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Types of Human Clones
(Started Sep 2016)

In this bulletin, I shall endeavor to explain different types of human clones, and especially to clarify some terminology I have been using which may be confusing.

First, let us review an excerpt from my Doubles page:
Update Jan, 2016: Recently I realized there are loads of what feels like human clones about, too. Some of them are replacing dead SSers and other agents, whereas others are just cranked out en masse for the Chinese Army, for example. (See my Dec 21, '15 blog entry. Apparently I was the first real person to discover this, despite the fact that the Chinese flaunt the hell out of it.)
Update: Azerbaijan also flaunts theirs. So does Myanmar.

Another example: Tory Smith. And Sir Bernard Ingham has been replaced by one.
Ways to blast these clones: thread started here.
Above we actually have 2 different applications: one is the mobs of identical-looking scary MKULTRAed clones being flaunted by militaries. These most likely have numbers as names. Probably something like Wang#294, Wang#295, etc., I speculate.
The other is replacements for VIPs and the like.

OK, now let us take a look at a blog entry for Nov. 28, '11:
(12:55pm) CIA clone op in Shelbyville,TN: The CIA has been swapping out people for clones that have been morphed to look like them. Probably over 5% of the town is clone.

Mordok noticed a few days ago that something funny was up with Tony Rice. He's in the pics here, along with his DORy CIAtanist wife. And deceased satanist Jerry Garcia, who may also have been a CIA drug asset. Plus, the guy in the bottom pic with the keyboard and short dark hair is CIAtanist.
This is the real Tony. He is still alive *somewhere* (in hiding from the CIA, i think), and ensouled. Somehow he had gotten sucked up into the CIA drug-dealing scene by his wife.
Here is an article from 2009, with a pic of his clone. Also note the CIAtanist bass player, Barry Bales.

And we have the Tony Rice Center, CIA proprietary to rake in more profits from those who get addicted. But that's not the real reason for the Center.
I took a look at the center on the map, and noticed CIA U bases starting just SE of the center and had tunnel leading to larger base here, where i sensed that inmates are routinely drugged and taken for pleasure and programming.
Then i noticed the tunnel goes to here in AL, where i found 3K cloned adults and 5K cloned kids (now eradicated). I relayed my suspicions to Mordok that inmates were being swapped out. He did some surfing and found an article: Rice Center clients donate bicycles. If you click on the pic it will expand and you can check out the vibes. The only client there is McDonald Oden, or rather his clone!
But it's not just inmates. Mordok also found this pic of a boy who is a clone. Apparently they are abducting people off the street or something too.
Also he found what he thought might be a hatchery. I have doubts about that, but the place is mysteriously DORy. There were grays in the underground all around that very DORy Verizon bldg. The whole area is still DORy and i can't quite make out who or what.

What happens to the originals they replace? If they are cute, they are kept as sex slaves. If they are cute and famous, too, they can fetch a good prostitution fee from other satanists. If they are not, well, i just found another U base where they go to work in manufacturing meth, etc. I seem to sense 364 of them, including McDonald Oden!
Now, that was 5 years ago and a lot has changed. The CIA still runs it, but the U bases/tunnels have been cleared out.
And I have learned a few things in 5 years. For one thing, it is highly unlikely that there were any entertainment celebs around who were not already CIA assets -- most often transgendered. Also we now know that the CIA often replaces their own human agents with other doubles (although it is possible that in some cases aspiring and talented innocent people were replaced).
Example: on the Feb 27, '16 blog entry I explore the Katy Perry family, and conclude that these people were human CIA agents who were replaced by SSers (Katy at least was replaced by a blood-drinker at that), which we later killed in U bases, whereupon they were replaced by repticlones.
My point here being, that the Perrys were already CIA assets, who got replaced for unknown reasons (maybe they weren't slavish enough).

Or possibly, they got too addicted to drugs?
Let's take a look at Tony Rice in his youth: hmmmm. As he got older he got more male looking ("supplements" help) but here we see a narrow-shouldered FTM-looking character. Also "wife" is drag queen. Perhaps Tony did get too strung out on drugs, so the CIA simply replaced him? And rather than him hiding from the CIA as i speculated then, maybe they just gave him a new identity and let him go? I dunno, but he no longer feels alive now. Did he die early from drugs? I really don't know what happened.

Also in that 2011 post I linked to this article, saying that it had a "pic of a boy who is a clone. Apparently they are abducting people off the street or something too." Well... actually the parentless clone boy and his dad are both MPD.

Fast forward to recent times. Aside from the phalanxes of foreign troops, I am constantly running into human clones as hoax actors, usually but not always either transgendered or made deliberately androgynous, and some of these have been around for many decades without (as far as i detect) being replaced. They were born as test-tube babies. I have been referring to them as "clones", which is an accurate designation insofar as they always make multiple copies, but these are not necessarily replacement clones of a pre-existing person. Perhaps a more precise designation would be "test tube born humans" of which multiple copies are made. But I'll just keep calling them "human clones" anyway.
As "Apostle" Laura Lee has mentioned, Meryl Streep's daughters appear to be clones of Meryl (who is a female human). Indeed, the "daughters" dowse as lab-grown CIA human clones.

The CIA, etc. also seems to be engineering stock for use in these clones. I have the impression of gene-splicing to create desirable traits such as gender-ambiguity as well as overtly androgenous looks. I have mentioned this in various posts on my blog recently, as well as the forum. Example: Kelly Brogan is a female CIA human clone with some lite drag queen features. I think this is generally achieved by splicing in Egyptoid DNA (which makes females look like drag queens). Or breeding in. If you closely peruse pics of the 3 Streep females, you may notice that they, too, have some lite pseudo-tranny features. This is due to a bit of Egyptoid DNA. But i don't think Meryl herself is a clone.

I have also found a number of CIA human clones as Olympic athletes, NFL players, and MMA fighters. Conor McGregor and his brother are CIA clones (pic) that i am pretty sure sprang from identical stock.