Loohan's Paranoia Bulletin #4:
Sexually Transmitted Demons
May, 2006: (edited for clarity July, 2009)

[Update: in 2009 the evil Nordics -- what was left of them -- received therapy and have since been fighting on our side. They REMOVED all these sex demons in the summer of '09, so this issue is just history now.]

All vertebrates on this planet, providing they have received full penetrative anal or vaginal sex with an infected male, have what I call sex demons. And almost all animals are infected as soon as they have engaged in sex with a few partners. Some species are more infested than others. Dogs are above 95% in adults that haven't been neutered. 49% of male humans on Earth above 16 years of age, are infested, 33% by the age of 4. At least, that's what I get. These figures seem a bit dubious even to me, but when one considers the popularity of child-rape within and without the context of Satanic Ritual Abuse, and the fact that many US military/gov't people including all male US soldiers in the Gulf arena, as well as all British and Israeli soldiers have been MPDed...
Some of the pics on this page are of male animals. They got them from males of the same species. Homosexuality is common among animals. Though cross-species infection with humans can also occur...

I have dowsed and noted the numbers and locations of demons present late May, 2006. As some of these critters (like the woman) are still living, they may accumulate more.

I got onto this study after reading about sodomy demons. This article has a lot of truth insofar as how sex demons are used in mind-control by the illuminati. And that's the scariest part of it. But the phenomenon is far more widespread than that.

The girl in the bikini has been around a little. At the time of this writing, she has 8 from 8 different guys. None of these were from anal sex or rape.
Unless you trace back where those came from. Four of her sources got infected when they were raped by the age of 6. Three of the other guys got them from consensual sex with other guys who had gotten infected from rapes before they were 4. The remaining guy got it from a guy who got it from a guy who was raped practically from birth.

If you read the article linked above, you know that these demons replicate during the sex act, so one demon can make infinite copies of itself.

What are these demons, exactly? The best I can come up with is that they are pup-like creations of the blue Nordics. I don't think that they have the capability of growing into a Nordic, but they are like tiny baby Nordics in energy. The Nordic ETs are not quite physical like us. I recently realized that only some of the red ones are good; the blue, green and yellow ones, and almost 3/4 of the red ones, are evil.

In late May I got curious whether the Venusians have these demons. The true (not banished renegade) Venusians are a very advanced race. It has been over 4 million years since I was one of them, but I feel like I belong more to them. They are a less degenerate type of human than what prevails on Earth. The reptilians never interbred with them, so they don't have that DORy DNA. Nor do they practice black magic. Those kind are either in their small jail of 250 or so prisoners, or they are flying around in craft making trouble on Earth and elsewhere.

They absolutely do not compromise with or tolerate evil. They have blown away many evil ET craft in the Solar System

They are extremely gender-polarized; females seem to have no male energy and vise-versa.
I expected to find no sodomy demons. But what I found was that every single Venusian had incredibly huge numbers of these. Like googols to the googol to the googol power many times over.
What the hell?!? Dowse, dowse, dowse...

The critters were distributed all over their bodies. I got that there is zero male homosexuality among the Venusians. There are some lesbian couples (war widows), and they give off incredibly strong, extremely sweet energy. Yet I get that lesbianism is not socially accepted there. It's all closeted, yet covertly adds great sweetness to the ambience. Interestingly, in some Chinese thought, yang repels yang, and male homosexuality is considered undesirable. Whereas yin nurtures yin, so intimacy between females is considered desirable by many.
Oddly, on Venus there are no triangles etc. with one male and 2 or more women.

It took me a while to figure out, but what had happened was that 483,893 years ago, the Venusians were fighting the blue Nordics, and the Nordics used the same type of technology on them as is presently used by black magicians on Earth to send were-pups, spiders, and tiny octopi into people like myself. So totally did they stuff the poor Venusians, that lots of the parasites pass on sexually, via semen and ova. Even after all these years of dilution, they were still stuffed, though it was only a fraction of what it had been.

Now personally, I seem to have the unusual and fortunate ability to relocate demons. My evil trainers have stuffed me with so many parasites that I was forced to become quite adept at discharging them in vast quantities with little effort. I have been discreetly doing that for a lot of people. It has become an automated process whereby all I have to do is tell all the critters to flow at maximum speed into a selected target, either another living thing, or one of my prisons.

I dowsed that the Venusians would really like to get rid of these things, so I set the discharge in motion into my main prison. Took all of 5 minutes, and now the Venusians (except for the evil ones) are clean.
We like to scratch each others' backs.

I have tried to rid Earthlings in the same way, but it seems each individual has to be thought of separately. With the Venusians, the tinier parasites were distributed with total uniformity over almost half a million years amongst the population, and so was in effect a single instance to address.

Note Jan. '11: Great misfortunes have befallen our Venusian friends. Those poor "lesbians" who were actually war widows unable to find men, and whom I used to pry archons off of years ago, are all dead.
For updates, see this page.

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