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more misc. local chem pics

All pictures taken by myself in North-Central Arkansas.

Dec 19: a few CTs.

Dec. 20: clear all day.

Dec. 21: a few old CT segments visible early, then overcast all day. Moderate rain that night, then snow. More snow Dec. 22.

Dec. 23: just shy of 5" of accumulated snow by dawn. A few stale CTs midday.
Heavy HAARP, fairly heavy CTs late afternoon:

The extreme striations are not computer-enhanced. The original, unedited version of the pic on the left is here.

Dec. 24: a few HAARP chemclouds early, then clear.

Dec. 25: started out OK, but soon stale spew blew in. Then fresh CTs were also laid in the afternoon:

Merry XXmas to you guys, too!

So, if I have a chem-buster, why does it not seem to be doing much?

I find that nothing I make fends the trails off for more than a few months before needing a serious upgrade.
My new year's resolution is to swathe my CB base with a bunch of eclectic layering, then re-cast in a larger mold. Hopefully by Feb. sometime.
Meanwhile, I get the photo ops.

Plus, I only have one CB for a huge area under heavy assault. Wish I could find other people around here willing to help.

Dec. 26: Clear all day! But streaky after dark.

Dec. 27 & 28: Lots of spew:

More of those weird clouds! This pic was edited only to crop, date, and compress it. There were an awful lot of real-looking big clouds, but towards the periphery of them, they had this weird look.
They really cranked up the freqs:

... and sprayed and sprayed:

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