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Loohan's blog for September, 2015

Sep 1, '15: (7:55pm) Chuckle time: 'Miracle' as man and child pulled from rubble in video after being buried alive in Syria air strike. Don't detect SSers but it looks hokey.

Armed Black Panthers to Texas Cops: 'We Will Start Creeping Up on You in the Darkness'. I'm not picking up on any CIA vibe but i must just be missing it. Don't these fools realize they are just playing into the CIA race-war psyop? "Oink Oink Bang Bang!" Gimme a break. Where's the dignity, the class? I doubt the original Panthers acted so stupid.

I have been getting low-level but unrelenting attacks from EHETs since mid-morning.

Sep 2, '15: (7:35am) Mossad clones: Meir Ettinger (depicted), Eviatar Slonim, and Moshe Orbach. They set these lizards loose on some Palestinians. Of course In 'rebel manifesto,' Meir Kahane's grandson calls to bring down state. "Rebel Manifesto" has such a nice ring to it.

Black Activist Challenges Obama to 'Denounce Black Lives Matter'. This clone had a different quality to the 99 protective spells on him, with a more obviously toxic, harsh demonic edge kicking me when i first checked him out.

(8:30pm) Disgusting: Central Banks Nervous as Alternative Currency with David Bowie's Face Goes Viral. Riiight, they tremble because a MI clone made some funny money with a shapeshifting, cross-dressing Project Monarch handler's face on it. And the businesses that have signed up to participate are mostly repty.
The revolution will not have Bowie's mug on it.

"Yazidi" Teen describes IS slave market. Only problem is, Yazidis are not repty and this clone is. Also the 2nd pic has a CIA clone front and center.

Sep 4, '15: (9:25am) More Race War Psyops: #BlackLivesMatter Activist Arrested for Tweeting "Kill All the White People". Yeah. Charles Hollins is another fake human of the same type as Matisyahu (mentioned Aug 20).
I found a U base for these at Coventry, RI 02816. And these 2 houses have some living in them. More of them underground and on surface in Coventry.
Also found U base in Hamilton County, TX.

(7:40pm) Canadian Supreme Court Rules Against Chevron and in Favor of Ecuadorians. Say what? The Canadian Supreme Court is all-repticlone, just like the Chevron bigwigs (and Amazon Watch is CIA). We'll have to see how this one plays out.

A reader sent me a link to the inside of the Large Hadron Collider in google maps. This might go the full length. I navigate a bit occasionally and find "hot" spots to blast.

Sep 7, '15: (9:35am) Been having some hotter weather lately. Tomorrow is supposed to be the last hot day.

Ah, i see Turkey is at it again, busting repty journalists: like this clone. Tsk.

Muslim flight attendant says she was suspended for refusing to serve alcohol. Funny, no repty vibe. But in the last decade at least, all US commercial flight staff have been repts. It used to be that all the stewardesses were satanists, but more recently, so many have suicided and been replaced by clones. I have to wonder whether Charee Stanley even exists, as i can get no vibe off her, nor off of the other flight attendant who filed a report on her. Her lawyer is a CIA clone. CAIR is CIA.

Maybe Expressjet, a small airline i had never heard of, lets humans work for them? I thought i'd better try to find some pics. This page has pics of flight attendants from various airlines, including Expressjet: all clones. That's the only pic i could find. Expressjet's site has a pic of their clone inflight recruiters. I doubt humans ever make the grade.

It's creepy how BAD they make their cheesy fake stories: Couple reveal daughter's heroin overdose in obituary with the obligatory terrible-acting chunky broad "holding back tears" while grasping a stuffed animal (just like we saw with "Lyn Rigby").
I'm not getting much vibe off of the Shuemakes. Are they human actors? Or something else? Not getting any vibe off Alison or her dead BF.

(10:40am) Things are heating up out here in space. I found some evil ETs there over 3 weeks ago who had stuffed Mordok's cat with demons and black magic. It has taken extensive work to clean up the cat, who had gone crazy peeing all over the apt. and being aloof from Mordok (a past life friend) and the other cat.

I dunno what kind of ETs these are; apparently not reptilian nor jailable. Now the Ta'l, Thelians, Kur-dahns, Alah-kur, and many other ally groups are pounding them. And i am getting mild kickback.

(2:30pm) The attacks from those ETs have only gotten stronger. Been getting some upper-body and head aches and slight nausea.

Sep 8, '15: (7:10am) Much better now. Thor'p wrote me yesterday evening to tell me his ET friend Neca'o was on his way out there to singlehandedly stomp those ETs, and sure enough, soon things felt a lot better and i was able to sleep.
Their main HQ seems to be by the star in center, which still feels a bit DORy. They are not completely wiped out. Neca'o had to go back to whatever he was doing before.

(noon) Conservative clone dissent is brewing inside the Vatican. Oh yeah. This is in line with a long-standing Vatican policy of making itself appear weaker than it is. They sent Martin Luther to create Protestantism as an "alternative" to the corrupt church. Then Protestantism further subdivided into bunches of splinter religions, all of which are Jesuit-controlled.
And then they have the media and/or court systems, all of which they control, continually bust them for pedophilia, money-laundering, porn publishing, etc.

Antarcticlones: i was watching this vid and i noticed that there are presently 92 clones in the Neumayer Station (Wikipedia). The guys out front are clones. I don't know what the UFO in the vid is but it seems positive.

These clones are real comfy in their DORy little refuge, with no orgonite anywhere around. It would probably ruin their whole day if the station were filled with positive energy.

(6:25pm) A big weather system has, as usual, been passing me to the north, only giving me a few drops so far.

Hmmm, Bouvet Island near Antarctica, has loads of nsa clones under it. Also misc evil ETs. We are starting in on it.

Sep 10, '15: (4:45pm) I did end up getting about 1.6" of rain night before last and yesterday morning.

Only clones on this page: Moved by own history of woe, Italy's Jews extend refugees an open hand. Clones' humanity toward other clones i find very moving.
Another such page: Two British jihadist clones planning attacks killed in UK drone strike in Syria. OMG, "Parliament was not consulted in advance".

CIA clone: David Daleiden.

This pic of 4 young black guys stomping on a Maryland (presumably Baltimore) cop car was at the top of the page on this morning. Interesting thing is, although they are not repty, all except the guy in the white tank top are satanist Freemasons working for the CIA.

Jonathan King arrested in child abuse probe. Normally such stories in the UK are about clones arresting clones. But in this case, it's a non-clone SSer arrested by human cops. Same desired effect as far as the media is concerned, though.
The Surrey Police appear to be human, as far as i can tell, incredibly enough.

Another CIA proprietary: Lamers Bus Lines

Sep 11, '15: (7:35pm) CIA clone vid: Watch Agenda 21 Officials At Work Telling Property Owners What They Can Do On Their Own Property. All CIA clone actors. CIA youtube channel, CIA website. I didn't watch it, just slid thru. Are they having difficulty finding humans importuned by Agenda21 or is it that they have to seize every opportunity to shove "sexy" clones in your face on every contrived pretext?

Sep 12, '15: (7pm) FBI says 'Australian IS jihadist' is actually a Jewish American troll named Joshua Ryne Goldberg. How male does this female clone look to you?
It says she "has been charged with pretending to be an Australian-based Islamic State jihadist after a FBI joint investigation with the Australian Federal Police based on information provided by Fairfax Media" i.e. information provided by more clones.

Party time! Atlantis All-Gay Cruises... At least 70% clones. Lotta satanist spells because many were satanists before they got killed and replaced. We are working on removing the spells in the ship, etc. as well as the boys' sexiness spells.

Sep 13, '15: (7:25pm) I got reads of 47 degrees F on some rocks outside this morning. It's been cooler, especially at night.

Someone asked me about Kameran Fally. He has 5 hours of interviews on Project Scamalot. Kerry is a CIAlizard freemason but Falley seems like a sincere soulless human.
I asked Mordok to watch the 2 vids as they are so long. Mordok gave me a brief synopsis of some of this guy's wacky beliefs, which he gets in part from a "celestial group" (which happens to be DORy). Eenia tracked down the (jailable) perps. They are right in the center here.

Sep 14, '15: (9:15am) National Geographic another propaganda slut. Who here is a clone? Every individual mentioned, except for Kony, a human who died many years ago.

(10:30am) The Oath Keepers Are Ready for War with the Federal Government. So who here is a clone? Actually, most of these are humans. The author is, too. Of course the BLM guys Whittington and Gorey are clones. Also, Mary Emerick, Brandon Rapolla, Rick Barclay, the "beautiful gray-haired woman", and the clown in the pic labeled "Some volunteers spent thousands of dollars on equipment before arriving" are CIA clones.

BTW, you know why they called it "Oath Keepers"? Because they keep their Masonic oaths.

(11:35am) There sure are a lot of Falley demons out in that area, and they have been hammering me. I have 90 million pigs and many other allies and devices jailing them, but there are scads of these demons.

Sep 15, '15: (2:45pm) Better today; we are still mopping up dregs.

4 for 200$ to EU border: Gypsy car smugglers detail booming 'business'. Clones interview clones. Some of the crowds depicted are all human, some are 1/3 clones, and some, like in the top pic here, are all clones.
Also the clone reporter sneaks in a real furtive hand signal.

Sep 16, '15: (8:50pm) The last couple days, the EHET attacks on me have been few, with Bigheads and Coneheads taking up some of the slack, but not strongly.

People sometimes ask me about Barbara Marciniak. She was a CIA satanist SSer but has been replaced by a clone.

So what is up with the Bill Cosby rape psyop? Cosby is a satanist SSer, and none of the alleged victims have a repty vibe (most are listed here).
But we know, if it's a big media saga, things must be vastly different than they appear.

One thing bothers me right off: check out this vid (at least a piece of it) of Barbara Bowman. She seems like a genuine human. Her body language and facial expressions are in sync with the subject matter. From watching a few brief snippets here, i am inclined to believe her.
But what happened to this lady? Where did she go? Now, go to around 2:20 in this video, to see what replaced her. What do we have here? So far i get a human vibe off this, but my mind says it can't be... no human could be that plastic/shallow/unreal unless she was trained to act that way. She smiles inappropriately, and acts totally unreal. Also she's not as pretty as the real one, and completely lacks her natural elegance. And she's an Ambassador for a CIA clone group called PAVE, which has a bunch of CIA chapters and affiliates.

What is she? Ordinary human actress sellout? I detect no MPD vibe. Some type of test-tube human from a U base? I detect no U base connections. I've been blasting her for 24 hours and nothing has shown up.
Still stewing on this mystery.

Sep 17, '15: (9:20am) Authentic lizard spat, or just another engineered distraction? Most likely the latter. Burkina Faso guards take hostage interim president, premier. Compaore' and Bagoro are clones. Kafando, Zida, Sy, and Loada are SSers who are not clones.

Drone footage captures the tear gas, tanks, tents and sheer scale of the Hungarian border fence keeping desperate migrants out. "Sheer scale" indeed. Golly, that sure would be hard to fake.
Just as a side note, one odd thing about Hungary is that the prime minister is not a clone. Rather, a human Freemason. His wife is human, too.

Wow, what are the chances that a skinny 14-year-old (who looks 11) with an innocuous name like Ahmed Mohamed would invent a clock that looks highly suspicious? And innocently bring it to school in this day and age? And get hassled by a bunch of clones and SHers, only to have the CIA clones at CAIR come to his defense? Is this a great country or what?
Such creativity. Of all the things to invent in a world where electronic clocks cost 2.99 at the store.
His family does not feel repty, but the older members sure have a dodgy vibe about them.

Sep 18, '15: (6:45pm) Still been getting hit more by Bigheads than EHETs. But not too bad most of the time.
We've been having warmer days lately, but tomorrow is supposed to be milder.

"Thought Elevators". I watched the first few minutes of this vid, and every single "person" was a clone.

Billie Jean King was another human who got replaced by a repticlone, probably early this year.

Sep 19, '15: (7:50am) CIA debunks itself over blatantly absurd clock psyop: Fake Hate? Is Clock Kid Furor All A Big Setup? Ya know, this article really gets me thinking.
Of course, Geller and Rev. Terry Jones are CIA clones.

Sep 20: (4:10pm) More clony "Muslims": LaunchGood, which started a campaign to raise $100,000 for Boy Wonder.

Another seething mass of lizard clones: Japanese Politicians Duke It out over New Pro-War Legislation. Yessir, Japan is another nation that is well-represented by "people" who really give a crap but have conflicting opinions. Note how they spontaneously erupt at 0:14 into combat. Very realistic and credible. Too bad none of these guys know karate.

Sep 22, '15: (6:20pm) I was just reading up about Victoria Derbyshire on Spivey's site, and he had this picture of her before she was an ET...
Now the clone replacement is accusing the human daddy of being mean: Dad used to beat us all up. You can see another pic of her human family at that last link.

Sep 24, '15: (10:40am) Got this "blue line" pic this morning.

I tried to take some zoomed-in pics but for some reason those turned out blurry. But i inadvertently caught a UFO. The almost identical pic i took a second earlier did not have the UFO.
I get EHET vibe off the UFO.

EHETs have been attacking me this morning. Presumably this chem stuff is tied into that.

Sep 26, '15: (6:55pm) Another "sexy" CIA clone: Angy Rivera.

OK, here's another psyop wrinkle to be aware of: Jonathan Pryce is Pope Francis 100 % Proof. Jonathan Pryce is a Welsh actor (Wikipedia).
Looks like this is another Clone Francis. There are actually 2 Francis copies visiting the US now together. I don't know why 2. Of course i have been blasting both equally.

The youtuber Same Feet who posted this is a CIA SHer. They want to derail people into thinking that all these hoaxes are done using a handful of actors who play different roles in different hoaxes, when actually the actors are largely clones of which they have many copies.
But they also have an infinitude of unique-looking agents at their disposal, so why put the same faces in so many hoaxes? Why do they want to derail people onto this wrong belief which incriminates the hoaxers? Just because they are all about derailing people into erroneous beliefs. Why exactly, i don't know. But they flaunt the hell out of the fact. Google "We'll Know Our Disinformation Program Is Complete When Everything the American Public Believes Is False." and you will come up with mostly agency sites quoting this. It doesn't matter what Casey said or didn't say: the CIA says it endlessly.
They don't want only want "the American Public" (sheeple) to be deceived, they also want the more intelligent, perceptive, questioning people to be full of wrong notions.

This pope visit psyop is something strange, too. I don't have a TV, but apparently they are making a huge deal of this Man Who Is Closest to God. Even my mom, who doesn't have a religious bone in her body (but takes the MSM as gospel and always talks about news fables with unshakable "bible-thumping" faith) was all breathless and hypnotized after watching his NYC visit where he was mobbed by thousands of clones and morons. She insists he's very "nice" and she knows this because of "the way he acts" and "the things he does".
I suspect the TV is filling people with a giddy, false happiness and optimism. Even non-Catholics get scooped into this.

(This was my highly adroit shopp of a TIME magazine cover.) ----->

Sep 28, '15: (8:50am) Well, well, the enigmatic Leo Zagami is working for Infowars (CIA) now.
I also found this article on what seems like a good site: Leo Zagami - Working for the CIA.

Ah yes, let's take a trip through the past. In 2009 (years before i was spotting SSers) i watched the 3 videos Project Camelot had up on him. I still suspect that at that time, he may have been well-intentioned. In very rare cases, i have seen shapeshifting repts renounce their evil ways. I know of a couple cases locally.
Back then Zagami had already lost his satanist vibe. Presumably he once did have that vibe, but sincerely renounced that path.

Then Aug 5, 2010 i reported that i watched another vid, in which he seems genuinely mind-controlled but still not sinister.
Then on June 11, 2012 i posted
Just culled another "clean lizard" that had me fooled: Leo Zagami.
However i'm not sure what exactly the deal is with him. He might actually be some kind of rogue or part of a splinter group. In the past he was definitely acting obviously deranged, and i doubt he knew he was being MKed.
Now i suspect that like Michael Prince AKA James Casbolt, he is probably so mind-controlled and personally compromised that he hardly knows which way is up.
Being a SSer himself, he is presumably aware that he is now working for other SSers who work for the Vatican subsidiary known as the CIA.

Sep 29, '15: (6pm) Got around 0.2" rain yesterday.

Blastable clones: Exercise Trident Juncture 2015. "Exercise Trident Juncture 2015 involves circa 36,000 personnel from more than 30 Allied and Partner Nations. It will take place throughout Italy, Portugal, Spain, the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, Canada, Norway, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands." That figure might be slightly inflated. I sense around 25K clone parasites but i doubt there are many humans. Didn't notice any humans in what few pics i could find of the event on the web.

Sep 30, '15: (8:40pm) A reader brought an interesting site to my attention: Twistedsage. The products are real good, unlike the inert "Spurling" stuff of today.
[Update see post of Nov 27, 2017: CIA site!]
Also there is info on making your own. I have not watched any vids yet, but i sense they work with 4 good entities, and we are in communication with them now. [I was faked out again.]
Caveat: their reiki is demonically-tainted, and i am leery of their Merkaba meditiation (altho i have not watched the vid). I get an off-vibe from it. Most likely this stuff derives from NSAtanist SSer Drunvalo Melchizedek (now replaced by clone).