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Lithium-Bearing Minerals in Orgonite

Athene sent me a very interesting little book, Lithium and Lithium Crystals, by Haroldine (1988), which contains a lot of juicy info, some of which I will share here.

These stones include tourmaline, lepidolite, spodumene, amblygonite, petalite, eucryptite, hiddenite, kunzite, lithium quartz, tryphane, sugilite a.k.a. royal azel, polylithionite, and a few others. Also she mentions desert lake brines as having around 22% (very high) lithium dioxide. According to her, some stones with the highest content are amblygonite (8-10%), spodumene (8-8&1/2%), and eucryptite (8%).
But elsewhere I have read that spodumene can vary widely in lithium dioxide content. Nevertheless, the bag of it (powdered) Athene sent me, as well as some I ordered from elsewhere, have great energy.
I don't believe she mentions lithium crystals, as such, in the book, but these are out there, too.

Jimshoe mentioned that the more purple the lepidolite, the higher the Li content. I do find that purple feels a lot better than pink lepidolite. Get it if you can find it.

FERTILIZER: powdered stones like lepidolite appear to have value added to soil.

WATER enhancement in agriculture: lithium ore was wrapped in cloths around sections of irrigation pipe in an orchard experiment. Evidently, the water picked up the vibe, causing dramatically increased blossom set and nutrient content in the fruit.

BALANCES human energy field, chakras, meridians. Ground lepidolite powder was painted on nails with clear nail polish, just one drop in the center of each nail, with salutory results on the well-being of the participants. Also, a small cloth baggie of this powder, worn for some time, improved many conditions.
A grounding effect was noted in people who were "hyper" or spacey.

PAROTID GLANDS: are located in the cheek/jaw area. The book says these are primary repositories of stored rage and anger. They play an important role in determining the pH of the saliva. Carrying HIDDENITE in particular is supposed to be effective, over a period of months, in allowing the glands to release excess stress stored in these glands. This can resolve TMJ problems, which are supposedly caused by tension in the jaw muscles from the stored anger.

GOLDEN C CRYSTALS: are perhaps the ultimate of the lithium stones. This stuff makes a great charged water with a rating of 250,000 angstroms.
There are only a few thousand of these crystals around, and she warns that there are look-alikes being sold, which are of much less value. The true Golden C's contain 4% gallium, as well as 35% lithium, and 61% beryllium. Haroldine says this produces a frequency like calcium44, a rare type of calcium.

Interestingly, CoQ10 is composed of 2% gallium, 23% lithium, 65% beryllium, and 10% Ca44!
Supposedly these stones have all sorts of spiritual, mental, and physical benefits. Hard to get, but the GOOD NEWS is that if you merely write "GOLDEN C CRYSTAL" on a piece of white paper with black ink, it will bring through the energy. Works for me. This may be a great little power-up for TBs, water wands, etc.: merely cast such pieces of paper into the units. I feel a strong, nice energy from such a piece of paper. Check it out. One could also charge water with this, maybe wrap the paper around your water pipe.
I get a lot of mileage out of putting the paper, text outward, rolled up in a copper pipe (as in a wand).

Spodumene and petalite are commonly available from potter's supply companies in very fine powder form quite cheaply. I ordered them from http://www.alligatorclay.com/chemicals.php3 and strongly suggest you get some of the spodumene, especially. Note that if you mix a whole bunch of this into your resin, it may delay curing. Also, i have read that when heated, lithium stones will release Li ions, which probably means that if your resin gets too hot, some of the Li may cook off.