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Types of Doubles and artificial humans used by the shapeshifters
(Started Feb. 2013)

When a shapeshifting reptilian dies "prematurely", they are usually replaced by one of several types of doubles. This bulletin will endeavor to describe the various types we have found.
In addition, the artificial types of humans listed here often are not used as doubles, but just fake people, usually in service to the CIA.
  • Ordinary Shapeshifting Reptilians: One type of double is simply another shapeshifting reptilian whose appearance has been adjusted by plastic surgery or other, unknown methods. Example: Queen Elizabeth, even before her demise in 2012, had already been replaced by a shapeshifting reptilian double. I first noticed this one in images of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. This double is not a blood-ritual satanist, unlike the original. [Update: this double was killed in a U base on Aug. 8, '14, and was replaced by a synthetic.]
    Former advantage: a sexually-reproduced shapeshifter used to be much more resilient to orgone blasting than a cheap-type clone.
    These doubles are probably usually from the underground pools of shapeshifters that normally do not have surface identities.
    These are fairly rare, yet, some VIPs as well as some back-country people of low importance have been replaced by such. Sai Baba was replaced by another shapeshifting satanist (who had had plastic surgery) years before his official demise.
    I never see ordinary humans as doubles for illuminati. The exception is the MPDed wretch that stood trial and got hanged in place of Saddam.

  • Cheap Repticlones: These are the most common types of doubles. At this time, the Obamas, Rothschilds, indeed most illuminati, congresspeople, heads of state, captains of industry, etc. have been replaced by these clones. Example pics.
    Until Summer 2013, they had the disadvantage of being very vulnerable to orgone blasting, which drives them to suicide. I have known some individuals to be replaced by successive cheap clones dozens of times in a period of months.
    Also I have never noticed any cheap clones who have the blood-ritual vibe; I believe this is because such rites cause auric weakness which would exacerbate the pre-existing frailty of these clones.
    Cheap clones are of 2 types: actual genetic clones of the person replacing them, which is usually the case with prominent politicians and their families (e.g. the Obamas), and mass-produced clones that are somehow morphed to identically resemble the deceased. (It would sure be interesting to get hold of some fingerprint/DNA info before-and-after on some of these.)
    These clones all have shapeshifter genetics, and are produced in underground labs. Test tube babies. We have taken out many such hatcheries, and due to the resulting scarcity, clones now (late 2013) can no longer be driven to suicide. [update late 2014: There are still lots of clones suiciding lately. Some are tough, though.]

  • Fancy Reptilones: These must be much more difficult to make. Offhand I can't think of any that are still extant. [Sep. 21, 2014: see blog. Think there are a few new ones around.] Julia Gillard and Pope Benedict are examples of people who were already dead before they took office, and who were represented for years by fancy clones. Also, we have not seen the original Hillary for many years. She was represented by a fancy CIA clone who got killed last year, then replaced by her 2nd such clone, who also got killed recently. Then more recently, she has been replaced by a cheap non-satanist clone who does not physically resemble her very well. Why the difference in appearance? It is certainly not due to any shortage of identical clones. I have to suspect it is a subtle psyop, as I am not the only one who detected that Hillary has been a clone for years.
    Fancy clones are much tougher than the cheap ones.
    Probably all fancy clones were blood-ritual satanists. Gillard, Benedict, and Hillary sure were.
    I am not sure whether any living examples of this type of clone still exist. I have not noticed any running around lately. [Update: As of Dec 2014, this guy is a fancy clone and blood-drinking satanist.]
    [Update Nov 2017: Bill Gates is now played by such a clone, but this one is not into blood ritual.]

  • Organic Robotoids: Advantages: have no reptilian vibe, and are immune to orgone weapons. Undetectable except by these 4 turtles. An example of a CIA Organic Robotoid (who is also heavily MPD) is Tila Tequila. Our allies killed her a year ago, but she got replaced by an identical MPD Organic Robotoid, whom the allies have not killed. She has a website and youtube channel.
    Another CIA Organic Robotoid was "Medical Examiner Dr. H. Wayne Carver" who was also killed, and got replaced by a cheap clone.
    Robotoids seem to be relatively rare.

    Our Allies the Alah-kur have replaced many people with "neutral" robotoids of Alah-kur creation, especially Arkansas state politicians, AR state police, AR judges, and some Searcy County police. This is a weird phenomenon, because they don't actually noticeably change their behavior for the better, except that they no longer practice blood-rites, child-molesting, black magic, or psychic attack. Otherwise they seem the same usually but in some rare cases their personality changes noticeably for the better. An example of one who has not noticeably changed for the better is the one they replaced Bill Gates with when they killed him.
    Not only shapeshifters but some other people were also replaced by these. They are rapidly made from scratch by the Alah-kur underground. (Out of what, the ethers?) I presume they are identical down to fingerprints and DNA, except that the reptilian vibes of a shapeshifter do not carry over into the robotoid copy, so I wonder if the DNA is the same.
    In some cases in my own town, I can't understand why the Alah-kur even bothered changing certain inconsequential folk.
    One interesting thing is that 6 months after the first (more consequential) 'toids were made locally, 4 of them were replaced with new 'toids. Why, i don't know. Many others been around for over a year now with no need to change.
    The Alah-kur seem not to have made 'toids since early 2013. It is not something they normally do.

  • "Synthetics": I am using the term Fritz Springmeier uses. Springmeier says:
    Synthetic People
    These are "persons" who look every bit as real, as a real person, but simulate human beings. Certain tissues extracted from cattle are the starting point. (This is part of the reason for cattle mutilations.)

  • Another type of artificial human, which I first became aware of on Nov. 11, '12. Advantages: have no reptilian vibe, and are immune to orgone weapons. Undetectable except by Havoc.
    Example: Elizabeth Holmes.
    Another: Susan McGuinness Getzinger; however, most of the Sandy Hook actors (except for the shapeshifter cops) are of another type:

  • "Sandy Hookers": Yet another type of artificial human which I became aware of after the Sandy Hook event. Manufactured in underground CIA bases. Advantages: have no reptilian vibe. Undetectable except that they have a real empty vibe after orgone-blasting them a while, and they do CIA work. Examples: most of the Sandy Hook actors, like Adam Lanza and his new wife.
    [note of Aug. 2014: so far we have found SHers working for CIA, NSA, and Spain's Centro Nacional de Inteligencia.]

One interesting thing that may be useful to sensitives, is that, of these double types, only people (shapeshifters or not), and clones have assemblage points. The Robotoids, Synthetics, Sandy Hookers, and other artificial humans, do not. See if you can remotely dowse an assemblage point on someone, then try Tila Tequila or the synthetic security guard to compare.

Update Dec. 6, '13: Just a few days later, a couple things have changed:
  • After a long period of playing tough, some agency clones are committing suicide again by going underground. This started a couple days ago. It had been about 6 months since I had last noticed clones doing this.
  • The Alah-kur replaced 7 NSAlizards yesterday. For the first time in almost a year, if I'm not mistaken.

Update Dec. 14, '13: Rev. Michelle Hopkins, who has a youtube disinfo channel, is another example of the "Another type of artificial human" category; same type of critter as Getzinger.

As far as clones suiciding go, this has been limited to only a few dozen so far, I think, none of whom I know the names of except for Marijah McCain.

Update Dec. 19, '13: I recently found several US congressmen who have been replaced by Sandy Hookers, as mentioned in my blog.
Also someone asked me about Luc van der Lee, who is a synthetic of the same type as Bigelow Security.

Updates Jan. 4&5, '14: Another organic robotoid: Jeffery Hinchey.
Also James Horak.

Also it feels as though robotoids do no have physical hearts in the usual human position. Neither do Sandy Hookers, synthetics, or the "other type of artificial humans. If I attempt to psi-attack or implant their hearts, it feels like no target is there.
With the robotoids at least, the solar plexus seems to be the best spot to attack.

Another example of an ordinary shapeshifter double: this pic, allegedly of Surapong Tovichakchaikul (a Thai-rant), is actually of a double. The original is still alive. Presumably the double is there to absorb any assassination attempts.
Both are shapeshifting reptilians. This double was not pulled from the underground.

More organic robotoids: Angela Keaton of (CIA), and Erping Zhang of the Association for Asian Research. Pics of both here.

Update April, 2014: Sandy Hookers are very common, and widely used by the CIA and NSA. They are often found in U bases and living on the surface. Many are US truck drivers, or car drivers on the highway. Which makes me wonder, do they really not have physical hearts? Seems it could get awkward if one got in a wreck and went to a hospital.

And found some more juicy synthetics: Cliven Bundy's family (pic ripped from here), and Jill Stein.
Also the new April2014C Program mentioned down this page, lights up and "fries" this type of synthetic.

Update June, 2014: Found yet another type of fake human that was being made in a CIA U base near Deering, NH (examples) [pic of wife was removed after I linked to page]. Another one: Charles Edward Lincoln III. Also Elon Musk has been replaced by one. To me these feel like ordinary soulless Earthlings, assemblage point and all, unless I bast them with the new June2014 Program described in OTB 27e. They seem immune to other types of orgone programs.

Also I am finding that the most powerful pgm against Sandy Hookers is the April2014A pgm, which goes into cylinders (like pill bottles) or spheres.

Update Dec., 2014: Kinda scary. This is a pic of a guy in Italy that was an SSer and gang-stalker against an orgonaut, got killed, and replaced by something different.
And then his pic felt real positive. He felt like an ensouled human who had demons about his head. Also there were 2 map locations, one of his residence and the other of a residence he owns but does not reside at, and both were radiating mild but distinctively positive energy.
Now he feels vaguely unpleasant and the 2 locations feel neutral.
I think only Joe's Nov2014A program was able to "bite" on him to strip this fake positive energy off.
I found U bases connected to this in Italy, and a #11 rept U base near Calgary that might have been making these "positive" creeps.
I am unable to detect such critters except by blasting them a long time with the new pgm. How they were able to even make the location where this guy does not live seem positive, i have no idea.

And here is another Italian pic. This woman was a shapeshifting rept when the pic was taken, but she died and was replaced by another of these doubles. However, there was no fake positive energy about her when I saw the pic. She just felt like a slightly dirty soulless Earthling until I blasted her with the new program.
The reason she did not feel positive might be because we had been blasting, in a general sense, this category of critter for a week before I saw her pic. This may have stripped all the false positivity from this class of critter.

These 3 are all in Italy. The pretty one on the right has a strong evil vibe similar to a blood-drinking satanist, and is probably able to psi-attack. Her vibe was bland until I blasted her with the new orgone program.

Richard Branson has been one for years. Gregg Prescott got replaced by one. Another is Lisa Robins.

As if that wasn't enough, there is yet another type of double that seems just like a soulless Earthling. (The guy with the tie I captured from this page.)
Here's another. And another. More. And more.

We do not have a program to light these up [yeah we do now, the Dec2014 pgm]. The only thing I've found so far is one device I have. However, it is doing a good job.
I think some of these doubles were being manufactured in a CIA U base in New Hartford, CT 06057. More under Omaha. I sense many CIA agents are of this variety.

This is kind of scary. How many more types of vibeless agents have I not yet discovered? I never would have been suspicious of this month's 2 varieties were it not that others told me I had previously fingered some as SSers. They had no suspicious vibe until I blasted them a long time with the respective devices.
It is just a fluke that Joe's pgm came out shortly before I was asked about some of these, and also the device that lights up the second type was only recently put together.

I have to contemplate the likelihood that there are several other similar types of doubles, which may or may not eventually be discovered.

And yet another similar type of double (depicted to right) but with yet a different energy signature. The only program we have that lights these up is the July2012 Program, and it is slow and weak for this, but eventually does jazz up their vibe.
A couple more of this type.

Update Jan, 2016: Recently I realized there are loads of what feels like human clones about, too. Some of them are replacing dead SSers and other agents, whereas others are just cranked out en masse for the Chinese Army, for example. (See my Dec 21, '15 blog entry. Apparently I was the first real person to discover this, despite the fact that the Chinese flaunt the hell out of it.)
Update: Azerbaijan also flaunts theirs. So does Myanmar.

Another example: Tory Smith. And Sir Bernard Ingham has been replaced by one.
Ways to blast these clones: thread started here.

Uncategorized from 1/2016: And what is CIA agent Chuck Grassley? Yet another category of lab-grown "human"? His physical heart can be felt, but not his assemblage point.
More of these models, spotted mid-2016: Indiana Governor Mike Pence, the Advisory Board of Concerned Veterans of America, and the husband of one of the board members (the "Gold Star Mom").

And what is this too-hot, too-smiley, CIA chick [correction: drag queen] Bonnie Mitchell? She [correction: he] had 81 sex-appeal spells. No assemblage point, and no physical heart vibe.

John Mitchell is a [female] human clone.
[Update: the linked video has been deleted, but these creatures are associated with Awakenvideo.]

Update Feb, 2016: Bonnie Mitchell is of a new variety. I found a NSA U base under Lisbon, CT which was making these things.

Aha! Kevin Annett has made me wonder for years. He is a human with no satanist, Masonic, or MPD vibe, but something about him felt off. He is another human clone. Most of them do have an MPD vibe but not he.

Update May, 2016: A reader sent in this pic of what seems to be a new type of factory-produced CIA human. We took out the U base in KY where they were being made.
I suspect these were designed to have a null vibe and not be influenced by orgone. Nevertheless, I sense that our Laser Program and Violet Flame Program seem to bite on them. Maybe we can get them to vibrate conspicuously so we can detect more of them. This individual was a replacement double for a known agent, which is why I was lucky enough to have this pic to investigate.

Aug 28, '16: Hoowie, found out about another type bizarre manufactured "humans". These are made by werewolves in U bases on Earth. I am not aware whether they have been used to replace abducted humans or dead SSers, etc. They have supposed parents who are like them. These pics are Slovenian individuals known to a correspondent of mine.
They do have assemblage points and a physical heart vibe, but no parent vibes. I found a large area with them (and werewolves) under this part of Greece, which we cleared of them. This might be the only area where they have been grown.
Some of them are transgendered and some are not.
A couple days ago they had a strong werewolf vibe about them, not within themselves, but just by association with their creator-handler-owners. However, now that we wiped out their U base werewolves, they no longer do.
The Rolling Vicarah Program and the Laser Program "bite" on them.
I call these Werewolf Drones.

Oct 7, '16: Apparently a new variety of plastic human. Does not seem to fit any previous category: Petty Officer 2nd Class Janaye Ervin. Made by the CIA. Note the deliberate androgyny. Women do not normally have such huge mouths or big chins.

Nov '16: Yet another type? Aleksandr Dugin. No assemblage point, heart undetectable.

Jan 23, '17: Apparently another slight variation of the above: Anti-Trump Protestor.

March 14, '17: And another? Or is it one of the above? No vibe of heart or assy point. Nothing to grab hold of with orgone devices. Laurence Fishburne (a satanist SSer who played Morpheus in The Matrix) and several family members (some of whom are hoax actors) have all been replaced by this one type. His mom Hattie is a female pseudo-tranny with Egyptoid looks. His daughter Montana's mother does not look very Egyptoid. Montana (the porn star) has strong male traits; a pseudo-tranny.
All now have the same almost-nonexistent vibe. Laurence, at least, was a a very DORy blood-ritual reptile originally.

Nov 27, '17: More of the same type, although much less Egyptoid-looking:
-----> from Twisted Sage.

Note that the central guy in the pic is a copy of the CIA repticlone in their vids. See blog post of today.

Nov 30, '17: It turns out that the critters from the last 2 posts are somewhat vulnerable to the Plasterite Program of July, 2016 (OTB 47). It lights them up some.