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Blue "Shadow" Effects

What is this phenomenon? I usually, but not always, see it near orgone. Sometimes a trail will be superimposed upon by a starkly-outlined blue copy, which will then shift sideways and stay parallel to it, while getting fuzzier with the trail. Sometimes, one or more beams will not only follow the plane, but extend ahead of it, perhaps converging on a point in front of the plane. Sometimes the blue beam appears to cut a line through real clouds.

I once buried a very powerful device in Virginia, and for the rest of my stay (over a week) saw blue shadows overhead there but nowhere else in the area.

I once saw a funky-looking part of a chemcloud (expanded trail) that somehow survived my orgone field here in Arkansas. It was roughly comma-shaped, and had a blue shadow beside it, that was the same shape and size. Unfortunately, I would have been shooting toward the sun, so no pic.

All pictures taken by myself. Some of these can be clicked to see the original, unedited versions. The large originals may not display full-sized in your browser, in which case please save to your hard drive and use a different graphics viewer.

The unit mentioned above was still working when I returned to Northern Virginia 10 months later.

A different kind of blue line.
Click here for a high-resolution pic of this line.

On March 24/05, I looked up and saw a trail being laid. Looked back a short while later, to see how it was faring, as my CB had been working well. A blue beam had separated from the trail, and was running parallel to it. The freaky thing is that the plane had been going in a straight line, then veered off in a curve. The blue line, however, continued to go straight! And of course projected way ahead. Unfortunately, I was unable to get a pic. The blue quickly faded, yet the trail stuck.

Here are more from my place:

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