Loohan's Paranoia Bulletin #6:
False Higher Selves
April 11, 2009: Well, much of the stuff I wrote about years ago in this series has sort of faded out. But I recently found something new to be concerned about. Actually, not new at all. About 1/3 of the human race on this planet has this affliction.

These people have three Yellow Nordics who have usurped the position of their higher self. Alternatively, and much more rarely, it is a single Tall White.
What I do is jail the Nordics or Tall White in a soap-bubble jail, and offer them to the person's true higher self with a brief explanation. After a while these evil ETs are pulled into my own jail.

This affliction can cause ugly personality changes, or nothing noticeable. Many people have had FHSs for thousands of lifetimes. Apparently they get a new set with every incarnation, male Nordics if they are male, or female if they are female.
But of concern to me is that lately people who stick their necks out, many of them 96s, are having this done to them. I first became aware of FHS because 2 highly valued friends of mine had gone off the rails and were acting in ways contrary to their higher selves.
The following, for example, are some famous 96s that had recently been FHSed and have more recently been de-FHSed (I love coining my own acronym-verbs) :
David Icke had them for about 6 months.
Mantak Chia about 1 year.
Don Croft maybe 20 months.

I found that practically all the orgone activists I consider flaky, wacky, spiritually compromised (as well as several I respected) had FHS. In fact, usually people I considered somehow unreal, personality-wise, with skewed values or shallow behavior, just somehow not a "real" person I can resonate with, has FHS.

The affliction seems to spread in many churches, and not necessarily always the ones run by Satanists. A lot of people who are very overt but shallow about their Christianity, who protest abortion while they support the Holy War in Iraq, who voted McCain/Palin, etc. have FHS.
Yet some Christians who are truly sincere tend to be clear of this FHS stuff.

OK, let's have some definitions:

Nordics: I really don't like this term, though it is the one I use. The universes have plenty of humanoid species at various dimensional levels. There are various "Nordic" looking ETs of different species, including solid physical ones, some good, some evil.
There are 4 types of evil Nordics I am familiar with. Basically of the same species, their main difference is their energy color. They hang out in separate, segregated hives for the most part, yet work closely together:
  • Green Nordics: These are the most dangerous craftsmen of etheric implants. Also at least a couple have been considered gods and goddesses, namely Hanuman and Parvati.
  • Yellow Nordics: These often pretend to be "spirit guides" or "Ascended Masters". I think all the famed "Ascended Masters" with the exception of Jesus were Yellow Nordics that I jailed and then killed. This includes, St. Germain, Dwal Kul, Kuthumi, Sananda, etc.
  • Blue Nordics: These are the "Blue Pulsars" that conned and used Tim Rifat. Nordics in general have had close association with Nazi type people on many time-lines, and the Blues perhaps more so than the others.
  • Red Nordics: This is the only category that has any good members. Years ago I dowsed that 26.5% of Red Nordics were good. Now it might be more like 56%. The good ones refer to themselves as Eeku and all evil Nordics as Oopi.
    Examples of evil Reds are the Voodoo Loas. Examples of good ones are Jehovah (not to be confused with Yahweh, the deceased lord of evil, nor the supreme being; the Bible, presumably, confuses the 3, but I haven't read it) who is a mighty warrior-god and ally of mine. And Antuvozy, a shamaness on another time-line.
    [update Aug/09: the evil Nordics have recently been flipped to the good side]

    Higher Self: My impression is that all of us (who still have selves, mwahaha) actually have 96 higher selves, one for every dimension from 5 through 100. For example my own higher self that is on The Committee is 23D.
    What I have been finding is that a person only has a FHS on one of these, never more. I don't quite understand how this one can sometimes seem the dominant "higher self".
    Note that this does not depend on a person having 96 chakras; even people with only 7 chakras have 96 higher selves.

    May 20, '09: I have only been finding FHS on people's 5th, 6th, or 7th dimension only. I found that the higher self I have been presenting the impostors to is the 8th. I do not know if this step results in anything much.

    Also, I am not sure how soon or whether healing naturally occurs. I haven't noticed any improvements in people I have removed these from, except that there are no longer DORy live ETs there to cause mayhem. But the dimensional self they were on may be permanently munched. Or require a major miracle to regenerate.
    Intuitively, I think that prayer might be the most powerful healing tool for regenerating the lost selves, especially if a group of survivors got together and prayed for each other and themselves. But this does not appear likely. Denial of anything wrong may be a common response when the former FHS situation is brought to people's conscious attention.
    It is possible that another person's prayer for the afflicted person may be of some value.

    Aug. 1, '09: Good news! The evil Nordics have recently been flipped to the good side. Hence, people are no longer getting FHSed by them, and the Nordics that were pretending to be higher selves have left that scene.
    However, the Tall Whites are still evil, and there are some people who still have FHS due to them.
    Also, the Nordics are unable to heal the munched higher selves.

    Dec. 28, '09: I forgot to mention, the Tall Whites have been fixed up and have been working for us for some time now.
    But, there are still a lot of people walking around with a gaping wound where their 5D, 6D, or 7D self should be. Sometimes I can even catch the vibe of this from a car driving by: "Ooh, something's not right about that person..." and it's some negative energy phenomenon about their missing higher self, but I can detect no demons there.
    [Update 2014: There are no longer "a lot of people walking around with a gaping wound where their 5D, 6D, or 7D self should be" because almost nobody has a soul or higher selves anymore.]