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The Mysteries of Earth's Moon
Oct. 9, '09: Today NASA bombed Cabeus A on the Moon. Why?

Yesterday i noticed that under that crater, at 520' depth, were over 3K 6' tall physical reptilians of a different strain than ones i had experience with. Not real DORy, but definitely seemed unfriendly. Rejected therapy.
Now they are gone.
If there are more of these around, i haven't detected them.

When i was looking at a pic of the target yesterday, i noticed that other craters around it either had a bit of a bad vibe or a very sweet vibe similar to Arcturans' (though i can't get anything on the species involved).

I spent much of this morning reading Ingo Swann's book Penetration. Skimmed most of the last chapters. It has some very interesting information about the Moon.
BTW, Ingo Swann is a famous psychic, a 24 who had ties to Scientology at one time and who has worked for the CIA, etc., but i think he's clean.
According to him, it appears that there is a race of physical human ETs living on the moon. He believes that the reason the USSR and the US dropped their interest in colonizing the moon was because they got their butts whipped somehow by these ETs.
He also relates a tale of an encounter with such an ET in an L.A. grocery store, and relays rumors that L.A. is crawling with them.

Now, on Aug. 23 i wrote
(5:05pm) Much less urgent, i have been hearing rumors of a US base on the Moon. It was "heavily cloaked", but i found it in the center of the crater Copernicus (pic) at a depth of 410-651'. 304 Americans, but i don't think any are satanists. Just working for them (NASA, nazi faction). No point in hitting the people there, as they are not really evil. That was probably why i thought it was cloaked so well; there were no evil vibes. The base is being programmed now.
Well, those guys are still there. I haven't detected any Russkies.

So what is going on? I think the guys responsible for the bombing may be the good guys in NASA. [Update: there are no good guys in NASA except maybe a few at lower levels. This was disinfo from Agent Hoagland.] Do they have control now? They can't bomb the US base there, because they would be murdering innocents. But the Moon also seems to have 74 more bases of those ET humans. Incidentally, when Swann RVed a base there, he saw only men, all naked...

Are the evil NASA guys in cahoots with the ETs? I don't distinctly get that. I do notice that on the pic of Copernicus linked above, at 4:00 position there is a pock-mark-like crater with a real DORy vibe. 2,006 naked(?) men there at 42-310' depth, quite possibly hostile to the Americans.

On p. 90, Swann mentions the crater Aristarcus. This place has 7K of those guys, i think.

I did a search for the main L.A. hangout of these ETs, and found it here by the Mt. Wilson Observatory, down 212-312'.
This might be their only Earth base. I have the impression of some 1,204 of them in the L.A. area. Maybe 41% of them women.
And their home galaxy is here. I only found 2 pics of it on the web, neither identified.

Oct. 10, '09: Now they have cleared out of that Mt. Wilson base, and moved to here in Chino. Depth 100-231'. That spot is DORy for some distance, yet there is also a concentrated pinpoint of energy right in the center, suggesting a transmitter, but it doesn't feel like the usual transmitter. My Ky and Pleiadian monkeywrenchers are working on that. There is some kind of hi-tech device there or they wouldn't be there.
I believe the bad ETs came by underground tunnels. I have the impression of 7 tunnels running under the L.A. area, at depths between 115-320'.

These ET humans are unusual. They have an evil vibe, yet don't seem to be into black magic.
They look much like us, but have some different kind of energy body or astral body or whatever. Or did. I may have jailed them all last night -- got some 4 X 10 to the 12th power of them. The weird thing is, i never could dowse any chakras on them.

After i posted that last base, i had the impression that a couple hundred of them began an exodus to Mexico. By what means i don't know, but it was fast. High-speed underground rail? Teleportation? Seems improbable. I am not getting an impression of above-ground transportation. But somehow they seemed to end up here in Baja at 121-212' depth. I probably should have waited, but i blasted them, so then they knew i was onto them. I think they had hoped to escape my scrutiny. After that, no more have gone there. No transmitter.

There is however another transmitter of theirs (being worked on) here, also in Chino, at 110'. Base at 100-121' with 121 ETs presently.
The first Chino base mentioned now only has about 500 in it. They seem to have dispersed all over the L.A. underground. DORy bastards.

Oct. 11, '09: We got 'em on the run. Now there might only be 3 of them left in L.A. but there are concentrations of them in places like the south tip of Joshua Tree Nat'l Pk., Escondido, Poway, Holtville, Imperial Sand Dunes Rec Area, and their DOR is scattered around that whole area some and down into Mexico all through Baja. Also a couple hundred are holed up a bit east of San Luis Rio Colorado.

Oct. 18, '09: Hmmm. I said earlier that I suspected that it was the good faction in NASA that is responsible for the bombing. But I just read that the LCROSS principal investigator is Anthony Colaprete. This guy is definitely a Satanist of the Nazi faction in NASA... [Update Aug/2012: There is no "good faction" in NASA; that was disinfo from shapeshifter Hoagland. It is all Nazi-run from top down.]
So I don't know what's going on.

Dec. 11, '09: I was just looking at Hoagland's site. To my amazement, on this page, discussing possible reasons behind the lack of a visible plume at Cabeus, he says:
However, no one -- in this "post-LCROSS impact controversey ..." -- seems to have foreseen a third alternative (at least, before the "non-event" itself ...):

That the lunar surface inside Cabeus would simply (somehow ...) absorb most of the falling rocket's ~1-ton TNT equivalency--

And not produce much of anything visually -- neither a flash, nor a towering impact plume -- that would be easily visible, certainly from Earth!

But ... how could THAT happen?


If the falling Centaur punched a hole directly through the roof--

Of some massive, ancient lunar structure ... located on the pitch-black floor of Cabeus!

And, as a result, the Centaur's enormous kinetic energy was literally directed downwards ... into "breaking walls ... shattering interior structural supports ... and creating a lot of debris ... inside a 'layered' underground bunker-like lunar complex ..." which, unfortunately, was hidden from external view by several overlying floors--

Just like the endless "bunker-busting" videos (below) the Pentagon has been showing us for decades ....

As can be seen (above), even with open concrete sides and normal atmospheric pressure (not a vacuum!), while a raging firestorm goes off inside the "dome-shaped aircraft bunker" as a result of the roof-penetrating missile ... on the outside (and from above ...), except for a small puff of black smoke, nothing gives away the inferno taking place just a few feet below the bunker's massive roof ....

Exactly like LCROSS' curious "lack of visible evidence" of its actual impact on the Moon on Friday morning.

In preparing this Report, Enterprise consulted (among others ...) a retired Air Force BDA ("bomb damage assessment") expert. His reaction was quite telling:

"Given the anomalous visual nature of the LCROSS impact, there aren't many reasonable alternative explainations for what didn't happen; I've personally seen this type of "suppressed energy release" repeatedly ocurring in BDA ... with 'hardened targets'--

"If its built really well, the stuff goes in ... and not much comes back out."
Furthermore, on his homepage he has this pic of Japan's Selene probe hitting the moon. The target spot has a nest of evil physical reptilians! Depth 116-402'. I guess the probe wasn't strong enough to knock them out?

Update Jan. 21, '11: That base has been taken care of, but i still feel residual bad energy there.

The following has been extracted and edited from yesterday's blog entry:
YouTube vids: Something Wrong With The Sun Moon & Earth, and Strange Moon November 15, 2010.

Mordok and i did some sleuthing. It appears that there are 3 big machines that ETs have been using to shift the Earth and/or moon's position, and this may also be causing light to behave oddly around the moon. The 3 machines and their staff are being addressed now. One is on Saturn, one on Uranus, and one in Switzerland. Actually there are 3 bases at that Switz. spot at different heights.

The main perps are blackish 7' reptilians here, right around the center of that cluster. Their allies there include plenty of grays, physical mantids, and evil humans. There is also a race of 9' Blue Draco that were kind of evil but readily accepted therapy and commenced slaughtering the black repts which they never liked anyway.

Update Feb. 1, '11: On Jan. 7, powerful allies of ours, humans from galaxy M51, landed on the moon and set up a base. Now they have spread to other bases that were formerly inhabited by evil ETs. There are at this time 40K of these people there.

From today's blog:
(5:15pm) Feeling inexplicable optimism and well-being today? The reason might be that the formerly evil Annunaki completed their therapy yesterday. They have removed a bunch of weird black magic stuff from our world, and have been re-arranging the position of the Moon and Earth. Remember last month i mentioned that ETs had shifted the Moon and Earth? (Jan 21 on the moon page.)
I suspect that the Annunaki have been moving planets and moons for ages. Originally they were good, then corruption and evil seeped in. Eventually most of them were evil, and a minority of good Annunaki left and formed their own civilization. But most of the hefty hardware remained in the possession of the evil ones.
Now that hardware is being used to correct things.

If you are into astronomy, you might monitor the moon to see if its position shifts. Also, if it shrinks over time.
I think they are moving its orbit out a tad, and will continue to gradually move the Moon further away from Earth for the next 4 centuries to wean the Earth from it. Then they will put it around Mars. But Mars is not that much bigger than our moon, and there are already 2 moons there (probably also artificial). The Annunaki will gradually rearrange things so that eventually all these Mars bodies will be in paths around each other. Why exactly that's desirable i don't know.