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Oscillating Circuit Coils

Some friends sent me a very interesting book by Philip Barbutes, Crystal Light for Healing and Meditation, copyright 1987-8, in which he mentions this coil. If you do a web search for oscillating circuit, you will get all kinds of stuff unrelated to this particular coil.
Barbutes advises using it around tree trunks, held in place with a stake to keep the ends properly separated. These are probably not for casting in orgonite but used as they are. They are a bit fragile, but one could put them in places where they would be safe. If I had know about these when I was building my cabin, I would have made a bunch, and glued/taped them to the walls prior to adding insulation.

Barbutes gives the following parameters, though others could no doubt be found:
  • The diameter of the inner circle must be at least 7"
  • The ends must overlap at least 4"
  • There should be 1 & 1/4" between the wires that overlap (I feel that this means on centers, not separating)

    I made several and am quite impressed. First I made 3 out of single-strand 8g bare copper wire, 1047mm long. These were pretty good. Like other coils, the side where the direction is clockwise from outside in (opposite of what I have depicted) is the "yang" side. There is an optimum amount of overlap. Barbutes just says at least 4", but with the length wire I used, it feels like around 7 & 1/2" is the optimum. Much longer than that, and the coils feels weaker.

    Then I made one out of doubled-twisted 8g (not shown). This was way stronger than the single wire ones, and the "yin" side actually had some good, soothing energy, not noted in untwisted ones.

    Then I made several (because they're so good!) using 1/4" copper tubing. This actually costs less than making them out of doubled 8g, and is much stronger yet (though again, the yin side is unimpressive).

    I took one of these and put a few CCs of Medicine Wheel Water in one. Not worth doing, in my opinion, perhaps because the omnidirectionality of the water energy, perhaps because the tube was blocked (silicone on one end, aluminum tape on the other.

    I have not yet made them out of heavier-gauge pipe.

    How to use? Put them under your bed or in other places where they are unlikely to get mangled. Around an HHG or on the base of a CB. It should not touch metal.
    Barbutes only mentions their use around plants and trees.