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All pictures taken by myself in North Central Arkansas unless otherwise noted.

Typical chemcloud; expanded chemtrail.

I watched as this plane laid a short but very solid, thick, trail, then turned off the spray, then shortly thereafter apparently blew out residue to clear the nozzles. That's the second, less distinct segment to the right. I saw the exact same thing from my place a couple weeks before, too. Apparently they are now more frequently deliberately laying short bits of trails. This occurred just a minute or two before I snapped the pic; the trail diffused rapidly.

On the morning of 8/13/4, saw a number of faded segments floating around, and a couple trails being laid that didn't stick much. Here's what the CB often does to trails:

Note faded trail diagonally.

I had forgotten to reconnect the earth-battery circuit down by my cabin, which resonates with the CB topside (I turn it off at night so I can sleep!) This may be why some trails were sticking a bit. Things were cleaner thereafter.

These are not contrails. City of Leslie.

8/31 was another weird day of fairly heavy spraying when the orgone didn't seem to help, even at my place, for most of the day. Then toward evening, the trails were being wiped over my garden, and there was a wide radius of clean sky.

9/11/2004: After several days of pristine sky, they apparently decided to commemorate their coup of 3 years ago with chemtrails.

I don't know what this stuff is, but it looks suspicious.
Many of us have seen odd streaky, feathery, wispy cloud phenomena in recent months. Sometimes beautiful, sometimes less so.


10/14/04: Unfortunately, I have had camera problems lately, and have missed some incredible photo ops, including the sexy new "dot-dot-dot" method, whereby the spew is apparently cut on and off every second or so, forming a line of dots that rapidly turns into a line of fluffy little "clouds". And, also east of Leslie (my CB is west) the hugest, most corrugated, HAARP cloud I've ever seen by far, as they unsuccessfully attempted to stymie, on 10/4/4, my most recent spectacularly-successful drought-busting effort (OK, maybe I had a little help from other orgone operatives in other regions; anyway, I got something around 9.5" of gentle, soaking rain by 10/14).
However, you can console yourself with this NASA page that shows the most unusual contrails that they were able to catalog with their superior resources: http://asd-www.larc.nasa.gov/cgi-bin/GLOBE/contrails/unusual/list.cgi. Perhaps they need a bit more of our tax dollars so that they can do a more comprehensive job. I'd like to volunteer my services (I consider myself one of the thousand points of light) but, unfortunately, I see no easy way to question them about a few things. However, some people may be qualified to become educated by them to report observations and help them spread accurate science; see http://globe.gov/fsl/workshop/registration.pl?lang=en&nav=1 for registration details.

10/16/04 was another heavy HAARP day with a fair bit of spew, in Leslie, mainly in the morning.
For a while I had had the impression that they were using a new frequency. This day I became convinced.
I first got that impression a few days after deploying my latest monster drought-buster, but also a few days before the rain begain on 10/7. Somewhere in that 10-day interem, I started having irritable, tense, unhappy moods a lot, which I suspected was broadcast.
Even after the rains started (we didn't see sunlight here for a week) I would suspect they were doing stuff above the cloud layer. But I was a bit leery of being too quick to blame some gummint conspiracy for what might be just personal emotional vagaries.
On this day, this feeling (which is somewhat distinct in character) started again maybe around 9am or so. There was lots of spew, and some real freaky-looking corrugated cloud formations over town. Wish I had my camera working. I felt gnarly, despite having orgonite disks in my pockets.
I could feel it quite distinctly when they cut it off at 12:50pm. Whew! I immediately felt back to normal. I wondered if the visible manifestations of HAARP would cease after that. Sure enough, within 1/2 hour, almost all traces of the ripples were gone, and 10 minutes later, there was no trace.

10/31/04: Finally got my camera working (most of the time) again. I have had over 4.5" of rain since my last report, with more on the way. Despite almost constant spray/HAARP. Oct 29 was the only day in weeks where some sky was visible, yet chemtrails were not. Oct 30 they spewed madly, mainly upwind so "clouds" would drift in; plenty of cloud cover, none of it natural. Yet again, it availed them not. They don't seem to have any effect on the rain. They should know by now that it's futile for a couple months after I plant a big drought-buster.

Sigh! Yet they try. Though I did measure another 2.45" of rain by Nov. 4.
This picture didn't come out that well, due to light direction, but you can see the corrugations in this chemcloud over my cabin. Quite a bit of cloud cover on 11/08, all or virtually all fake crud blown in. A lot of fresh trials being laid, too.

Nov 9: Some of the worst spew I've ever seen this morning. Multiple fresh trails constantly being laid over an almost complete whiteout that appears to be entirely, or almost entirely, artificial. Last remember a day like this here 12/31/03. One of those weird humid days where nothing seems to help against the trails. Yesterday I was able to bust trails with my finger, but it doesn't do much today. A front is coming in. Forecast has climbed to 70% tomorrow night, 50% the next day.
Either they are stupid, and the bureaucracy is just vainly investing in this lost cause, or they have taken it as a personal challenge to dry up the Ozarks at any cost, despite all orgone, or their motive has nothing to do with weather mod today and they are just taking advantage of the moist air to spread a load of designer disease organisms. Or they have some other reason.
I am starting to doubt weather mod as a motive, as the earth is pretty soaked now. I recently upgraded my hardware, and some good folks have recently built another monster CB in central Missouri.
Even if the idiots were successful, at tremendous expense, at drying up this particular front, I would only get mad and do a serious upgrade of some existing equipment, and nature would correct within a couple weeks. They must know this by now.

It got less severe as the day progressed. I took this pic around 2pm from town. Note the dark "shadows".

Got 1.8" of rain between the night of the 10th, and evening of the 11th.

When the overcast cleared off the afternoon of the 12th, a moderately-heavy amount of chemtrailing was revealed. Someone told me it continued during the night. In any case, the morning of the 13th provided some photo ops in town. The following 3 pics were taken before 8am:

Yep, more blue beams. Original, unedited version of this pic is here.

By midday, there was an almost complete whiteout, mostly fake, as far as I could tell. Some HAARP ripples. Later in the day, heavy, apparently real cloud cover rolled in. CTs were being visibly laid until visibility ceased due to low cloud cover.

The 14th was completely overcast all day with low, natural cloud cover, hiding any likely activities above.
The 15th started nice; blue sky and real clouds, but soon became largely white-out with blown-in spew and HAARP.
More of the same the 16th, but not as severe.

On the 17th, there was only a relatively small amount of drifted-in spew early on, with HAARP action. This pic was taken around 7:40am. But they proceeded to create the most severe whiteout I have seen yet, peaking in the early afternoon. By dusk, most of that had blown over.