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How to make a Big Secret coil:

The following write-up is courtesy of CatMagnet. This is very similar to how I make them, although I skip making the horns in a flat shape first, prior to bending them out.

"First off i cut the wire lengths. Then bend wire lengths in half, making a rounded place near the center where the bend would be creased for an sbb.

"Then i wrap the center bend around a bic pen about five times or so, tightly, a few with one end of the wire, then a few winds with the other end. Compare the two, when there are enough wraps, to see if both wire end lengths left over are approximately equal, or i do another wrap to make them so. Remove the coily spring in the middle thingee from the bic pen and smash it flat.
[note from Loohan: I'm usually more inclined to stretch the center out, especially if a long crystal or other long object is to go inside.]

"Then i wrap each end FLAT, going in a counter-clockwise direction, with my hands, the way you taught me to wrap an sbb coil. Leaving the very end not quite curled, the last part, for needle nosed plier finishing touches. I then pull the first flat wrapped spiral, half of the BS coil, up into a cone and adjust it a bit.

"Then i wrap the other side of the BS cone, FLAT, shaping it with my hands the same way. Pull it up into a cone, adjust when done. I usually keep a doubled dry dixie cup handy, to see how much to pull out the cones on the BS coil so it will fit into the DC.

"I usually set them aside, until i have a pile, at this stage. Then i finish up both wire ends on the BS cones with needle nosed pliers, the same way we finish up the cats, sbbs."

And here again is that link to Don Croft's instructions for the Big Secret complete with crystal: http://educate-yourself.org/dc/dcbigsecret15aug02.shtml. You will note on the pic that some of the wire is wrapped around the crystal in such a way as to conform to the angles of the crystal. I generally prefer to make the waist of the hourglass round instead. But it may be tricky finding a suitable object to wrap the coil around, that will leave the hole the proper size for the stone. If the hole is slightly too small, the coil will fit nice and snugly, distorting the coil, which can be tweaked after insertion. If too large, perhaps one can shim it a bit with, for example, selenite and/or kyanite crystals from Myth 'n Lynx which should provide nice energetic qualities.

Just one example of the sort of twisted BS to be found on this site:
Here's a small (53.3" twisted cable of two 14g wires) Big Secret. Some people believe that Big Secrets can be gateways for evil forces. I haven't noticed anything of the sort myself, but I suspect that making them out of clockwise-twisted cable might block such things, as well as leaving them parked on orgonite when not being used.
The twisted wire is springy and resilient. This unit is bending a bit under its own weight.

For your amusement, a double BS coil I made some time back. For a while I had my Quartz sphere in this thing. The unit was a bit unweildy and fragile that way, though.

Optical illusion: what direction are these bottom two coils wrapped in? One day I was looking at my site, and panicked, wondering how I could have wrapped them both counterclockwise without noticing! However, when I looked at the coils themselves, they were clockwise.

Summary of how to make more powerful passive coils

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