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Little Secret Coil

At the end of '03, Cesco came out with this one.
Note: Cesco is an adept coil craftsman but is also a high-level Freemason and black magician who has put evil ritual energies into some of his coils.

It is a "double-terminated" loohan coil, only instead of fretting over how to connect the ends, extra lengths are are used to shape into 2 Big Secret horns. Picture a loohan coil inside a Big Secret, all in one piece. The coil must have a clockwise wind initially, for it to work. I haven't worked with this much yet, but it is a great coil.

Actually I've only made 3 of these so far, and none of them really have that flared Big Secret shape like Cesco's. Nonetheless...

Any coils in the family of cat coils, loohan coils, etc., appear to clean up and refine ambient energy, and this is no exception.
Playing around with the one above, I noticed that it really seemed to amplify any energy put into its ends. So I hooked it up to an earth battery circuit and was very impressed by the radiance. So I built a much bigger one:

In this picture, the ends are simply jumpered to close the circuit.

Here the same coil is hooked into an earth battery circuit. A fancy one with 3 "cells" and devices with over 700' of mobius wire (the more mobes on the circuit, the wilder the subtle energy flowing through the wires gets. That rule probably applies to Little Secrets, too).
Those of you who can feel energy from web pics will, I think, appreciate that this is an extraordinarily cost-effective radiant emitter. And this large coil is discolored from annealing; if polished, it would probably "shine" more.

Same coil squashed to fit into a shorter space.

Namely, inside this orgonite piece.

Now, hooked up to the earth-power circuit.

The cast peice contains a mobius coil, and I have both coils (little secret and mobius) hooked together in the circuit. Ouroubourous fans, note the alligator clip swallowing the end of the Little Secret. No doubt a highly-important detail.

Here she is! The base is probably just temporary, until I cast one someday. One could mount a radionics box on this base, as an alternative to running the thing on earth energy.

Modular construction allows for flexibility in future modifications and combinations.