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more misc. local chem pics

All pictures taken by myself in North-Central Arkansas.

I was gone on vacation from late December, 2004 to January 19, 2005. I did take some pics in Virginia, which are here and here.

It rained a lot while I was gone. Not sure exactly how much, but I estimate in the neighborhood of 3.5".

I have acquired a better camera with 6X zoom, so I expect to have some better-quality pics coming up.

Incidentally, I started archiving the original unedited pics on November 8, 2004. If anyone wants any, and I will try to email them to you. As of January 10, 2005, they will be from the new camera, and of higher resolution.

The 19th was chemmy when I arrived. So was the 20th:

Plane was traveling from left to right.
I blew a chunk out of the above CT with my finger.

My CB had been knocked down by wind while I was gone. On Jan. 21 I set it back up, added something new, and made sure the earth-battery circuit was working. As soon as I finished, a plane obligingly tested it with spray. The CB did pretty good on the fresh trail, chewing up most of it, but leaving a few remnants. This pic was taken early in the process.

One manifestation of HAARP frequencies.

More typical.

Right over my cabin. Wonder if I should take it personally.

Click pic for larger pic. But due to its size, it might display small in a browser.
You may need to view it with another program.

Jan. 22: clear morning, moderate chem in afternoon.

Jan. 23 to Feb. 3: a few days with some chem, then over a week of heavy overcast. Got 1.1" of precip, including snow (measured melted).
During this time I removed the 45 degree extensions, as the CB was getting knocked over by the wind (need to recast that base). And also added some chunks of quartz/quartzite. I had brought back a few pieces from VA, because I wanted to be able to try to replicate the effectiveness of the device I had planted there. I doubted the quartzite had anything much to do with it, but it was nice stuff anyway, so I got some. Alas, only a fraction of what I would have gotten had I realized.
Driving home, I was in in far western Virginia before the perfect skies that day were marred by stale spew, and eastern TN before I encountered a few fresh CTs and got the distinct impression my vehicle was acting as a chemtrail buster:

Although the above pic was taken later in Arkansas, it is a fair representation of what happened to a trail being laid right across my path on the highway in eastern Tennessee, before a major chunk of it disappeared entirely. Kind of got my attention.

My vehicle did not have this effect when there were gallons of orgonite in there earlier. But driving back I still had this one massive "keeper" orgone unit unsuited for deployment in a box in the back with the big slabs of quartz on and around it. I suspected that the orgonite was stimulating the quartz into erasing trails.
Incidentally, I doubt that most rough quartz will do this; I suspect there may be some unusual impurites in this stuff that makes CTs dissolve much better than my orgone devices can alone.

So Jan. 21 I had put little specimens of these quartz stones, rough pebbles, one in each pipe of the CB, which apparently resulted in improved activity. My CB had not been performing well for many months.
A few days later (during the long sunless period) I put the big slabs on the CB array. That's the big white chunks in this pic. Finally, the sun came out late on Feb. 3. It was perfectly clear until late morning on Feb. 4, when the usual big clouds of fake white garbage drifted in from the south.The CB still didn't seem to phase the old spew wafting in, but it was chewing up fresh CTs fairly well. I saw several things I hadn't seen in many months:
  • I saw a CT get fairly mangled over town, almost 3 miles away. And another 1-2 miles away.
  • I saw a small cloud that looked like the pictures of alleged sylphs (air elementals) many people have posted about. They look a bit like the smeary variety of chem-clouds, except they are elegant and aesthetic-looking. My pics were too blurry, due to hand motion at high zoom. I'll try to break out the tripod next time.
    Sylphs are considered a good omen and an indication of good orgone.
  • I consistently saw all CTs near the CB being at least mostly dissolved. They could not get much to stick. The pic to the left depicts fading remnants of a trail going away from my CB.

    To the right, all that stuck of one big CT over my cabin.

    Typical appearance of a trail fading due to the CB.

    It was real good to see the CB working again.

    Will the quartz confer the stability of performance seen with the VA unit? Time will tell.

    Sure would be nice.
    But I still need more horsepower, which I can get by doing some eclectic layering around the old base, and recasting.

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