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The "Fallout" Effect

All pictures taken by myself in North Central Arkansas

I call this the fallout phenomenon because apparently some parts of the chemsoup are heavier, and sag and droop below the trail.

Sometimes I don't know if it's my orgone stuff erasing sections of trail, or if they've been laying intermittent trails, which I've also been seeing lately. The latter often, but not always, seem to be slipshod attempts to make the trail obscured by clouds, by turning the spew off between clouds. (The pilots are pretty spacey, though, apparently.) In the top pic, I was watching as the trail was laid, and was being erased rapidly up to a point, then it appeared unaffected from that point on. I do not know why the change is so abrupt. It may be that another, stronger, formula is injected into the stream intermittently, sometimes. Or it may be that "pockets" of orgone hang out in the sky, and the planes fly through these. In any case, I have seen a lot of trail segments in the sky around here since I put orgone stuff in the landscape. And often, the sticky sections will be over known concentrations of orgone, while the erased ones will be off away from any gifts I've placed in the landscape. Likewise, sometimes CTs will stick right over the CB, yet ones further away will get dissolved.

I spoke with a professional airline pilot a couple months ago, who professed he'd never noticed the "falling out" phenomenon. I spot it all the time. The above 3 pics were taken in a 4-day period, and I wasn't trying very hard.

(Leslie, AR Dec. 6, '08)

(my place Oct. 30, '10)

more to come!