Loohan's Paranoia Bulletin #2:
Other Transmitters Near You
[Update Oct. 2012: I suspect that many of the things I listed here were never deliberately manufactured as sinister transmitters, but were opportunistically exploited by demons who used the devices' scalar radiations as carriers for demonic energy. These days we have gotten rid of 99%+ of the demons that we had in 2006, and it has been years since i noticed demonic energy coming off of business signs, flagpoles, smoke detectors, etc.]

April 22, 2006: Our civilised world is chock-full of hidden DOR transmitters. A lot of these are pretty insubstantial, yet apparently serve to relay evil energies sent to them. There are such energies constantly being sent to the labels in your clothes, to the catalytic converter in your car, etc.

In clothes and shoes: See this article, recently updated.

Another old article for paranoiacs: Barcodes and Flags: Negative Energy Devices

In vehicles: The catalytic converter, usually placed right under the driver, has an evil vibe even when the engine is off.
All chem jets and most jetliners have powerful transmitters on the underside.
So do probably all military or other government vehicles. Of course, when flying over the neighborhood of someone they specifically dislike, specific radionic freqs for that person are probably used.
I suspect there's a lot of the latter in our world. If you do much freeway driving, you can be discreetly, selectively, fried. Virtually all big trucks have some kind of transmitter in the back. On large boxy trailers and vans, it's in the upper left rear corner. And it's got your number if you are an activist. On tankers, it's on the top center at the back of the trailer.

Many ships and boats have very powerful DOR transmitters. China Shipping Lines and Evergreen are 2 of the shipping companies with these.

Other road hazards: Virtually all water towers seem to have some kind of transmitters hidden in them. You know those big flagpoles they often have in front of banks, etc? The golden globes on top are DOR emitters. All McDeathforce's golden arch signs have stealth transmitters. In fact all big-name fast-food chain signs, for that matter. Ordinary gas station signs sometimes have them. The real tall signs you see on the interstate, for gas stations or other places, virtually always have them. All car dealerships, big-name department stores, etc.
Almost all commercial signs along roads have these, usually toward the upper corner closest to the road. All mainstream schools, most churches and Christian bookstores...
And those big green Highway Dept. signs that tell of upcoming forks in the highway? Of course, of course.

And the chain-franchise motels are stuffed with hidden transmitters.

Also, the roads have (transdimensionally-implanted?) transmitters all under them, which can be selectively used to send personalized DOR upward as you as you drive along. Last time I went to VA, when I felt this, I would dowse that a short distance in front and behind me were clean, but the road near me, as I moved along, was being juiced. However, they seldom have enough power for such things as the under-road DOR these days.
I probably don't need to mention the ubiquitous "cell phone" towers.
Also, all those transformers on utility poles.

"Energy" products to look out for: most "orgone" products sold on eBay and some other places (including some by alleged orgone field activists), have a deliberate evil vibe, likely with attached entities, and covens sending deadly energy to the devices. Probably all "tachyon" products now have a very strong, evil vibe that was probably lurking as a stealth program until recently. [Note Jan/'07: There are exceptions on the tachyon stuff. One reader had me check his beads from David Wagner of Tachyon International, and these had great energy, and Wagner is clean.]
Nikken products are put out by very evil people who imbue them with demonic energies.
Q-Links are creepy, but possibly inadvertently so. And Slim Spurling products were NSA-made from 2001 until maybe 2006, with very evil energy. We busted that that up, and since they have been made by soulless mercenaries who sell beautiful but inert art objects for a ridiculous price.
The faddish new ear staples (quasi-acupuncture) all seem to be of this evil technology. Of course, all Masonic jewelry. Some brands of acupuncture needles and related items like magnets. Much Christian jewelry, crucifixes, etc.

Appliances: Do not use "bluetooth" wireless tech! This is one of the worst. Other wireless (mice, keyboards, etc.) are also bad. This is deliberately added demon-energy stuff I'm talking about, not incidental EMFs, etc.

Microwave ovens also have a particularly bad vibe. Fridges and many other appliances usually have a stealth transmitter in them. TVs, stereos, toasters, waffle irons, crock pots, etc. The thing is, even if they are not plugged in, they still relay the deadly energy sent to them.
Radioactive smoke detectors.
Many computers -- HP and Apple are 2 that are still OK, except for the wireless, of course.
In the last couple years, most light bulbs have gotten added transmitters in them.

Update 6/22/6: A few weeks ago some new street signs went up around my neighborhood. White letters on dark blue background. The cobalt in the blue paint had been treated with Satanic ritual. This caused them to radiate a bit of evil energy, but the main reason was so that demonic energy could be sent to them from afar to be strongly re-radiated. I moved all the energy from all such paint into a deserving person, and they now seem clear. Then I realized that I could do the same with all the green U.S. Highway signs that have similar paint, and did those. Then I did all similar paint in the world.

Then I realized I could do the same with catalytic converters.
"In a catalytic converter, the catalyst (in the form of platinum and palladium) is coated onto a ceramic honeycomb or ceramic beads that are housed in a muffler-like package attached to the exhaust pipe." (How Stuff Works). Well, the beads and the catalyst have been "enhanced". So I unenhanced them.

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