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Lotus Coil

June 14, '07: Recently a friend (the same enterprising young fellow who built the fat GridBlaster shown on OTB 21,) sent me pics and instructions to build a coil he'd devised. I'm trying to figure out a way to publish this without manually converting the email format to HTML.
Apparently the NSA has determined that this individual is a dangerous influence on me, because our emails seem to not arrive anymore.

My impression is that this is by far the ultimate coil for transmitting (not reception). There are various variations one could explore.
Here is a collage of the pics he sent. Hopefully he won't mind me publishing them.

He uses hot melt glue to keep them tight.

Even passive, they are extremely powerful, but as you can see, one can connect them up to things.

I made one today out of 14awg magnet wire (transparent insulation). The length of the part I twisted was 1046mm X 4 = 418.4cm, before folding and twisting. I doubled it over only once.
Since this is pretty thick, springy wire, I twisted it less than I normally do, and pounded 2 old 1/2" copper pipes into the ground. I had previously used these for earth-battery electrodes. I used a key ring to secure the end.

After looping the infinity symbols, I slipped the coil off the funky pipes, and onto a clean one for finishing. It had 13 petals, which wasn't good, so I undid one and wound the excess wire into a spiral on top.

Since the coil was so springy, I did not attempt to glue it, but tied the top loop to the bottom with a piece of string.

I was looking to increase the law enforcement capabilities of my RoboCop unit (see OTB 24). First I stood a copper-frame pyramid around it, and dowsed that that increased its power about 6X. I dowsed that this coil would jump it up another 4,200X beyond that! And the best place to put it was on the northeast pipe of the pyramid. And to use only one such coil. (I think in the southern hemisphere, one would want to put it on the SW pipe.)
Here it is on the pyramid, but not hooked up to anything when I snapped the pic. Now the pyramid is around my RoboCop and the coil is spliced into its output. Indeed I dowse that just adding the pyramid and coil increases its power some 26,000X!
(The 2nd lead is hidden behind the pipe.)

Incidentally, I bought these pyramid corners in '92 somewhere. They are gold-plated copper pipe fittings.
Here you can see that they consist of a 90 degree elbow with a cap screwed into it at a certain angle (the hard part would be drilling the holes in the right places). The top of the pyramid is 4 caps held together with a key ring.

Do not confuse this coil with another coil by the same name that someone else made years ago and posted about on a forum. That coil was interesting, but nothing special energetically.
This coil is a quantum leap, and revolutionizes things. I get that placed atop 2 CB pipes it would do wonders. One on the north pipe, one on the south.
Embedded in a gridblaster it would make it several times as potent.
And it doesn't have to be big. Even 1046mm is stupendous (with thinner wire).

June 21, '07: Here is a variation: a 214.2cm lotus antenna of 8 awg wire, not twisted. A single lead going to it.

A project like this is not for everyone. I used wire I had annealed, and it was still a bitchin' task. [Error: I was actually mistakenly using heavy 6 awg wire; see note of Dec. 25 below.] Then soaked the coil in muriatic acid to remove the scale left from annealing.

But lesser mortals can probably emulate this with 12 or 10 awg wire that has not been annealed.

I dowse incredible potencies for this. Like 10X as powerful as the first one. It is now on the center pipe of a very powerful device. The lead is connected to the RoboCop output.

I did not wrap the wire around 2 pipes, then twist. Rather, I formed each petal in its place as I went along.
This is on 3/4" pipe, but one could make one to fit 1" CB pipes. I think even with no input lead, it would be mighty awesome.

June 26, '07: I came up with a variation that is easier than the lotus shape, at least for heavy wire. I get that it is just as potent. This one is about 125cm, 8awg.

Of course, it requires a name. How about the elegant, catchy "botryoidal" coil?

botryoidal: adjective
(chiefly of minerals) having a shape reminiscent of a cluster of grapes.

I also made some more like the one of June 21, but in this same shorter length. I plan to make a super transmitter with 4 of them cast in a large square-ish mold. I'm getting that a good choice for orgonite materials when embedding one of these coils is loose (not densely packed) steel shavings with a bit of aluminum -- no more than 2% by volume aluminum.

Oct. 11, '07: I did make a super transmitter with 4 of these heavy coils (like June 21), though shorter, and the metals as given. And about 1/4 lb. of crunched fluorite. It rocks.

Today I thought of another, very easy, application of the lotus coil concept. I just did a lotus wrap around these 2 bottles, half-filled them with charged water and a few other little goodies, wrapped their lids securely with strips of duct tape, and cast them in resin mix, being careful not to let it overheat. The thing is curing now, and already feels real potent.

Dec. 25, '07: That thing turned out real powerful. I will have to make more along those lines.

Today I realized something: the heavy wire I used in the above bare-metal coils was not 8 awg, but 6 awg! Much heavier. I had dowsed that 8 awg was as effective as 6 awg for these, and grabbed the wrong wire! And knocked myself out making a few lotus coils.
But I have a bunch of 8 awg wire on hand, and hopefully in coming weeks I will have pics of some 8 awg lotus and botryoidal coils, which I suspect will be about 1/3 as hard to make as 6 awg.

Jan. 11, '08: Here are some 8 awg coils. It's still fairly hard to make them, except for the botryoidal coil. With this gauge, it didn't seem to make much difference whether the wire was annealed or not. The one on the right was not.
What I don't like about the heavy gauge lotus coils (botryoidal excluded) is that it seems almost impossible to do an aesthetically pleasing job, as the loops around the center tend to undo themselves when you try to form the petals. Such coils still have about just as good energy, but are perhaps better hidden in orgonite or something. But if you are going to bury a lotus coil, it is far easier to do the infinity wrap around 2 bottles as in the previous picture. Or a botryoidal coil, space permitting.
They are powerful, though, and fairly tough and bend-resistant. They would be good for throwing in a lake as they are.