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Loohan's blog for September, 2009

Sep. 1, '09: (12:05pm) Yesterday i had a lot of natural clouds as well as chem-clouds. Today is the same so far.

As i recently posted on the forum, there is yet another type of spider demon recently found. They are centered in the Large Magellanic Cloud. I am not getting a name for them. They are not responding to therapy. Some attacked me last night.

Well, a lot of those Tyhiz did not leave those other Jessicas. Most of these girls had several. Morever, my Sakudas and other girls seem to have great difficulty detecting them for removal. So i have combed out a lot more, and there are still more. I guess they are harder to find because they are inactive.
I have scrutinized and scrutinized, and had some of my girls do likewise, but we can't find any other taint on these girls.

Apparently Jessica is still physically alive. I do not detect any emotions from her mom. But she is entirely off my screen. I feel absolutely nothing when i dowse her centers and organs or wings (almost all 96s have infinite numbers of etheric wings ever since an occurrence of July, 2008). I can't dowse how many chakras she has, nor any attackers! Ever since i first found out about her around New Year's, she has always been under heavy attack, more than anybody but me, probably, and i have given her immense protection. She never admitted noticing any attacks on herself, although she could tell when her mom and friends were under attack.
All my allies that had been protecting her left by themselves yesterday (and she was already not getting attacked then), leaving only the 2 girls who had been working on fixing the Aussie mind control (yes, she was one of the people they nailed, starting 1 day before she stopped answering my emails -- but this is hardly a full explanation for many oddities). Now even those 2 girls are gone.

Nothing makes much sense about this. Why, if she was evil, was she under such heavy attack? The answer is, i think, that she was self-MPD in some weird way. I don't understand what went on with her psyche, but there was a good Jessica and a hidden evil one, that none of her allies even suspected.
But then, why is she not under attack anymore now that the evil part is gone? Is it that what is left is no threat to evil anymore? Does she still have any of her old powers?
And why can't i dowse anything at all else about her now?

And day before yesterday i attempted, for the first time, to jail her. I tried hard, but was unsuccessful. Yet after she "died" i could easily jail this evil entity that was (part of?) her...

Also a few weeks ago i became aware that there were 40K Arcturans of the Bird Tribe remotely influencing her life, arranging synchronicities and opportunities, etc. I had never detected them before because they were discreet and never interfered with the demonic attacks on her. But now they, too, seem to have abandoned her. I think they have moved on to fighting Delk now.

Furthermore, i have a box of rocks, etc. that The Committee programmed months ago to help Jessica, working with her 85D self. I used to send energy to that box anytime i sensed she was in any kind of difficulty. Also a week or so ago Antuvozy programmed a bunch more crystals to clean Jessica up and heal her.
None of these crystals, formerly so very active, seem to have any activity now. Like they have no subject matter to work on anymore.
Except, that just now, i was guided to put a massive garnet with the other crystals Antuvozy programmed, and it has crispy energy! Antuvozy is with me now, programming rox and guiding me. She is not having me remove any of the crystals. Maybe there is hope for Jessica.

None of this makes sense to me. We will see if there is any noticeable change in her behavior, etc.

I detect there are still some of her 8D "healer angels" in existence that need to be mopped up, but none of the attack demonesses.

(3:30pm) I had completely forgotten that my 21D self was working on her. He never stopped. Suggesting
1) there is still someone home worth working on
2) and that that someone still is in need of work.

Moreover, Antuvozy has had me add more stones to her piles, and meanwhile, the stones have resumed working tangibly.

So now i am optimistic that this will have a happy outcome, and eventually Jessica will be back much cleaner and stronger than she was.
I still don't comprehend what all that evilness was about, though.

(3:45pm) Also, i forgot to mention, i can feel her centers, etc. again. She's still a 96, still has wings.

(6:15pm) I don't know much about this situation, but an important battle is raging in Galaxy NGC 3314. There's a good guy there named Natan, who is the counterpart of someone i correspond with, fighting i-don't-know-what.

Sep. 2, '09: (6:20pm) It has been unusually cool the last 2 days. Today was very chemmy and also much of the day naturally overcast.

Last night i wrote
So now i am optimistic that this will have a happy outcome, and eventually Jessica will be back much cleaner and stronger than she was.
I still don't comprehend what all that evilness was about, though.
Bwahaha! My eternal naivete'. I figured out a bit more about this chick.
Her higher selves are still squeamish about the prospect of reuniting with her. Her 40K Arcturans came back last night and were gearing up to go back to work for her, but then when i awoke in the wee hours and checked, they had left again to fight Delk.
I checked out the crystals Antuvozy had programmed for her. Of the cleansing/purifying ones, some 70% were addressing Jessica's heart center.
I checked out Jessica's heart at the very core, and in there i found only contempt. (This was not discernable months ago.)

The evil witch persona i disposed of was not the real core issue, but one outgrowth of Jessica's core issue, which is that she is arrogant and contemptuous of others. It was an ability of her evil self to simulate convincing love energies. Now i wonder if she can still pull that off at all.
This is not anything anyone did to her; it is her self-chosen attitude.

I would cease bothering with knocking myself out to do any favors for such an unappreciative, parasitic, STS, hypocritical, posturing, self-promoting actress, except that her higher selves, etc. are truly nice ladies that want me to do this.

She is different from most of us "light-worker" types. Myself, for instance. I have had many past lives in which i was quite evil, but i doubt it was ever by choice. When you incarnate in this evil time-line, you end up MPDed about 1/3 of the time. And when you are MPDed, a lot of the time you get turned onto black magic in your front persona, too. And if you are a powerful being, they sometimes latch onto you lifetime after lifetime like that.
They dumped me on Earth as a reject some 5K years ago, because i was erratic and dysfunctional working for the dark side. I got demoted, demoted, demoted from a high echelon level to the lowest over large spans of time, and when they couldn't demote me any more, they implanted and dumped me.
But most of us would never get into any real evil of our own volition otherwise.

By contrast, i think she has only had maybe 2 previous incarnations, and she was never abused. Yet she was very evil in one, even though she has probably never practiced blood rites. She had a mentor/ally in that life, another woman, straight dark hair, who was flushed up after the first couple days after Antuvozy programmed those rox. This 5D entity had been covertly residing in Jessica's space for a very long time. I destroyed her, at that time naively optimistic that it would make a real difference.

Anyway, we will blast and blast at the encrustations over her heart, and hope eventually this will force a healing crisis.

You might try dowsing this for yourself. What works for me, dowsing-wise, is rubbing my thumb and forefinger together. Imagine that your thumb is the center of her heart, and rub your fingertip against it. Ask questions like, how much love is here? How much contempt? Then compare that feeling with, say, the heart of her deceased sister Melissa (a real sweetheart).

Sep. 3, '09: (9am) Or maybe a better way of looking at it is that i lightly and gently, with a steady movement, rub thumb and forefinger together while imagining the subject target to be in the spot where my thumb and forefinger come together. This is probably related to the "stickpad" phenomenon of radionics boxes, but also i seem to be able to directly feel the subject.

Those corrupt 8D healer Jessicas had been channeling Delk energy into me the last day or so. In fact i had noticed that the Delk had seemingly found an energy path through my defenses.
And they had really messed up my friend in NM. Got an email from her this morning:
Wow, what a difference a day makes! I managed to eat some rice this afternoon, and will slowly start adding bananas and applesauce. I feel pretty good, the Arcturans I believe have done a great job of raising my energy, along with you, your allies, and those responding to your blog asking for help for me. Would you mind posting that I would sincerely love to thank everyone who heeded the call and sent healing to me? I was aware of energies coming to me from multiple healers, and absolutely knew that I was going to not just be alright, but that I was receiving healing in all ways, mentally, physically, and spiritually. My prayers will be full of gratitude for such a generous and loving blessing.
.   *   *   *   *
Just saw another interesting article about an herb i grow, Tulsi, and swine flu.

(11am) OK, more Mordok leads:
Central TX weather transmitter here at 223' depth. Control base here in S. Michigan at 240-422' depth, 210 mystery agency satanists.
Amother transmitter in central NE here, depth 111', and another one at 310'. A 3rd one at 500'.
Control here in Ainsworth, NE at 62-102' depth. 51 NSAtanists.

More to come in a bit.
Not as chilly this morning.

() Another transmitter here at 200' depth. Control base just a hop NW here in NW Wyoming, Yellowstone Nat. Park area, at 134-211' depth. Wide base, maybe 1.3 square miles. 2,310 NSAtanists! What could they be up to? I think 70% or so are Chinese. Bizarre.
Here east of Chihuaha, MX, is another transmitter at 230' depth. Control is here in Chihuahua, at 201-300' depth. 124 NSAtanists. Transmitter at 31' depth.
Here near San Pedro, MX is a transmitter, depth 51'. Control is here at 131-310' depth. 102 NSAtanists. Transmitter at 120' depth.
Here in Caborca, MX, is another transmitter, depth 100'. Control is here WSW of Diablo. Depth 103-224' with 111 NSAtanists. A 2nd base below that. Depth 200', 111 more NSAtanists (very strange numerology). A 3rd base below that, depth 400', 310 more NSAtanists. Another one at 500', 200 NSAtanists. Another one below that, 600', 103 NSAtanists.
Then, just a few blocks west here, another base. 83' depth, 51 NSAtanists. Another one at 320', 200 NSAtanists. Another at 500', 210 NSAtanists. Another at 700', 132 NSAtanists. Another at 901', 200 NSAtanists. Another at 13,100', 322 NSAtanists. Another at 14,000', 102 NSAtanists. Another at 16,101', 201 NSAtanists. Another at 17,112', 200 NSAtanists. Another at 19,111', 300 NSAtanists with a gnarlier, more important vibe. Another at 41,000' (remarkable precision) with 100 NSAtanists. These are all female except for 1 man! Another base at 42,200' with 113 NSAtanists. Another at 43,000' with 202 NSAtanists and there were 310 Tall Whites with them, which i bagged. Another base at 44,000' with 201 NSAtanists. Another level at 44,023' with 210 NSAtanists. Another at 45,001' with 100 NSAtanists. Another at 46,002' with 101 NSAtanists. Another at 47,112' with 200 NSAtanists and i bagged 310 more TWs there, too. Another at 49,120' with 100 NSAtanists. Another at 51,122' with 130 NSAtanists. Another at 51,322' with 320 NSAtanists, all male. Another at 52,000' with 102 NSAtanists. Another at 52,311' with 100 NSAtanists. Another at 52,600' with 100 NSAtanists. Another at 52,700' with 220 NSAtanists. Another at 52,778' with 201 NSAtanists and i bagged another 310 TWs there. Another at 52,800 (ten miles exactly) with 200 NSAtanists. Last one at 6000' exactly with 200 NSAtanists, 183 of which are female.
Bizarre! Since when do satanists use nice round numbers like 100 so much?
I think these are all yanquis, mostly white.
I have never seen a bunch of human bases stacked like these.

(2:10pm) I've had 113 of Jessica's 8D "healing angels" aggressively attack me so far today. But things are going better with the Delk. My defenses keep getting beefed up, so now when they try to hit me, usually i just feel a strange sensation of density and gravity or something, as the energy hitting me gets converted to good.

I had a hunch i needed to trace where some of the USN soldiers that were in Poland went to. Well, 316 of them ended up here in Scranton, PA, in a base at depth 150-300' containing a total of 603 USN satanists. There is also a transmitter at 110' right under the NW corner of that smaller bldg.

(9:05pm) I've been attacked by dozens more of Jessica's healers. They have a base on the moon here, amazingly. On the 6D, is what i dowse, although they are 8D. Don't ask me what that means.
Originally i only dowsed 25 quintillion of these 8D ones, but actually, the amount is much vaster.

(9:20pm) On 2nd thought, i think i was right about the number of healers, and the healers are probably mopped up, but what we have here is the same type of entity, they just never did healing. I have to wonder, were they benign before, and only recently corrupted by the incarnate Jessica? And if so, why do they have a base on an evil place like the Moon? I notice they do not seem in conflict with the Tall Whites who still have quite a presence there.

I found a US Marine base underground here in Pakistan. I got onto this because of this article. This base is much closer to Mirkur Sakro than Gharo, though.

(9:40pm) Forgot to dowse the details. Turns out there are 3 bases (what is up with that today?). One is at 100-130' depth, and contains 2,110 servicemen and women, ordinary soldiers, MPDed. Then there is one at 170-200' with 1,041 USN satanists. Then at 310-350' are 200 USN satanists, and something else i'm trying to de-cloak. ETs?

Sep. 4, '09: (1:05pm) The sheriff is still working on de-cloaking whatever else is down there. He usually gets it after a few days. However, we still have not figured out what else is under the west side of Knoxville, TN, and we have been working on that a while. It is here at a depth of 111 ft....

Warmer here the last couple days. Heavy chem-clouds yesterday and some more today, along with a bit of local spraying.

OK, Mordok has some more spots:
Here, east of San Pedro late one night, he found us another transmitter alright. Depth 111' (there's that number again; getting into weird synchronicities). Control base here in Hacienda, depth 231-410', 354 NSAtanists.
Here, south of Mortreros, depth 134', is another transmitter. Control is here South of Big Bend Nat'l Pk., depth 112-250', 100 NSAtanists.

In Venezuela here, depth 62', another transmitter. Control is here in the Everglades, depth 111' (again) to 300'; 101 US satanists, but i'm not getting an agency. I get a bit of a NOAA vibe, like 12 NOAA personnel, 1/2 male, 1/2 female, are running it. But the other personnel (also MPDed satanists) don't even know this has anything to do with NOAA.

(1:25pm) A few days ago someone in AU emailed me
A few years ago a friend gave me a little black box with an on and off switch and 2 leads with copper pipes attached to hold. I didn't know what it was and there seemed to me to be something unpleasant coming from it, I didn't want to seem ungrateful to my friend by telling them this,so I stuck it away in a drawer and forgot about it. My life health everything then went into a downward spiral, I won't bore you with the details. The upshot of it all was that I started learning about chi generators etc and I remembered that black box and destroyed it, as I firmly believe/d that it was contaminated. Within an hour or so of dispensing of all the pieces of it, in many different locations, I felt as if I had been released from some sort of a very negative bubble.
The friend was well-intentioned.
This box seems to have adversely programmed her house, so now Pitwexin is trying to clear the house as well as the remnants at the dump.
The person who built this lives here in Marian, QLD, in the house that has the top of the M touching it. Incidentally, this is the house closest to the main power spot of the town, the city center. This person has connections to the notorious black magician Gerard, as well as, like Gerard, British MI5.

(5:50pm) The Delk have gotten real strong again, and are poisoning me on the 2nd layer of my aura again and causing pain.

Sep. 5, '09: (4:45pm) Thanks for the backup. That helped a bunch. But in the last couple hours they have started to get strong again.

Between last night and this morning, i got 1.4" of rain. When the natural cover cleared off this afternoon, there were plenty of chem-clouds to be seen. And there still are.

There has been a dramatic change for the better in Jessica. Try dowsing her heart now.

(5:10pm) Another satanic "holistic healing" site: Maperton Trust. Three satanists connected to this.

OK, what happened with Jessica recently: for the last few days i'd been a bit worried, because instead of feeling cleaner from the scrubbing she was getting, she felt more and more evil. I think she sicced those 8D Jessicas on me. (Incidentally i have not been attacked by them in 2 days since we have been hitting the moon base, but there are still a lot there.)
Last night i noticed she was attacking her mom! Her mom is a sweet lady, a 48, who has had bad migraines for a long time. I don't think they were caused by Jessica in the past, but recently Jessica has been pushed into choosing between good and evil, and she became a demoness. Anything to prevent her heart from being a conduit of (yuck!) love, i guess.
She was attacking her mom hard on the crown.
I again tried to bag her but couldn't. I felt this was not because she didn't deserve to be bagged, but because she was too strong. When i got rid of the "drowned" Jessica, she lost ~30% of her power to the godhead. But she was still very strong.
So i asked Pa-Paw to come to her. And he and his 3 buddies took her apart sur place. They completed this at 12:20pm CST today, and Jessica1 moved into her body.
I tried to trace where the Jessicas 1-17 came from. Tentatively, i think her 82D self created them about 10 years ago; about 4 months after her sister Melissa died in a car crash.

(6:15pm) Something interesting my friend in NM wrote me yesterday:
Well, something strange happened last night about 2:00am. I was sleeping when kitty jumped onto the bed and began licking my face, (something she rarely does unless she's desperate to get outside), when I didn't respond she started to lick my eyelids, she has never done that before. I opened my eyes finally but instead of jumping down to lead me to the door, she climbed on top of the air cleaner next to the bed and stared in a non-threatening way at a spot on the wall. Because I was still half-asleep, I rolled over and ignored her, so she climbed on top of me and started licking my eyes again. Finally after 3 or 4 attempts, she managed to get me sit up, then went back to sitting on the air cleaner and staring at the wall. She tried several times to get closer, but there were things piled on a chair in front of her, so she could just sit where she was, which is also strange, she doesn't at all like things that vibrate, and the air cleaner vibrates quite a lot. Finally she got down and went outside. So, I'm just sitting there watching tv and I hear a voice talking to me. I ask who it is, and she says, "I'm Wopwex." I asked her why she was here and she said, "Because Dex asked me to, Commander Loooooohan!" We both laughed, she seemed very sweet, playful, but as we continued to speak, also quite wise. I asked her if she was a nature deva or sprite of some kind. She said, "No, not a deva, but a nature being." I asked if she would show herself to me, and she said, "That's not important at all." I also asked who was keeping an eye on things for you if she was here and she asked me if I understood bi-location, (I do). She asked me to go into meditation so that we could talk without any distractions, that it wouldn't take long, and she was there to explain/teach me some things. I sat straight and left the light on so that I wouldn't fall asleep, and we spoke for the next 40-45 minutes. She answered several questions of mine about my higher selves, angels, and very important to me subject of my spirit guides. When we were done, she was gone in a blink.
I still don't receive very well telepathically myself, so i am not able to get much info from astral beings. I had not consciously asked Wopwex to visit her, but it was her, alright.

Sep. 6, '09: (4:30pm) More normal temperatures today for this time of year. Mostly overcast. Chem-clouds visible at times.

Delk still after me.
I also had 1 attack from the 8D Jessicas on the moon: 3 & 1/3 trillion jumped me at once. But they felt wimpy and were easily jailed. I guess the blasting has weakened them.

Sittingtaoist emailed me about a weird DORy spot on the floor of his workshop where he makes his orgone devices. I bagged a tennis-ball sized beetle of some sort. I tried therapy, but it does not seem to be working on these. Their hive is here in the Virgo Cluster of galaxies.

(7:10pm) Well, Jessica's Arcturans are back with her, she is getting attacked by Tall Whites and Delk again, my allies are back protecting her, and Antuvozy pulled most of the programs out of the crystals we'd done for her.
Not that she's emailed me yet or anything like that.

Just now i was prompted by Cora to check out something she had found and my allies are attacking. It is an ET base here in Chickasa, OK, at 270' depth. A big bunch of DORy evil A Sirians.

(9:50pm) Incidentally, the evil Sirians have not responded to the therapeutic approach.

It appears that the Delk hive at M33 is cracked. Dregs being cleaned up. Hopefully this was the main stronghold. But all across the universe (and also at least Universes D and F) are galaxies DORy from Delk and Tall Whites fighting defensively against our allies. And they still have plenty of nests on Earth.

Babs came by for hugs, but she was plastered with Tall White fog. Apparently the TWs were fogging her up while she was kicking Delk ass. Recently i've had Antuvozy and another girl show up that way, too. They don't seem to notice, but it blocks their energy to my perception. Sakudas can clear it.

(11:15pm) An Arcturan came to tell me they were jumping the Sirian base in OK now that the Delk hive is kaput.

I found some more evil about Jessica. It was a bunch of evil female cohorts of the corrupted Jessica. They want to corrupt the refurbished Jessica, too. I doubt they can, but these evil bitches need to be mopped up. They sneer at therapy. There appears to be a fair-sized hive of evil 5D women in the center of the cartwheel galaxy.
BTW the godhead has returned half of the energy (that came from the dissolution of the 2 evil Jessicas) to Jessica Schab, who is now inhabited by Jessica1 and back to working with the higher-D Jessicas. She still has important stuff she is supposed to do. If she proves stable, she will get the other half back, too.

Sep. 7, '09: (4:20pm) Mostly sunny, some chem-clouds.

More drought transmitters Mordok found:
Here near Elkwater, WV, depth 142'. Control base is to the east here, depth 200-314'; 203 mystery agency satanists.
Eighteen here, east of Atlanta, depth 120', 200', 300', 400', 500', 600', 700', 800', 900', 1000', 1100', 1200', 1300', 1400', 1500', 1600', 1700', 1800. That's a first for a pure transmitter site. Control here in Tucker. Depth 200-345', 300 NSAtanists.
Here in the western tip of VA, depth 112'. Control here in Liberty, VA. Depth 111-340'; 300 NSAtanists.
Here west of Philly, depth 123'. Control here in Reading, depth 112-314'; 300 NSAtanists.
Here in eastern TN, base depth 202-300'; 210 mystery agency satanists. 3 transmitters at depths 101', 200', 300'.
These guys are also running 17 transmitters just west a short distance here at depths 200', 300', 400', 500', 600', 700', 800', 900', 1000', 1100', 1200', 1300', 1400', 1500', 1600', 1700', 1800'. Why 17 (a good number) instead of 18 (more like what satanists would use)? I don't know; perhaps one is not working now.
Here near West Augusta, VA, depth 110'. Control here a bit NW. Depth 110-200'; 300 NSAtanists.
Here in eastern GA, depth 112'. Control in central ME here; depth 120-310'. 205 NSAtanists. They are also controlling 2 other transmitters:
One here in Easton, NY, at depth 112'. The other here in Elmira, right under somebody's house. Depth 112'.
Here, near Cincinnati, he thought was another transmitter, but actually the DOR is coming from this secluded house which has 4 CIAtanists with a strong evil vibe. What is going on there?
Here in PA, depths 101', 210', 300', 400', 500', 600', 700', 800', 900', 1000', 1100', 1200', 1300', 1400', 1500', 1600', 1700', 1800'. I guess it's an eastern US thing. Control base is a bit west here, depth 112-300'; 312 NSAtanists.

Sep. 8, '09: (11:20am) I started a new page, the Who Izzit page to keep track of places where i am unable to divine what type of enemy entity is present.

I just found another galaxy that seems to be a key to the power of the Delk, NGC 4038. Yesterday Delk were hitting me pretty hard on the 3rd layer of my aura, causing pain. Always from 3 different bases simultaneously. Smack those bases, and 3 others start up. I think some 70% of galaxies in our universe still have a strong Delk presence, and almost that many still have a strong Tall White presence.
Just now the Delk started up strongly again, and i dowsed that their energy is largely coming from NGC 4038; that is, a bunch of Delk put their intent together there, and channel it to whichever 3 bases are hitting me at the time.
As soon as i nailed 4038, the attacks weakened a lot.

(2:50pm) Partly overcast, some chem here.

Wow, thanks to David Icke, i just learned about another nifty satanic-as-hell US agency i'd never heard of:
The Pentagon has recently asked Congress for clearance to post nearly 400,000 military personnel throughout the United States in the event of an 'emergency' and 'major disaster' under the control of US Northern Command, or 'NorthCom'.

In truth, large numbers of these troops will not even be American. The military has been amassing an army of foreign troops to patrol the streets of America in the knowledge that many American soldiers will be reluctant to fire on their own people.

NorthCom is the domestic military operation created as a Problem-Reaction-Solution after 9/11 to 'protect' the 'homeland' from 'terrorists' (We the People). NorthCom is also responsible for 'theatre security cooperation' with Canada and Mexico. These people love their Orwellian language.

General Victor Renuart, the head of NorthCom, has produced plans for the miltary to work with FEMA, the Illuminati's truly evil Federal Emergency Management Agency, in the event of a major swine flu outbreak and is awaiting approval from Bush and Obama 'Defense' Secretary Robert Gates. It will, of course, be granted.

Renuart gave public testimony in March, a month before the 'swine flu' outbreak in Mexico, that NorthCom had prepared for a flu outbreak originating in Mexico. He said NorthCom was focused on 'developing and improving procedures to respond to potentially catastrophic events such as pandemic influenza outbreak ...' Was he a prophet? No, he knew what was coming.
Their site is here. US Northern Command, or 'NorthCom'. Let's blast them a while; then it will be easier to ferret out details.

(4:20pm) I am of the impression that Northcom's main covert HQ is here in Providence, RI, with 3 mind-control transmitters centered on the left side of that dot. Transmitter depths 200', 300', 400'. Base depth is 111-402'. 301 Northcom satanists.
Another base here in Calais, ME. Depth 111-201'; 103 Northcom satanists.
Another here in New Haven, CT. Depth 111-201' again; 113 Northcom satanists, transmitters at 100', 200', 411' depths. Woops, another base down there at 421' with 110 satanists, another at 501' with 201 satanists.

(6:50pm) Mordok found a spot in Yellowstone which i find has 120 NSAtanists at 111-301'. Transmitter at 120'.
And another in IL which i find is at depth 120-200', 201 NSAtanists. 1 transmitter at 201'.
And one in NW WY which i find is at depth 102-230'. 100 NSAtanists. 6 transmitters: 100', 201', 300', 401', 501', 601'.

(7:40pm) I found a covert NATO base in the French countyside here. Depth 100' (why are they using distances that are round numbers in a non-metric system?) to 311'. 110 NATO satanists.

(9pm) More NATO bases:
Here in Evilard, Switzerland. Depth 61-203'. 311 satanists.
Here, west of Ireland, at 105-300' below the ocean floor. 310 satanists.
Here in Sweden, depth 120-202' below the lake floor. 209 satanists.
Here in Serbia, depth 116-203', 232 satanists.
Here in Austria, depth 111-306'. 201 satanists. 301 Tall Whites were there, too. Bagged them.
Here in Italy, depth 330-504'. 809 satanists. Bagged 2,100 TWs.
Here in north Italy, depth 330-650'. 4,023 satanists. 6,111 TWs bagged.
Spain, depth 130-430'. 310 satanists.
Italy again, offshore. 340-607' below the sea floor. 3,440 satanists. 3 transmitters: 302', 501', 703'.
England, depth 210-401'. 331 satanists. 3 transmitters: 201', 300', 405'.
Latvia, depth 134-302', 320 satanists. 312 TWs busted.
Belarus at 113-401'. 302 NATO satanists, 63 transmitters! Depths 210', 320', 500', 700', 904', 1,201', etc. down some 12.61 miles.

Sep. 10, '09: (10:50am) Thirteen NATO bases of that classs.
A curious thing about the last one: the personnel are not in a separate base. They are right on top of most of those transmitters.

Getting some decent rain here again.

I just found out something weird. About 70% of Earth humans have something going on with their 7D self. Some kind of energy manipulation whose nature i haven't quite pinned down, but it comes from some entities hiving in Galaxy M101. They are hard to dowse right now, but tentatively i think they are 6' humanoids. So far they have not responded favorably to therapeutic overtures.
I found out about this because of a crystal Oborijo programmed for me. It munches on evil people who no longer have a human soul, but it also munches on the majority of the human race's 7D selves! This threw me for a while, as it was munching even on some people i thought were cool. Then i realized it was munching on something evil and foreign that is on them.
I think the Sakudas can remove this stuff. They are working on someone now to find out how hard it is.

(11am) About those evil 5D women hiving in the Cartwheel Galaxy as i mentioned on the 6th: last night i noticed they were really onto Jessica with strong, evil telepathic energy.
I've been hitting them more. This energy is really scary, very DORy, very powerful, and it somehow feels very psychically penetrative. These "women" represent the antithesis to the Sacred Feminine, and their prime motive is to destroy it, or at least prevent the Sacred Feminine from regaining ascendance.
I strongly suspect that they are the main source of the darkness that was in Jessica. I tried in the past to educate her about how evil ETs were hitting her and her friends, but she never seemed able to perceive this.

(1:50pm) Still raining. I caught up with some website chores. I just uploaded The Dark Side of Jessica Schab, which is a compilation of blog extracts, and a Species Status List. If i missed any evil species, let me know. Well, except for Earth humans ;-)

(7:55pm) Got 0.9" rain, then the chemclouds appeared.

And are you ready for this? For months The Committee has been working with Jessica's 31D self on a special pgm. I was surprised how much work it took, but it turned out real intense. It requires a chunk of quartzite slightly larger than an ordinary marble. Or any white or clear quartz, or better yet, carnelian.
One copy per person. What does it do? I put mine to work on the Tall Whites, to see if it softens them up any. If suddenly they decide to go for the therapy route, i will be most impressed.

Sep.11, '09: (9:50am) About an hour after i posted that, i got that 8 people had downloaded the new pgm, and 7 of them were doing the TWs with it and the other Condolizard Rice.
Then an Arcturan messenger appeared to inform me that the Tall Whites have stopped fighting! Evenso, i think it is a good idea to keep focus on the TWs with these rocks, because TWs are still very plentiful and powerful, and if we can hurry things up and get them to kick Delk ass, everything wil be much peachier.
Not sure what the effect would be on illuminasty figures like Rice. There is no soul still present...
It should be good, though, for basically good people who have some mental problems.

Got an email from K in CA last night:
i was just outside watering some plants when two large noisy propeller planes flew by heading west toward the ocean then they made a sharp turn north and started spraying something which strangely almost immediately dissipated, then i lost sight of them due to trees.

I had a strange feeling that whatever they were releasing had to do with making people more susceptible to the swine flu and that the planes were CIA.
the winds that dissipated the spray were blowing east toward the more populated area of santa rosa.

what do you think? has anyone else reported anything like this?
I have not heard of this, but i haven't been on CT forums in a while.
I think the planes came from here in Milford. I get an evil vibe from the buildings around there. Like that of 16 CIAtanists.
Also i found 7 CIA U bases that seem strongly connected to this operation.
One here in Biggs. Depth 111-250', 310 CIAtanists. This might be the senior base, with the other 6 below them.
One here near Burney. Depth 122-313', 200 CIAtanists.
One here in Brentwood. Depth 120-200'. 201 CIAtanists.
One here in Redding. Depth 111-200', 200 CIAtanists.
One here in Denny. Depth 112-224', 169 CIAtanists.
One here in Portola. Depth 135-224', 200 CIAtanists.
One here in Branscomb near Ft. Bragg. Depth 128-200', 200 CIAtanists.

(12 noon) Just noticed some evil vibes flaring up here in Olive Hill, KY. Depth 113-220'; 206 CIAtanists. Don't know what that's about.
Also yesterday i noticed that the (now 4) girls who have labradorite spheres with the roller pgm were using them to protect Babs, and dump on a particular CIAtanist in AZ. I first found him here at surface level, which is odd because why would he and 5 other CIAtanists be in the middle of nowhere like that? I don't pick up on a crank lab or anything else specific.
But not long after, he was in a U base here in Payson. Depth 100-215'; 202 CIAtanists. The 1st place still has 4 guys there. My impression is that our guy and 1 other honcho were visiting that small location yesterday, but usually he's in the U base. Again, not sure what it's about. Swine flu stuff maybe.

The 2 Sakudas have so far cleared 5 people of whatever that stuff is on their 7D. Apparently it's a fair bit of work.

Overcast mostly here, but extensive chem-clouds are occasionally visible behind that.

(1:05pm) Yee-haw! The Tall Whites have seen the light, and are now attacking the Delk!
I notice that 32 readers now have this pgm. 24 are doing the TWs, 6 are doing the evil chicks in the Cartwheel Galaxy, 1 is doing Condi, 1 is doing Obama.
I suggest the ones doing the TWs switch to the naughty chicks.

(1:40pm) I just uploaded OTB 27c with more info about this new program.

(6:40pm) Yeah! Now those formerly evil bitches are fighting Delk! I'm moving my stone onto this spider hive that's been messing with my friend in NM.

Sep. 12, '09: (12:55am) So far those spiders haven't slowed down, but a few hours ago a sasquatch came to me to ask whose ass to kick. They are now fighting the Delk.

(4:50pm) When i got up this morning those spider still seemed unphased, even though 3 of us had our stones on them. Nevertheless, i put my stone onto the Tall Greys. After 3 hours i noticed the TGs had started fighting Delk! So i put the stone back on those spiders. At 4pm i noticed the spiders were now fighting Delk!

(5pm) So then i put the rox onto the unidentified beings in Galaxy M101 mentioned 9/10/9 that have been messing with people on their 7D, and those already are fixed and fighting Delk. Now i am doing the mantises.

(5:20pm) Lots of chem yesterday, and again this morning. Scalar chem-cloud rippling caused by Tyhiz, usually 3 or 6 groups of 3 etheric craft containing 9 green Tyhiz each.
Some Tyhiz are working for us, some against us, and some are in therapy. I might put my stone on Tyhiz after i do the mantises.

Last night i realized that Jessica's 31D self had joined The Committee as of a week or so ago. Though not an experienced programmer, she is a real smart lady and learns fast, and has unique insights and skills. In fact i realized it was she who had been programming a bunch of rox lately that are to go into a large device i will make within 2 weeks, hopefully. The unit will not be a weapon, exactly, though it could be used for that. It is supposed to be an intent-manifestation, reality-changing tool.

(9:30pm) BTW those Galaxy M101 characters have been removing their junk from people's 7D selves. They are still working on that.

It feels like the mantises are on the verge of completion, and i moved my rock on to the Tyhiz. Other urgent targets include evil A Sirians (they have many underground nests) and spiders mentioned 9/1/9.
Also i had to upgrade the status of several species that have been in therapy, but have not had the stones focused on them. This suggests that the stones have a wide-ranging effect as well. In fact, i get that if you are around a bunch of people, some of whom may be evil/gnarly/crazy, it would be good to carry this pgm on you.

(10:05pm) More weather transmitters Mordok found:
Here near Georgetown, KY. 6 transmitters, depths 31', 111', 200', 311', 413', 511'. Control base here in Georgetown. Depth 111-201'; 220 NSAtanists.
Here in CO, depth 100'. Control here to the NE, depth 120-300'. 302 NSAtanists.
Here in MN, depth 111'. Control here NE of Cushing. Depth 111-200'. 113 NSAtanists.
In central ID here; depth 111. Control to the north a bit here. Depth 111-224'. Transmitter at 110'. 201 NSAtanists.
South-central CO here. 3 transmitters, depths 111', 202', 303'. Control a bit north here. Depth 111-200'; 100 NSAtanists.
in central ME. Depth 111'. Control a bit north here. Depth 111-200'. 112 NSAtanists.
Here in northern ID. 6 transmitters. Depths 111, 201, 301, 501, 601, 701'. Control again a bit north here depth 111-200'; 100 NSAtanists.

Sep. 13, '09: (4:40pm) Overcast all day. Got 0.15" rain early this morning. Good chance of more tomorrow and the next day.

I just realized i have been getting hit by some nasty demons in the Lagoon Nebula 2, AKA M8. They are some kind of insectoids, 2' long or so. Not responding to my carnelians yet.
A lot of what i thought was coming from Delk was actually from them.

(5pm) Now it can be told: the last 2 control bases i posted about yesterday had thousands of physical ETs. Mordok noticed them, and so did i. I didn't want to mention them at the time, because these were of a "new" species that i had already fixed, and they wanted 1 more day to mess things up and get outta there. In fact, they reformed almost immediately when i put my carnelians on them on the 11th. Here's something i was going to post on the 11th, but didn't, because the ETs were in 2 bases i found that day, and they were planning to fokk things up for the satanists, and then split in a few days.
Sep. 11 (5pm) NE of Pocatello, ID, is this base, depth 220-435'. Transmitter at 120'. 310 CIAtanists. 2,002 ETs of unknown type, 6'2". I started therapy on them. This dowses as a very hot target in terms of swine flu ops.
As does this base in Ogden, UT. Connected to the Pocatello base. 302 CIAtanists. 1,100 more of those ETs. These had not been affected by the therapeutic sledgehammer yet. So i targetted the entire species.
These dowse as 6' physical humanoids, and they have now departed from the bases after wreaking some havoc, hopefully. Actually, i think they were in 7 bases, and i only have 4 listed here. I'll try to find the other 3.

And there was another similar situation on the 10th. Here's what i refrained from posting on that afternoon:
Something creepy here north of Duluth, MN at 130-220' depth. 221 CIAtanists, in particular one dangerous sorceress.
This is connected to another base here further west. Depth 110-211'. 202 CIAtanists and 1000 physical ETs of some sort. I am going to delay posting this, because the ETs, whatever they are (some 38" humanoids) are responding to therapy...
Also connected is a 3rd base here in Breezy Point, MN. Depth 100-224'. 202 CIAtanists.
These ETs were 38" tall and also physical. They took a bit longer to cure, but they too did some damage before leaving today.

(5:15pm) Alrighty, those other 3 bases where the 6' ETs were. None of these seemed to be transmitter-related, and all have a real nasty vibe:
Here in MI, depth 112-201' below the lake floor (i guess they had a foot of soil deposited since the base was built). 110 NSAtanists.
Here NE (almost always NE of pop. centers) of Pittsburgh, depth 111-213'. 110 NSAtanists.
Here in Windsor, Ontario, CA just south of Detroit. Depth 111-200'. 112 NSAtanists.

(5:50pm) Alright! Those 2' bugs have ceased hostilities and are in therapy. This lightens the attack load on me a lot.
Also i just upgraded several more species on the list. Ones that i doubt were being addressed directly with the stones.

Sep. 12, '09:[correction: Sep. 14] (3pm) Got 0.4" of rain.

Around 5am, an Arcturan came by to notify me that the mantises are now fighting on our side.
I have been concentrating on the "remainingly evil" Tyhiz. It seems some just don't want to give up evil.
Neither do some of those spiders that were messing with my NM friend. But i had the good spiders go after the evil ones, and she wrote me this morning that now she has no spiders there.

(5:35pm) Great new program to torture people with on OTB 27c.

(6:20pm) OK, feels like the evil Tyhiz are almost all either gone or converted now. This helps a lot, because they were working with the Delk on attacks.
I'm moving my carnelians onto the evil A Sirians now.

(7:05pm) An Arcturan came by to draw my attention to the fact that the Sirians are now fixed!

Sep. 15, '09: (2:35pm) That knife pgm i gave you yesterday seems to have other qualities. The energy just feels very strong and good to me, especially if i "scrape" myself with the edge, about 3" out from my skin. It seems to have auric healing qualities as well as some sort of 5D activity. I get that it would be good to carry this pgm, or at least keep it within 3' of one's body. However, this might only apply to 40% of people.

Been getting sporadic light rain. Overcast.

Sep. 16, '09: (7:05pm) When the natural cover briefly parted yesterday, massive chem-clouds were evident. Undeterred, we got 5" of rain last night and today, way more than the forecast alluded to.

People ask me how Jessica is doing. Well, it doesn't feel good from here. Even though her overtly evil selves have been eliminated, and the evil 5D women that were influencing her converted, she is still being a shit, feels like.
When we got rid of her last evil spirit and Jessica1 took over, for a little while her energy centers felt better than ever. But then soon they felt like nothing to me, and have remained like that since.
Maybe she has rejected her Arcturan allies and higher selves again; they are not working with her. Those Arcts are fighting Delk again, and her higher selves are working with me. All my protectors have left her again, except for 1 Pisol rept. She is not being attacked because she is no danger to the darkside.
Jessica1 is still in her space, as well as usually 1 or more of the other numbered Jessicas.
I think those evil women were also influencing her in her previous life when she was so evil. I said on the 10th "I strongly suspect that they are the main source of the darkness that was in Jessica." But apparently her complicity is a bigger factor than i thought.
I do not understand this stuff. Who or what is still in her body/mind that has the power to reject her higher selves?

And her higher selves are the best. Her 31D self's new program has been making a huge difference for the better. And she's working with me on [building] a powerful orgone/radionic device. The other day her 31D self was doing some healing work on me. At one point i absent-mindedly rubbed my shoulder, because it was itching, and i noticed a small section of muscle was piping hot! It must have been 180 degrees F. What the? Then i realized that a long time ago when i had another kind of physical body, i had been nicked there in a fight by a very dirty light-saber, which removed that chunk of muscle but did all kinds of wild etheric damage. Such that for the remainder of that life (~600 years or so) my entire left side was in chronic pain. And that pain was still with me a lot in this life, which is why i've had such issues with my left side, especially upper-body. This seems gone now.

Sep. 17, '09: (9am) Yesterday the remaining evil Tyhiz were hitting me hard, maybe more than the Delk were. Yet by evening they had quit, and are now in therapy.

We have some new allies, the Zorg. A couple weeks ago a strange-looking 4.5' humanoid came by. He had an odd-shaped, oversized, and perhaps somewhat translucent head. But a real kind and good vibe. His people were having some kind of trouble with some beings. I didn't really understand, but got him connected with Cora, who was head of my family military. For some reason i felt a strong affinity for this being. Apparently we were able to help them a lot.
Well last night, vast astronomical quantities of them attacked the Delk. They got weaponized, too. They are a big help.

And Cora notified me she was stepping down as military/intel chief. Originally it was her and Gina running things, then Gina moved on to gentler pursuits, mainly studying healing under some angels. Though Gina's still fully armed and a tough cookie. Then it was just Cora for a long time. Now Cora has taken over a smaller portion of the responsibility; she's the main person in charge of protecting me. The top military person is now a Yiz girl. Yiz girls are blue-eyed African-looking ladies usually sporting big afros. In their culture they don't have personal names, but this one has taken the name of Yill.

Those 2 carnelians with the Jessica31D pgm work even better than my sheriff for ferreting out mysterious evil entities. Recently i used them to handle the evil beings under east Knoxville, TN. I still don't know what they were. And i got several other species last night, which i won't bother to put on the list.
I noticed Jessica was giving off an evil vibe. It was evil energy in her brain. Where was it coming from? The sheriff came up blank. But the carnelians kicked up energy when the entities accepted the therapy. It was a bunch of sasquatch-like beings, but 15' tall.

Japanese U bases: I was looking through my old blog pages yesterday, searching for evil species i had missed (found a few, too) when i noticed this from Oct. 21, '07:
(10:20pm) Anita and i have been trying to figure out what's being planned tomorrow afternoon at the southern tip of Shikoku, Japan, within 2 miles of Kanae-zaki.
I get the impression like USMC/reptilians hitting something on the beach with exotic pulsed weapons. Lula, Cora, Pitwexin, and Hecate are in the area now, fighting repts!
Anita suspects something with volcanoes, earthquakes, the Pacific Rim of Fire.
Well, i noticed this spot was still DORy. What was there? After hours of work, the sheriff found that at 822-11,041' depth there are 955 evil humans, probably Japanese. And high tech of some sort. Not transmitters exactly. The Ky monkeywrenched it.
So i put the sheriff onto searching out more similar bases.
He found one here right by the center of Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture, Kyushu. Depth 620-904'. 624 Japanese satanists.
And one more here in rural eastern Shikoku. Depth 421-705'. 302 Japanesatanists.
Both of these bases also had that hi-tech.

(2:45pm) That first base is here on google maps.
Looking it up, i happened to find another base here somewhat north. This base is at 330-512'. Transmitter at 112' depth. 320 Japanesatanists.

Incidentally, i suspect that 2 years ago, that first base was doing some joint exercise or project with a USMC sub. The reptilians referred to were from Darpa.

I keep checking to find that my girls are dumping on more key individuals in the NM CIAtanist underground community. They have flushed up another base NE of Roswell here in Kenna, NM. Depth 111-228'. 201 CIAtanists.

(3:05pm) More discoveries from Mordok:
NSA base here in Sterling, ND. Depth 120-242'. Transmitter at 111'. 310 NSAtanists.
Another here near Crow Wing, MN. Depth 130-310'. 302 NSAtanists.
Another here near Littleton, WV. Depth 112-213'. 100 NSAtanists.
And one here in Denver. Depth 112-214'. 408 NSAtanists.
One here in central NE, depth 111-243'. 202 NSAtanists.
And one here just north of that Littleton, WV base. Depth 111-200'; 201 NSAtanists.
Mordok comments about the above
This seems to be a new false flag activity building up. I'm getting that the links are in order of importance and all are tied together with this thing somehow.
I can't confirm that. I don't have the impression of a big recent influx of personnel.

(3:45pm) A base i just noticed that really sticks out, DOR-wise is here in Wilmington, NC. Depth 82-204'. 346 FEMAtanists. No transmitters or ETs, so why such strong bad energy?

Sep. 17, '09: (7pm) The last 3 days have been totally overcast, with occasional faint drizzle. Except that briefly yesterday afternoon, the clouds parted enough to reveal, yes, extensive chem-clouds above.
Got 1/2" rain last night.

Some information about the upcoming G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh.

Sep. 20, '09: (4:35pm) A bit sunnier today. Fairly chemmy. Warmer.

I heard there is a real bad drought in Kenya. Found a base here at 111-300'. Transmitter at 111'. 302 satanists.
Another here, depth 111-220'. Transmitter at 111'. 116 satanists.
Another here, depth 111-230'. Transmitter at 111'. 103 satanists.
One here, depth 111-222'. Transmitter at 111'. 100 satanists.
One here, depth 111-222'. Transmitter at 111'. 123 satanists.
And one here, depth 111-210'. Transmitter at 111'. 102 satanists.
The satanist personnel in all these cases seem to be US. Unknown agency. I think they are headquartered here in Virginia beach, depth 112-200'. 102 satanists.

(7:05pm) This base in VA also oversees drought ops in 3 other African countries: Uganda, Zambia, and the Congo.
Main one is here, depth 111-212'. Transmitter at 111'. 101 satanists.
Another here, depth 111-201'. Transmitter at 111'. 112 satanists.
Just east of that a short distance is this spot. Depth 111-200'. Transmitter at 111'. 101 satanists.
And then just NW of that spot a hair is this one, depth 111-201'. No transmitter detected. 111 satanists.
Another base here, depth 111-200'. Transmitter at 111'. 203 satanists, 180 of whom work for the VA agency, but the other 23 have a USAF vibe.
And one here, depth 111-301'. Transmitter at 111'. 203 satanists.

Whew, i'll do Zambia and the Congo later.

Sep. 21, '09: (8:05am) Another foggy morning, with more cloudy and likely wet weather forecast for the week. Oh, well, better than the droughts of yore.

Zambia drought transmitters:
Main one is here. Depth 111-236'. Transmitter at 213' (what, not 111'?). 210 satanists.
Another here, depth 111-203'. Transmitter at 111'. 124 satanists.
One here, depth 111-220'. Transmitter at 203'. 113 satanists.
And one here in Kabwe, depth 111-200'. Transmitter at 203'. 212 satanists.

(9am) The Denver area is packed with undeground FEMA bases!
I'll get back to Africa later. I just noticed my allies had flushed up something hot here in south Denver, CO. There appears to be a big, wide base here, maybe a couple square miles with 2 tunnels going to it. Depth 120-310'. 508 FEMAtanists. Is this a bunker prepared for the elite? I suspect it can house maybe 4k people.
A bit east here is one of the places the tunnels lead to. This one is at 101-201' depth and has 121 FEMAtanists.
Also near that first base we have this one, depth 113-135', with 102 FEMAtanists.
And this one, depth 112-211', with 121 FEMAtanists.
A bit west of the big base is this at depth 124-216'. 223 FEMAtanists.
Closer to downtown we have this one depth 100-130'. 102 FEMAtanists.
SW of town is this at depth 113-300'. 100 FEMAtanists.
In south Denver, here, depth 121-212'. 102 FEMAtanists.
Here south of Aurora, depth 121-312', 201 FEMAtanists.
In Arveda here, depth 122-411' are 200 FEMAtanists in a narrow base.
Also in Arveda, here, depth 112-200', are 123 FEMAtanists.
Here in east Denver, depth 111-210', are 112 FEMAtanists.
And here, a bit further east, at depth 111-221', are 112 FEMAtanists.
On the NE side of town, we have this at depth 82-132', are 102 FEMAtanists.
I may have missed a few.

(1pm) DR Congo drought transmitters:
Main one seems to be here at 111-312' depth. Transmitter at 112'. 224 satanists.
Another right in Kasongo here at 111-213' depth. Transm. at 111'. 115 satanists.
One here at 111-211' depth. Transm. at 111'. 212 satanists.
One here at 121-211' depth. Transm. at 132' depth. 210 satanists.
And one here at 111-300' depth. Transmitter at 111'. 201 satanists.

Sep. 22, '09: (6:30pm) Heavy lighting and thunder last night. Got 2.6" of rain. Sunnier earlier today, but it would have been sunnier still were it not for all the chem-clouds.

Found a U base here in Brussels. Depth 124-202'. 114 Belgian satanists.
Another Brussels base here at 122-202'. 200 Belgian gov't satanists.
And the 3rd here, depth 121-211'. 211 Belgian satanists.

Now it gets weirder. These are all Belgians. But when i dowse who they are working for, i get this place in Russia! Depth 120-212'. 273 Russian satanists. I don't think Putin knows about them.
I don't know what the agenda is.

Sep. 23, '09: (7:25pm) Heavily overcast all day, but i did notice one chemtrail.

I read about the drought in New South Wales, AU, and went hunting for transmitters there. Only found one, here at depth 111'. Base at 123-212'. 114 AU satanists.

Hmm, but i get that there are 6 in Queensland, 3 in NT, 9 in SA, 5 in WA. I'll have to chase those down sometime.

Sep. 24, '09: (9:05am) Another grey morning. Got some slight rain overnight.

OK, Queensland transmitter bases:
Main one here, depth 222-340'. 3 transmitters: 111', 212', 302' depths. 227 AU satanists.
One here, depth 52-202'. Transm. at 111'. 210 satanists.
Another here at 120-401'. Transm. at 120. 211 satanists.
Another offshore here, 213-311' below sea floor. Transm. at 113'. 302 satanists.

Another here, depth 120-311'. Transm. at 120'. 210 satanists.
And the last one here, depth 121-224'. Transm. at 201'. 223 satanists.

(12:50pm) OK, Western Australia drought transmitters:
The main one is here. Depth 120-161' but wide, maybe 1/2 square mile. 3 transmitters centered at 211', 220', 311'. Hmm, transmitters are under the staff again. 410 satanists.
Another here, depth 210-412' with a tunnel going south a ways. Transm. at 211' depth. 322 satanists.
Another here at 112-211' depth. Transmitter at 111'. 100 satanists.
Another here at 111-200' depth. Transm. at 120'. 112 satanists and 4 non-satanists.
And one here at 111-213' depth. Transm. at 112'. 310 satanists.

(11:35pm) South Australia drought transmitters:
Strong one here, depth 120-240'. Transmitter at 111'. 310 satanists.
Another here somewhere. This is freaky. There is only 1 transmitter, very strong, but i couldn't pin down its location for the longest time. I have had trouble like this on many of the AU transmitters, but this was the worst. The previous one was no problem at all.
Anyway, depth 111-210'. Transmitter at 111'. 100 satanists.
Another here, depth 120-312'. Transm. at 122'. 120 satanists.
Another right about here, depth 112-303'. Transm. at 122'. 210 satanists.
Another here, depth 120-214'. Transm. at 121'. 213 satanists.
Another here, depth 120-212'. Transm. at 112'. 120 satanists.
Another here, depth 112-212'. Transm. at 210'. 120 satanists.
Another here, depth 112-212'. Transm. at 122'. 211 satanists. This base also has a 2nd transm. a bit to the west here, depth 111'.
And, one here, depth 122-224'. Transm. at 112'. 221 satanists.

Sep. 25, '09: (9:30am) Clear sky today! Except for some massive chem-banks, of course. Supposed to be sunnier for a few days.

Alrighty, to finish up on AU, here are the drought transmitters in Northern Territory:
One here, depth 120-142'. Transmitter at 112'. 110 satanists.
Another here, depth 51-210'. Transm. at 42'. 111 satanists and 22 non-satanists.
And one here, depth 112-202'. Transm. at 111'. 113 satanists.

Sep. 27, '09: (5:35pm) Hardly any chem the last 2 days here. Sunny.

A while back i posted that the Lyrans were all successfully therapized, but last night i realized there are still many pockets of evil ones. The Delk are more of a priority, though.

Jessica31D is in the process of programming the radionics device i am making. It is gonna be good.
I was thinking some more about what there could be still evil in Jessica Schab. I couldn't detect any presence, but reasoned there must be something there. I demanded it identify itself. And to my amazement, shortly thereafter i felt a nasty presence in my space! I bagged it. I am unable to dowse anything about it like size, shape, dimensionality, etc. but it comes from a hive in Andromeda. They seem to be responding to therapy.

Sep. 28, '09: (10:30am) There is a CIA base here in Hellertown, PA at 113-212' depth. Kind of sprawls; maybe 0.4 sq. miles. 420 CIAtanists.
This is somehow connected to the CIA bases in NM.

Sep. 30, '09: (8:20pm) Totally clear skies for the last 3 days, except that late afternoon today some chem showed up to the west.

OK, here is a pic of my new "ultimate radionics device". It was a collaborative effort. Jessica31D actually did 72.4% of the programming, but there is a lot of advanced tech from other exotic life-forms as well. About 17% of the programming is defensive/martial in nature (as demons will attack radionics devices putting out positive trends) but the rest is all pretty much intent-manifestation oriented. So about 10% of the programming is intent stuff from 5 other cultures.
As you can see, it is another compact lightweight unit like The Committee likes to see me make lately. One can load it up with all kinds of wishes, and it will strive to manifest them. It has been helping quite a bit against the Delk.
Perhaps the weirdest thing about is, when i was starting to familiarize myself with its operation, is that i noticed an entity in the center, acting as the brain. Not just the usual pixies and devas, but some other kind of entity i wasn't familiar with.
Took me a few minutes to narrow it down, but it turns out it is a 5D robin named Ji (rhymes with "my") who has been the companion of my 5D self for like 400 years, although i had no conscious awareness of her.

This new unit has 2 jacks, and is compatible with many of my other modules. Here it is with my remote attack dog Mr. Stripey as well as one of my gridblasters -- using the electric grid as an antenna. And blasting the plumbing.
Extremely powerful.

New demon type discovered, the Rillul of ESO-69-6. One was hassling Kneweyes, who says "Its a shadow of a dash. like a dot-dash, dash,, about 1 in wide & 3 in long. It zips around seemingly on a grid line pattern."
They are not responding to therapy yet.