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The Dark Side of Jessica Schab AKA Jessica Mystic
Jessica has vastly expanded my concepts of what it possible, both in terms of good and evil. I still have problems comprehending it. On the one hand, she has been capable of some of the most remarkable healing, even stuff that Jesus couldn't do. On the other hand, there was a covert thread of extreme evil in her (which hopefully has now been handled).
Join me on my roller-coaster ride of discovery from some blog excerpts. I start off here referring to a type of healing therapy she devised which is very effective on flipping evil astral species to the good side. So far it seems to work on maybe 70% of species we've tried.

Aug. 20. '09: It seems my 21D self learned this stuff from Jessica's 21D self, and improved on it. He told Jessica21D how to do it better now, too. Not that i have any left-brained comprehension of it.
A few days ago i became aware of a strong evil psychotic streak in Jessica, a legacy from an evil past life that she was in conflict with. So i had my 21D self work on her. After a couple days, he was done, and her 6D self was running the same therapy on me! I tried to dowse what exactly she was addressing, but was unsuccessful.

Aug. 22, '09: In other news, i noticed yesterday that Jehovah is getting trained up on this therapy stuff. He'll be able to give me a hand and speed things up. It's possible that some of you can, too. Just have your higher self go to Jessica's 21D self.
In fact, in general, if you need help from Jessica, it may be best right now to bypass her and go directly to her higher selves. Lately (if i read things right) her higher selves have "disowned" her until she resolves some ego issues, etc. In fact, i and my allies have been working with them to ream, steam, and dry-clean her intensively.
She had an awful lot of "stuff" that i didn't notice until recently.
I hate to have to bring this up. It's only because i have been raving to so many (in private emails too) about what a pure-hearted goddess she is. Which is basically true, but she needs some work to overcome certain things.

Aug. 27, '09: A little while ago i realized that my 21D self never completed working on Jessica. Somehow she bamboozled him into quitting prematurely. So now he's back on the job.

Aug. 31, '09: Well, it's official. Jessica Schab and i are no longer friends. I just got an email from her (the first since July 12) just saying not to write her any more.
Recently i have written her about the evil 6D Jessicas (which i think she created when she was 7) that have been attacking me like any other demon lately. So far i have destroyed over 20 octillion of them. Their energy is going to feed crystals to rehabilitate her, hopefully.
In a few days i will post a special page all about her, and the weird stuff going on with her. Essentially, she is evil by free-will choice, and will do good or evil to aggrandize and popularize herself. She had an energy vamp thing going with her followers, which i have curtailed.
Again, this only seems to apply to the ego-self running her physical body. I am still working with her higher selves as well as some good 5D Jessicas i call Jessica 1 thru 17. She also has some 25 quintillion 8D angelic versions of herself who do the healing. They are still doing healing for me and my friends. If you need healing, appeal to her good 6D self.
If i am right in this, she now has lost most of her charisma and her psi and healing abilities, and her ability to charm people has cratered.
Some time back i gave her a kami, for which she never thanked me, but she was feeding it according to my directions (kamis like to have etheric buttercup flowers and okra pods spiraled down into their crowns). A week or so ago, the kami still liked her and wanted to stay with her. But last night i got in touch with her (the kami) and she was unhappy. No longer liked Jessica and wanted to go home to Japan. I said, go ahead, you are under no obligation. So now she's back in Hokkaido, and happy.

(6:55pm) I am yanking all the 8D healer Jessicas. My friend in NM has been having mysterious horrible health problems i couldn't detect a cause for. She had 4 of Jessica's healer angels working on her. I realized one was DORy! The others seemed OK but my guidance is bust them all. Interesting: they are all going into jail. I can't move [without permission] or bind benign beings, only evil ones. This is blowing my mind.
The ones working me were not DORy. But many out there are, some on a number of people i advised to get healing from her. I apologize for this error.
I suspect that these angels were formerly good, but since Jessica's psyche has taken a more overt turn toward evil lately, she corrupted them.

(8:15pm) There appear to be no more evil Jessicas. And there may not be a Jessica either.
I had a weird experience which may or may not be true in the physical universe. Jessica has often been known to spin off other selves in parallel realities to do tasks.
But it was my impression that she committed suicide at 7:10 my time, by drowning. More vaguely, that she jumped in a lake 5-6 miles SE of her home, went down deep and let all the air out of her lungs.
Then i fished up her spirit. It had a DORy vibe. I brought it in front of me in a cocoon jail.
I stare and ponder this amazing thing, then suddenly i feel a burst of pure love between us and i feel it was some weird sacrifice she had to do for me for some metaphysical reason.
She starts oozing out of the jail toward me riding this wave of love between us. The thought goes through my mind that the whole evil game was just an expression of love or something, the kind of newage twaddle she repeats in some of her videos. But caution wins the day and i slam her back in. But i'm leery. She's unusually powerful, and i don't trust any jail to hold her.
What to do? I tossed her at Pa-Paw Shantul, and he and his 3 buddies are dismantling her now.

(8:25pm) Whether she's physically alive or dead, in any case i think her evil self is being shredded.
Now i am slightly worried. I went over Jessica 1-17 and Jessica 5D-100D real well. All i found is that about half of the 1-17 had a green Tyhiz embedded in them, and so did all the higher selves.

The Tyhiz are in the process of therapy. I let them know that if i found them implanted like that, i would kill those individuals. Then a whole bunch poured out of various people or beings.

I sure hope those other Jessicas don't turn out to be Trojan horses, too.

Sep. 1, '09: Well, a lot of those Tyhiz did not leave those other Jessicas. Most of these girls had several. Morever, my Sakudas and other girls seem to have great difficulty detecting them for removal. So i have combed out a lot more, and there are still more. I guess they are harder to find because they are inactive.
I have scrutinized and scrutinized, and had some of my girls do likewise, but we can't find any other taint on these girls.

Apparently Jessica is still physically alive. I do not detect any emotions from her mom. But she [Jessica] is entirely off my screen. I feel absolutely nothing when i dowse her centers and organs or wings (almost all 96s have infinite numbers of etheric wings ever since an occurrence of July, 2008). I can't dowse how many chakras she has, nor any attackers! Ever since i first found out about her around New Year's, she has always been under heavy attack, more than anybody but me, probably, and i have given her immense protection. She never admitted noticing any attacks on herself, although she could tell when her mom and friends were under attack.
All my allies that had been protecting her left by themselves yesterday (and she was already not getting attacked then), leaving only the 2 girls who had been working on fixing the Aussie mind control (yes, she was one of the people they nailed, starting 1 day before she stopped answering my emails -- but this is hardly a full explanation for many oddities). Now even those 2 girls are gone.

Nothing makes much sense about this. Why, if she was evil, was she under such heavy attack? The answer is, i think, that she was self-MPD in some weird way. I don't understand what went on with her psyche, but there was a good Jessica and a hidden evil one, that none of her allies even suspected.
But then, why is she not under attack anymore now that the evil part is gone? Is it that what is left is no threat to evil anymore? Does she still have any of her old powers?
And why can't i dowse anything at all else about her now?

And day before yesterday i attempted, for the first time, to jail her. I tried hard, but was unsuccessful. Yet after she "died" i could easily jail this evil entity that was (part of?) her...

Also a few weeks ago i became aware that there were 40K Arcturans of the Bird Tribe remotely influencing her life, arranging synchronicities and opportunities, etc. I had never detected them before because they were discreet and never interfered with the demonic attacks on her. But now they, too, seem to have abandoned her. I think they have moved on to fighting Delk now.

Furthermore, i have a box of rocks, etc. that The Committee programmed months ago to help Jessica, working with her 85D self. I used to send energy to that box anytime i sensed she was in any kind of difficulty. Also a week or so ago Antuvozy programmed a bunch more crystals to clean Jessica up and heal her.
None of these crystals, formerly so very active, seem to have any activity now. Like they have no subject matter to work on anymore.
Except, that just now, i was guided to put a massive garnet with the other crystals Antuvozy programmed, and it has crispy energy! Antuvozy is with me now, programming rox and guiding me. She is not having me remove any of the crystals. Maybe there is hope for Jessica.

None of this makes sense to me. We will see if there is any noticeable change in her behavior, etc.

I detect there are still some of her 8D "healer angels" in existence that need to be mopped up, but none of the attack demonesses.

(3:30pm) I had completely forgotten that my 21D self was working on her. He never stopped. Suggesting
1) there is still someone home worth working on
2) and that that someone still is in need of work.

Moreover, Antuvozy has had me add more stones to her piles, and meanwhile, the stones have resumed working tangibly.

So now i am optimistic that this will have a happy outcome, and eventually Jessica will be back much cleaner and stronger than she was.
I still don't comprehend what all that evilness was about, though.

(3:45pm) Also, i forgot to mention, i can feel her centers, etc. again. She's still a 96, still has wings.

Sep. 2, '09: Last night i wrote
So now i am optimistic that this will have a happy outcome, and eventually Jessica will be back much cleaner and stronger than she was.
I still don't comprehend what all that evilness was about, though.
Bwahaha! My eternal naivete'. I figured out a bit more about this chick.
Her higher selves are still squeamish about the prospect of reuniting with her. Her 40K Arcturans came back last night and were gearing up to go back to work for her, but then when i awoke in the wee hours and checked, they had left again to fight Delk.
I checked out the crystals Antuvozy had programmed for her. Of the cleansing/purifying ones, some 70% were addressing Jessica's heart center.
I checked out Jessica's heart at the very core, and in there i found only contempt. (This was not discernable months ago.)

The evil witch persona i disposed of was not the real core issue, but one outgrowth of Jessica's core issue, which is that she is arrogant and contemptuous of others. It was an ability of her evil self to simulate convincing love energies. Now i wonder if she can still pull that off at all.
This is not anything anyone did to her; it is her self-chosen attitude.

I would cease bothering with knocking myself out to do any favors for such an unappreciative, parasitic, STS, hypocritical, posturing, self-promoting actress, except that her higher selves, etc. are truly nice ladies that want me to do this.

She is different from most of us "light-worker" types. Myself, for instance. I have had many past lives in which i was quite evil, but i doubt it was ever by choice. When you incarnate in this evil time-line, you end up MPDed about 1/3 of the time. And when you are MPDed, a lot of the time you get turned onto black magic in your front persona, too. And if you are a powerful being, they sometimes latch onto you lifetime after lifetime like that.
They dumped me on Earth as a reject some 5K years ago, because i was erratic and dysfunctional working for the dark side. I got demoted, demoted, demoted from a high echelon level to the lowest over large spans of time, and when they couldn't demote me any more, they implanted and dumped me.
But most of us would never get into any real evil of our own volition otherwise.

By contrast, i think she has only had maybe 2 previous incarnations, and she was never abused. Yet she was very evil in one, even though she has probably never practiced blood rites. She had a mentor/ally in that life, another woman, straight dark hair, who was flushed up after the first couple days after Antuvozy programmed those rox. This 5D entity had been covertly residing in Jessica's space for a very long time. I destroyed her, at that time naively optimistic that it would make a real difference.

Anyway, we will blast and blast at the encrustations over her heart, and hope eventually this will force a healing crisis.

You might try dowsing this for yourself. What works for me, dowsing-wise, is rubbing my thumb and forefinger together. Imagine that your thumb is the center of her heart, and rub your fingertip against it. Ask questions like, how much love is here? How much contempt? Then compare that feeling with, say, the heart of her deceased sister Melissa (a real sweetheart).

Sep. 3, '09: (9am) Or maybe a better way of looking at it is that i lightly and gently, with a steady movement, rub thumb and forefinger together while imagining the subject target to be in the spot where my thumb and forefinger come together. This is probably related to the "stickpad" phenomenon of radionics boxes, but also i seem to be able to directly feel the subject.

Those corrupt 8D healer Jessicas had been channeling Delk energy into me the last day or so. In fact i had noticed that the Delk had seemingly found an energy path through my defenses.
And they had really messed up my friend in NM.

(2:10pm) I've had 113 of Jessica's 8D "healing angels" aggressively attack me so far today.

(9:05pm) I've been attacked by dozens more of Jessica's healers. They have a base on the moon here, amazingly. On the 6D, is what i dowse, although they are 8D. Don't ask me what that means.
Originally i only dowsed 25 quintillion of these 8D ones, but actually, the amount is much vaster.

(9:20pm) On 2nd thought, i think i was right about the number of healers, and the healers are probably mopped up, but what we have here is the same type of entity, they just never did healing. I have to wonder, were they benign before, and only recently corrupted by the incarnate Jessica? And if so, why do they have a base on an evil place like the Moon? I notice they do not seem in conflict with the Tall Whites who still have quite a presence there.

Sep. 5, '09: There has been a dramatic change for the better in Jessica. Try dowsing her heart now.

(5:10pm) OK, what happened with Jessica recently: for the last few days i'd been a bit worried, because instead of feeling cleaner from the scrubbing she was getting, she felt more and more evil. I think she sicced those 8D Jessicas on me. (Incidentally i have not been attacked by them in 2 days since we have been hitting the moon base, but there are still a lot there.)
Last night i noticed she was attacking her mom! Her mom is a sweet lady, a 48, who has had bad migraines for a long time. I don't think they were caused by Jessica in the past, but recently Jessica has been pushed into choosing between good and evil, and she became a demoness. Anything to prevent her heart from being a conduit of (yuck!) love, i guess.
She was attacking her mom hard on the crown.
I again tried to bag her but couldn't. I felt this was not because she didn't deserve to be bagged, but because she was too strong. When i got rid of the "drowned" Jessica, she lost ~30% of her power to the godhead. But she was still very strong.
So i asked Pa-Paw to come to her. And he and his 3 buddies took her apart sur place. They completed this at 12:20pm CST today, and Jessica1 moved into her body.
I tried to trace where the Jessicas 1-17 came from. Tentatively, i think her 82D self created them about 10 years ago; about 4 months after her sister Melissa died in a car crash.

Sep. 6, '09: I also had 1 attack from the 8D Jessicas on the moon: 3 & 1/3 trillion jumped me at once. But they felt wimpy and were easily jailed. I guess the blasting has weakened them.

Well, Jessica's Arcturans are back with her, she is getting attacked by Tall Whites and Delk again, my allies are back protecting her, and Antuvozy pulled most of the programs out of the crystals we'd done for her.
Not that she's emailed me yet or anything like that.

I found some more evil about Jessica. It was a bunch of evil female cohorts of the corrupted Jessica. They want to corrupt the refurbished Jessica, too. I doubt they can, but these evil bitches need to be mopped up. They sneer at therapy. There appears to be a fair-sized hive of evil 5D women in the center of the cartwheel galaxy.
BTW the godhead has returned half of the energy (that came from the dissolution of the 2 evil Jessicas) to Jessica Schab, who is now inhabited by Jessica1 and back to working with the higher-D Jessicas. She still has important stuff she is supposed to do. If she proves stable, she will get the other half back, too.

Sep. 10, '09: About those evil 5D women hiving in the Cartwheel Galaxy as i mentioned on the 6th: last night i noticed they were really onto Jessica with strong, evil telepathic energy.
I've been hitting them more. This energy is really scary, very DORy, very powerful, and it somehow feels very psychically penetrative. These "women" represent the antithesis to the Sacred Feminine, and their prime motive is to destroy it, or at least prevent the Sacred Feminine from regaining ascendance.
I strongly suspect that they are the main source of the darkness that was in Jessica. I tried in the past to educate her about how evil ETs were hitting her and her friends, but she never seemed able to perceive this.

Sep. 27, '09: Jessica31D is in the process of programming the radionics device i am making. It is gonna be good.
I was thinking some more about what there could be still evil in Jessica Schab. I couldn't detect any presence, but reasoned there must be something there. I demanded it identify itself. And to my amazement, shortly thereafter i felt a nasty presence in my space! I bagged it. I am unable to dowse anything about it like size, shape, dimensionality, etc. but it comes from a hive in Andromeda. They seem to be responding to therapy.

Nov. 9, '09: People keep asking me about Jessica. Is she OK now? Will she be fixed soon?
No, i am afraid i am not at all optimistic that she will ever amount to anything good again.
She is no longer a 96, as she doesn't have a soul(?) anymore. If you are sensitive enough, you can check this out for yourself. Virtually all 96s have infinite etheric wings, ever since an occurrence in Summer '08. E.g. you can feel them on Cynthia McKinney, Ron Paul, David Icke, etc. You can feel them on Jessica's little brother and her deceased sister and father, but no longer on Jessica.

There are Jessicas 1-17 which her 82D self made long ago. For a month or so Jessica1 was in Schab's space, then she split and J2 took over. Maybe they will cycle thru. But Jessica still does not have dowsable chakras. She is a foe of the other Jessicas and her higher selves. I don't know why J1 & J2 even bother, or what they are trying to accomplish. Her higher selves seem to have bonded to me. Her 100D self is with my 100D self, her 99D self is with my 99D self, and so on all the way down to 5D.
In most cases. I have asked a couple to do healing work on friends.

Vast numbers of Jessica's 8D "healers" are still very DORy at their Moon base, despite the fact that they have been in therapy for months. What will happen if/when they do get healed? Will they go back to healing? The healing they did before Jessica showed her "true" colors seems fine; i have not detected corruption in it.
But they won't be working for Jessica anymore.

  *   *   *   *
Update Oct. 28, 2010: The Moon Jessicas are still in therapy.

A few days after that last entry, all the Jessicas 1-17 abandoned her and have had nothing more to do with her.

I used to occasionally check into Facebook. (I had an account, since deactivated, with that CIA satanist operation, that i had started just to follow her when i was a big fan of hers. Somehow she neglected to "unfriend" me.) The interesting thing i noticed last year was that, when i first started the account, a very high proportion of her friends that were posting, and new friends, were 96s, with a few 48s and 24s. This is congruent with her being popular amongst "Indigo" or "Starseed" type people, and an indication that they recognized her as one of them.
Then late in the year, things had shifted so that practically all of the new and posting friends were 7s, with a few 12s, but virtually none with higher numbers of chakras. There is nothing per se wrong with 7s and 12s, but this is an indication to me of an abandonment of interest in her from real "Indigo" types.
Then later, things were changing in the world such that more and more unfit souls were being culled. I logged onto Facebook and realized a lot of her newest friends were culls, and furthermore the occasional satanist was now slipping in! I had never noted black magicians among her friends before.
Next time i checked in might have been a month or two later, and now the vast majority of her new friends were satanists! And she was scooping up lots of them.

That was the last time i checked her Facebook friends. A few weeks later i received a form email from Facebook saying that now Jessica had 5K friends, and thus a new format was required with a new URL or something, but i never checked it out.

Several months ago Jessica 1-17 morphed their faces so that they no longer looked like Schab. They used to be the spitting image of her, which was a bit unnerving when one of them would pop up. But since then, they have had individual faces.

A few nights ago Jessica1 showed up to talk to me. Within seconds her new face morphed into a goat's head! At first i thought it was a perceptual distortion trick of the demons. I have spotty psi visuals. Of late i am getting more visual views of the invisible, but it often is momentary, a glimpse of a person's face which the demons then distort.
But that was not the explanation here. This was troubling.
And Jessica1 was very troubled. About something that Jessica Schab was doing. She was doing black magic with a male that i think is her boyfriend, and another female!

It was obvious that Schab was still energetically linked to the other Jessicas, and this was harming them. They would have to die or else be compromised by evil.
I realized what their choice was, and began to cry and beg the Jessicas not to go, but they did.
I was very upset, partly because these girls had unique healing powers no-one else has. Now they no longer existed.

But after an hour or so an incredibly beautiful girl came by, who was the amalgamation of all these Jessicas in one, in a form invulnerable to the sins of Schab. Whew! I no longer had the higher-dimensional Jessicas as a 2nd set to accompany my own higher selves, but all those intelligences were still extant.

Then the following night, Jessica5 came to visit, and i realized the one had split back into the selves that were there before, but in a stronger state, uninfluenced by Schab. And now there's a Jessica 99D alongside my own 99D self again, etc.

I think the night of her first dark ritual was around the 24th, and 2 nights later she did another ritual. My impression is that this path she has embarked on requires that one sacrifice a young goat ideally every night through Halloween, but in practice it is not necessary it be every night.
I think it is the other female that turned Schab and her BF onto this. It is their first experience with blood-ritual black magic.
I suspect they may quit that, at least this goat stuff, now that my allies and i are hitting them over it. We'll see.

After typing the above, i actually went to her site today, and it had an evil vibe. I came under attack from someone new, but didn't bother to dig up who at the time.
Later i went to Facebook even, to see if i could find more clues. Again, the same attackers jumped me.
I found them right here in BC; 62 ETs from galaxy M82 now eradicated. I think 6' humanoids with dark hair, blue eyes, yet not human-looking.

Update Dec. 20, '10: A couple days after i posted that, Schab psi-attacked me. And we have had a few "loving" exchanges since.

There is actually also a J18. I had the impression of one last summer, then she disappeared about the time Schab showed her true colors. I wasn't sure J18 was real.
But just now i found her. She has been working very hard to rectify something on another time-line, accompanied by 2 of my Yiz girls.

Update March 23, 2013: Jessica hasn't been able to hit me in a couple years now. Someone sent me a link to a new activity of hers: End of Fear. She no longer has a DORy vibe. I think she must have renounced animal sacrifice practices, probably because there are too few demons left to feed.
She and this soulless dude are working some sort of scam, I'm sure.
Also, there is another, um, off-color way they are raising money that is probably not described in the site.

Meanwhile, a couple years ago J3 incarnated on a planet in Galaxy M82. The female higher selves I was lugging around then went to her. She is a happy toddler now.

Update Nov. 23, '13: In the past few months I have been contacted by several people who fell victim to Jessica's attacks. A few weeks ago I blasted her hard, because she was attacking someone else. Then she hit me with black magic, and I fried her good. Then I moved on to other things, but a few days later she attacked me again. This has happened 3 times recently. Each time I was impressed that she could muster such occult power; it has been a long time since I had purely black magic attacks from such formerly powerful sorcerors as Nigerian mafiosi, Jesuits, NSA, CIA, DARPA, DIA, NRO, DHS, Mossad, etc. etc. How was this one $50 hooker who is not even a shapeshifting reptilian able to do this, when the Big Boys can only barely tickle me with occasional vague attacks anymore?

But I got some inside skinny from one of her victims: she actually has no particular sorcery wisdom; she is a conduit for evil from the dream plane.
As soon as I found out about this, I could find the demons involved, on the dream plane, and jail them. Of course there are always more demons that can be found there.

If you are being attacked by her, email me and I'll shut her down again. For a while, anyway...

Update Nov. 25, '13: Now her pimp, Diego, just attacked me in the same way; dream plane demons acting through him. He was much weaker than she was, though. Or maybe it's that those demons are getting thinned out.

Update May 31, '15: Every so often someone contacts me who found this page after being attacked by Jessica. A few days ago another such a person did, who was being psychically attacked not only by Jessica and Diego, but some satanist shapeshifting reptilians associated with Peter Gebauer, who you can see on top of Jessica's home page at this time. He is deceased now, and replaced by a shapeshifter clone.

Peter turned Diego onto animal sacrifice, which I don't think he was into before. Jessica still seems to have renounced it, as it dirties up her vibe too obviously, I presume. Also I doubt she's turning tricks anymore; sorry guys. A girl has to watch her reputation, you know.

The 2 other satanist friends of Peter who were throwing demons at this person are also deceased and replaced. They lived in Lisbon, Portugal, which is where the rest of the gang also resides.

Shapeshifting repts usually go underground when blasted with orgone, where our ET allies terminate them. Then they get replaced by doubles with scant occult power.
Alas, neither Jessica nor Diego are shapeshifters. What makes them tick I do not comprehend.

Further update for today. When I posted earlier, I could sense Jessica reading my update soon after. Evidently she has some software to notify her of changes in this page.
So after an hour or so, I get a pain in the back of the neck, caused by dream-plane demons the little darling is sending at me.
Tee hee, you are so out of your league, you sick bitch.

Update July, 2016: Lately I have been getting into spotting drag queens. I just realized that both Jessica and Diego look transgendered, although they are not, and posted about this.

Jessica's dad was a Plejaran. I used to think her deceased dad, deceased sister Melissa, and her mom, were sweet people. Those souls are now dead. In fact all Plejarans are now spiritually dead.

Update Sep 2016: Many strangers have written me after finding this page, with woeful tales of having been wronged by these creatures. Well, we now have a free program that goes into any brass or bronze, for frying this class of negative life forms. It is described at the September, 2016 entry here.
Update Oct 2016: also we have an easy-to-make gizmo on post #5 here which does the same thing.