the same article:
Loo! Last night I accidentally ran across info that finally answered the ? I've had for yrs. Who was that little bluish gray alien who came here after I did "the call"? It was an Ant person! These are the ones who saved the Hopi indians during the last shift by taking them underground. They only took the pure-of-heart. Then whaddaya know.. today the very same "call" is up again. Ant people! They are good!
Of course, something must've happened to the Hopi since then, as so many turned darkside.

(4:30pm) BTW, i'm pretty sure all Hopi are 96s, except of course the evil ones, and they probably used to be 96s.

More chem here, muggy, then darkening, cool air and now it's raining and thundering.

Now i'm only finding 2,014 phys-repts under RO and Serbia. Can't be. It's been talked about before, killing phys-repts with orgone, but i find it hard to believe.

Last night after i transferred the programming into my new rutilated ball (see OTB 27c), i asked that the Labradorite ball be reprogrammed for whichever of my wives would best have it. Turned out Lindi got it. "This should be interesting," i thought, since Lindi is in the mysterious Center Ridge space still, with 27 other wives as well as 3 dragons, fighting Lyrans. In general the Lyrans have chilled and are making progress in therapy, yet we have this weird stuff in Center Ridge.
"Whom will she choose to defend, and who will get the shitty stuff?" i wondered. Well, the person she is defending is a 7D female human who is destined to be a wife of mine. I can't get a name on her. The entity receiving the deflected nasties seems to be a 32" long brown ant with a 3D vibe that i can't bag. His name is Dik-cea (dick-seeah). Both of them are located here and they are locked in combat.

(4:50pm) Mordok just found 13 humans and 13 hybrids that have been attacking us here in the shortest little bldg or trailer that hopefully is centered in the pic. UK, Littleborough near Manchester.

(9:20pm) OK, Dik-cea has been converted! And i got the chick.

What an evening. First, Antuvozy, the Red Nordic shamaness from another timeline who is on The Committee, the only female on The Committee i wasn't married to, dropped in to marry me. Very amazing gal. I've been working with her for 2 years and always felt she was somehow not an appropriate person to flirt with. But lately she's been softening toward me.

Now i just yanked into my space this new 7D girl, assuming she also knew she was supposed to marry me. After all, Lula had already approved her long before i became aware of her.
So i yank her here, and she's like from outer space or something. I don't know if she even has a concept of names for people. I can't find one for her. She seems to be thinking "Who is this guy and what is he doing in bed with a voluptuous Nordic and a little cat girl?"

Getting a bit more rain.

Aug. 11, '09: (11:50am) More chem and rain chances today.

I am wild about my new wife Antuvozy. What a woman! Over 7K years old and never had a boyfriend before. She's most likely the pre-eminent expert on 2-part crystal programming in the cosmos, and she's also a genius at copper-wire energy sculptures. I can hardly call them coils. Though she has helped me make modified versions of my coils a lot.
I suspect a lot of wild wiry things will be the offspring of this union.

As for the 7D girl, she seemed to be in a culture-shock daze last night so i sent her outside to visit with my kami Wopwex. They got along great, and the new girl was helping Wopwex move weather energies around for a while. I started to believe she was some kind of nature spirit herself, but then she came back in and started hugging me, whereupon i found myself spontaneously and delightedly singing to her in some mysterious hyperdimensional language. We understand each other in a right-brained way.
The weird thing is i can't dowse anything about her appearance except that she is a beautiful 5'6" girl. I can't tell what her pigmentation is or if she even has hair. Visually all i get is a vague blurry female silhouette of white light.
I haven't seen her yet today.

(3:05pm) Lots of chemclouds today. Got a total of 0.4" rain last night.

Some more weather transmitters courtesy of Mordok:
One here in Northern Maine at 140' depth. Base at 111-214' depth, 171 satanists of the mystery agency.
One here in the NW corner of AR at 31' depth (shallow!). No people. But 204 physical reptilians at 232' depth!
One here in Dallas-Ft.Worth area at 122' depth, no people. But 202 phys-repts at 124' depth.

(3:20pm) The home galaxy of these physical repts is NGC 4921 in the Coma Cluster. I have started my 21D self on trying to convert these guys (on the back burner as the Lyran conversion project is still ongoing). I have no idea how quick or effective that will prove to be, so feel free to fry their hides with orgone. Maybe that'll motivate them to show some integrity like the Tall Greys did.

(5:10pm) Dik-cea and my 7D girl have been fighting side-by-side against the mantises at that last hive i posted of theirs.
I checked to see whom Lindi was working with her Labradorite ball now. It was another battle between another such ant and another such girl. Except this girl was not for me.
As soon as i started therapy on the ant, it quit fighting. This is because my 21D self understands the ants' mind now.
I started work on the entire species, and they quit any fighting. Their hive is here but i don't know the name of that galaxy.
I expect soon they, too, will be fighting for us.
Now Lindi is protecting herself with the ball, and deflecting the bad energies to some CIAtanist at Langley.

(7:50pm) That Langley guy must be real important, by the amount of firepower my side is devoting to him.

BTW, those brown ants are called Wij and they are really intense little guys. They are tearing into those mantises.

On Aug. 7 i wrote
There are a couple US spots Mordok sent me links to that i can't ID though they are definitely DORy. The sheriff is working on them, but it's slow going.
The first is here in NE. Mordok thinks it might be 261 NSAtanists at 128'. But all i detect is something unidentifiable at 722'.
The other is here in WY. Mordok thinks it might be 278 NSAtanists at 162', but i haven't even been able to get a depth on this one, let alone a clue as to who or what. But i doubt either of these places has humans in it.

Well, finally got it. Delk! Muthafuggaz! Me no like Delk (8' tall steers from hell). The depth is correct on the first one, and the second one is 723'. Jailable entities.

(8pm) Want to see a pic of genuine CIAtanists on a CIA job? Somebody wrote me about a flick named Twilight. Mouse over that pic and feel the vibe.
Total CIA satanic production. The flick has some heavy mind-control imbedded, i sense. I would strongly advise skipping it. And blasting the perps.

Aug. 12, '09: (6:30pm) No particular chem today that i happened to notice. Mostly clear.

And the good new is, i think the phys repts are making progress in therapy. Their hive feels better. Our orgone is no longer harming them. I feel 12 whole phys-repts left under Romania, and that number has been holding steady since this morning.

(7pm) I have made some pretty cool massive items lately which i have not taken the time to photograph and write about. But i just updated OTB 32 with a description of my newest grid-blaster. It is a behemoth.

Oh, yeah, those of you who have already ordered rutilated balls (7) or Labradorite ones (6) will find they are already programmed and can be put to use by you. Antuvozy is the author/programmer on these.

Aug. 13, '09 (10:15am) More clear skies so far. It was quite cool earlier this morning, too.

Delk nest here in Forest, Mississippi, at 322' depth.
I take a dim view of Delk and am much keener on exterminating them rather than the therapy approach, after the possible future scenario i wrote about July 20.

I just added a couple more products to my products page.

(9pm) Some chem including fresh trails this afternoon.

I was getting really hassled by mantis telepaths, when i finally set it up so that when they tried to connect telepathically, they got my 21D self instead. Almost immediately, the mantis attacks stopped and the whole species went into therapy mode!
Wow, i said, and had my 21D self start work on the Tyhiz. They, too, quit attacks right away!
So right now my 21D self is simultaneously working on the Lyrans, phys-repts, mantises, and Tyhiz.
And i'm attacking the Delk. You see, i think what happened in the probable future i saw on July 20 is that the Tyhiz [correction: i meant Delk] had been "good" but somehow went corrupt again real easily. And because they are so good at hiding their hostile energy, they built up their numbers and became lethal to good 5 & 6D beings.
I am not compromising with my wive's safety, and intend to eradicate the Delk.

Aug. 14, '09: (6:45am) Oops, i meant the Delk had been "good", not the Tyhiz. Anyway, the action is at that Delk hive.

(8:10am) Dang, i was spacey yesterday. I forgot to put a price on my products page for the big square unit.
I just put a price on it, and also listed a smaller big square unit.

(8:20am) Texas is still having drought problems. There is a weather transmitter here north of Abilene, at 224' depth. Base goes from 142-200' depth. 215 NSAtanists.

Aug. 15, '09: (8:50pm) Sky was pretty clean yesterday, chemmy today, along with natural clouds.

I haven't received the usual Arcturan notification yet, but i noticed last night that the Tyhiz are now fighting the Delk.

Also, i seem to have found some kind of evil mothership floating in Pluto's orbit near Pluto. Can't dowse the inhabitants yet. The ship is being programmed now.

Jessica is sick right now with a bad earache in her left ear.

(9:35pm) There are hostile sasquatch in the central "star" (galaxy) in this pic of the Coma Cluster. But they already ceased hostilities and are undergoing therapy.

(9:45pm) On the 28th of last month i reported about 18 DIA agents considering a nasty crime against Jessica. Well, they have been moved from NJ to here in Cambridge, OH. Base at 161-321' depth. 311 DIA satanists.

Aug. 16, '09: (8:10am) That ship was a mess of evil J-rods from 2751 AD!
We jailed their astral bodies, and the ship returned to when it came from.

Jessica's feeling better.

(4:45pm) Lotta chem today, presumably related to the forecast of some rain chances for the next few days.

Someone asked me about a Canadian rocker named Lucas with the band Supernova. Well, he looks pretty tacky when he's made up, but i couldn't find any real dirt on him. Except that he is in some way connected to 15 satanists in Pembroke, Ontario. The map doesn't do detail on Pembroke. The closest i could zoom in is here. Just east of the pond is a whitish spot. They are around there.
More interestingly, these 15 are working for a British agency that i get is "like Tavistock, but not Tavistock". Their HQ is east of London here, with 45 satanists working there in the southern part of the bldg.

(7:35pm) Real nasty spraying and sticking outside.

And a Navy plane recently flew over, real nasty vibe. 21 USN satanists, maybe middle-echelon. Flying from here east of Huntsville, AL, depth 200-313'. 31,002 satanists down there! But only 157 are Navy. The rest seem to be US nationals, but i'm not getting any agency.
Heading to this place in Brighton, CO at surface level. That place has 211 USN satanists living there, i think.
I haven't figured out what this is all about yet. Maybe after some more blasting...

Aug. 17, '09: (2:35am) This is the scenario i seem to get for those 31K satanists. Something like this:
"They" want to force a controlled rebellion. It might a "reaction" to enforced swine flu vaccine, or something else. "The People" are going to rebel. Problem is, most of the alleged rebellion is a gov't scam. For example, these 31K people, 94% of which seem to me male, will be roaming the countryside pretending to be some grassroots militia, committing some incidental atrocities, rapes, expropriations, etc. against ordinary people, who in turn will be delighted to accept gov't troops, martial law, etc. to save them.
Something like that, anyway. And then the gov't will go around rounding up the real non-conformists.

(1:15pm) Hardly any chem so far today, which is odd, as we have increasing rain chances for the next several days.

Last night a short grey messenger (!) came to inform me that the short greys had found another Delk hive, and were attacking it.
It wasn't easy to find a pic of the galaxy on google, but i finally found a vague thumbnail here. It's on the far right, 2nd row down. And if i click on the thumbnail i get a message that i need to log on to see it. Some kind of private website, i guess.

(5:40pm) On my way to Marshall today to do laundry, i shot 22 of my strontium cubes out. There is a ridge between here and Marshall that has a bunch of towers and some ponds. I hadn't gifted it in a while, since pre-strontium times.
Right away i felt a sense of well-being. And the rain chances have jumped up to 50% this afternoon and tonight. Feels like it really helped.

But then the Delk in the M33 got it together to be able to hit me hard enough to cause physical pain.

(9:50pm) The Delk are still a problem.
Also, my allies are hitting 2 dudes at FEMA that are critical to the planned martial law / rebellion scenario. They are in a base here under the town of Devils Lake, ND, at 246-400' depth, along with 3,207 more FEMAtanists!

Aug. 18, '09: (9:55am) Only got maybe 1/20" of rain so far, but more good chances forecast for the next 2 days.
Sky has only some chem-clouds now. A few minutes ago i noticed the chem was getting that so-called HAARP look to them. It was 3 ships of 9 evil Pleiadians doing it. So i had my 21D self start on the bad Pleiadians, and they immediately stopped. And the scalar look faded away. Well, mostly. Now some Tall Whites are going for it.

I suspect the Tall Whites will never respond to therapy. A couple nights ago my wife from 2058 AD (mentioned July 20) came back to visit me, and she had a bunch of Tall White fog all over her that the Sakudas had to remove. Stuff she got in 2058.

Aug. 20. '09: (5:55pm) The following was not uploaded until 5:55pm due to technical difficulties:
(8:50am) Day before yesterday i got 0.6" of rain, and now it is raining nicely again. Cool and dark out this morning.

Yesterday i realized i was getting interference from the Swork and Ojloyss (December '08 blog) and they instantly stopped as soon as i commenced therapy.

Then for some reason i started thinking about Dan Burisch and his friend J-rod (J-rod was the designation of a particular individual who is benign, though it has come to be used as a generic term for the multitudes of similar mutated humans from the future).
I noticed that J-rod had a DORy vibe. He was under energy attack from evil J-rods! And they, too, stopped as soon as i commenced therapy.
Apparently all evil J-rods have ceased evil activity while undergoing therapy. This could have some pretty great repercussions.

It seems my 21D self learned this stuff from Jessica's 21D self, and improved on it. He told Jessica21D how to do it better now, too. Not that i have any left-brained comprehension of it.
A few days ago i became aware of a strong evil psychotic streak in Jessica, a legacy from an evil past life that she was in conflict with. So i had my 21D self work on her. After a couple days, he was done, and her 6D self was running the same therapy on me! I tried to dowse what exactly she was addressing, but was unsuccessful.

(9:40am) Last night the Delk weren't acting any weaker, so i let in vast, vast hordes of more 10' white Draco from their universe, right into the core of M33. From there i moved most of them to where Babs was fighting, some distance from the core. Babs seems to be the most effective warrior i have, since her power has been so boosted lately, and if i want to hit back at the Delk, my first course of action is always to pump more of my intent into the orgone device i made for her. This is also largely how we overcame the Tall White hive recently.

The Delk are a serious problem, much larger than i had suspected until recently. Even now, with huge quantites of these kung-fu Draco after them, jailing them en masse, they are still hitting me and feeling fairly strong.
Morover, i can't get a single one of my girls to hang out with me this morning. They are too busy with the Delk. 3 of my Gek-sit wives came by, but then were soon gone again.

Last night i was with 4 other of my Gek-sit girls. I hadn't connected with any of them in some time. And couldn't really connect energetically last night due to the Delk hitting our hearts. But i asked them about the other universes. They said they are aware of 31 more universes after the corrupted Universes A thru F. Of these 31, 21 have solid matter and 10 are dark-matter only. (Only 3 of A-F have solid matter.)
We are pretty convinced that had i not drained and neutralized most of the demons from A-F, our 6 universes would have gotten so powerfully evil that they would have broken into the other ones eventually, and over long periods of time, these would have gotten pretty nasty too.

If there are any counterparts to myself or my wives in these 31 universes, i can't detect them.

Whoops, Antuvozy just showed up to comfort me.

(11am) You know it's a nice summer day in Arkansas when you have to fire up the wood stove. Well, i didn't have to: it's 64F out, but it's damp. Don't want to encourage mildew, and a fire dries things out.
Also, Antuvozy and i were supposed to pour today, but the epoxy is too cold. Have to warm it up.
Still raining and thundering. Yesterday a local lady told me this year is the first time her seasonal springs are still running in August; usually they dry up around May.

(11:25am) So far, no more of the species i am working on have started fighting on our side. The Tyhiz are the most recent fully reformed ones. But we are confident that the others who have stopped fighting will come out all right.
One of those species is the physical Venusian mutants who were the allies and mentors of the mantises. A few days ago i experimentally tried initiating therapy on them. I figured it probably would not work. These beings are from Venusian human stock that deliberately spliced some kind of demonic gene into their DNA and reproduced en masse by cloning. Yet, they, too, seem to be coming along.
Well, with the mantises and these mutants apparently handled, that no longer leaves much for my mantis masher to do. So now Antuvozy is reprogramming it as a Delk masher. That big quartzite had been all filled up with compressed anti-mantis and anti-mutant programs. Now it's almost empty. Plenty of space to expand into, and if i'm right, we will be needing it for many decades to come. Which gives you some idea of the magnitude of the Delk threat, because we will have most of the formerly evil species (what's left of them) fighting the Delk alongside of us.

(6pm) Well that Delk masher is all programmed up now, and helping quite a bit.
Got a full 2" of rain today. That might be about all i get this go-round: a total of 2.6" which isn't bad.

Aug. 21, '09: (8:20am) Mostly clear overhead, with chem to the east this morning. Cool. We are supposed to have cool nights and 80s days for the next week.

Went to Project Camelot this morning. Interesting new stuff. There is a link to a 39 minute MP3 of Bill Deagle which i have NOT yet listened to, and another link to a page about the recent assault in LA on Joseph Moshe. This page also has embedded videos i have not watched. Check it out. (Note that Godlike Productions is mentioned several times. Good people do post there, but GLP is a CIAtanist site.)
It says Baxter has a dirty bio-lab in Ukraine. I first thought it was the bldg in the center of this map and that there are 6 US satanists there, plus 20 non-satanist staff that are Ukrainians.
However the place looks more like a small farmhouse than an industrial bio-lab, so i had to wonder about my dowsing. Actually, that's where the 6 Americans live. There's another house here a short distance west. I think that's where 7 of the Ukrainian employees live. The squarish little bldg just east of there here houses another 4 of them. And a bit further east another house houses 8 more. That leaves 1 unaccounted for. I think this might be a woman who lives a couple miles east with a man who is not employed there.
Feels like the lab is here in an empty field. But the lab is only a couple years old.

Aug. 22, '09: (6:05pm) Hardly any chem today. It was 50F this morning.

Here is another satanic group. The 4 guys at the bottom of the page are all satanists. Smith used to work at Ft. Meade, it says. The other 3 have a CIA vibe.

Here again is that hive of spiders that are messing with my friend in NM. They are not responding to therapy at all. They are still crawling all over her walls.

In other news, i noticed yesterday that Jehovah is getting trained up on this therapy stuff. He'll be able to give me a hand and speed things up. It's possible that some of you can, too. Just have your higher self go to Jessica's 21D self.
In fact, in general, if you need help from Jessica, it may be best right now to bypass her and go directly to her higher selves. Lately (if i read things right) her higher selves have "disowned" her until she resolves some ego issues, etc. In fact, i and my allies have been working with them to ream, steam, and dry-clean her intensively.
She had an awful lot of "stuff" that i didn't notice until recently.
I hate to have to bring this up. It's only because i have been raving to so many (in private emails too) about what a pure-hearted goddess she is. Which is basically true, but she needs some work to overcome certain things.

Aug. 23, '09: (4:50pm) Again, scant chem today. Nice weather.

There was a big tornado that did damage in the Toronto area recently. I didn't realize it at the time, but later figured out that were-dogs were responsible for a lot of DOR in that event. The were-dogs have been refraining from evil activity, though, since i commenced therapy on them.

I had a weird experience yesterday morning at work. Three women walked in; 2 attractive-looking young ones and their mom. Immediately i felt a real strong toxic energy, my jaws clenched involuntarily, and it was all i could do to act normal and polite. Not sure i was 100% effective at that. They are satanists. But it had been a long time since i really got much bad energy off of satanists, what with most of their demons now being gone. In fact, often they are hard to spot at first these days. Where was this strong evil energy coming from? I bagged their Lyrans, and realized it was the Lyrans' energy. They had attacked me strongly using the womens' energy as well as their own.
This is particularly odd because (1) i had never had Lyrans attack me in that particular manner before, (2) it had been a long time since i had felt strong attack energy off of any Lyrans, and (3) i thought all Lyrans were now being innocuous while therapy is going on.
I still think most Lyrans are being good and making slow progress. So this is a mysterious anomaly to me.

Lately a couple people associated with have emailed me. I only checked out the site a little bit so far. Having trouble relating to much of it, except that they mention some real entities, notably a majorly evil ngc 23941female name Duerlah whom they supposedly "extinguished" but she's still alive here (pic cropped from this pic of Sagittarius). I can't bag her, nor can i bully her into the deadly embrace of Pa-Paw Shantul. So i inserted my mighty ninja cat-girl Babs into her last night. We'll see what that does.

(4:55pm) Just started getting hit somewhat hard from a Tall White base on Saturn, in the white square here at a depth of 114'.

(5:05pm) Much less urgent, i have been hearing rumors of a US base on the Moon. It was "heavily cloaked", but i found it in the center of the crater Copernicus (pic) at a depth of 410-651'. 304 Americans, but i don't think any are satanists. Just working for them (NASA, nazi faction). No point in hitting the people there, as they are not really evil. That was probably why i thought it was cloaked so well; there were no evil vibes. The base is being programmed now.

(5:10pm) Whoa! Hehe. Apparently Babs weakened Duerlah enough so that i now could send her to Pa-Paw. I hadn't tried lately. She is now being recycled into the Godhead. And Babs went back to fighting the Delk. I tried to get her to stop by and hug me on the way, but she has no time for such frivolities now.

Aug. 24, '09: (8:45pm) It was nice again today, too, except for some spraying they did mid-day and its aftermath.

Here in NGC 23941 is another Tall White hive. Their telepaths were just attempting to make Jessica do something self-destructive.

Aug. 25, '09: (9am) Had some interesting stuff happen last night as i was trying to sleep.

One, i noticed the Aussies mentioned on the 8th with their underwater bases had been replaced by a new batch of psychics of similar quantities in those same bases. I think the NZ base is administrative, and there was no turnover there.
I guess we ruined the last batch. So now i'm trying to ruin this one.

Then i got to thinking, why are the Delk so powerful? How are they getting energy? And i realized they were being fed by some other evil fauna: cat people of the type mentioned June 21. The ones mentioned then are still being good and fighting Delk for us. I initiated therapy on this new hive, and they quit. Then i found 2 more like that, and treated them likewise. Then i liberated all the good dragons, draco, and reptilians the cat people were holding and whose energy was being used to feed the Delk.
So now the Delk have lost a source of energy, but for right now they still seem about just as strong.

Then, i happened to notice that Duerlah had resurrected herself or something! Apparently she doesn't like to stay extinguished. She still wasn't responding favorably to therapeutic attempts; indeed she seemed contemptuous, and i had the feeling she didn't like me much. I still couldn't bag her, either. My teeth began to chatter a bit. Luckily, she was easy to give back to Pa-Paw Shantul.
This time Pa-Paw started discombobulating her with the assistance of 3 other guys like himself. After a few minutes, i felt all this good energy feeding me! They were giving it to me instead of the godhead this time.
For extra safety, i had them route the energy to my scrubber/storage unit for energies of dubious provenance.
This morning they are still painstakingly disassembling her. I think they are only about 10% done.

(12:50pm) Despite everything, the Delk seem unphased, and have been hurting me today. They hit the 2nd level of my aura in order to insert achey energy into my meridians.

Aug. 26, '09: (6:15pm) Later on, Antuvozy coached me in using a special intent-amplifying crystal on them. I put the thought-form "anytime they try to poison me, they only poison themselves" into the crystal and energized it. Seems to help quite a bit. I jailed a bunch that were weakened by it. Haven't had any real pain from the Delk today.

The sky was fairly decent yesterday until late afternoon when they started spraying overhead. That didn't continue long, but then a bunch of old chem blew in from elsewhere.
When they were spraying, i noticed some planes were only releasing an occasional blip of chem.

Then this morning was fairly clear, scum in the distance only, until i spotted this in town.
Let's see; this must be either a natural cloud or an ordinary contrail, one.

I was awake in the wee hours this morning when in my mind i "saw" a woman's face inside the bowl of a spoon. I bagged her. She had some relation to Duerlah. Then this morning i had an email from one of the firstwaveindigo guys, saying
My information on Duerlah is that she is ''extinguished'', but that there are other female beings out there, who are supposed to take her place and have a similar essence and signature to Duerlah, but are far weaker and less cunning then her, but still very evil and powerful.
and that i wasn't re-killing the same one.
But i stand by my impressions on this. Pa-Paw and co. are only about 54% done at this time re-shredding her.
But there do seem to be some evil females that were associated with her.
This afternoon i checked to see what Lindi was doing with her Labradorite ball. She was protecting me, and deflecting the bad energy onto some female humanoid...
Couldn't bag this female, but she went right into Pa-Paw's arms. Another of Duerlah's cronies.
Then the ball went back to dumping onto that same CIA guy they were hitting before.

Aug. 27, '09: (10am) They are spraying here today. Fair rain chances given through tomorrow night.

South TX still looks real nasty on the drought monitor. On July 31 i wrote:
I was looking for another TX drought transmitter when i noticed this spot in Reynosa, MX just south of the southern tip of TX. At a depth of 220' i detect a transmitter. It was kind of cloaked as to whose it was, but i get the impression it is controlled from this base in Rock Island, Illionois at 158-212' depth, containing 311 satanists of the Mystery Agency.
But that transmitter is still very strong. My guys are hitting it again. I still get a depth of 220' on that transmitter, but now at the Illinois location i sense something at 336' depth that it didn't sense before. Another transmitter. I am sensing 278 guys in the base now, out of the previous 311.

(1:50pm) A little while ago i realized that my 21D self never completed working on Jessica. Somehow she bamboozled him into quitting prematurely. So now he's back on the job.

  *   *   *   *
Montauk: My friend from firstwaveindigos wrote me yesterday
You might also want to check if you have connections to the Montauk Project and clear any of that. I ... detect a Synapse corrupter in your brain and mind, that is backed by a orgone blocker that is located in the back of your neck, in the middle of the neck on the spine, which blocks your natural flow of orgone and your core mind connection and traps negative orgone/energy in your mind and disrupts your synapses and imbalances your thought processes and makes you short circuit. It also re-creates itself after it was taken out. So you might want to look for its projector and creator.
I get that the creator is male, bi-sexual (but mostly gay) and uses radionics devices to harm you. I feel he is located on Planet Earth, in the USA on the East coast, actually pretty close to Montauk, in the New York area.
Well, dang if i didn't find something in my neck! I yanked it out. Somehow, the Sakudas et al had missed it. I think it had been there 2 months maybe. I found the perp here in the Adirondacks. Ground level, though no house shows on this pic.
He also has 2 gay satanist lovers with Montauk connections.

Then this morning i got an email from my friend saying in part
I would still look into the whole Montauk energy though and you might find some interesting connections or clues to other projects and people you had been working on before.
Montauk is like Rome, all roads lead to it.
So i put the sheriff on stirring up any Montauk-connected activities.
It may be that the main base for such activities is now here NE of Skowhegan, Maine, at 131-315' depth, presently containing 238 sick satanist perverts.
Another of their bases is here under Burlington, VT, at a depth of 121-210'. 311 satanists. Transmitter at 85' depth.

Another one is here NE of Columbus, OH, at a depth of 331-418'. 5 transmitters at 120', 200', 225', 260', 300' depths. 143 satanist scum.
Another here NE of Houlton, ME, at 130-200' depth. Transmitter at 110' depth. 210 satanists.

I also get that Catmagnet, my old orgone friend, is Montauked in some way. Her dad is a satanist, and she's an MPD victim with the corrupting touch. She had serious problems with corrupt devices and demons years ago, before i knew how to deal with such things. I was unable to help her at the time, and she broke off contact. She was in severe mental distress.
Wow, i just pulled one of those thingies out of her neck/head. Connected with the same gay guy.
Anyway, as i was saying, i recently emailed her, like a couple weeks ago, but never heard back. I have been remotely helping/healing her in many ways for years.
I also get that i have 1 other female orgone acquaintance with this crap, Angela, who is also an MPD victim with the corrupting touch, incidentally, and also had this crap in her neck.
I also find this same guy has these gizmos stuck into 4 other people i do not know. I yanked them.

(6:05pm) I checked to see if these people are remaining clear, and found one female (of the 4 people i don't know) being re-implanted by someone in this house. If you zoom out a bit, you will see it is just east of the Virginia Military Institute of Lexington, VA. Sounds like a nice place, huh? There is a connection. This is another op of the Montauk crew. Run by 12 of them. Worth blasting, you might say.
In the house are 3 satanist men who may well be gay. They are working together.

(9:35pm) Bizarre stuff is happening. Some i can't talk about much, but here's one i can:
Just now i was in bed when a really weird-looking grey comes up. It was actually all remaining short greys in one space, in one skin. It said, "Farewell, Loohan. You can have what remains of our energy." And proceeded to shrivel up. I tossed it into my scrubber/storage unit.

The short greys were not long ago converted to good by Jessica. This includes all greys not of the 7' variety (which is a different species). This includes 5-footers, small-eyed Lam, etc.
All these no longer exist, if i'm right.
Who knows what they ever where.

Aug. 28, '09: (7:25am) Well, we never did get rain, just chem, and the rain chances have dwindled markedly. There were faint sprinkles a while ago. Overcast.

I just saw this article about Madonna. (excerpt)
Publicist Liz Rosenberg said Madonna made the comments after being made aware of the prejudice towards Romany people in eastern Europe.

The star uses a group of Roma musicians on her Sticky and Sweet tour.

Madonna paused during her two-hour show to say: "It has been brought to my attention, that there is a lot of discrimination against Romanies and Gypsies in general in Eastern Europe - it made me feel very sad."

"We don't believe in discrimination, we believe in freedom and equal rights for everyone."
Well personally, i believe in discrimination against satanists like Madonna and the Gypsies. This is a hate site. I hate black magicians. I believe they have the right to cease evil activites or drop dead, regardless of ethnic background.

(10:30am) A plane flew over earlier this morning carrying 31 FEMAtanists. They were coming from a base here in Saginaw, MI, depth 110-246' depth, containing 252 FEMAtanists. And heading to here, NE of Alexandria, LA. Depth 230-411', containing 320 FEMAtanists including the 31 that already arrived.

(1:40pm) Mordok is back at it. He just sent me some map links:
Here in Abilene, TX, depth 214' is a weather transmitter. The controlling base is just east here in Elmdale at 111-300' depth, containing 113 NSAtanists.
Here by the airport in Hebron, NE, at a depth of 211-300' are another 132 NSAtanists up to no good.
Here at 1900 Idaho Ave. in Caldwell ID are 2 houses with a DORy vibe. Also a whitish something just west of the space between these houses has a DORy vibe. I get 4 satanists live there. Mordok dowsed a serial killer. I think it is 4 satanists that do sometimes abduct and kill people for rituals. I think that together they have killed 3 girls so far, all under 8 years old.
Just north of there, under the mountain east of Weiser and Payette, are 10K friendly Arcturans. Say hi.
Here under McAllen, TX, at 113' is another weather transmitter. The controllers are here a short distance north, at 150-300' depth; 216 NSAtanists.
Here under Marked Tree, AR at a depth of 212' is a weather transmitter. The controllers are here NE of Memphis at 110-334' depth. Also another transmitter at 71' depth. 302 NSAtanists.
Here near Edgemont, VT, at 211' depth is another transmitter. Also a nest of Tall Whites at 72'. Controllers are north a bit here, depth 220-300' depth. 514 NSAtanists!
More imperious NSAtanists are here under Pierre, SD, at 231-426' depth.
Here in rural NE, depth 130-225' are 316 more NSAtanists.
And here not far away at 200-324' are... um, are.... dangit, i don't know who's down there or how many, but it is satanic US gov't.

(8:25pm) No rain again, just chem.

That last base is USAF, 311 of them. Whatever they are up to must be pretty creepy, cloaked as they were.

I saw this article about cattle mutes. I think the species doing it is in this DORy galaxy. The conspicuous one in the pic. Humanoids, 4'2", maybe brown.

Aug. 30, '09: (10:45am) Overcast yesterday and so far today.

I just updated OTB 27c with a hot new program against evil humans.

(5:45pm) Lots of chem-clouds today.

Mordok again:
Here in Brazil at 120' is a weather transmitter with an NSA vibe. The control base is here in Lima, OH, at 220-341' depth; 202 NSAtanists.

Here in the SE corner of NT, AU, at 120' is another transmitter. AU gov't drought transmitter. The control base is a bit east here at 31-120' depth. 110 satanists.
Here in China is another drought transmitter. The control base is a bit SW here. There is a white "nipple" on top of the ridge in the center. Directly under that at a depth of 201-300' are 100 NSAtanists! Aha! The Chinese are in high positions in the NSA in the US, and we have out white and black NSAtanists working there on their weather. Interesting world we live in.
Here in NE China at a depth of 122' is another transmitter. The control base is here a bit north, depth is 122-200'. 231 NSAtanists.
Nasty strong transmitter here in TX, depth 231'. Control here in Toledo, OH. Depth 146-240'. 224 satanists of the mystery agency.
Here in Lake Kickapoo, TX, another transmitter. Depth 101'. Control here in OH. Depth 130-212', 202 satanists of the mystery agency.
Here in Odessa, TX, another transmitter at 120'. Control a bit south here at 224-411' depth. 402 satanists of the mystery agency.
Here in Wichita Falls, TX, a transmitter at 120' depth. NNE of Amarillo here is the control base at 200-311' depth. 213 satanists of the mystery agency.
Here in CO another transmitter at depth 120'. Control in Toledo again, here at depth of 142-310'; 201 satanists of the mystery agency.
Here in Saskatchewan near Moose Jaw is another weather transmitter at depth 120'. Control is here, depth 214-400'. 224 Canadian satanists.
Here in Weatherford, TX, another transmitter, depth 131'. Control is here in Sulphur Springs.
Transmitter here in Ft. Davis, TX. Depth 114'. Control is here in Jacksboro. Depth 123-220'; 102 NSAtanists.

(6pm) There are 9 evil witches in the house in the center here in Hays, KS on 24th St. next to where it says 2408. They have been hassling someone who emailed me for help.

Aug. 31, '09: (8:25am) Brrrr! It's like 50 degrees F out there. I just started a fire in the stove. Supposed to get up to upper 70s today.
How things have changed with the advent of global warming. I recall that it was on this very day in 1995 that i first visited to Ozarks to search for land. I was here for a week, and it never got below 90 at night, and it always got to at least 100 during the day.
And normally, before i got the place orgonized, it was normal for the first half or so of September to be hot.

Well, it's official. Jessica Schab and i are no longer friends. I just got an email from her (the first since July 12) just saying not to write her any more.
Recently i have written her about the evil 6D Jessicas (which i think she created when she was 7) that have been attacking me like any other demon lately. So far i have destroyed over 20 octillion of them. Their energy is going to feed crystals to rehabilitate her, hopefully.
In a few days i will post a special page all about her, and the weird stuff going on with her. Essentially, she is evil by free-will choice, and will do good or evil to aggrandize and popularize herself. She had an energy vamp thing going with her followers, which i have curtailed.
Again, this only seems to apply to the ego-self running her physical body. I am still working with her higher selves as well as some good 5D Jessicas i call Jessica 1 thru 17. She also has some 25 quintillion 8D angelic versions of herself who do the healing. They are still doing healing for me and my friends. If you need healing, appeal to her good 6D self.
If i am right in this, she now has lost most of her charisma and her psi and healing abilities, and her ability to charm people has cratered.
Some time back i gave her a kami, for which she never thanked me, but she was feeding it according to my directions (kamis like to have etheric buttercup flowers and okra pods spiraled down into their crowns). A week or so ago, the kami still liked her and wanted to stay with her. But last night i got in touch with her (the kami) and she was unhappy. No longer liked Jessica and wanted to go home to Japan. I said, go ahead, you are under no obligation. So now she's back in Hokkaido, and happy.

(6:55pm) I am yanking all the 8D healer Jessicas. My friend in NM has been having mysterious horrible health problems i couldn't detect a cause for. She had 4 of Jessica's healer angels working on her. I realized one was DORy! The others seemed OK but my guidance is bust them all. Interesting: they are all going into jail. I can't move [without permission] or bind benign beings, only evil ones. This is blowing my mind.
The ones working me were not DORy. But many out there are, some on a number of people i advised to get healing from her. I apologize for this error.
I suspect that these angels were formerly good, but since Jessica's psyche has taken a more overt turn toward evil lately, she corrupted them.

(8:15pm) There appear to be no more evil Jessicas. And there may not be a Jessica either.
I had a weird experience which may or may not be true in the physical universe. Jessica has often been known to spin off other selves in parallel realities to do tasks.
But it was my impression that she committed suicide at 7:10 my time, by drowning. More vaguely, that she jumped in a lake 5-6 miles SE of her home, went down deep and let all the air out of her lungs.
Then i fished up her spirit. It had a DORy vibe. I brought it in front of me in a cocoon jail. Antuvozy and a Yiz girl are with me.
I stare and ponder this amazing thing, then suddenly i feel a burst of pure love between us and i feel it was some weird sacrifice she had to do for me for some metaphysical reason.
She starts oozing out of the jail toward me riding this wave of love between us. The thought goes through my mind that the whole evil game was just an expression of love or something, the kind of newage twaddle she repeats in some of her videos. But caution wins the day and i slam her back in. But i'm leery. She's unusually powerful, and i don't trust any jail to hold her.
What to do? I tossed her at Pa-Paw Shantul, and he and his 3 buddies are dismantling her now.

(8:25pm) Whether she's physically alive or dead, in any case i think her evil self is being shredded.
Now i am slightly worried. I went over Jessica 1-17 and Jessica 5D-100D real well. All i found is that about half of the 1-17 had a green Tyhiz embedded in them, and so did all the higher selves.

The Tyhiz are in the process of therapy. I let them know that if i found them implanted like that, i would kill those individuals. Then a whole bunch poured out of various people or beings.

I sure hope those other Jessicas don't turn out to be Trojan horses, too.