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more misc. local chem pics

All pictures taken by myself in North-Central Arkansas.

Feb. 9 was overcast until the afternoon. Spew visible only to the south a ways. Feb 10 was sunny with some chemclouds and chemtrails. CB was working.

February 11/05: Fair bit of chem this day:
Trail shown to the right being munched on by CB.
Trail was right overhead.

The boys tested my setup out, and my CB did pretty well.
This guy on the left went almost right over the CB from the other direction, orgone chewing his butt. He was traveling in a straight line until some little distance away he veered off that path.

Which suggested to my paranoid mind that he had deliberately gone out of his way to test my CB. Or to try vainly to fill the gap in chem.

The fresh stuff gets dissolved but most of the old does not.

Another typical day in rural Arkansas.

Pic taken from by my CB. See how the thinner trail is beginning to develop a weak spot just left of where they cross?
That is how it starts, then the gap expands:

Same trail a few seconds later. Closer view.
Slow progress, in this instance.

The 12th and 13th were overcast and wet. Got another .6" of rain. No danger of drought on the horizon.
Chemclouds out when overcast cleared off late afternoon.

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