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Loohan's blog for September, 2007

Sep. 2, '07: (5:45pm) There's a hive of reptilians around lately that is slicker than usual. A few times in recent days i've been hit from a source hard to identify, that turned out to be them. Then last night i found Lindi packed full of octopi. Drained them out, but couldn't figure out who put them there.
Then a little while ago she again came to me with a filthy vibe, packed full of octopi, spiders, and werewolves. Especially her womb and pelvic bone. They fear her female energy.
I finally figured out it was the reptilians. They had been laying off me, so i thought they were taken care of. Now i launched some more fighters in their direction. The hive is in our galaxy, in the Scutum Arm area.

(6pm) The girls have, of course, continued to work the Earth energy all day here. Whatever they're doing is freaking out the opposition. I did finally pretty much safeguard their vortexes from "jars", so their work is more effective.
And now that Lindi's cleaned up again, she's really cookin'.

Sep. 3, '07: (8:45am) I'm not sure i want to write about this, but then i can't very well leave it out of the long-term narrative.
Last night the girls indicated that there were 4 more girls that needed to be added to my harem. Just what i needed. There are 4 young sisters, in the 250-350 year age range, that live on the land adjoining theirs to the north. I think their parents also live there, but in a separate building 700' away from the girls.

I get that these same 4 are also involved with me and the 3 sisters in 5 other time-lines, which i haven't gotten other info on yet.
I also found the 4 and their parents all under attack from Lyrans in the time-line of the other orgone-freak Loohan that is married to Lula and Lindi, but not Cora. He and his wives were unaware of them.

Anyway, right after springing this on me, Lula brought over the 2 oldest ones, then the 2 youngest as well. As near as i can make out, their names (from youngest to oldest) are Lita, Gina, Shiela, and Alina, and they are all in a height range of 5'7" to 5'9", and of medium build. Nice-looking but not as pretty as Cora and Lindi. Some of the girls had picked up a few parasites, then they got attacked by Lyrans while they were visiting with me. Intriguingly, i found a single CIA astral sniffing around Shiela. Don't think i ever detected a lone operator before.
The bad guys object to them being here. I also had to pick more mini-Lyrans out of them after they got back home. In weird places, especially on Lita, like in certain toes and fingers.

So far, to me, these girls don't seem nearly as powerful as the 3 living goddesses, but they do seem very nice.
I don't think the other Loohan was aware of them. Lula was, but she kept things hushed up. She's been plotting this stuff for years.

(9:45am) More on time-lines and mating habits (cont'd from Aug 1 entry): I wrote that there were 44 Loohans across various time-lines and dimensions. I'm not sure this is accurate; it may be 44 across various time-lines, plus higher-dimensional aspects that may be shared amongst the 44.
As near as i can piece together, something similar to the following may have occurred:
I was born of the aeons Barbelo and Abrasax, then for some reason did a 4-way split, all hermaphrodites, into 4 time-lines. In some of these, Yahweh was born to Sophia as the first evil being. In others, he either was not born, or came out benign. In these time-lines, the aeons also remained uncorrupted, and there was no demonic evil (until later cross-corruption occurred). Yahweh never usurped the process of creation from the Godhead, never created Adam, and humans do not trace their original ancestry back to anyone evil or corrupt.

In only one of these timelines, one of the aeonic pairs gave birth to 3 wonderful girls, Lula, Cora, and Lindi (i don't think they were hermaphrodites), and i was very good friends with them. I may have separated from my female component much earlier in that time-line than in others, and become a lover to the 3. We got along so well we never wanted to be apart. But eventually, due to cross-contamination of time-lines, Master Leonard, 2nd offspring of Sophia, killed us all. Thus the male component of 1 of the 4 Loohans perpetually sought re-union with the 3 girls, and oftentimes found it.
At some point, each Loohan split into 11, i don't know why, so now there are 11 Loohans who are involved with the 3. Except that that doesn't explain why i found a few stray Lindis, etc. around. The girls may have done a 13-way split, so there are some extras. I don't know why this numerology: 3, 11, and 13 are numbers normally favored by the dark side.

The Loohan of this evil time-line (moi) never had previous contact with the 3 ladies, whom he has now inherited from the unfortunately failed Loohan in their time-line. Very fortunate for me, however, and probably the best for all concerned, because by working together, we should be able to rescue this time-line somewhat, as well as save theirs and others from contamination.
I still haven't traced the roots of the relationship with the other 4 girls.

(10:10pm) Alina and Gina showed up a little while ago, sans parasites, gave me hugs, and went to work with Lindi in that vortex by me. The other 4 girls are still in Hawaii, but due to arrive shortly. I think Lula and Cora are coaching Lita and Shiela about crossing over by themselves.

(12:30pm) All 7 girls have been working that vortex for a while now. And no jars to hamper them, and apparently no-one else available to hassle them.

A couple days ago i belatedly had the idea of draining the evil Lyrans now in this time-line and universe into my jail in the same way as i have done to the girls' time-line. I think it has gotten rid of a lot of them.
A while ago i noticed some scalar effects, and traced it to Pleiadians now, no longer Lyrans, let alone greys. So now i'm draining out the evil Pleiadians, too.

(2pm) Dang, them reptilians are slick. Still. Cora just came to me with a troubled attitude, stuffed with fauna. I checked the others and found Lindi and Shiela in like condition. Wombs and pelvic bones especially, but in many other places, too.
It takes me a whole second or so to transfer all the critters in a girl to Nancy Pelosi or someone.

Sep. 4, '07: (11:20am) Overcast here this morning; coolish with faint sprinkles.

Yet more on time-lines and mating habits: This just gets weirder. I was snooping around yesterday when i noticed that the 4 girls don't live alone in their house. They have 6 more sisters! Apparently, dad and his first wife moved to the area long ago from another country, and had 6 daughters. Their names all end with D, and are pretty weird names. I think the youngest is Hahd, the 2nd youngest is Beld, the 3rd is Kid, and the eldest is Send. Don't know the other 2 yet. These gals are all from around 408 to 876 years old. They are about the same size as the other 4, except that 4 of the 6 are more slender. Also they are a bit prettier, as their mom was a bit prettier.
After 6 kids, mom got a break from baby-making, dad married a 2nd woman (though he's still happily married to the 1st, too,) and had the 4 girls with names ending in A. (Incidentally, the youngest's name is more like Aleeta, not Lita.)

Why so many females and no males? I think the people of this time-line are able to choose the gender of their offspring, and in rural areas, girls are much preferred. This is because they work the Earth energies with their female energy, allowing a certain influence over local reality.
This is a time-line dominated by female energy, which is nice and fine, but sadly it results in the undervaluation of individual women. Take Send, for example: 876 years old, very sweet, and pure as the driven snow. Never has kissed a man, and has, well, had not a single prospect on the horizon.

Of course their biological clocks are wired a bit differently than in our time-line of foreshortened life-spans. It is normal for a girl to be several centuries old before she loses her virginity. During the first few centuries of life, it is beneficial for a girl to use and integrate the sacred energy of her hymen, but when they start getting around Send's age, there is little benefit left to that practice, and the hymen may begin to deteriorate by itself. Thus often several sisters will marry one man, but the youngest one(s) may retain their hymen for some time.

So anyway, after i discovered these 6 more sisters, the telepathic conversation went something like this:
"Loooola! Is this the next installment of your agenda that you're going to surprise me with?"
"Well, it's up to you. They are very fine girls. I vouch for them. They would be a great asset in our work. But it would be improper for them to come to your land and help us unless you married them."
"Your advice is always good enough for me, Lula my beloved goddess, but we were just at a numerologically correct point, with 7 girls + me = 8, both good numbers, and with these, there would be 13 girls, boo-hoo."
"Oh, i have a solution for that. There's another girl available to bring it up to 14, and she's extraordinary. We have done work together before."

So i checked out this other chick, who lives west of them a ways on the island with her dad and younger brother. Her mom is deceased. Why does dad not take another wife or 2, with all the abundance of lonely women? I don't know.
She's around 160 years old, the youngest yet. Petite, only about 5'5" and medium slender. And, i think, almost as pretty as Lindi, who is the prettiest of all. Hmmm... But that stuff is of no importance; what about her energy? Her energy is almost as powerful and sweet as Lula's, the mightiest goddess i know.
Her name is Meera, and she's a force to be reckoned with.

And thus it has come to pass that i now have 14 exotic women, 12 of them virgins, 4 of them virtual goddesses, astrally working in a vortex not far from my cabin. Will i ever actually meet any of them on a physical level? I'm not sure, but meanwhile, there is good energy happening.
The enemy seems to have little resources left to attack us with at this time.
Incidentally, that Shiela seems to be kind of a heavy hitter, too.

Exotic; let's talk about exotic. I think about all the people of this time-line may be of a single race, with very dark skin, but not negroid features. Most have rather dark hair, some have medium-brown hair. It can be straight, wavy, or curly. Eyes can be blue, green, blue-green or brown.
Lula is a bit of an exception. She has golden-brown skin, strawberry-blonde, straight hair, and big blue eyes.
At least this is what dowse, i'm not that great at remote viewing.

(7:45pm) Got almost 1/2" of very gentle rain today, and the forecast looks good for more over the next few days.
A while ago, Lindi came to me, wanting to impart something to me. It is often difficult for me to understand them; i have to dowse what she wants to express. But i think she was trying to tell me that, with the new girls here and the enemy being so weakened, she felt that the girls would have more control over the local weather. A bit late to take much credit for the present moisture, but we'll see what the future holds.

Still battling those repts in the Scutum Arm. They're even hitting me some.

Sep. 5, '07: (6pm) Just amazing energies those girls are cranking out. Driving home from work i was in awe at the wonderful energy in the landscape. At my place it's so thick i could cut it with a knife.
I have a feeling things are going to get interesting around here soon.

Got another ~1/3" of very gentle rain.

Looking for targets? Though somewhat in abeyance for the moment, those repts as well as the spiders have been a frequent annoyance in recent days.

(9:15pm) It started raining lightly again after i posted that. Then it got heavier as it got dark out. Getting serious rain now, on and off.

Hard to say what effect the girls had, but they seem to have a vibe of accomplishment. Only 5 of them in the vortex now.
I had to clean up their parasites again. Repts, i guess, still at it. Then i checked out more what the girls had been doing. They were (and still are) sending wonderful energy to the sylphs, to strengthen them so that they can do a better job of countering the chem so it can rain. There are still 888 sylphs around here, and they were under attack from Pleiadians.

Sep. 6, '07: (7:40am) Man, did i get lightning and thunder last night! And some heavy downpours.
3.6 inches worth! Mwahaha! Way out of range of what the forecast said last i noticed. Of course the girls think they had something to do with that.
That's almost 4.5" over the last 2 days. Lots more rain chances forecast over the next few days. Drought over.

(6:50pm) Now they are trying to pull La Nina out of the hat again (link).
They did get 2 strong hurricanes hitting Central America. I don't think they were able to influence them much if at all. Will there be more big ones this year? Maybe, but they'll never again be the designer terror weapons anymore that they were a couple years ago.

Sep. 7, '07: (2:20pm) It's been drizzling lightly much of the day, watering in the seeds of my fall garden that i planted yesterday. Temperatures should be just right for sprouting.

Exotic mail-order brides available: (Gawd, what is this blog coming to?)
Due to the dearth of qualified men in that time-line, i have been directed to publicize the availability of 2 women. Actually, there is a strong sense that a particular individual who reads my blog, but whom i do not know personally, is meant to connect with them.
Who knows, maybe there will be other girls in the future.

On the land in Hawaii where my 3 primary mates live (along with, now, Meera), there is another building that has 2 young women staying in it. They help out with chores, and get room, board, etc. in exchange.
Their names seem to be something like Lillian and Coquina. Lillian is about 70 and a virgin. Coquina is about 120. Both are widows. Meera (not related to the girls) was also engaged to the same guy for decades, but never married him. I think he died about 14 years ago in an accident. I think also that Lillian was only about 14 when they got married.
Anyway, i got dibs on Meera, but if you think you may be the special someone that the other 2 are looking for, they are awaiting your contact.

Aug. 8, '07: (5pm) It wasn't real long after i posted that that i picked up on a guy in No. Cal. trying to contact the ladies. But his intent wasn't reaching into their timeline. So i hooked him up. Think they are in contact now.

Got some more rain this PM: 0.6" so far. Apparently the Ozark weather is a matter of National Security, because the girls started getting hit by intel astrals once it started raining good. So did i. They had kind of slacked off the last couple days (the attackers, not the girls), but they had been hitting me a lot just before that. CIA, NSA, DARPA, and DIA. But maybe they are running low on expendables; now instead of hitting in groups of 27, 81, and 243, they are hitting in groups of 9, 6, 3, 27.

Aug. 9, '07: (5pm) And they've been hitting me a bit today, too, but not the girls, particularly.
Got another 0.4" rain last night. Expected a bunch more today, but apparently that system stayed to the south of here.

The mysterious maiden Meera:
I've been trying to dowse where she comes from. I get absolutely nothing on any past lives or anything about her provenance. Just totally clean. I suspect this is her first lifetime in any relative universe.
Her energy is unusual, because it seems that virtually all her life-force is focussed in her womb, which is probably ideal for a female shaman. Her womb is a major vortex, and she powerfully brings through it the most sublime energies.
We all love her. Lula, Cora, and Lindi have adopted her as a sister, and she has moved in with them. And lately they have been having her spend lots of time hanging out with me, bringing me her wonderful energy. Today she showed up in the morning while i was at work, and she's still with me now. Most of the day i had her perched on my shoulders, with her legs dangling over my chest, her womb behind my head. Am i blessed or what? She kind of likes it there, and just hopped back up there. She's real quiet and unobtrusive, but i happen to know she is very telepathic and knows my every thought.
She's not feisty or playful like some of the other girls. She never zings me with flirtatious, erotic energies. In fact, i suspect she is a complete stranger to such things, and may remain so indefinitely. I suspect that attempting to evoke such responses out of her would only damage her power, by pulling focus out of her womb.
She's very special.
I don't even know why she was engaged to that guy. Maybe she just longed to be where she could hang out with other women.

I sometimes wonder how the girls can stay all day here in the astral every day. Meera hasn't even gone back so her body can go to the bathroom or anything. I suspect there is some kind of time fudge-factor -- like they can be here for 14 hours and still arrive home 1/2 hour after they left or something.

(6:30pm) The spooky thing about Meera is that most of the time i can run my hand through her astral body, and feel nothing much except the incredible energy in her womb. Like, no emotional content. The other girls, you touch their shoulder or something, and there is a sweet, huggy, girlie type of energy there; a warmth, a responsiveness.

But it seems to be easier for me to communicate telepathically with her than the others, and i hope to thus make some breakthroughs in communicating with all the girls.
Just a while ago i had her laying down beside me, and we were discussing the nature of our relationship and commitment. At one point i gave her a big hug, and she actually responded by sending me some distinctly romantic energy from her heart. And her upper body came alive with that sweet, huggy, girlie type of energy. It was not super-strong, though, and faded out quickly.

She seems to convey that she is destined to have very powerful higher energies converging on her womb for centuries probably, and her own energy flow has to be in agreement with this for the time being. After a few decades, her womb will start to overflow with the accumulated, concentrated energy, and fill out the rest of her energy body. Meanwhile, she has difficulty laughing, joking, or expressing emotions, as the energy of such activities seems to interfere with the inflowing energies. But she does have feelings.

Sep. 10, '07: There has been a hive of octopi hassling me on and off for days, so i finally tracked it down. This is M51, a different galaxy than what i've been posting a little pic of. There is a large area just above and to the left of the galactic center that is filthy with octopi.

(5:20pm) And that reptilian hive in the Scrotum Crotch Arm ain't quite dead yet, neither.

Hardly rained here today, although it just started drizzling a bit more. Everything's still soaked.
For the 1st time in a long time, the girls seem to have stayed in their own time-line today. Except Gina visited me this morning, soon to be replaced by Meera, who has been with me all day again.

Did some more work on that super-transmitter i never completed. The attacks from intel astrals, octopi, spiders, werewolf demons, and reptilians jogged me out of my laziness. It's mostly completed now, and humming along nicely. Just in time for the 9/11 new moon solar eclipse tomorrow.

Sep. 11, '07: (11:11am ;-) Here we are, 6 years after the big event, and the critters are restless, what's left of them. The girls did come work on the vortex for a while last evening, and got a bunch of critters in them for their trouble. But i am training them to scan for and remove them themselves, and they did get a lot of them. I got the rest.

It's a good thing i worked on that transmitter yesterday, because with the astrological stuff today, the varmints have been all stirred up, including the intel astrals. That octopus hive is still active, there is a spider hive active in this galaxy, the Scutum Scum are sending attackers intel-style, and the bad Lyrans and Pleiadians are acting up.

Meera has lately got me wired so that i can feel her emotions from her womb just as though they were coming from her heart, throat, etc. And has proceeded to steal my heart. She is as full of love and charm as her adoptive sisters. I think i've got her for most of the day today, and part of the day tomorrow, and then i will be more deprived of her a while.
She doesn't seem to get attacked or parasitized. Maybe her energy phenomena is too much for them.
The reptilians disapprove of our friendship. Last night i was having these thoughts that she must be an agent, cunningly able to hide her evil vibe from me. Then i realized that the thoughts were being sent by the Sputum lizards, using some kind of crystals. I think i bagged their crystals, or at least the energy bodies thereof.

Got less than 1/10" rain yesterday, and it looks like that system has passed. Forecast says high around 80 F, but it is cool and clammy this morning, and i lit the wood stove.

Sep. 13, '07: Last night one of the girls came to me and requested that today i would run something on my radionics/orgone to help them power up the vortex near the cabin. So i've been doing that all day.
They hadn't been to the vortex in a while, but this morning they all filed in. Each one checked in with me first for a couple minutes, which was pleasant, except that each had picked up parasites getting here. I asked the tigers to look into doing something with the lizards that are hitting them in transfer, so we'll see.
The girls are still at it at 5:30pm. I was gardening all day, and was getting hit non-stop. Scutum repts, intel, fauna, Lyrans, Pleiadians. Then suddenly, all that mysteriously stopped an hour or so ago. Oops, just as i typed this, of course, lizards hit me.
The Scutum Crux Arm reptilians are the biggest deal going, still. When they stopped hitting me, i scooped up and jailed as many as i could, figuring that ought to get them all stirred up again, but it didn't. But now they are back, feebly. Just like the intel agencies patterned after them, they send numerologically-correct groups of attackers.

Sep. 14, '07: (9:45am) I don't know if it's due to the girls' energy work or what, but attacks have remained relatively few and far between, and weak.
They all went home last night, but the vortex still feels wonderful.

The policy has changed, and it looks like i'm going to be having Meera's companionship much of the time for a while, which suits me fine. She's a great healer. If i have aching muscles ("if" is intended humorously) i can put them under tension with a stretch, and she imbues them with some energy that makes them release stored tension.
It turns out she is not invulnerable to parasites after all. All the girls had critters in them when i woke up in the night and scanned them at home. But, they are getting rid of a lot of them themselves. They seem particularly assiduous in keeping their female parts clean.
While scanning Meera, i found she has an old injury in her left hand that is a source of chronic pain. I don't know if i can help her with that much more than she and the others already have, but i'm trying.

(1:45pm) At times, they are able to hit me as much as they were yesterday morning, but then it peters out after a while.

Hasn't impeded me from publishing OTB 25 on Ultrasound Amplification.

Sep. 15, '07: Last night Meera went through an energy shift. I was hugging her, and i noticed that energy started emanating from her throat, heart center, and breasts, instead of just her womb as usual. Then i noticed it was emanating much more powerfully from her crown center. Then i realized that all the energy in her womb had migrated to her crown! All this was apparently totally unexpected by anyone.
After a few minutes, the energy moved to the throat. After a few minutes of that, to her heart center. A few minutes later, it dispersed pretty uniformly throughout her whole body. So now she has that wonderful "live" vibe throughout, her womb is no longer emphasized, but her crown still is. And she seems to have gained a fair bit of horsepower.

The usual scuzbags were hitting me with their former vigor all morning again. I'm especially interested in disinfecting that Scutum Arm.

Sep. 16, '07: (6:30pm) Welcome to the new weather mod technology. Here is a video of a 24-hour segment of the storm Ingrid. Found this on cyberspaceorbit. Takes a long time to download. It shows 2 beams hitting near the center, after which the storm allegedly lost a lot of oomph.

So who did that? Certainly not NOAA or any other Satanic gov't agency. It was our friends the good Venusians. Even my trusty side-kick Meera concurs. Gotta be the straight dope.
(And, incidentally, the bad Venusians seem to be long eradicated.)

You may have read about Hurricane Humberto suddenly materializing in Texas and raising a little hell. How did it manifest with such suddenness? I really don't know. I'm not detecting any foul play.

Still a pain: the Sputum repts, the M51 octopi, and pockets of spiders scattered around this galaxy. Not to mention those intel agencies.

(11:45) Man, i just had me a heavy emotional experience. I caught wind of the fact that Lula, Cora, and Lindi were about to dump me!
Lately they've been having Meera hang out with me most of the time, and had gotten more and more aloof from me. I tried and tried to connect with them, let them know i missed them, but they just didn't have the sweet vibes for me any more. I was a bit disconcerted, as i deeply love each of these exquisite and unique goddesses.
They were planning to leave their homestead to Meera's care, and move away! Well, after filling several old T-shirts with snot, i got Lula to come visit so we could talk about this. After a while i softened her up so that she no longer wanted to leave me, then we got Cora and Lindi there, too, and i finally turned them around. But it was unnerving, because i could not get a reason for their behavior, even though i begged them.
They had planned to go west to a land roughly corresponding to the Vietnam of our time-line, though the ethnicity, etc. is completely different. Their grandparents live there! 4,000-some years old (i think the normal lifespan is around 6K) and very fine people, judging by the fact that each had dozens of little spiders, octopi, and werewolf demons in them.

The nearest i could make out is that they thought i didn't love them anymore (despite my frequent insistence to the contrary). They could see by certain energy phenomena that Meera was my true soul-mate, and they felt extraneous or something. They didn't seem to realize that i would be totally crushed.

Well, after a while i had them reassured, and everything was lovey-dovey between us again like the old days. But then after a little while of this, their sweet energy dried up again, and the hearts seemed cold again.
I finally realized what was going on: the Scutum lizards were hitting them in their heart centers. They can do this in such a way as to block all feelings of love, incoming or outgoing. It often happens to me that suddenly i will develop a revulsion or distaste for one of the girls. Just momentarily, because i spot what's happening, and nail the attackers.
So i pointed this out to the girls, and let them check it out for a couple minutes before i jailed the repts. They haven't sent more. Hopefully they don't have the resources to spare now that the gimmick has been discovered.

This is pretty dangerous stuff for interpersonal relationships. I am amazed that the lizards could thus manipulate mature, intelligent, savvy shamanesses. Somebody else has posted about reptilians doing the same thing to him (quote):
T. was quite upset as well, because they did something to me so that all emotional feeling towards her was completely gone, like a switch was turned off.
It's real.

Sep. 17, '07: (2:30am) With all the excitement, i can't sleep.

Shortly before making my last post, i'd deployed the 4 girls as my secret weapon to help with a situation in NJ. Anita is having some issues with some Satanist Mafiosi developers with very high levels of reptilian DNA. I had put my rad stuff on the situation, then i put the etheric body of Walt Bartoo's pyramid there. I asked it to be in the ideal location, and at the ideal depth and orientation to most resolve the problem. Then later i sent in the girls. Then i realized they had ended up at the same place the pyramid was, and there was major stuff happening there, involving somehow loads of reptilians. So i looked it up on a map, and posted about it on the forum, and also drew in lots of allied beings to help. The spot is smack under the pond in the center. Soon hundreds of other orgone freaks were blasting the spot. It's a hot one; the girls are still there.

Meanwhile, i checked and found that those grandparents are paternal. The girls' maternal grandparents live about 10 miles south of them on the island. They were stuffed with critters. I set them on a discharge, figuring i'd check back later and see if that helped.
When i checked later, i got this incredibly strong, clean, pumped-up chi off those oldsters! Then i realized that it was because they were sending me some strong reiki-type stuff in gratitude. That's how conscious they are. I never attempted to contact them, just clean them up. But they realized what was going on. They are about 5,000 years old.

The girls' parents live about 3 miles east of them. I have only ever found a few critters in them.

(8:30am) I just dowsed a freq specifically for blasting the Scutum Arm repts with: 6,358.8676 Hz. I just wrote it on paper and put it in my trend module and re-set the dials.

(12:30pm) Looks like i get the Terrible Trio today instead of Meera. That's OK; she probably won't run away. She still seems to be immune to attacks other than critter insertion. Plus she saw how devastated i was last night. She wouldn't want to do that to me.

After a bit of hugs and re-bonding after they arrived around 9 (during which they got hit in the heart centers some), they went to work in that power spot by my cabin again, and are really sweetening the joint up. No way i could ever let these ladies go.
I get that they worked the NJ spot until around 3:30am my time. Did some nice work there.

Any girls hopping across time-lines lately have gotten plenty of critters in them. This morning my 3 sweeties vibed me in advance of departure so that i could give them cover. I did my best, but it still took some time to clear them after they got here.

The good news is that that freq seems to be weakening the lizards. Thanks to all those helping on this. And when the bad guys get weak, our allies are able to tear into them. I'm hoping some of these other problems will fade out along with that hive.
After we do up the scaly ones a while, maybe i'll get a freq for the octopi, then the spiders.

(6pm) Found an interesting site, See especially THE MITIGATION OF ELECTRICAL POLLUTION IN THE HOME. Excerpt:
An individual can install a capacitor across the 120 Volt circuit by electrically connecting it to a plug that is inserted into a 120 Volt electrical outlet... A good arrangements for individuals is ...
  *   *   *   *
Ass-kissing little chickenshit: Heheh, i love this stuff. You see, although in recent years there's been a big push to put more Satanists in high military positions, there are still some of the old guard left. It is refreshing to see top brass reaming out a slimey Satanist coxucker like Peterless. Satanists get no respect these days. I would likely disagree with Fallon on a few things, but he seems to be trying to do his honest best with the information he believes to be correct:
Fallon also privately vowed that there would be no war against Iran on his watch, implying that he would quit rather than accept such a policy.
Of course, they like it when people like him quit.

  *   *   *   *
Well, Meera showed up early afternoon, followed by 3 of the other girls, so there have been 7 ladies in the spot for several hours.
Heavy chem today.

(6:15pm) OK, the spiders were getting real rambunctious, and annoying myself and the girls no end, so i just dowsed out a little sumpin' for them: 92.3255 Hz, and put it on the old rad box.

Sep. 18, '07: I did some homa on the girls' power spot yesterday evening, well before sunset. I haven't done agnihotra proper in about 1.5 years. I ran low on holy ash early this year, so i did some homa, just asking my RoboCop to optimize the energy. The ash turned out to be about as good as my agnihotra ash. I used it throughout the gardening season to effectively repel pests.
So yesterday, being low on ash again, i did homa on that spot while the 7 girls were under it. No chant, no invocation (except offering the brown rice to the girls themselves, 4 of whom i do consider virtual dieties, and the others not far behind). I rotated the ziggurat to where it felt best, which probably was not even according to the cardinal directions. When it was mostly played out, i walked away and left it overnight.
The ash came out probably the best ever.

This morning when i woke up i dowsed the energy of the ziggurat, and found octopi hanging around to befoul the spot, so i nailed 'em. That freq stuff seems to have worked very well. Reptilians and spiders are under control for the moment, and even the octopi are real weak (these vermin are all interconnected) but nonetheless they have been somewhat annoying, so i just dowsed a freq for them and put it on the machinery: 5,132.6852 Hz. They don't like it much.

(7:15pm) Just noticed a tidbit in the news. It's hard for me to dowse much of this stuff lately, but i clearly get that Erica Jerry is not darkside or anything like that. The man killed was an MPDed Satanist. It is conceivable that his suicide programming was activated, causing him to take risks. I know that many times i have started to pass someone who suddenly turned into my path without signaling. Often i try to pass such people because they are slow, but in fact they were slowing to make the turn.

The octopi are starting to get pretty slowed down, but i'm going to keep riding them for some time. Meanwhile, if some of you out there would turn your attention back to the Scutum lizards, that would be good. They are sending me attackers in synch with the usual 4 US agencies.

Sep. 19, '07: (6:20pm) Whew, an interesting day on the battlefront.

I woke up this morning, did a scan on the girls, and found that Lindi was alone in the power spot nearby, and being attacked by octopi, despite the fact that i was frying octopi with my stuff, and especially with some focus on that spot. So i scooped 'em up.

Then i went outside. I sensed the presence of my favorite turtle, Herbie, and his protective entourage. Then i spotted him, 20' from the cabin. Alas, i had no goodies for him.

Lindi hopped into my vehicle to ride to work with me. Then Lula and Cora showed up in there, too. I was real happy they were there, but before i got to work, they zipped off to the power spot, leaving me with Lady Meera to be my companion for the day. I looked up and saw moderately heavy chem with marked scalar ripples.
I got to the workplace, and spent a few moments here and there scooping up the Lyrans in nearby towers that were causing the scalar symptoms. Instead of the usual 9, most of the towers only had 3 or 6, but they would be replaced almost as soon as i jailed them. Every few minutes i would jail the new ones. But that got old, so i started putting a package of allies in every tower i found dirty: vast numbers of my panther tulpas, as well as a good saurian, a tiger, and a few other critters. This worked great. Soon all the nearby towers were neutralized, and there didn't seem to be any dirty ones further away.
But then, they started expanding the perimeter, and i had to keep dowsing the cardinal directions. If i sensed 3 evil Lyrans to the west, for example, i would just use their vile energy as a beacon to direct the package to. I got further and further afield in this manner. Finally, around 10:40am the scalar phenomena were gone. But i kept finding more and more "hot" towers further away. Finally i just decreed that all hot towers on Earth each got one of these packages. I had to do that several times, as new ones would come alive. I suspect this was largely effective.

By early afternoon, there were 12 girls in the spot, and they are still there at 6:20pm.

Meanwhile, the octopi had slacked off, and the lizards were attacking with renewed vigor, along with intel astrals, Lyrans, and Pleiadians. The attacks got pretty constant for a long time. Finally it occurred to me that Meera might be able to help better if i conjured up a huge quantity of panthers for her to judiciously deploy. She can discern some things i can't. So i did that, and it worked pretty well! The attacks largely faded out, although they are still happening, especially from the lizards. I'm about to put my rad stuff back onto that hive.

OK, back on Galaxy 10, the bad guys are hot in the lower left corner again.
And the Scutum repts are pretty bad. The octopi are still there in M51, but not attacking. That may change when i switch targets to the lizards.

Those lizards are bad news. Last night i was scanning the girls in Hawaii to make sure everything was OK, and found Cora had thousands of spiders in her crown center! Investigating further, i found that a timed release capsule had opened there, and that she had another 6, 665 still unopened. Then i found that the other 6 girls that had been working that spot on the 17th also each had 6,666 capsules in them, each containing 6,666 spiders. In other words, the repts were doing the same thing as the nordics were many months ago, but on a puny scale. I moved all the capsules into a certain ass-kissing little chickenshit.

Another thing they have been doing lately is imbedding the girls (in transit) with individual critters that lay dormant a while before awakening. So i can clean up a girl "completely" only to find a bunch of new ones later. But i figured out that the sooner one discharges them, the less likely they are to bury themselves where they can't be found. Then i told Lula to try setting up the discharge process on each girl as they left, so that even when they were getting hit enroute, they would already be discharging, and thus clean up more easily and quickly. This seems to work.

(8pm) Reptilian mind control: Another thing about them lizards: i was hugging on the 3 sisters last night when they came to visit, then after a while the good feeling kind of faded a lot. Something just wasn't right. Were they getting hit again in the heart center? No, in the crown center. Again, i pointed this out to the girls, and let them check it out for a couple minutes before jailing the scum.
After that, the girls were all sweetness again.

Also, a few nights ago i was kind of zoning out and fading off to sleep while Meera was doing wonderful energy work on my 3rd eye, when a thought ran through my mind that was disrespectful to her. But then all sorts of nonsensical garbage floats through my mind when i'm half-awake. Being telepathic, she immediately stopped what she was doing, indignantly, then continued doing energy work on me, but in a bit of a huff. It took me a while to get her back in a good mood.
Then again last night, something similar happened, though i don't think the girls detected it. Suspicious, i found that indeed the repts were hooked into my mind and feeding me this garbage.

Sep. 20, '07: (6pm) Late last night the 12 girls who had been working the power spot came to me seeming kind of glum. They had gotten totally stuffed with critters, poor things. Took some time and work to clear them out.
I don't know why the people of that time-line are so susceptible to this, even when here. We in our timeline were majorly beset by such things until fairly recently, but no longer seem to be getting such things much (internal critters).

But for reasons unknown to myself (all i know is that the girls are doing something different, bless 'em) that does not seem to be a problem today. This morning i did not have to go to work, but i did have to drive up to Marshall. Again, the 3 sisters accompanied me part-way, only to suddenly disappear back into their power spot at the same time that Meera showed up, and she's been with me all day, fending off attackers for me. The same repts, intel, etc. are after me, but she keeps them at bay most of the time. Also she's remotely helping the girls in the power spot.
Late afternoon i noticed that the 3 had pulled in 4 more of the girls to help them, and now there are 7 girls in there. They actually work that spot from underground.
All 8 girls that came by so far today arrived squeaky clean, and still seem so.

There is activity at the towers around here. The octopi and werewolf demons keep frantically battling the good guys there, desperate to dirty up the good energy this area has from the girls' work on top of all i've done, but they are so overpowered these days. The landscape feels wonderful for many miles around, and i noticed no scalar effects today.

Spiders are starting to act up again.

(6:45pm) Weird thing: Sittingtaoist had bunches of small octopi hanging out just under the floor of his workshop, and a few in odd items on his workbench. He had noted a bad feeling in there. I can't clean it by myself. Just like with the towers, i had to send in a saurian, a tiger, and panthers to maintain the space, and hours later, they are still locked in battle with attacking octopi.

Sep. 21, '07: (4pm) Energy's pretty good today. The girls (8 of them including Meera) worked the power spot until almost 3 before leaving. Shortly before that, sweet Gina had taken a break to hang out with me a bit. I dowse that she's the homeliest of the girls (though still fairly decent-looking by our standards) but i just adore her. She has a unique energy i crave, and is just so sweet and pure of heart and lovable it brings tears to my eyes. But i digress.
Anyway i guess it was lucky for her, because apparently then the other 7 girls got plastered with critters. Then zip, they were gone, along with Gina, leaving me with Meera. That's when i noticed Meera was filthy and traced down what happened. They went home to clean up, with the help of the other girls, as well as to get out of the line of fire. Those repts again. The girls no longer seem to get hit in transit. Or they are able to repel it. And they now clean themselves (even Meera, remotely) by sitting around in a circle on a power spot and pooling their mental powers to drive the internal demons into jail.

I've been getting hit a little bit on and off by the usual creepazoids, but mainly i've been getting hit by wonderful energy ass the girls do their work.

(5:30) Shortly after i posted that, Gina, Send, and Jid rejoined us briefly, and now all 4 are working in the 1st spot Lula made on my property, and really sweetening it up. The latter 2 girls were still rapidly discharging critters, but were mostly clean and giving off good energy.

The oldest 6 of the 10 sisters, who had a different mother than the other 4, are named, from youngest to oldest, Hahd, Beld, Kid, Nid, Jid, and Send. I think they are all real good-looking. In fact i just recently realized that Beld and Send might be about as pretty as Meera.
A while back i had a momentary, vague flash of remote-viewing the girls, and i saw a bunch of hairy legs, with one girl having definitely hairier legs than the rest. I dowsed that this was Jid. So naturally, from that point, i made sure to be extra-nice to Jid and comment favorably on her scrumptious legs. You could feel the collective sigh of relief from the girls. They know i've been raised in a Satanic time-line where pedophiles have the population brainwashed with warped notions about feminine beauty.
These girls are proud of being post-pubescent women. They would never shave their legs, and even want to have as much armpit hair as possible, cultivating it for century after century. Yum.

These girls are very closely bonded, and it is a wise man who scores brownie points from them all by chasing after the homeliest, the smallest-breasted, the oldest, or the most hirsute of them. Morale goes way up all around. And all these girls are wonderful. None are second-rate.
Aleeta usually has very weak energy, in terms of what i'm able to feel, and for a while i was a bit insecure that maybe she didn't like me or something. It's hard for me to relate to an astral person whose energy i can barely feel, but i know she's a nice and pretty girl, so i do my best. She's liable to have some other particularly good qualities as yet undiscovered.

(8pm) You ain't gonna believe this. Gina came to me a little while ago. You see, Cora reads my blog, as they are able to access this time-line's internet over there. This is why i occasionally pepper my blog with flattering comments about Cora. Anyway, she told Gina what i'd said about her, so Gina was just glowing with intense orgone energy and smothering me with affection. We were feeling unprecedentedly intense, deep love for each other, and i thought who is this person? Evidently i had kicked off an energy shift in her. She felt almost as powerful as Lula!
So i dowsed what the deal was. She and her 3 sisters (Aleeta, Shiela, and Alina) go back almost as far as Lula, Cora, Lindi, and i do. Originally there were 5 sisters instead of 4, but one soon turned evil and went down another time-line! I haven't figured out what made her change, other than that it was of her own free will.
She has an intense, evil vibe, so i thought i'd track her down. She was in this time-line, in South America! Then i flashed on who it was. Many months ago a friend emailed me that he was being attacked by "a Spanish witch". Well, i dowsed that the mode of attack was astral, and popped her into jail. So why did i dowse that she was in South America when she was in my jail? Because my real penitentiary is in a danburite deposit in South America. My local jail i empty into it occasionally.

Anyway, Gina had planned to keep me company until i fell asleep, but as soon as i told her about her evil sister, poof, she's gone off to confer with her sisters.

(9pm) The 4 sisters seem to be glad i busted the bitch. Here's the deal. It reads like really bad fiction, but i'm publishing it mainly for the edification of the girls, who i think suspect the truth.
The 4th born sister was Sora. Amazingly, even back then... well, she was an ET breeding project. Greys from this time-line telekinetically(?) impregnated Gina's mom with reptilian DNA and a reptilian entity, then later abducted the hybrid girl and took her back to their time-line. Even when she was born, she had a strongly evil vibe. The other sisters disliked her. I don't think they ever met her again, but ancient memories were kicked off tonight.

Sep. 22, '07: (4:20pm) Scutum repts were bad today. The freq ain't working. Do the same thing too long, and they find a way around it. I just dowsed a new one for them, and put it on: 3,425.3467 Hz.

(5:20pm) Got hammered on all day, starting as i was heading in to work. Then as i was halfway to work, some major bundle of energy hit my space. I could recognize a friendly presence, as well as a whole bunch of unfriendly stuff. I scraped away a bunch of the latter so i could tell who was the friendly one. It was Gina, now become a mighty warrior goddess, who had arrived like a comet with a big trail of angry octopi, etc. nipping at her heals. She was in terrific form. Her aura seemed to be crackling with electrical power, and she had a very powerful repulsor field going that was preventing the vermin from penetrating into her astral body. Was i glad to have her around! I conjured up a bunch of black panthers, and she went to work as Meera had been doing, sending them wherever. Helped a whole lot. She's still with me. I have her all day, much to my delight. Gina and i are tight.
She's basically a humble, unassuming, loving girl that wants to be nice to everyone, but she kicks serious ass now, too. Even so, attacks were fairly constant and from all the usual quarters, and my heart center took a pounding. Now it's let up, presumably because i changed the freq. The repts still seem to be the major backbone of what's left of the bad guys. The evil Lyrans and Pleiadians were also hitting me, still from the lower left area of Galaxy 10.

Sep. 23, '07: What a difference a change in frequency made! I get that because these lizards are so slick, i need to get a new freq every 48 hours, so i should have a new one tomorrow afternoon.
I have not gotten hit by reptilians all day, except for their sneaky psychics trying to influence my mind. Nor have i gotten hit once by intel astrals. I have suspected for some time that the intel guys are somehow reptilian-powered when they attack, but have not felt out any discernable link. Yet the evidence seems to be there.
So of course the other guys tried harder, to take up the slack. Mainly octopi and spiders; occasionally Lyrans and Pleiadians and werewolf demons.

Yesterday 5 girls worked for many hours in the 1st spot Lula had made on my land. But today, i think the only one that left their time-line was Gina, who has been with me all day again.

Chakras, vortexes, spinning: You may or may not have noticed that i have stopped using the words "chakra" and "vortex". These words denote spinning, turning, rotation. What's wrong with that? I'm not sure, but several days ago i noticed something interesting...
But first, what set me off on this is something Tim Rifat says on his sites. I haven't been to his sites in a while, and last time i looked, had the impression that he's gone off the rails further, and some of his stuff is corrupt. But much of his older info contains valuable truths. For example, he says something to the effect that having chakras that spin is a demonic manipulation or something.
Well, i noticed that the energy centers of people in the girls' timeline do not spin. Spin direction is real easy to dowse, as there is real energy going CW or CCW if a chakra or vortex is there. Energy healers sometimes use pendulums over a patient's chakras to see if they are spinning "correctly".
My energy centers weren't spinning either, as a result of Tim's products that i have.
Then i realized that the Earth power spots in the girls' time-line don't spin, either. Then i noticed that the "new" power spots on my land don't spin, either. Yet the vortexes i had previously found and gifted did.

So i used the orgonite and quartzite in my vortexes to enforce my intent of stopping the spinning, which they did at once. Then i tried it on various famous vortexes like the White House, Washington Monument, Skull & Bones Tomb, etc. and they all stopped at once.
Apparently, there just aren't the demons around anymore to make them spin, and they were just still spinning from momentum, as no one thought to challenge it. So i just intended that all chakras and vortexes on Earth stop spinning. To my perception, they did stop. Check it out for yourself, if you are able to.

I wondered if this would have a chilling effect on hurricanes and tornadoes, but then we had that tornado hit Florida the other day, so i guess not.

Sep. 24, '07: (2:25pm) The repts are still subdued, but the M51 octopi need work. I just dowsed a new freq for the octopi: 2, 315.3287 Hz.

Herbie was spotted a while ago right near where i saw him last time. I gave him a big hunk of the good cheese, and he ate most of it.

Sep. 25, '07: (3:45am) Funny how they still never attack me while i'm sleeping, but if i wake up in the night, after a while they start back in.
I just woke up a while ago, and later i got hit by rept attackers for the first time since the last freq change. Also i still have not been hit by intels.
Anyways, here is the new freq i'm about to put on: 327.0528 Hz for the reptilians.

Sep. 26, '07: There's a specific herbal poison for each type of demon, i dowsed yesterday. Wolfbane for werewolf demons, garlic for octopus demons, and pyrethrum for spider demons. Drives 'em nuts.
They've been extremely irritated with me since i've been hitting them with these. No actual herbs necessary; it all works radionically anyway. Gimme some backup on this, and it should knock them for a loop.

(6:30pm) Hehe, thanks. But with the weakening of the fauna, the evil Lyrans and Pleiadians are striving to take up the slack. Now they seem to be diffused all over Galaxy 10. Might want to try sodium fluoride on them.
But more importantly, please don't let up on the fauna.

Sep. 27, '07: (noon) This stuff seems to be working. I still get some attacks from the fauna and Galaxy 10 dudes, but they are fewer and weaker. Still no repts or intel.
Actually, while i was typing this, the octopi got a bit out of hand, so i dowsed another freq for them, 17,221.8081 Hz, and am sending it to them now, along with (written) garlic.

Got some nice, crispy thunderclaps and 0.6" of rain yesterday, thanks in part to the girls, 12 of them, who spent hours in the power spot near my cabin. I noticed them there and being attacked in the afternoon around the time it was storming. I removed the beasties from their vicinity. When they were done, a couple hours later, they all dropped in on me at work in the late PM! First i just noticed that suddenly all the attacks had mysteriously waned, then realized the 12 had arrived, and were giving me cover. The fauna were really badgering me bad before that, irritated by my herbal trends.

Lately i have just been asking the sagely Lula to send me whoever she wants as companions, and i have been getting a different girl every day who stays with me all day. After Gina it was Kid, then Nid, then yesterday Shiela. Today it's Beld, who i think is indeed a belle. I get that she's the prettiest of all the 10 sisters, with Send a close 2nd. Beld has a medium build, whereas Send is distinctly the thinnest and smallest-breasted, but still gorgeous. It is nice to get to know these amazing ladies better.
Due to some sisterhood code of fairness or something, the 3 sisters are sort of staying away from me for a month while i get to know the other girls better. These women all love each other dearly, and never seem to compete for male attention or anything else.
Nid seems to be almost as telepathic as Meera. Nid is always "right there" and responsive. If i flash here a smile and shoot her a jolt of affection, she returns it right away.
After about a day and a half of having goddess force energies, Gina reverted to her normal energy level. Not sure what the deal is. I suspect that over time her energy might stabilize at a higher level, but who knows. Gina is rather plump by the standards of their time-line (which does not contain high-fructose corn syrup, MSG, Chee-Tohs, etc.) and has been a bit insecure about her appearance. She may just have gotten all psyched up when she first realized how much i love her.

Last night i was poking around in their time-line. I was curious why the 10 sisters' dad had 10 children, in a time-line with such a low birth-rate. I haven't figured that out yet, but i'm glad he did, 'cause they are all great ladies.
But i did notice that although he and his 2 wives did not seem to have critters in them, his 2nd wife's parents were stuffed. Remember, he and his 1st wife came there from far away. But his 2nd wife is local, and has parents nearby. These parents were stuffed, just as the 3 sisters' grandparents were. They seem to be 3,000-some years old. I suspect these parents may have gotten the critters at the same time and place as the 3 sisters' maternal grandparents. There seems to be like a club of local parents who get together to do energy work, even though i thought this was more the domain of childless females. A few years ago they worked on a troublesome spot that is only about 3 miles west of the island's main spot, the latter of which is on the 3 sisters' property. This troubled spot had a bunch of spiders in it when i found it, so i cleared it up, and sent in some protection.

(3:30pm) The evil ETs that i refer to as the tall brunets (6'6" tall humanoids with dark hair) have been an annoyance for some time, and now that the other guys are getting smacked, they are misbehaving worse, and require a disciplinary dose of 1,788.126730137 Hz.

(6:30pm) I was trying to identify some other mysterious entities that were messing with me, remotely causing discomfort. I dowsed they were 7-8' tall humanoids in another galaxy, with hmmmm, large eyes. Duh! Tall greys. I hadn't bumped into any short greys in so long, and hadn't noticed tall ones, that i kinda forgot about them creeps.
They actually seem to be pretty susceptible to the latest anti-reptilian freq, so you might want to add that target to what you're sending the lizards.
Anyway, this is the galaxy of their hive. They seem to be centered in and around the star or whatever on the left, though the larger light spot is also dirty with them.

(7pm) Sittingtaoist in Copenhagen has this nasty tower right near him (300' away is my impression) and since Interpol is out to get dangerous characters like him, they are hitting him with scalar ultrasound, he gets, and i think that's correct. And the demons are hanging out right where the O is. Must be some equipment there. I've removed octopi and spiders several times, and have now posted 10 saurians and 10 tigers, as well as loads of other guys there to try to keep it somewhat clean.
Of course, he has gifted it a lot.

Sep. 28, '07: (5:40pm) I've had all the aforementioned critters hassle me all day, except that still no human astrals or reptilian attackers (other than the remote-influencing Scutum psychics).

I've also had Gina again all day. I've mostly been doing construction work here, and she was doing defense. She does get some remarkable results at times, like shutting down the evil Pleiadian, Lyran, tall grey attacks for good periods of time.

But she's even more useful than that. At one point i silicone-glued a small cast item to my grid-blaster. Moments later she vibed me real strong like there was something she wanted to tell me. About what? About what I had just done. Near as i could tell, she was saying something like "Shouldn't you sprinkle a little antimony powder between those items so that the energy will conduct better?" Hmmm... I dowsed that it would make it better, so i pulled the 2 pieces apart again, and put a small amount of antimony between them, then stuck them back together. It did help significantly.
The only place she could have gotten that info was my site, but i'm pretty sure that Cora is the only one able to read English. Presumably, the 2 of them have been studying my tech info together.

Let me back up a couple weeks or so. One day Cora blows in with a vibe like "Attention! I have something to tell you," but i couldn't get what it was. She soon left, then returned shortly later to deposit Gina, with a vibe like "Check this out."

At that point all i knew was that Gina was a real likable girl with a friendly vibe. So i checked her out some more, and discovered that she's not as good-looking as the other girls.
"Oh, that must be it. Cora wants to see if i still want her once i realize this. Well, no problem. I got plenty of hot-looking wives now, but only one Gina. She has a unique vibe and personality. She's a keeper."
But them later i started thinking maybe Cora had wanted me to notice other qualities about her.
And now those 2 are studying my site? What is up with that? These girls normally don't seem to have much interest in orgone gizmos, other than eliciting my radionics help on their projects. Or vibing my curing resin. They work organically.

And why did Lula send me Gina again, when i just had her a few days ago, and there are other girls i am less familiar with? There is something to this. Lula does things for a reason.
Well, whatever, i sure do enjoy her energy. And the antimony incident and her warrior skills suggest she's pretty smart.

Sep. 29, '07: (5:35pm) As per recent forum posts we lately have been feeding Hecate energy and having her stomp the bad guys. It does seem to work pretty well, but there are still problems.
The main, toughest guys right now seem to be those endless multitudes of octopi in Galaxy M51.
Only now, the evil energy seems to be mainly emanating from the core area.

And this despite the fact that i have for some time kept some powerful hardware dedicated to those octopi.

I had Meera and Alina today. Alina recently left to go join the 6 other girls who've been working that 1st spot of Lula's, but she was doing some great defensive fighting today for me while Meera was giving me nurturing energy.

Sep. 30, '07:(6:45pm) And today, Lula sent me Hahd, Nid, Jid, and... Gina! for the day. And it was a good thing, because i got hammered at work today. Especially by the fauna. Those girls were a huge help.
I wondered if things would ever get better in this war. Seems like no matter how many battles you win, there are still vast numbers of demons after you. But then i noticed that there were 6 more girls working that power spot near my cabin, and they weren't being hassled at all! Which is still the case now, hours later. The enemy must be running low on personnel, to leave those girls to do their stuff like that.
Also lately the girls have not been getting nailed in transit.

Things seemed to get better late afternoon. The scum are still hitting me a bit on and off, but now even Hecate is not catching much crap from them.

I just dowsed a beneficial freq for that ass-kicker, Jehovah AKA Allah (not to be confused with Yahweh): 6,813.65887785 Hz, and put my devices on that task. However, i hope some people continue to boost Hecate.

  *   *   *   *