Loohan's Paranoia Bulletin #1:
Underground Transmitters
April 20, 2006, revised Sep. 28, 2006: Here is something that is getting to be less and less of a problem lately, but still worth knowing about. In Fall, '06, only a few select individuals are getting hit with the small ones anymore.

Sep. '06: It is now my considered opinion that these underground transmitters (except for some electricity-producing nukes in bases, etc.) are "real" enough, but dimensionally-offset so we couldn't physically see or feel or move them even if we tried to dig them up. Yet that they are quite real in terms of the harmful energy they put out. I get the strong impression that they were emplaced by reptilians and greys working together.

Note Oct. 2012: I have DELETED most of this page because it is no longer relevant, but worse, similar enough to what is still relevant that if taken as a description of current events, would only be confusing misinformation. We still find underground transmitters to be dealt with, but not as was described in this bulletin. They are usually no longer a major concern for most people.

Paranoia Bulletin #2: Other Transmitters Near You