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Loohan's blog for September, 2012
Sep. 2, '12: (4:30pm) White man beaten to a pulp in public square for dating African-American woman in Georgia. Translation: ensouled white man dating ensouled black woman beaten by 3 government nazi shapeshifters. This is to play up the good ol' race war psyop. [Update 2016: hoax; one of countless ones i have fallen for prior to learning how to identify transgenders, e.g. the black "woman". TGs are a sign of a hoax, just like Masonic signs, numerology, etc., "they" put their signatures on hoaxes in various ways. There were 3 SSers involved in hoax, but they did not beat up these agents.]

At first i assumed it was just 3 scumbags, and wondered if i could find them on the map.
I'm drawn to a U base here with some obscure gov't lizards in it, maybe 70. I assume at first that this base has nothing to do with these 3 guys, and notice a tunnel going NE to this monument in the middle of Forsyth Park. It is a transmitter. There was a base at 80' with electronics and room for people.
Then i look up Ellis Square, where the attack happened. It is a mile north of Forsyth Park.

I believe those 3 guys were in that base and are now dead.
Beware of gov't race psyops.

And yo, nazi lizards, WTF are you doing attacking ensouled Earthlings? You could easily have faked it with your own guy playing victim. I just love it when you do crude, boorish things to hasten your own demise. Your lack of class will be the death of you.

(5pm) Whatever this nazi group is, it is subordinate to the CIA. This event was approved by the head of CIA. Who is that? Petraeus was killed a while back and replaced by a non-satanist clone figurehead for media contact. The actual head of CIA is some guy who is presently here, and who probably lives in this bldg in Langley, VA. My impression is, the Alah-kur won't let him live another 24 hours.
So far we have found 35 of the group's U bases. Also, a bunch of these nazis live along Lower South Main St. In Bangor, PA. They might not be alive tomorrow, either.

(8:40pm) promotes an all-lizard, real(?) Republican vs Democrat controversy as something we should care about: President Obama: Please restore justice.... Puh-leeze mister President? But it's a good sign when they ask for justice to be "restored". Are they aware of some period in our planet's history when there was justice?
I'll give them justice in any case, since they ask for it. Change? They want change too?

20-year-old Holly Bobo abducted. Hmm.. Shapeshifting little tart. I found her in a U base here, depth 350', with 52 more CIAlizards. Someone better inform the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.
BTW Elizabeth smart is not a reptilian, but her kidnapper, Brian David Mitchell is.

Sep. 3, '12: (2:25pm) Now we are supposed to get 4 days in a row with highs around 100 F. Then cooler with rain chances.

Obama Action Doll. Who would make such an absurdity? For the answer see the hand sign in the 6th picture.

Sep. 4, '12: (8:45am) Someone drew my attention to the fact that if you look for Linosa Island, Italy on Google Earth or Google Maps, it is all fuzzed out in the satellite view.
Linosa is an island off Tunisia owned by Italy. So is Lampedusa. Both have extensive Italian U bases full of shapeshifters. The US Coast Guard is also in Lampedusa.
I do not know what they are hiding on the surface of Linosa.

(11:30am) There is a LORAN-C transmitter on Lampedusa Island (Wikipedia), but it do not detect any spot that stands out on the island. Nor on Linosa.

(4:45pm) Bal seems to have spotted a "new" strain of shapeshifters. We are taking out a bunch of their U stuff west of Goshen, IN. Many of the shapeshifting faculty at Goshen College are of this strain. Check out the Communications dept., the TESOL dept., the Art dept., the Bible & Religion dept., and the the Education dept.
All these faculty presently depicted are of this strain.

My impression is that they come from Andromeda galaxy, but are not Zenetians. I think they have not been here long, and these teachers are of the 2nd and 3rd generation born here.

Also, their names are not given, but 2 actresses depicted here are 3rd generation: the 5th and 6th pics down.
Also Justin Morneau. And this gay fellow.

There are a buttload of them under most of Maine. The Dexter, ME Sheriff's Dept. is exlusively composed of them. Also, the page won't open, but the Yarmouth Sheriff's Dept. feels the same.
Maine lizartarians of this strain, including Sen. Olympia Snowe.

Maine Boatbuilders Show. Probably all of these boatbuilders are of this strain.
They seem to be the main attendees at the Old Port Festival in Portland Maine; more. Feels like at least 80% of the crowd.

Getting some big undersea bases in the Norwegian Sea, etc.

Sep. 5, '12: (6:30am) Apparently Goshen College's website is down; funny.

Bal found another of these ETs: Alex O'Loughlin of Hawaii Five-O.

(6pm) O'Loughlin was born in Canberra, AU, and we are finding lots more of them in U bases around there.

Real and fake clouds, hot here.

Epic is a real creepy all-shapeshifter company that is into spells, tunnels, etc. "Epic makes software for mid-size and large medical groups, hospitals and integrated healthcare organizations..." Must be a surprisingly lucrative field. This whole big complex is theirs and has tunnels. Also the fields on the east side had lots of U stuff. And a wide-seeming tunnel went north to a U base here.

(7:25pm) (CIAlizard) Man Listed As “Terrorist” Over Traffic Violation.

Ensouled Earthling rock for today: The Pretenders. My City Was Gone [correction 2017: Egyptoid ET band. Many Egyptoids held onto their souls longer than regular people].

Sep. 7, '12: (7:30am) Yesterday there was a long-enduring issue with "HAARP" ripples in the extensive chem-clouds here. Demons were being replaced as fast as we could bag them, for hours.
In case i haven't mentioned it, lately it is the Elite Jesuits in Abell 2218 who direct the demons that cause the ripples. And it is they who direct the hologrammic chemtrail ops. As well as, ultimately, any physical chemtrailing.
There was a 20% chance of rain given, but shortly after dark i saw lightning in the distance, and at that time wunderground was still saying 20% but there was also a Severe Storm Warning, with a mass of red coming this way on the map.

Soon i got loads of thunder, some wind, lightning, and 0.6" of rain and light hail.
It is nice and cool now, but they are again claiming it will get to 100 F today, with 50% chance of rain today, 60% file:///home/dex/Documents/tonight, followed by a cooler spell.

Creepy shapeshifter co. that had DORy U bases under its locations: Blue Coat censorship solutions. The ET mgmt team is bottom right on that page.

(10:50am) Another bizarre anime shapeshifter: Tina Leopard.

On the 2nd i mentioned that this nazi group had houses in Bangor, PA. The allies are still mopping up their U stuff in that area too.

Now on the map, this house in Roseto sticks out. This feels like sort of an administrative place for them; vibes of many coming and going. And there is U stuff all around there too. Some CIAlizards named Altieri live there. Aha. The CIA vibe is distinct here.

(2:20pm) Now they increased our rain chances through tonight and are saying it will drop down to 50 F, half of the predicted high.

I seem to be feeling a bunch of DORy NATOlizards on the surface in S. Korea, e.g. half the houses in this area. Also a bunch of their U crap in the region. I don't think there are any overt NATO bases in S. Korea, just US Army.

(3:50pm) It's hot out, but not that hot. At my altitude the daily highs and nightly lows are often less wide apart than in town.

Lest anyone thinks the Lizartarians are sincere and different from the Republocrats, they now have a clone running for office. Marc J. Victor wandered into a tunnel a few days ago. But that doesn't stop his campaign.

Turkish woman awaits trial after beheading her alleged rapist. True story. Ensouled woman. Pray for her.

(6:05pm) I don't know if i've mentioned this guy before in connection with the Andromeda Council scam: Tolec. Note that he's "locked in combat" with a fellow CIA shapeshifter, Conservitusprime.

Looks like another rainstorm should be hitting here in 20 minutes or so.

Sep. 8, '12: (5:40pm) That was a pretty close guess. The first rain started falling just before 6:30. I got 0.8" of gentle rain, and a fair bit of thunder.

Another CIAlizard being promoted by Alex Jones and Icke: Dr. Peter Glidden. Astounding, how the CIA milks all sides of every game. This guy had bunches of DORy U bases kicking back at me when i blasted him.

DORy shapeshifting satanist Catholic priest blames children for sexual abuse.

Sep. 9, '12: (4:35pm) Yesterday and today the sky was deep blue except for a few scattered chem-puffs.

MMA fighter high on mushrooms murders friend, rips out tongue and cooks heart. Very strange. They won't say what MMA stands for but i looked it up: Mixed Martial Arts. I have never known people to get violent from 'shrooms. "Witnesses say the two had ingested hallucinogenic mushrooms before the attack and believed they were involved in a struggle between God and the devil." The dead guy has an odd freaky unclean vibe which i doubt is native to him. The killer is ensouled. What happened?

I looked up Requa, CA on the map. There is an intense nasty spot here. There were 72 shapeshifters doing some sort of bad mojo. Not recognizing an agency. But they were connected to another spot here a bit north; 42 of them there.
And another spot to the south with 33 more. And to the east, one with 3500+. Now i'm finding bunches of tunnels.

Disgusting CIAlizard twit i stumbled across: ZaKaiRan AatKa’Nui SheeHan, Mayan (Pleiadian)/Arcturian Light-Body Activator-Healer and Master Attuner. Cosmic Planetary Transitioner. Ascension Instigator. Cosmic Human Inventor. Sacred Geometrist. Planetary Healer - Geobiologist. Limitation Structure Releaser. Disembodied Spirit Releaser. Divine Union/Relationship Master. ET/Angelic Essence and Origin Connector. Divine Mission Activator. Prosperity Consciousness Activator. Ascended Master Channel...
Gosh, sure blows my own resume' right out of the water.

Satanist CIAlizard Rush Limbaugh has, for a long time, used part of The Pretenders' My City Was Gone on his radio show. For the logical reason that she represents everything he ostensibly detests.
The story goes, Chrissie Hynde lets him as long as he donates royalties to PETA. Little does she know, it is just a case of the CIA's right hand passing coins to the CIA's left hand. Meet CIAlizard Ingrid E. Newkirk; cofounder and president of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

I feel 2 shapeshifters still alive that took part in the rape/torture/murder of LaVena Johnson, a short, pretty black woman, in 2005. One of them presently is here visiting 2 shapeshifting military buddies for a few days. The person listed by White Pages as living there may not live there anymore; in any case she feels uninvolved.
Found a bunch of DORy Army U bases heading north from there on my way to this house, which has the same vibe and might be where the 2nd guy is staying temporarily. I don't think either of these guys has a home.
Now finding a bunch more of the same-vibe U stuff in a 10 mile radius or so.
This house is where another DORy Armylizard guy is. Probably as a guest.

(6:15pm) We are still getting enormous amounts of nasty Army U stuff in the Upper Marlboro, MD, area and on down to around Owings.

Ghostbusting, anyone? The area in and around Bristol, England is full of ghosts, most of them evil.
I have been reeling in hundreds in the past couple hours. As near as i can figure out, some evil druids or something, centuries ago, "planted" the ghosts of evil people in selected spots, and since then the ghosts have been acting as DOR transmitters.

Sep. 10, '12: (5:55am) Ayn Rand was a shapeshifter with a dirty vibe.
According to Wikipedia on the Ayn Rand Center,
They hold that the motivation for Islamic terrorism comes from Muhammad's teachings, not poverty or a reaction to Western policies. They have urged that the US use overwhelming, retaliatory force to "end states who sponsor terrorism", using whatever means are necessary to end the threat.
ARC Op-Eds on Islamic Totalitarianism.
Now i understand better why the lizartarian newsletter i subscribe to often has a Zionist, anti-Muslim flavor.
These hawks are all in bed with the CIA and are quite aware of the truth of the matter: the source of Mohammad's teachings is the same as the source for Moses' and the state of Israel.
And Ayn Rand was just another Karl Marx.

(7:25am) Another CIAlizard site: Taken by the Greys, by CIAlizard "abductee" Todd Michaels, who was in a CIA U base just now.

More enticing CIA BS distractions: Aurora theater shooting court documents blows inside job conspiracy wide open.

(8:05am) And , ah, yes, Former Reporter Amber Lyon Exposes Massive Censorship at CNN. Lizard media slut suddenly finds she has a conscience. Indeed. "This is precisely why alternative media sites are taking off. They provide the only outlets left for genuine journalism." LOL, "alternative" CIA media sites.
And that article links to another lizard article: Why didn't CNN's international arm air its own documentary on Bahrain's Arab Spring repression?
CNNi's refusal to broadcast "iRevolution" soon took on the status of a mini-scandal among its producers and reporters, who began pushing Lyon to speak up about this decision.
See there? Proof that there are plenty of principled lizards at CNN who are appalled.

More contrived "news": Israel Assassination Attempt on (shapeshifting) General Dempsey in Afghanistan. This is on a CIA site called Resisting the New World Order. And dig, the author flaunts that he is a MIB.

And more distractions: GOP Senate Candidate Supports Life Sentences For Rape Victims Who Obtain Abortions. Such high moral standards for a lizard pervert.

BTW Romney was finally nailed in a U base recently.

Sep. 11, '12: (9:10am) The sky was again that incredible deep blue again yesterday. And again this morning. Due to orgone? I have been working on a new project since before that first rain a few days ago.

Also now my wand booster has been reprogrammed. I haven't touched it in a week, but yesterday it got reprogrammed from 440,000X to 1,540,000X. And i got more parts on the way which will boost it more.

Yesterday morning (before realizing it was being reprogrammed) i did some busting around Marshall, and i saw something i have never noticed before: ensouled hawks were circling around the biggest tower around. It is south of Marshall up on a hill on the west side of the highway. I have been busting it for 10.5 years. But this wand does things to nuke cooling towers and now apparently other towers.

Another CIAlizard: Sterling D. Allen.
Another: Tom Woods. "He is the author of eleven books, most recently Rollback: Repealing Big Government Before the Coming Fiscal Collapse and Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century."
And, as the CIA itself admits, Saeed al-Shihri. He might be on the surface here. I seem to detect a CIA camp with 50 CIAlizards there.

(12:20pm) When they're not feeding you an effeminate Jesus nailed to a cross, the lizards are claiming he never existed; that he was just a fiction of theirs. "Caesar's Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus" is brought to you by the Vatican.

Hungary Throws Out Monsanto AND The IMF. Sounds mighty groovy, except that Hungary's PM Victor Orbán is a dirty lizard.
"Portraits of Orbán as a fool, a reckless idiot and a dangerous populist, on par with that of Hugo Chavez or newly found international enemy Rafael Correa, are much easier to find..." Yeah, all these guys are dirty lizards just playing roles, unfortunately.

(3pm) Bountiful, Utah, where Bal is now, is another hotbed of shapeshifters. At least 90% of the people living within a mile of him are shapeshifters.
DORy Bountiful City Mayor and Council Members. The last 2 are MIB.

(7:35pm) These guys crack me up: Arianna Huffington Confronted on Censoring Jesse Ventura 9/11 Article. Not that i watched the vid. It's about an Operation Mockingbird media lizard being confronted by a CIAlizard for censoring another CIAlizard's 9/11 article.

I just realized that there is now a version of the Ighina program for resin. Previously it was only for crystals.

Sep. 13, '11: (7:40am) Panetta hints punishment for bin Laden book author. Sigh. Translation: the handlers of the clone figurehead pretending to be the deceased Panetta are suggesting that a retired Navy LIZARD be punished for writing a CIA-approved book giving an insider's account of the U.S. raid that allegedly killed dead CIAlizard Osama bin Laden. That's right, "insider's account", get it, he-he.

Photo: Egyptian rioters were wearing Guy Fawkes masks. Four CIAlizards.

(7:30pm) Went to Conway mainly because i needed some special tape for making orgone devices, but also to do some busting. It had been many months since my last trip down, there, and meanwhile my tech has advanced markedly.
Didn't get a chance to do the lakes, but did some great busting anyway.
Mostly natural clouds in the morning, but then they sprayed it up a fair bit. Spraying was mostly upwind, out of sight.

My impressions now are that Greenbrier is a bit over 50% shapeshifters, but Conway only about 20%. In Conway, i saw numerous cops, none of whom were shapeshifters. Also almost everyone in Walmart, Home Depot, and Lowes were Earthlings, including the employees.
I even saw quite a few ensouled people.

There were still more of those (non-shapeshifting) repts under the east side of Conway, and they kicked back at me some, giving me a slight headache.

Amazingly DORy CIA business: Periwinkles Bar & Grill. (Map.) There were extensive CIA bases under the wooded area east of there.

(7:45pm) Siddha yoga was taught by Bhagavan Nityananda and later Swami Muktananda, both good souls. Unfortunately, Muktananda was fooled by a CIAlizard infiltrator and black magic adept known now as Gurumayi Chidvilasananda who took over the sect.
The HQ location is surrounded by CIAlizard bases we are mopping up.
Also she attacks people with black magic while the CIA also stalks them above and below ground. Or she did. As i hoped, we were able to drive her into a tunnel nearby where she perished.
She will be replaced, most likely by a figurehead with little occult power.

Sep. 14, '12: (9:10am) ...just as Romney, Queen Elizabeth, Petraeus, and many, many more satanists have been replaced by non-satanist shapeshifter actors, usually clones. Gurumayi Chidvilasananda did not feel like a blood-ritualist, but some of these non-satanist ET witches can be just as dangerous. Reports are, she had tremendous control over exotic demons.

Cool and overcast now. 30% rain chance. Looks like areas north of me are getting deluged.
I looked at the Drought Monitor. They admit that my area is only in "Extreme" drought at this time. Actually, things are shaping up here, but there's a lag recognizing it because we haven't caught up with the deficit, presumably. There was also a huge lag earlier this year in them registering that we were in a drought at all, even when we had had hardly any rain for a couple months. So i don't go too much by this Monitor. But it is of some value.

Right now, it shows a big nasty drought centered more or less over SW Nebraska, which happens to be DORy with as-yet-undetermined U stuff (map). Actually, it seems to be mainly those non-shapeshifting evil repts, sprawled all under this region.

(11:40am) More lizard turf wars: French police evacuate Roma camp in Paris, expel Roma from Lyon. That little lizard girl is sexually abused, of course.

New 9/11 truth documentary among 'most watched' on PBS this week. And it will be available free online. Brought to you by the shapeshifting reptilians at PBS and Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth. Head CIAlizard Richard Gage is at page bottom.
This one is not a lizard turf war. Probably contains a lot of key truths along with a bunch of confusing misdirection by CIA experts.

Another CIAlizard youtube channel: Trample on Snakes.

(4:20pm) More "groovy" CIAlizard stuff: Medea Benjamin, Code Pink, Global Exchange.

According to the diligent sleuthing of CNN reporters, Bodies of 4 Americans killed in Libya returned to U.S. They counted them, poked them to make sure they weren't fake. Took their fingerprints. That's how a prestigious newspaper gets the confidence to make such unequivocal statements.

The ambassador is dead, but whose were those other alleged carcasses? The 3 other guys they claim were killed in Libya were actually killed a while [couple hours] ago here along with 700+ other gov't lizards that were no longer needed.
Actually, the CIA screwed up: they should have put those guys in 3 different bases, so more would be destroyed.

Sep. 15, '12: (5:15pm) Cool out. Most of the rain went in other directions, but i ended up getting 0.9" of very gentle rain. More chances ahead. Wooops, i hear some starting now.

Another CIAlizard: Chris Thomas, with his nonexistent Velon ETs.

Sep. 16, '12: (7:20pm) Also there is an ad on his page for BioAge for those who want to eat superfoods made by shapeshifting pedophiles.

I got 1/2" of gentle rain last night and this morning, and it looks like more is heading this way. BTW i have been working on a large, Ighina-inspired device for some time. All these last few little rains might have been influenced by this device.

And my wand booster is at 4.9 millionX now.

Sep. 17, '12: (7:40am) Overcast, cool. Got almost no rain. The weather map shows a huge mass coming up from the SW and veering eastward shortly before it gets to me. Has hardly changed in 12 hours.

NSAlizard site: MrCati's Observatory. Took out a U base south of McAlester, AR where this rubbish was coming from, 500+ NSAlizards.

Vandals spray paint Ogden officers' homes, D.A.R.E. car. Translation: disgruntled ensouled guy with big cojones disses shapeshifting nazi parasites.
Get off our planet, assholes.

(5:05pm) Mossad lizard: Gilad Atzmon. Yup.

CIA in Holland? As if Holland didn't have enough evil, i found a large area full of CIA tunnels and bases appended to (warning! this translated site will want to set 2 dozen cookies and is probably not worth clicking on) Maasstad Ziekenhuis, a large hospital (map).

Sep. 18, '12: (11:35am) Sunny, clear, temperate. It seems summer may have ended early, as it also started early this year.

CIAlizard: Ken Hudnall.

I used to think that the Seventh Day Adventist Church was clean, as i detected no satanists. But of course, they, too, are run by Jesuit lizards: Office of the President.

(11:45am) But they are not shy about flaunting satanist vibes at the Self-Realization Fellowship. Yogananda is a good soul, a 48 [Update 2016: soul gone. Also, according to Miles Mathis, he was a fake who "went to the Scottish Church College in Calcutta, which was founded by the British East India Company in the 1830s and which taught a liberal Western education. Many other fake gurus went there, including Vivekananda and Prabhupada."] But Rajarsi Janakananda was a Jesuit lizard. "Rajarsi Janakananda (James J. Lynn) was a beloved disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda..."
His successors were satanist Jesuit agents.
This is how it is done. If the Jesuits find a religion or spiritual path that they did not start, they send in agent to suck up to Muktananda, Yogananda, or whoever, and take it over.

Sep. 19, '12: (6:25pm) Clear sky today and much warmer than wunderground predicted.

Another CIAlizard: David Adair.

Young Persons Called to Private Grand Jury for Owning Books. Reptilian FBI task force kops bust down door to hassle ensouled youngsters. (Cat is ensouled, too.) Ridiculous.
it's for reasons like this that i step cautiously and shy away from doing anything that might piss off pedophile shapeshifters that know that i know that they have no authority over me.
Note that that article links to another one in the CIAlizard publication The Dissenter.

Sep. 20, '12: (4:30pm) Clear sky, nice weather. I couldn't enjoy it much today, though.
Early this morning my wand-booster was at 7.7 millionX. I added a few modules to it, and it rapidly grew in strength, giving me a headache from the kickback from the dark side. By 11am it was over 10 millionX and i was very nauseous as well as headachey. I had to lay down for hours, except for getting up to puke my guts out a couple times. Miserable. But worth it. Now i'm finally back to feeling basically OK and capable of drinking some milk. The dark side will fare much worse.

It seems to have leveled off at 10.6 millionX. But i am wondering if there is any upper limit to how powerful i can make this over time.

Also i seem to be at a pausing point in my Ighina-inspired concoction. I took a pic of it, but the wand-booster is in the next cubbyhole to the right of it, and colors its energy some, right now at least.
This mess is about 50% Antuvozy tech and 20% Ighina influence, i get.
I'm not sure what all it does, other than harmonize and sweeten energy for 600 miles around.

Lately i sometimes sense Ighina's 41D or 42D self looking over my shoulder when i work on stuff. Even the wand-booster and this Bigger Piggy i am working on. When i went to Conway the other day, i stopped in a second-hand store that was right next to a big tower i wanted to fry, and fell in love with this hollow plaster piggy bank. A few more pours, and it will be done.

Sep. 21, '12: (7:45am) Slight rain. A big system passed to the north and a faint bit at the tail end swiped over my area. Might get a few more sprinkles later.

Some more slimy MIBs in Salt Lake City:
Brian Ford. Zoom in on those pupils. Either the guy's on acid or...
Blue Boutique has 5 MIBs working there as MKULTRA type handlers; very dangerous. I clicked on their location link, but all it does is throw up a "WARNING!! You are about to enter an adult store" page. No matter how many times i press Enter, it only gives me the warning page. But Google gives 3 locations. All are MIB-run. The MKULTRA one is 1051 South 300 West, Salt Lake City, UT.
The website Contact Us page lists a 4th: Blue Boutique Ogden, 3365 Washington Blvd Ogden, UT.
Bal has an ensouled mom who has a shapeshifter BF who takes her to places to have her attitude rearranged.

(8:05am) Minutes after i posted that, The CIA dunces started attacking me from a 6-mile deep DUMB in Langley, VA.
That reminds me: i am pretty sure the present actual head of CIA lives and works here with a staff of 5 more CIAlizards.

(9:20am) What a hoot: Interview with Shapeshifter Daniel Simpson by shapeshifter brunette. A Rough Guide to the Dark Side indeed. No doubt packed with useful information, but i don't have time for the rest of the video.

Androgenous CIAlizard: Antonio Buehler, founder of Peaceful Streets in Austin. He was Convicted of Watching Lizard Cops Too Closely. Can't these SSers get along? John Bush is another CIAlizard.

CIAlizard: Richard Koo of CIA proprietary Nomura.

Another, more obvious, CIAlizard: Pamela Geller.

(9:50am) Heavy chem out now.

But why always pick on the CIA? For a change of pace, here are some NSA proprietaries heavily involved in MKULTRA-type activities:
Poly Prep Country Day School.
The Second Mile in State College, PA.

"According to court documents, Sandusky met many of his victims through The Second Mile."

"Arrow Child & Family Ministries, a Houston-based nonprofit with operations in Pennsylvania, To Operate The Second Mile Programs if Plan is Approved by Orphans' Court".
Arrow is also run by NSAlizard pedophiles involved in MPDing. In 5 locations to better serve your children's needs.

These NSA programs seem to be only for non-shapeshifter kids.

(10am) CIAlizartarian: Tatiana Moroz. Seductiveness spells being removed now.
Not sure i've posted End the Fed before, another CIAlizard project.

(11am) Hilmar von Campe, "anti-nazi" CIAlizard that i think was OSS prior to formation of the CIA. This site has links to many other interesting CIA sites worth exploring. Looks like some pretty sick schidt there.

Aaron Tippin.
Kimberly Rivera. Make that a dead CIAlizard soon to be replaced. I just found her here at 320' depth with 48 more disposable CIAlizards.

Want to get "activated" by shapeshifter-produced supplements? Why not trust them? Activation Products.
Associated with these friendly folks at Oceans Alive, who also would love to help you optimize your DNA.

(2:40pm) Creepy shapeshifter company: IM Tech of Lehi, UT. Their HQ had extensive U stuff all around.

The CIA moved their honcho to another house on the surface, like, duh, that's really gonna make a difference. Then a funny thing happened: 2 Alah-kur paid them a fatal visit.
Unless i'm totally deluded, the Alah-kur (with no small amount of encouragement) are now starting to terminate more surface felons. They did those 5 MIBs at the Rape Boutique and several CIAlizards in a gated industrial park in Alberta already.
Hopefully, this will snowball. I have lists.

(3:10pm) That silly Oceans Alive couple is now Underground Dead.

(7:05pm) Did have some chem today. And a little while ago a jet flew right over that had only 2 CIAtanists in it. No visible chemtrail. Got 23 U bases off that.

I never heard of this guy Stan Hoyer, but the Alah-kur have, and the prognosis is not good for his longevity. Wonder what he did that's different.

Sep. 22, '12: (6:25am) Someone asked me about Gary Craig, founder of EFT. Shapeshifter. I have never gotten around to practicing EFT but i've heard good things about it, especially from Dr. Mercola. But i noticed that Mercola no longer uses the term EFT but a more generic term for meridian-tapping therapy.

It is probably is pretty good stuff, ironically, although the CIA has "thoroughly debunked" it. (Good people also say great things about Quantum Healing, another shapeshifter technique i outed not long ago.)

And Gary is heavily into A Course in Miracles. Time to re-visit ACIM. Aha, also created and promoted by shapeshifters.
"The book describes a purely non-dualistic philosophy of forgiveness and includes what are meant to be practical lessons and applications for the practice of forgiveness in daily life." Aha, that Jesuit philosophical signature: shapeshifting rapist thugs are best forgiven. A philosophy for slaves promoted by slave-masters.

(5:50pm) Saw some chem early this morning, but it was clear later.

Shapeshifting Tyrants Warn of Dictatorship. They wish. Well, i hereby warn them about the impending extinction of shapeshifting child-molesting greaseballs.

Another CIAlizard: Marshall Vian Summers. Luckily, he happened to be in a U base at the time i discovered him.

(6:30pm) (Rant:) Too many people i know waste way too much of their time reading gov't propaganda! I keep getting emails from people asking me for my slant on, not who the author is (so what if he's a CIAlizard), but the content of the agent's message. My position is; if it comes from The Manipulators, it's very seldom worth spending more than a few moments perusing.
Surely time can be spent more productively than constantly absorbing and comparing CIA propaganda, even if it contains nuggets of truth.
You know, somehow i've never fretted much trying to figure out what's going to happen in 2012, or the impact of approaching Nibiru's, 12-strand DNA, ascendance, or many of these other things that so many people seem so obsessed with -- and have hundreds of shapeshifter sites to nurture their fascination with. And my disinterest seems to be largely shared by my ET allies.

Sep. 23, '12: (6:55am) I'd rather see people doing productive things. This is an Ighina-inspired CB made by a friend in Slovenia. It has great energy and is reported to be effective.
Lately i had been sensing Ighina working with this guy, but we hadn't discussed it.

Meanwhile, i have 1 more pour to make on that pig, and i have started to work on what i think will be an Iargan-energy CB of some sort. Not sure whether it will have any pipes.

(5:20pm) Man, his CB has really powered up. Feels top-notch.

Fairly chemmy day here.
And in the last hour the CIA has been doing all sorts of sophomoric stunts to induce me into having their bases demolished. They even hit me from 6 deep, freqy, transmitters north of Baltimore. Checking that out on the map, i happened to notice Hillendale Country Club. These CIAlizards had a U base just west, around the center of this map with 348 or so more down there. Possible drug op... i smell a trail due east to Carroll Manor Elementary (map), CIAlizard enterprise. In fact it has oddly strong DOR we are still trying to figure out the source of. Possibly mind control transmissive material built right into the walls.

Then the trail leads to a U base in Fallston to the north, with 2,500+ CIAlizards and a transmitter at 7000'. Then 8 more transmitters. I think all 15 transmitters were at around 7000' depth.

Sep. 24, '12: (8am) Cool morning. Saw lightning a while ago and got faint sprinkle. 20% rain chance.

Got an email from someone in S Korea wanting an orgone device. The email was DORy because he was being attacked by Defense Security Command shapeshifters in dozens of bases around that country. And then when i sent a reply, i could feel more Defense Security Command lizards intercepting it, and got dozens more bases.
Now the Alah-kur et al are taking a keen interest in the situation.

(10:20am) Looks like Ukraine could use a few CBs: wunderground photo from yesterday. "Hello everybody! My name is Tanya. I like to be surrounded by beautiful nature and true friends." Yeah, you got that, all right. Ukraine is one seriously NWO kind of place.

Interesting: the U bases we are adressing under S Korea seem to be related to many U bases under most of Japan, as well as under the sea between Korea and Japan; they all seem to be tied into the same network.

(2:35pm) More CIAlizard BS. These 2 women were so well-cloaked and covered with sweetness that i was baffled for a while. I couldn't figure out why i was unable to detect this alleged Sirian Council. The Sirian Revelations and Energetic Synthesis.

(7:05pm) It was a fairly chemmy day.

Lately i realized that these 4 turtles have the ability to find evil machinery, even stuff that has no DOR and doesn't kick back energy. In other words, they can find stuff i can't.

In my town there are some agents who keep committing suicide (can't handle the orgone) by going into a tunnel, and then get replaced by another clone who seems to be the exact same person, memories and all. Several times a week.
A couple weeks ago the CIA got clever and started replacing them with organic robotoids. Organic robotoids have no rept DNA, are not satanists, and are unaffected by orgone. They have no particular vibe, and seem like soulless Earthlings.
Well, i cast around to find if i had anything that had the capability of detecting them, worried that there may be many around. The allies will kill them even on the surface if found, but the trouble is discerning them. They will not bother with them if they are mere place holders like the one in Burke, VA who has a clueless family. There the robotoid is no longer acting as a CIA agent, so the allies won't destroy it.

I realized these 4 turtles have the ability to find them. They found plenty of undergound ones and some on the surface. They seem to be able to find transmitters, computers, androids, robots, all such stuff.
Lately sometimes the enemy is using transmitters that have no DOR signature to trace. So these turtles are life-savers.

Sep. 25, '12: (9:10am) Warmer today. Streaky, smeary sky.

Israel is planning to permanently station a submarine carrying nuclear cruise missiles in the Persian Gulf. I don't think so. How would they keep it there for more than a few minutes?

Got beef? Cattle Now Being Fed Cookies and Candies. What a world.

(3:30pm) More CIAlizard crud: SIRIUSSTARSEED and his "Arcturian Council", Ambassador Seraphim, et al.

Cool, man, now shapeshifting repts are Standing By the Iranian people.
On June 24, Iranian Superstar Andy Madadian went into an LA recording studio with Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora and American record producers Don Was and John Shanks to record a musical message of worldwide solidarity with the people of Iran.
Bon Jovi's even into blood sacrifice / rape of babies; nonetheless there are some things a "man" cannot condone.
Note that not everyone they've sucked in is also a phony.
What does "Vatic" mean? adj. Of or characteristic of a prophet; oracular. Couldn't possibly be one of those in-your-face flauntings.

(4:20pm) Enter Havoc. Pure love and friskiness, if it likes you...
15" long, 10" wide.

Sep. 27, '12: (9:40am) Chem-clouds yesterday and this morning. Had a brief thundershower yesterday afternoon. More rain chances coming up. Looks like a big system over OK is headed this way.

Another creepy youtuber: Atlanticolor AKA Captain Bill. More CIAlizard crap.

(9:50am) I watched the first 12 minutes of Operation: Whole Foods Hidden Camera GMO Sting - Bait Organic, Switch to GMO. They interviewed a bunch of WFM employees about whether they carry any GMO products. Funny thing: none of the people who attempted to answer honestly are shapeshifters, whereas all of the ones in the last set, who lied like hell, are SSers.
This shows that there is an inside track for shapeshifter employees at Whole Foods; these guys get different training than the Earth chumps.

(10:10am) Retro Life pix of '50s & '60s American white people. Unlike the set of '30s & '40s pix mentioned months ago, there are few SSers here. Mainly the beauty pageant contestants (all of them are SSers) and that picnic couple. But check out the sky in the Gambling Town pic. How did they float all that chem back in the days before we had those obviously-expanding chemtrails?
I remember seeing long contrails as early as the late 50s. Asked my dad what one was, and he said plane exhaust. But until 2002, i never saw expanding, spreading trails.

(4pm) Getting rain. Thunder and lightning earlier.

CIAlizard software co.: Visual Purple. The homepage even sez "GisterPRO is an Exploratory Search Intelligence Tool for analysts, researchers and business professionals. And has been in continuous use supporting the U.S. Intelligence Community since Fall 2010." They do believe in supporting the intel community any way they can.

2 very DORy MIB businesses in SLC: Kirkham's Outdoor Products and Summerhay's Fish & Chips.

(7:30pm) Got more rain and more's on the way.

The Committee is upgrading the programming in my wand booster now. It went from 10.6 millionX to 12.2 so far. meaning, low grade headache for me from the kickback.

Franz Erdl on Bigheads (Warning: NSA site with a few sincere contributors). I get a vibe off these demons. Finding masses of them in spots on Earth and the Moon.
The behavior he ascribes to them is like that of other species we have dealt with. These are jailable astral beings, i.e. in my view, souls. It does not seem feasible to nab these all at once or delete them as with most types of demons.

Sep. 28, '12: (9:10am) Tens of quadrillions of those critters have been jailed so far.
Bal had actually written me months ago about these big evil "cocoons" he spotted, but i was unable to connect at the time.

Only got 0.45" from all that rainy weather. But 50% chance today. Looks like a big mass over west TX might hit around here later.
Partly overcast and heavy chem-clouds now.

Wand booster is at 12.8 millionX now. I went to bed early last night, not feeling so great. But amazingly, Havoc worked on me and seems to have closed my auric vulnerabilities against the evil energies. I felt a lot better after a while, and still do.

This is remarkable.
The way the darkside works is, they exploit, aggravate, and enlarge any pre-existing weakness a person might have. In my case, it's a residual effect from being poisoned, wrongly nourished, and other lifestyle imbalances in the '80s, of which i have cured myself since, but there seems to be a miasm or something left behind that they can re-generate the symptoms from. Hence, no matter who is attacking me, their intent naturally flows into the same idiosyncratic, pre-existing pattern of muscle-tendon-nerve tightness and pain. (This is aside from the temporary DOR-induced headache/nausea symptoms, which are not normal for me.)
For months Sakood and Gina have been with me most of the time, constantly patching me up almost as fast as the enemy can tear me down. And some of my epoxy turtles, as well as other wives and animal allies, also worked on me a lot. But no-one could accomplish what this amazing pig seems to have.

(10:05am) OK, i completed my new "CB" (at least, Stage 1 of it) that is heavy on the Iargan and Ighina tech (pic).
I suspect that at a later date, i will pour a larger-diameter base for it, and set it into that. For now, they have me using it as a stand for my original 2002 tetrahedron-within-a cone HHG, which in later years had the base re-cast in VF pgm, and then later i glued 3 ZPE ovals on it. An awesome old unit that seems synergistic with the new CB, and may stay there permanently for all i know (pic).

(5pm) Very lite rain started.

Shapeshifter business with cute dinosaur graphics in SLC area: Annex Skate in Bountiful.

More rock groups that weren't shapeshifters and whose present/past members are still mostly or entirely ensouled: [Update 6/16: i am going to add a few things to this post in bold type. Everything in bold for the rest of this page is part of this update. None of these individulas are still ensouled.] Jefferson Airplane [At least some members are TG. Pic of Grace Slick with "her daughter" who is an actor. Check the size of "daughter"'s hand.] The Kinks [I saw a pic once in a vid of the Kinks all doing Masonic hand signs. However, i can't find any such pics at this time.], Pink Floyd [I heard a rumor they were heavily into Crowley. Also this site has a page on Crowley books. The implication seems to be that these books belonged to band members. Also Roger Waters and "his family" are transgender (pic). David Gilmour was another tranny (pic). I think all the band members were.]

Pink Floyd has a funny vibe to their pics. It was a freaky paranormal type vibe that did not feel good. My allies have been removing it somehow, but i still don't know where it came from or whether the band has any clue.
A couple members allegedly were borderline psycho, yet all are still ensouled, as far as i can determine. In their pix, now i no longer get that freaky vibe, just a flat vibe: the whole pic feels the same. Usually if everyone feels the same, that means they are cloaked shapeshifters, but i don't think that's the case here. Still a bit puzzled.
I don't detect that any members of the above bands were MPD even.

And Jimi Hendrix is still a soul; indeed he's a special soul and a 96. His dad was a satanist. His slatternly mom left the child in the care of CIAlizard MPDer relatives to raise. He was MPD as hell, was convinced he would die young, abused drugs insanely, and was grossly promiscuous. Yet, for a brief period, he was able to express his spirit and blow people's minds. Voodoo Child live video. Warning: hard rock. [The 2 white "guys" in The Jimi Hendrix Experience were TG. I had thought because they were humans, and still ensouled in 2012, that they were OK and Jimi was not controlled in his music career. Ha. Also Billy Cox is still alive, but has a dirty Masonic vibe and is MPD.
What about Jimi himself? Face looks male, but he was very thin with long, elegant fingers. He looked kind of androgynous at Woodstock, but the androgyny psyop is not limited to TGs. I haven't found any pics of drag queen GFs as one would expect if he was TG. Also, already as a child he had a male jaw (pic.]

Few people would deny that Jimi was the all-time grand master of the electric guitar. But what about acoustic? Probably Leo Kottke. Here's a vid of him on TV in '81. Seems like a really nice guy. Jimi, too, was reputedly very likable, gentle, and kind.
I got kinda creeped out when Leo said the Orange Room is a room in his step-dad [i meant father-in-law]'s house where his son likes to play. You see, Leo is MPD, his wife is a CIAlizard MPD handler (clone now as we nailed her and 5 more CIAlizards involved recently). His (still-ensouled) son was being MPDed at step-daddy's house, and given pleasurable cover memories of the Orange Room. [The entire Kottke family is TG!]

(7:30pm) And oh, yeah, another band i'll allow you to listen to is Fleetwood Mac. It's gone through a lot of personnel changes too, but no repts and i think they're all still ensouled. Even these bizarre-looking characters: Oh Well video. Never mind the BBC-lizard intro.

(8pm) This one's a hoot: FLEETWOOD MAC - Rattlesnake Shake. Here they are playing at a classy lizard disco. They are the only Earthlings in the whole video. Yep, ETs rock to Earth music: proof. Also the band sounds damn good on this one.

(9pm) Excuse me, that last video was actually merely of a Peruvian Mafia shindig. About 1/3 of those party animals just perished in U bases. And gobs more U stuff is being taken out in Peru now.

Sep. 29, '12: (5:10pm) Yeah, lotta those snakes have done shook their tails for the last time.
Chemmy day here.

Lizards on video: Police Provocateurs During Spanish Austerity Protests. Not only the faux anarchists, but all the uniformed cops are SSers.

(5:45pm) More MIBbery spotted by Bal: the DORy Green Scene Toys in Houston.
Also, Harry Kahne was a MIB (pic). I haven't read that long article, but it starts out "It is said that Mohammed and Caesar could, upon occasions, perform two distinct mental operations --- such as writing a letter and carrying on a conversation --- simultaneously." Both shapeshifters too, and Ceasar, at least, was definitely MPD.
It would seem that some SSers have the potential for amazing mental feats. Fortunately for us, this seems to be a tiny minority of them. Bill Clinton (deceased) may have had a touch of this, too.

Sep. 30, '12: (7:20pm) Overcast, cool. Fired up my woodstove a tiny bit, for the first time of the season. It's been damp lately.

Another shapeshifting scammer: Prof. Steven Rochlitz (pic in German article). His websites: Well at Last and