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Items Incorporating High-Frequency Clearcast

Here are some items I made May 20, 2005 incorporating clear areas of epoxy, and cured in a high-energy bath.

I really like this one, and expect to make more:

What I did on that one is pour in some clear, then once set up well enough, I placed the coil. Then poured more clear. Then sprinkled a small amount of magnesium shavings. More clear on top of that. Then a layer of fine powder orgonite. It looks rather striking with the contrast.

Here's one that is 3 layers of orgonite, with 2 layers of clear between them. I wanted to see how good it was to layer repeatedly. It's pretty good.

If I'd had sound hooked up, I could have changed the freq of each cast. Even so, it came out pretty nice. For some reason, the energy is more strongly downwards.

This little sweetie accidentally got the coil aiming downwards. Also some air bubbles near the top.

Then I proceeded to pour some more stuff. The following 2 were poured over several days.

Here is a large one, 4.5" X 6". It came out with a lot of flaws on the sides. I learned a few things the hard way about pouring these layers.
I will probably re-cast it in something to hide the flaws, unless someone wants it as-is:

This next one is the smaller version, about 5" X 4". It has much less flaws than the large one. A few indented air pockets on the sides.

The above 2 each have a tiny glass bottle half-filled with water near the base.
I find these units stupefyingly powerful.