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Loohan's blog for September, 2013
Sep. 1, '13: (4:30pm) Only got to mid-80s today. Got 1/10" rain and it appears more is heading this way this evening, though the wunderclones say only 30%.
I speculate that the big Rolling Vicarah items i have made recently might be influencing the weather for the better.

Today's Sunday High Profile section in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette again had no shapeshifters i could spot, except for 2 dozen professors etc. associated with the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS). A few months back i had heard a rumor that some of their profs had abused the status of their medical credentials by lying about raw milk --- clearly an indication that they had tired of living. We took the hint and helped them in their transition to oblivion.
BTW it is now actually legal to drink raw milk in Arkansas, much to the dismay of those authorities who worry about our welfare.

Just now i thought i'd look into this intriguing bit of ne-nazification. This article says "Legislation allowing the sale of unpasteurized milk in the state made it through the General Assembly in April and was signed into law by Gov. Mike Beebe."
So what is a general assembly? Thought i'd look that up. Hmmmm... looks like most if not all of them are "good" robotoids, like Beebe. Late last year the CIA and Arkansas criminal-justice system deliberately grossly violated the rules of engagement in order to give our allies the right to kick their asses, and thus a whole bunch of scaly folks were replaced by "good" 'toids, although "ET-neutral" seems more accurate than "good". Yet here they actually did the right thing, which most likely never would have happened had the Assembly still been composed of lizards.

Kind of interesting; i hadn't even noticed that all the state congressmen were now 'toids.

(7:35pm) Well, that storm missed me; passed to the south.

Another CIAlizard group: Transparency International.

Sep. 2, '13: (7:40am) Now the wunderclones have withdrawn most of the rain chances they were predicting yesterday for the next 10 days. Hrmpf! We'll see about that.

Someone in Bristol, England has been spotting physical sprayplanes overhead lately. First was a RAF jet that traced to this airport which had a small RAF U base. Also they have a nearby bldg which had a tunnel heading SE to this place in rural Dorset.
Then later he saw another plane which feels like an Air France passenger jet. Then more jets going various places in Europe.
So far i have not located base(s) for these or their chem. But there is a handy-dandy list of European airlines. Right off, i get the vibe off of TransAVIAexport Airlines ("We conquer the sky for you..."), and Air Lazur.

(8:45am) Now, Scottish Rite puppet clones pretend to reject their masters: President Putin Clone Stamping Out The Rothschild Rockefeller Syndicate Maggots From Russia!, Hungary Orders Rothschild's IMF To Vacate The Country: Now Issuing Debt-Free Money! Clones throwing off their shackles! Biting the hands that created and emplaced them. Why do i remain sceptical in the face of all this evidence? We'll see how this turns out.
BTW the Iceland thing seems to be real; President Of Iceland Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson has not been replaced, and seems to be an ensouled Earthling as far as i can tell.

Sep. 3, '13: (8pm) Another 1940s chem pic at the top of this page.

LOL, what has this country come to? Syria: Conservative Icons Put “Anti-War” Left to Shame. Drudge, shapeshifting satanist NSA asset. Buchanan and Rand Paul, shapeshifting CIA clones. Justin Amash, CIAlizard.
In One Chart, Here's Why The Anti-War Movement Collapsed. For shame, Obama lefties. Loyal to various MPD CIA clones of a ZioNazi CIAlizard that died in 2011. Get a grip. Even Tavistock eloquently puts out the truth of it at Icke, Inc, today:
"All this focus on killing yet more people in a far-away-land while these pampered, privileged and corrupt gofers-for-Israel stand by as Americans live in tent cities and abject poverty."

* * *

This gets so wacky, when the CIA outs its own agents: Snowden: Gift Horse? Or MKIntel Trojan. From the incomparable Zen Gardner and Jon Rappaport productions:
Jon Rappaport has an interesting theory that there’s an inter-agency battle going on, a turf war between the CIA and NSA and that the CIA leaked the info to embarrass the NSA. I don’t know.

But it certainly makes more sense than the idea that the world’s biggest intelligence network ever created can’t find or stop little Eddie Snowden from galavanting around the world thumbing his nose at big frikking brother.

But then again, who would notice all this in the day and age of projected holograms and pretend reality?

Oh, Zen, you are obliquely implying that it's supposed to make sense? Caught you in the biggest lie of all.

(8:25pm) Dubious news report: Former Libyan spy chief’s daughter abducted. Yeah, right. Must have been some real tense moments there.

Sep. 5, '13: (7:45am) ROFL: speaking of tense moments, precious clone Prince Harry narrowly escapes assassination. Dubious story of the morning.

* * *

And now the CIA promotes their Food4Wealth initiative "All for a very low, special one time fee of $39.97." (Mike Adams-Clone, Jeffrey Smith and Jonathan White are all CIAlizards.) Buy Now.

Sep. 6, '13: (9:50am) Dubious news story of the day: now British girl, 16, loses leg in Egypt bomb blast. This girl has a heavy "groomed by MI" vibe about her. The pix have a heavy "staged theater" vibe about them.

Top 8 Supplements to Boost Your Pineal Gland Function. A few notes:
  • Taking melatonin supplements is somewhat dubious. Better to check Mercola's recommendations on naturally cultivating melatonin.
  • Raw cacao: i have been getting unsweetened wafers from Z Natural Foods. "Nibs" and beans are almost inedible. I have a partial bag of cacao beans in the fridge over a year old.
  • Iodine: the article's iodine advice is a bit shaky, but iodine is key. Mercola says much modern seaweed has toxic bromine in lieu of iodine, and besides, even good seaweed really does not contain much iodine.
    BTW, Iodoral is a popular product that is full of harmful inorganic silica.

Sep. 9, '13: (10:40am) And this time, yesterday's High Profile newspaper section did have a bunch of non-clone shapeshifters. Not on the first 3 pages, but most of the rest was lizards. I guess one can only find so many Earthlings to promote.
Even some reptilian wedding and anniversary announcements.

Another dubious news report: Nigeria Boko Haram gunmen 'tracked and killed'. Nigeria is a CIA colony. Boko Haram is the Nigerian Al-CIAduh. I get the feeling no Boko scum were killed.
Hmmm, i can believe this part:
... the military has encouraged the formation of vigilante groups to help tackle the Islamists.
In recent weeks, these vigilantes have been the target of attacks.
* * *

In the last 6 weeks or so, i have noticed that clones of shapeshifters are no longer ducking underground to end the suffering caused by our orgone. For example there is a guy in my town who, for a year or so, got replaced every single week (i blast the crap out of him). But he hasn't been switched out in 6 weeks or so, despite enhanced blasting. There used to be times when the CIA would have a couple spare clones of this bozo living in CIA houses in town, in case he had to suddenly "check out". Of course that didn't work out real well for them, as i detected and fried the clones in the houses.

So Antuvozy has come out with a new pgm, the Sep2013 pgm, which you can read about at the bottom of this page.

Sep. 10, '13: (9:20pm) Very strange. At Icke, Inc.'s headline page, one frequently sees images with cool, pithy, true quotes by such agents as Gandhi, "Lennon", the Dalai Lama, MLK, Orwell, etc. but seldom from admitted "ex"-CIA agents. (link)

We've had several days of hot summer weather, today supposedly getting up to 95, but supposedly staying below 90 after day-after-tomorrow. Still too dry.

All right! Finally the CIA trots out a clone for Leah Remini on CIAlizard satanist Ellen Degenerate's show. As soon as i clicked on this article, i got hit by hundreds of CIA U installations. The video was too choppy for me to watch.
The new anti-clone pgm as well as the old one kick in on her pretty well.

Sep. 11, '13: (6:40pm) Got a very brief thundershower at work. Heard some people a few miles east got quite a bit of rain. I got about 1/8" at home. Slight rain chances the next couple days, but if so not much rain. The paper today said that chances were low for significant rain in Arkansas anytime soon...

Er hum, looks like there are checks and balances in Amerikka after all! Shapeshifting Syria Researcher Fired Over Doctorate Claim. Man, i'm glad these lizards have high standards when it comes to retroactively checking the bona fides of employees.
And thank you, media, for always providing us with the truth of what's going on.

A couple nice targets that need blasting.
On June 17 i wrote "This whole bldg in NYC feels like it's full of CIAlizards."
Well, they are still a problem. They psi-attack and implant my friend in Queens regularly.

Also, the Russian wing of the Jesuit NWO is strutting it's Moskva ship, which was built using resources ripped off from peasants, as we also extravagantly do in the West. Hundreds of shapeshifters and hundreds of Earth retards aboard.

() Brrr, DORy lizard wench: The Beatles' Secretary Shares 11 Years Worth Of Stories About Groupies, Drugs, And John's Mood Swings. I'll bet just pure truth. She has the vibe of a ... Russian-Israeli Mafia agent, just like Yoko. Why is that mob so mixed up in this Tavistock-run imposter op? I have never found them elsewhere in the music field.

Sep. 12, '13: (10:40am) What is wrong with this picture? David Petraeus Ambushed, Branded "War Criminal" by Protesters. I think the students are sincere, but why are there no Secret Service thugs to protect this clone? They make a huge deal of the "precious" Obama clones, yet leave this one to walk the hostile city streets by himself. See what a safe country we have, that allows such freedom of expression?
Of course, even if the Petra-clone got assaulted and injured, it would only make better copy.

Some Earthlings(?) that have dubious, sleazy, probable CIA vibes, and no soul:
Jordan Page.
Amazon Watch staff.
Don't detect any repts here, but something's not right. Three of them have admitted Amnesty Int'l backgrounds. And Han Shan has Ruckus Society background. These 2 Ruckus women have same sleaze vibe, and Megan Swoboda is definitely a CIA lizard. Han also has a background with Rikshaw Films, which also feels CIA.

Sep. 14, '13: (8am) As of yesterday, we seem to be into cooler weather again. Time to plant some kale here.

CIA promoting orgonite: Orgone and Orgonite -- A Primer. Aw, gee, no links to Such an oversight. I give so many links to CIA sites, but they ignore mine.

To recap, "orgonite" was invented by dowser Wayne Cook in the '60s. Then the name "orgonite" was coined by satanist shapeshifter Karl Welz much later, who claimed to have invented the stuff and patented and trademarked it, although i have yet to find the proof of that. Then MPD victim Don Croft was mentored by Welz to make a shavings-and-resin orgonite, which became a fad i got interesting in in 2001. I began making it in 2002. Don was married to an NSA repto-satanist MPD handler named Carol, who sold black-magic-laced pendants and then got killed above-ground late last year with CIA complicity, and replaced by a CIA clone. Many other early orgoniters were also satanist agents, most notably the late Sensei Dennis of USN.
Then in late 2005, all orgonite was turned negative by powerful demons, turning all orgonite, indeed all matter, into emitters of toxic energy.
Then the humble Cmdr Loohan and his ET allies turned all that around, jailed the demons, and refined resin-based orgone devices into true agents of positivity.

Unprogrammed shavings-and-crystal orgonite continues to be promoted by CIA shapeshifting satanists (eww, just got hit by 400+ CIA U bases when i opened Sherry's site).

(5pm) Hehehehehe, i finished pouring this piece yesterday, Friday the 13th, and it is bad luck for the darkside.
It is very heavy on the Sep2013 pgm, although it also has other programs. It is very powerful but i had trouble figuring out what it was doing exactly. Then this afternoon i realized it was frying some very cloaked Draco that were somehow manipulating our world in some important way. But i couldn't get a location nor other details.
Then the fools started attacking me. They are in M72 in Constellation Aquarius.

Sep. 15, '13: (4:40pm) I am finding lots of underground NOAA shapeshifters all around Meadow Lake, CO where the dam allegedly broke.
News reports are referring to this as a billion-dollar flood.

(5:15pm) Last night it occurred to me to check whether these evil dracs still had souls. They did. They had presumably been refraining from astrally attacking me in order not to draw attention to that fact.
We sucked up hundreds of quadrillions of their souls... in the process finding many more locations of this species, as we sucked up their souls from all over.
This should pre-empt them from attacking astrally. But this morning i did sense one RVing me from M72. Also at one point today i sensed them remotely attacking someone i know in California.
The Red Draco allies have been doing quite a bit of damage to these guys.

I woke up this morning with a painful stiff shoulder they had somehow given me. Gina has been working on it all day and it feels better now.

Been having the usual daily chem-clouds, but today the drones did some garish spraying over town with real sticky stuff. The chem-clouds had been getting feathered and munched by sylphs before that.

Day before yesterday the chem-clouds were very heavy, and the Boss Bitches kept trying to ripple them.

Looking at this pic i took at work today, i see a circular chem-puff just left of top center. Or is that an orb? I see another, fainter one further to the left and downwards a bit. Then there are more to the right. What the hell? Can that be caused by the glare somehow?
I'm just now noticing these orbs or whatever, unfortunately after having deleted the rest of the pics i took at the time.

(7:05pm) Oh yeah, today's High Profile section of the Little Rock paper was back to normal. Over 2/3 shapeshifters. Several of them already did the underground thing.

This group feels like it's run directly by the Jesuits: Palace of Peace. Ms Cleavage Michelle Manders doesn't feel like a rept to me, just a soulless MPD whore of the Jesuits. The rest of them are shapeshifters. [Correction: Helleh Kjaer Hansen is ensouled but feels dirty due to demon attacks. And Agnes Donazy is also ensouled. So is Savannah Michalah Kofoed, but she feels dirty due to immersion in tainted practices.]
"Beloved Ones, we bring you this message to reassure you that you are on the right track..."

Sep. 16, '13:
(2:45pm) New pyramid; also strong on the Sep2013 pgm.

A couple more minor shapeshifters in the UFO field: Christian Mace', Manu Malfoy. They have infiltrated UFO Digest.

Lizards funning around again: Gunman ID'd in D.C. Navy Yard Shooting That Killed at Least 12. No pix of alleged shooter yet, but all the kops and ATF are shapeshifters. I was pleasantly surprised that the police chief is no longer a DORy satanist; she has been replaced by a clone.

Sep. 17, '13: (6:10am) Another shapeshifting "shaman": Jonnya.

Well, now they have identified the "shooter", Aaron Alexis. Note that this arrest is 3 years old, for "PC 42.12(B) MA DISCHARGE FIREARM CE". He does feel dead, probly was killed yesterday.

Here's the obligatory pic of a cute shapeshifting lady-in-red with her adorable abused lizard brats, recovering from the frightening ordeal.

Me, i'm getting sick of this shit, not to mention the chem lately. I just started 2 more big pyramids.

(10:50am) More lizards:
I have mentioned before that Ravi Shankar is a shapeshifter. But i never realized that he is considered a guru, and there is a whole cult about his wisdom acting "in partnership with" the United Nations.
And according to this, his guru was Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the shapeshifting Hanuman-worshipper.
There are several lizard websites devoted to this cult, or at least have themes about the "art of living and dying": e.g.,,

Another shapeshifter is Eckhart Tolle. On his "likes" page is a chemmy sky pic with these words:
I love looking up at the ever-changing spectacle of the clouds and the light-pervaded vastness of the clear sky, the coming together of form and formlessness. I am taking these photos to encourage others to become more appreciative of this sublime work of art, to become still and to LOOK. "The heavens are telling the glory of God, and the firmament proclaims his handiwork." (Psalms, 19.1)

Sep. 18, '13: (7:15pm) Got 3/10" of rain this morning.

If you check the internet, you will find that there are already plenty of oddities being found about the official story on the DC shooting. Oddities deliberately planted, as they love to do in these false flags.

And ah, finally, the alleged victims are displayed, none of which have much of a vibe. No signs of life detected. Are they real people or computer constructs, i wondered at first. I think they were real people. Definitely getting no shapeshifter vibe; what are the odds of 12 people being killed in this evil place (years ago i have nailed it many times for transmitters, DORy satanists, etc. and even physically gifted nearby), and none of them are shapeshifters?
One of them was in a Rotary Club, so i looked it up. They have him right up at the top of their homepage at this time.
My take on it is most likely these people were preselected, and killed execution-style. Swat team 'stood down' at mass shooting scene. I believe this is because most of the CERT guys are clueless Earthlings. Who need them around?

Speaking of false flags, a few days ago i looked into the "heroes" of United Flight 93. Everybody who was allegedly on the plane was still alive, and a shapeshifter. All were in U bases a few days ago, which we took out. So they (pic) are all dead now.
Also, a few months ago i checked the list of people who had allegedly died in the Twin Towers attack. Quite a few were still alive in U bases at the time.

(7:45pm) Another ridiculous CIA site for the feeble-minded: Prepare for Change. Join the Resistance! The Event is nigh! Most of the posters are CIAlizards.
You can meet Ashtar's Girlfriend and more here.

Sep. 19, '13: (10:15am) Well, we survived this last full moon. Things were a bit freaky what with those Dracs being stirred up. I completed 2 pyramids; the larger one is still hardening. Also i have the impression that a guy in Mexico is nearing completion on 2 similar ones.

This Sep2013 pgm is really tearing up these Draco. I now have the impression they are 7-8' tall and olive green. About 20% reside in Abell 2218, and they are above the Boss Bitches on the heirarchy. The command line connection between the Bitches and these Dracs was so well-cloaked that only this pgm broke through to the Dracs. And i don't think that Antuvozy or i had any knowledge of these Dracs when we intuitively built that Sep. 14 device. It just kind of intuitively unfolded.
It appears that, for remote use, a pyramid or tetrahedral shape is best for this pgm. I may be making some tets soon.

Colorado Flood 2013: Detailed Explanation of Geoengineered Event. After the 16 minutes mark, he shows a bunch of footage of real sprayers spraying real chem. These planes trace to this area in Montana, where we just took out massive NOAA U bases.

Obviously there has been a lot more real chem than we have been aware of. Sometimes our guys notice it and Tory (of The Committee) will program the chem and mark the planes, but obviously we miss quite a bit.
If you see something, say something! To Tory. If you see spraying that might be real anywhere in the world, let her or ChemmerBuster know and they'll check it out. Maybe we can avert a few of these ops.

Sacrificed by friendly fire water: Estes Park flooded. Estes Park is where the big Mossad U base used to be. It has long been a concentrated hotbed of satanist Freemason Zionazis.

(1pm) Really sick: It's Perfectly Legal for Muslim Men to Rape Their 8 Year Old "Brides" Until They Die.

Someone asked me about the book We the Arcturians. It is more lizard BS, as is the Athena Leadership Center and Psychic Investigators of Wales.
I will say that all these people had a real sweet shiny veneer that threw me for a little while, as Dr. Norma Milanovich "channels" the dead demon Kuthumi and has no connection to Arcturans. But then my orgone broke through the facade.

(3:15pm) How weird does it get? I was just reading When the U.S. government supplied ammo & military planes to kill thousands of Catholics, about an alleged attempt to exterminate Catholicism in Mexico. President Plutarco Elias Calles does not feel repty, but was a Scottish Rite mason!
On May 28, Calles received the Masonic medal of merit from the hands of the Great Commander of the Scottish rite in Mexico. On July 12, the following communique appeared in the press: "International Masonry accepts responsibility for everything that is happening in Mexico, and is preparing to mobilize all its forces for the methodic, integral application of the agreed upon program for this country."
You can't get any more Jesuit than Scottish Rite. And i'm pretty sure that was from its inception onwards.

(4:50pm) A Muslim reader has pointed out that Snopes debunks the pedophile wedding story. They claim that the little girls were not brides. Of course the authors of the Snopes article are shapeshifters, Hamas is composed of Ziolizard pedophiles, and Snopes is a CIA site.
Is the article i posted distorted or exaggerated? Possibly, i don't know. It strikes me as a bit odd that these men would be lined up 2-by-2 with their cousins and nieces like that, but what do i know of this culture.

(5:15pm) None of these depicted girls still has a hymen. One of them has been raped by at least 11 guys. She's toward the back of the 2nd pic. Of course, the pics were taken (presumably) in 2008 or 2009, so the girls would be much older now, many of them even menopausal.

(6:05pm) A new friendly warrior race is arriving en masse now. These are also green Draco but closer to chartreuse than olive green. And a bit taller than our enemies.
They are Ta'l, i just realized. Ta'l is composed of many races, and these just now are arriving in force. They come from the center here.

Sep. 20, '13: (9:45am) Cool and wet. It started raining before dawn, and it looks like an all-day drizzle now.

Bro-ther, 13, 13, 13 all the time: 13 shot in Chicago. Laying it on thick. Well, who here is a shapeshifting rept, aside from the reporters? Semehca Nunn, "witnesses"/neighbors, two people who allegedly opened fire, all the "victims", paramedics, in other words, everyone involved. Pretty sure; haven't seen pix of most of these yet.

Sep. 21, '13: (7:30am) Fall equinox. Well, officially it's tomorrow evening.
Got 1.7" yesterday. It looked like far more hit Little Rock, and even more south of LIttle Rock and on to Memphis.
It was very cool, below 70, then colder last night, below 50. But they are predicting 90 F again in a week.

It seems for 2-3 months i have detected no trace of those ubiquitous hairless reptilian ETs. They have been laying low, despite the new program. But then last night a mob of them remotely attacked me all at once from a U base in Zambia, which was taken out. No doubt there are still lots of these repts all over the cosmos.
I did the last pour last night on large pyramid as well as another large unit with Sep2013 pgm. I had to re-cast the large pyramid because it broke trying to get it out of metal mold.

Boston Bollocks Part 1 by Chris Spivey. It is extremely long and i only read part of it. But it will point out a couple things.

Spivey says
"Course, what the f___ing idiots who purposely released the photos didn't seem to grasp is the fact that they contradicted the official narrative of Tsarnaev's capture."
Er, but that is not out of stupidity and incompetence, at least not entirely. It is deliberate. They always make sure to have plenty of contradictions and inconsistencies in these false flag reports. This is a psyop to give people a choice whether to to recognize that the gov't is very sinister (and hopefully get corralled into the CIA-herded "resistance"), or to brush aside all the evidence and just be cognitively-dissonant consumer-drones.
Look at how many people deny the reality of chemtrails, despite the constant in-your-face grotesque evidence. They don't care about evidence.

David Henneberry, alleged owner of boat that Dzhokar allegedly sought refuge in, is another example of a particular strain of shapeshifter, whose home base is right in the center of this pic of Abell 2218. More examples of these people are Ben Fellows & wife, Erika Brannock, and Michael & Nicole Gross.

I could not find a pic of Andy Kitzenberg, but he feels like the common old strain of shapeshifter.

And Herb Chambers feels like another of the same strain as Arredondo and the majority of Boston Marathon phonies.

(6:30pm) Here's a jim-dandy reptoid-fryer i just completed.

DORy satanist CIAlizard:
Kevin Annett, who is rumored to be associated with ITTCS. All of ITTCDS's Tribunal Members are also CIAlizards. And ITTCS has duped a bunch of well-intentioned sponsors.
Annett feels like a serious occultist high-level freemason type of guy.

Lizard agents outing lizard agents: FBI Infiltrator in Anti-War Movement.

There is so much conflict in the world, most of it from the Jesuits' subsidiaries fighting each other.
I'm so entertained, i could just shit.

(7:45pm) There definitely has been quite a bit of spraying of real chem that we've been missing. Someone in UK today reported a sprayer with a Jerusalem vibe. It was a physical craft disguised as a passenger plane, and berthed in a U base just north of Jerusalem.
He also spotted RAF cargo planes spraying, and several RAF U bases were taken out.

Meanwhile, someone in Slovenia was taking these 2 pix:

The first pic is of a hologram (or whatever they are) spraying non-metallic chem.

Right-click and select View Image for larger version.

Below is a pic of a real passenger plane that was leaving a long barium/aluminum trail.

If you are sensitive, try comparing the vibes of these 2 trails.

Anybody know what that odd shape is under the 2nd plane?

Sep. 22, '13: (8:40am) My mom claims that on TV she has seen actual footage of a shooter killing people in the Naval Yard, but i can't find anything about such footage online. If anyone finds anything like that, please send me a link.

(4:10pm) Very clear blue sky last 2 days. I did see some CTs in the distance early yesterday.
Today i felt hundreds of evil Draco and reptilian craft, all around 1500 miles out from Earth. Luckily had 2100-mile wand with me at work. The allies took out 500+ ships.

Evil Slovenian sites selling water-charging glasses that put out dirty energy:
Misteriji. These people are shapeshifters.
Viva. This lizard is supposedly the inventor.
Hydrovital explains the benefits of DORy lizard water in English.

Awesome cat in Slovenia: Nick. If you don't get a vibe off this amazing feline, there is no hope for you :-)
As soon as i saw his pic yesterday, i strongly felt we have met long ago, and have a strong bond. His 5D self visits frequently now.

(5:30pm) 39, 39, 39, the news cries today. Why 39? Because it's 13 X 3. 39 die in Kenya mall siege; hostages still held. This has strong CIA stench. Taking out their U bases in around Nairobi. Especially just south and SE of city limits.

Sep. 23, '13: (12:40pm) The Three Pyramids of Geezer.

The one on the right is the same one i posted a pic of on the 16th. The other 2 are my Harvest Moon pyramids. The big one had some cosmetic issues, so i painted it.

These are all heavy on the Sep2013 pgm.

Oh yeah, and yesterday's High Profile section in the paper? Was over 90% shapeshifters. I'm glad i complained. 5 of them have already "gone down". 22 more from the previous week's edition have, too.

Sep. 24, '13: (7:55am) Yesterday was another impeccably clear, blue sky day around here. This morning there are some chem-clouds.
I want to mention that i saw a tiny UFO yesterday. Whatever it was, it remains unidentified. Unfortunately it went by too fast for me to get my camera. It was just a small shiny, chrome-looking, egglike object sailing by at a very constant, stready speed in a straight, horizontal east-to-west line, silently. It was only about 30-40' off the ground, maybe 50-60' away from my cabin, and maybe 2" long at the most. No vibe.

Video: Werner Bock - Agricultural & Eco-Terrorism in NB, Canada. This is a long video, some of it repetitive. Bock is ensouled, as are his animals. Apparently the animals get subjected to bizarre weapons.
Everybody in the city gov't website is a shapeshifter.
First thing i found on the map is a U base here with 41 shapeshifters.
Then another here, with 42.
Another here with 22.

If this is being done in east Canada, it is probably being done elsewhere too.
I found another such base here in the NW Territories, with 20 SSers. And even further north here, 31 SSers.
But is there livestock there? Or are they experimenting on Native Americans? Wildlife?

And here in the Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve, Alaska, with 23.
I have not found more such bases anywhere yet.

Around 38 minutes he mentions a nighttime chopper and cattle mute. Later he says he's been put in the loony bin a couple times, and has had false charges brought against him, and threats. So this is not just an underground ET op.
Of course, the CA gov't and RCMP are totally corrupt, complicit, and evil, and he will not get any satisfaction from these shapeshifters.

I suspect that this office in Montreal is involved in this matter. There was also a U base west of this with 79 SSers that seemed involved in this matter, although i doubt they were actually applying their technology locally.

(10am) Oh, brother. Now more endless cheesy bullshit about the Kenya mall "massacre". British hero of the mall massacre: Ex Royal Marine with a handgun saved 100 lives as terrorists ran amok.
Kenya mall terrorists 'burnt victims' faces and cut off their hands to prevent identification' as reports emerge of woman hostage being sexually abused at gunpoint. Alas, no gory pix, just a little ketchup running down a girl's leg. And repeated mention of 33 (wink, wink) children.
Seems to be pretty much soulless Earthling actors. Except for these lizards: Pregnant Harvard grad killed in Kenyan terror attacks just two weeks from giving birth. These 2 are both still alive, and i think she actually is pregnant. This time the CIA did not stick them into a U base, but rather a safe house in Sila National Park in Italy.
But they felt the White Widow was expendable along with a long tunnel and many U bases running in a ENE-WSW direction in UK. She perished here.

(4:50pm) Finished another Draco-blaster, heavy on the Sep2013 pgm.
This one is smaller than the last one.
The small stones are glued on with silicone glue.
That dark stuff in the quartzite is hematite. I love quartzite that has iron inclusions.

And i'll no doubt be making more of these. These evil green Draco are all over 50 universes. I have found large undersea bases on Earth today. I found a big mothership too. We are clearing them out of all of South America except the southern tip.
This program really lights them up and energetically poisons them.

Sep. 25, '13: (7:20pm) Now those bad Draco are getting more stirred up. They are all over underground. There might be about just as many on Mars as Earth, even though Mars is a much smaller planet. There are also some on our moon. Not to mention Mars' moons. Some attacked me from ships again today, about 1500 miles out.

Sep. 26, '13: (9:45am) This morning i am not noticing many Draco on Earth, Moon, Mars.
I have a vague impression that our chartreuse Draco allies (who are quite familiar with the evil olive-green ones), as well as the Red Draco, have been nailing them. I have the impression of some 20 million of the good ones now in our Solar System. (Also 20 million in Abell 2218.)
Even so, the speed of cleanup seems incongruous. But welcome.
The Alah-Kur and elephant-faced allies distrust the chartreuse Draco. The Golden Draco, Ta'l, and myself do trust them. In fact i have the feeling of favorable past-life interactions with this race, and get a real good vibe off them.
There are still more of the evil dracs underground that are gradually coming into "view".

Let them eat GMO soy: Sheriff Joe Arpaio institutes cost-saving, vegetarian meals for inmates. Probably not much worse than the quality of GMO-fed and -injected meat normally served in prisons these days. Or upscale US restaurants for that matter.
Arpaio is a soulless Earthling.

These people seem OK, even if they are CIA-endorsed: Canary Party.

(1:10pm) Very strange. My Sep2013 devices are no longer blasting these dracs. Our Draco allies are not going after them. I can't even detect any more of these olive-green dracs in any universe.
My new devices no longer have such a workload; they now seem focused on war-mongering gov't clones. The new Draco allies are taking out shapeshifter U bases.
I suspect that the Sep2013 orgonite may have already killed all these bad dracs by energy poisoning.

I might not be making any more Sep2013-dominant blasters. But this is still a great program to layer into TBs and devices. Especially if iron oxide (any color) is added; this makes for nice strong orgone that is synergistic with the other free pgms.
Also there still are lots of those evil hairless repts that this pgm works well on.

(1:55pm) Also i am not detecting the Boss Bitch demons attacking anyone. And the Elite Jesuits haven't in a while, as they seemed to get their energy from the Bitches and (now extinct) Bigheads.
When i scan Abell 2218 now, all i notice in the way of DOR is some 2nd-rate demons. Of course our allies are still busy out there knocking off the Jesuits and other evil physical critters out there.

It may be that the Bitches are out of energy with no dracs to lean on. It may be that these dracs were the final top of the evil food chain. However, there have been times in the past when i thought we had taken care of the top tiers, but always other forces took over for them.
So far i am not detecting any higher-ups, though.
The proof would be if the NWO thing falls apart soon. If not, no doubt we will find more puppet-masters.
I'll know soon enough if emailed complaints of CIA harrassment wane. And false flags stop.

(5:15pm) ... not to mention chemtrails.

Now, unless i'm mistaken, the evil hairless rept species we've had so much trouble with in the last couple years is dying also, from the Sep2013 orgone.

Sep. 27, '13: (6:55am) Well, i am being attacked. From here in Russia. Whoever it is, i can't jail them or identify them. They feel about 2000' down, yet the allies can't seem to locate them to terminate.

(9:05am) Wow, it feels like they are fading away, dying from the Sep2013 pgm. Now i think they are more like 1620' down. Thus far i have not found more of the same race.

Also last night we wiped out another whole race of evil repts that were previously hidden. And Bal's been getting attacked by yet another that i suspect is fading away.

* * *
I just happened to read on the Ex-Scientology Message Board where several posters raved about how blown away they are by the wisdom of Eckhart Tolle, whom i mentioned the 17th. So i took a deeper look at his site. Definitely a sleazy lizard, and so is Kim Eng. Then i looked at his about page. He has only scum depicted on his about page. Some lizard named Jim Carrey idolizes him. Shapeshifting CIAtanist Oprah hugs him. Satanist Dalai Lama holds his hand.

Sep. 28, '13: (5:55pm) Yes we still got problems. There is a physical race still
  • rippling chem via demons
  • throwing demons
  • probably behind the non-metallic chem-spraying.
They were very cloaked but we are now finding their U bases. My lower back sure feels them now.
They are not reptiloid, so the Strontium-Barium orgonite is the best thing against them.
When i have caught glimpses of them in U bases, they appeared like ordinary humans. Many of them women who look like the Boss Bitches, but aren't, as these are physical and the Bitches are etheric.

I suspect they have been doing the non-metallic spraying for some time, as we had been drawing a blank as to who's behind it for a while.

There are many around the universe, but i have not found any particular main HQ for them.

When i drove into town this morning, i was greeted by a horizon-to-horizon chemtrail as well as older segments. They were spraying heavily.
On the weathermap there is a big wall of showers that looks like it will hit me in a half hour.

Sep. 29, '13: (5:40am) Well, only got some mist and drizzle, about 0.2". Still misting faintly, and they give 50% chances of more lite rain today.
It looked like all the stronger weather was passing to the south when i went to bed.

Last night i realized that my Combat Cones are blasting those ETs hard. I coined the term to refer to cones that had a wide, shallow angle as well as certain specific programs.
So Combat Cones evidently work well on evil beings even if they are not reptiloid nor into blood rites: humans, sasquatch, etc.

Maybe i will be making more Combat Cones soon.

I never finished that OTB. I just re-read the R&D thread and it makes for somewhat dismal reading. Maybe i will finish the OTB someday. Meanwhile, i sense that 7 people actually did make good Combat Cones, and some of them made several. And 1 person bought one off me.

(8:10am) Hehe, it appears that one of the pix of the Mall "massacre" was taken off an old FBI webpage of a 2010 Miami robbery. To save hassling with making a new pic? More likely it was deliberate, so that it would be discovered.

Earthing: Likely you have heard of Earthing by now. I bought an Earthing mat a few months ago, and more recently, an Earthing bedsheet. I have noticed improvements in well-being (even though i already had the practice of walking barefoot a fair bit). E.g. i have had visible veins behind my left knee for many years, which lately have become much less visible. (Earthing is supposed to be very effective against varicose veins.)

But then i read this and ceased using the mat when at my computer. I continue to use it in front of the chair i sit in when building orgone devices, and continue to use the bedsheet. Note that i live in a rural area some distance from other residences, and that my cabin has metal walls and roof. Also, for what it's worth, before insulating the walls during constuction, i wedged orgonite in all the wire holes in the studs, and wrapped wire coils on the wires in between the studs. (Later i learned that one can buy house wiring that is metal-shielded to contain EMFs, but i do not have that.)
For whatever reason, before my ripoff Trifield meter failed, i got very, very low EMF readings in the house, except for momentary spikes when appliances turned on.
I think that both the promoters of earthing as well as those cautioning about it are ensouled and sincere.

Anyway, what brings me to this subject today is this video: David Wolfe on EMF Protection - EARTHING. I tried this trick with a common digital multimeter in front of my PC. Unlike the guy in the pic, i get well under 1/10 of 1 volt, with no earthing mat. That's while i'm wiggling around. I can only get .000V if i sit still anywhere near the PC. This is with the DMM set on 200mV sensitivity (the most sensitive). I tested the DMM against a battery, and it is working fine.
Not sure what i'm doing right, but even with no earthing, i'm not picking up any voltage.
I will take my DMM and a grounding wire to work today and experiment there, and let you know what i find.

(3:50pm) Duh, after posting that i realized that if you touch the grounded mat like the guy in the vid does, of course it is merely short-circuiting the path thru the VM, so less juice goes thru the VM and thus the read drops. But you still have that juice running thru your body. So what is he accomplishing?
Also i was unable to read any voltage running through me at work, either. I do not know if the video is of a wireless setup.

Sep, 30, '13: (12:05pm) And if you're having trouble understanding this stuff, be assured that so am i. I am not an electronics geek. Years ago i could have sworn i read that voltage was the speed of flow of electrons. But looking it up now, i read that it is is the electric potential difference between two points, not a measurement of electron speed or of any actual flow.

So what Wolfe was measuring was not the flow of juice thru his body and into the ground, but the potential that builds up, and when he touches the mat, this potential grounds out.

And likewise i do not grasp all of the pdf article i linked. The field strength depends on certain factors. If i look at Figure 3d, it shows the same kind of relationship that Wolfe depicts: the EMF sources (at least some of them) are above the mat. If i understand correctly, this could increase the field strength above the mat.

I still probably don't have it straight. Maybe my geek friend in DK will weigh in on this.

In any case, i can't explore this with my equipment, as i am unable to even get any voltage measurements.