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Chembusting in Virginia

All pictures taken by myself in Burke, VA over my parents' house.

In late Feb/04, I cobbled together and buried a crude prototype of a device I had conceived in my warped mind (see OTB 11) which showed remarkable activity.

When I came back to visit 10 months later, I was amazed to see that the unit I had planted had not attenuated one bit in effectiveness.

When I had built the unit, they were spraying along a line approximately NE to SW over my parents' house. I looked up after burying it, to see trails turning blue.

When I arrived back 12/31/4, it was still happening! But I didn't get pics that day.

The next day, they must have sprayed hundreds of trails per hour at times on the same path, always going one way. As well as other trails in other directions. Virtually all the trails being laid overhead were being munched! At least large segments. This is the norm here now. If I look out to see a fresh trail being laid overhead, I can run get my camera with full confidence that when I get back, a chunk will be fading already.

I could take pics like the above 3 of overhead CTs ad infinitum.

Sometimes it doesn't fade straight above, but instead a bit up or down the trails from where the unit is. These trails were being laid solid, not the intermittent stuff like in Arkansas. They are being partly munched. As I said, lots of parallel CTs being laid from the NE to the SW. Old spew in the background. This little unit is not strong enough to flail the stale trails.

On occasion, the range of effectiveness will expand to a much broader area, like entire trails for a long distance just not sticking for more than a few seconds as they are laid down. I don't have a pic of this because there is precious little to photograph!

In the pic below, note the blue "shadows" parallel to the diagonal CT.
See how one extends in front of the plane?
The lower trail is fading fast to the right. Also note the dark edges on the CTs. The original, unedited version of this pic is here.

The diagonal plane has only traveled a short distance further. And its trail, too, is fading fast.

A few seconds later. Going, going, gone.

These phenomena seeemed extremely flukey for 3 reasons:

  • I have never before had any device be consistently effective on CTs for more than maybe 3 months without a serious upgrade. This thing is holding perfectly steady after 10 months with no attention.
    No attention and no attenuation. I like that.

  • I have never had something that caused those blue "shadows" to appear repeatedly over time.

  • This was a prototype of what I now consider primarily a drought-busting unit. I have built a couple somewhat similar units in Arkansas, but larger, more powerful, and arranged slightly differently. These do end droughts in a spectacular way, but have no discernable effect on CTs.
    For that matter, my CB in Arkansas has had scant discernable effect on chemtrails for months.

    My parents reported that this spring, the neighborhood enjoyed unprecedent growth and blooming of flowering plants; really outsized flower stems and blooms, and more of them.
    Why can't I get gardening and consistent cloudbusting results like this with the massive amounts of orgone creations I have on my place in Arkansas? Is the device supremely effective, or is this an anomaly of local earth energy/geology?
    It took me a while to figure out what I did right. Turns out it was the quartzite! The story about that discovery is here.

    This Virginia unit did not end a drought when I planted it, as there was none; despite heavy spraying, they had not been drying up the nation's capitol. I suppose they didn't want to irritate their puppets in DC.

    This unit was buried in the ground and designed to emit more energy downward. Then a large slab of quartzite was buried a bit above the unit. I never expected it to bust trails.

    There has been some discussion about stray electricity in the ground from artificial sources, and some opinions expressed that orgone devices would magnify the deleterious effects of stray 60hz juice, especially a unit like this with metal electrodes.
    All I know is, I can detect nothing morbid about the vibes here now. It seems to have a very salutory effect on people's personalities, the plant life, and the atmosphere. And this is in a fairly dense suburb.

    The above 3 overhead pics of the same part of a rapidly-fading CT were taken a few seconds apart on 1/3/5.

    Plane was traveling from right to left. This is how trails often look just before they completely vanish: one trail leaves 2 threads, presumably the "core" from each of 2 nozzles.

    Some pics of chemtrails taking a licking in Arkansas. Also some nice sequence shots, Arkansas.