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more misc. local chem pics

All pictures taken by myself in North-Central Arkansas.

Clyde from Texarkana has been doing some phenomenal gifting in his area, on an unprecedented scale, largely using charged rocks (OTB 14) dropped into huge truckloads of rocks bound for highway and bridge projects. This created an orgone tsunami which washed over my area around midnight of the 14th, waking me up. A few days later, it had encompassed the entire planet.

March 15: Light snow, which melted down to 1/10"; overcast.

March 16 was overcast. There was some nice weather and some chem the next 3 days. My CB was working fairly well. A bit slower in this pic of 3/18 over my place:

March 19th: Nice day with almost no spew until late afternoon, when they turned it on:

Note 3 faint lines crossing. Faint because of CB 3 miles away.

That evening I did a major modification of my chem-busting hardware.

They sprayed and sprayed the region heavily on March 20th. Despite the incredible energies lately, it still stuck. Clyde's friend Ellie came by my work here on her way home from the bust of Node F with Clyde. Said it was total whiteout all the way from Texarkana until she got near my town, where it was still pretty nasty, but some blue was visible. She was coming from the upwind area, too.

Downwind from my CB, the sky looked much cleaner. My CB, which I had radically modified (graphics-intensive link) the day before, was mangling if not toasting all fresh CTs for miles around, and putting a severe hurt on the stale stuff, too.

Here's one over town, 2.5 miles away:

Freaky vernal equinox day.
Got home after 4 to see all around my place was perfect blue sky! Had an impulse to go up to my "CB" and bless and thank the pile of quartz there for such an excellent job. Was distracted by a low-flying red and tan prop plane going over the CB area, which made a turn to go over me, as I steadfastly maintained single-digit salute for this violation. It then went on a ways, and came back and did a tight circle by my cabin. Unfortunately my camera has been malfunctioning lately, requiring a warm-up period of maybe 10 seconds after turning it on, so I wasn't able to get pics of the plane.
Then a minute or so later, as I was attempting to photograph some HAARP clouds in the distance, a hawk flew over, which is pretty common since I got into orgone. But hawks usually coast around languidly, saving energy and being relatively immobile in their posture, searching for prey. This one was conspicuously flapping around in a circle, as if to tell me something. By some fluke I got a good pic with zoom on.

This was the first time I remember a really suspicious prop plane since I got into orgonite. And the first unusual bird confirmation in maybe a year or more.

Some time later, though, chunks of HAARP yuck did blow over my CB. But I'm sure I only got a fraction of what they dished out.

Got over 1.5" rain between March 21 and March 23. What bits of sky I did see the 23rd were natural.

The 24th was mostly whiteout of largely chemical origin in front of another advancing front. The only blue sky was near and downwind of my CB, and sometimes even that was obliterated.

For a while, fresh CTs were sticking. One of these trails to the left has an interesting past: I looked up and saw it being laid. Looked back a short while later, to see how it was faring. A blue beam (what's that?) had separated from the trail, and was running parallel to it. The freaky thing is that the plane had been going in a straight line, then veered off in a curve. The blue line, however, continued to go straight! And of course projected way ahead. Unfortunately, I was unable to get a pic. The blue quickly faded, yet the trail stuck.

What sky I did see, thanks to the quartzite CB, still revealed mainly chem.

Later, CB working better again.

Some HAARP effects. Late afternoon, natural clouds blanketed the sky. Then, towards dusk, lightning and thunder in the distance, and slight sprinkles here. Storm passed near. Got 1/4" that night.

The 25th was a gorgeous day with almost no chem. The 26th started real nice, but by 4:30pm there was considerable chem cover. Got 1.25" rain that night. The 27th and 28th I lost track of.

March 29 started with conspicuous HAARP clouds:

progressing to almost total whiteout later, but probably with some natural moisture, too.

By contrast, the 30th was an exceptionally perfect day, with no trace of chem, just plenty of natural cumulus clouds and deep blue sky. With hawks circling over downtown Leslie.

The 31st was modestly tainted with HAARPy, streaky, and otherwise dubious-looking clouds. There were a few pathetic attempts to lay fresh trails, such as this one over my property:

Note that I'm calling the one above a chemtrail. I did not see "contrails" looking like that during the months my CB wasn't working. Yet, the trails begin some distance behind the plane. This makes me suspect that it is not sprayed from nozzles, but added to the fuel in this instance. Though maybe that is not the correct explanation. Perhaps it is sprayed, yet takes a few seconds to disperse enough to be visible?

April 1 was overcast, clearing late to natural skies. April 2 was perfectly clear all day. Noted not even a natural cloud or a contrail. April 3 started like that, too, then got increasingly chemmy later. Mostly stale stuff, as fresh stuff was having trouble sticking, like this trail over my CB at home:

April 4: Lots of chemclouds, clearing late to natural clouds and sky. April 5 was windy, overcast, again clearinglate afternoon to reveal natural skies. Did see an attempt at a chemtrail over town.
That night I got .7" of rain. Leslie got 1" as well as high winds that tore several metal roofs off of buildings downtown.
April 6 was overcast until late, at which time some chem as well as natural clouds showed through. The 7th was foggy and drizzly, clearing late to show natural clouds. Got just almost 4/10" rain.

April 8 started with almost no chem, but over the day got chemmier until by late afternoon it was pretty bad.
Some of the stuff they were spraying vanished as usual, but some was a of stickier forumula, and the boys laid some big Xs, etc. around my place. Pat yourselves on the back, boys, it's truly astonishing what you are able to accomplish with such limited resources.
The remaining pics on this page were all taken at my place on the 8th:

I inadvertently captured a flying object toward the bottom of that pic. I suppose it's a plane leaving no trail, but I did not hear a prop or otherwise notice it at the time. It seems to have odd proportions. A bird? Well, maybe, but it doesn't look right somehow. And why is it so blurry? Note how crisp the branches are. And what is that spot under its wing? [Update Aug. 2006: Having become much better at dowsing, I will unequivocally assert that this is an evil ET craft.]

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