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Orgone Technical Bulletin # 23

May, 2007

LED Madness

Recently I realized that UV LEDs in orgone devices really kick up some power. Especially together with "rainbow flashing" LEDs.

Update Nov., 2012: I no longer put electrified LEDs in orgone devices because, with advances in programming tech, many older tricks like this have become obsolete. If you are using The Committee for guidance, they will not have you use LEDs unless you have some laying around that have a suitable vibe -- in which case you will embed it passively, not wired. Many LEDs do have an inherent vibe that may be useful, as if they were little gemstones. But even that usage is rare now.
I only have 1 device left that still benefits from plugging in the LEDs: The Sheriff. I have even stripped out LEDs and 555 timers from several of my devices, because over the years the programming improved to where these items did no more good.
Sprites no longer inhabit my devices. Instead now, The Committee has included a Sprite Energy Program in most of my more complex devices. The sprites would rather be frolicking outdoors.

Since UV is somewhat dangerous to stare at, and also may eventually decompose resin, I enclose the LEDs in something metal.

The basic info is here. Read that first. Also here is a good general reference for LEDs.
I'll show you how to put these together even without solder. Here is a UV one and a rainbow flashing LED.

Note how I connected them in parallel, resistors and all together.

Here I have inserted the lamps in the copper pipe, heading downward. This is not the best example, as it is only 1/2" pipe, and the red butt splices shade most of the light going up the pipe, but it still works nicely.

It is running directly on my 12 volt home solar sytem. One can also drive it with a 555-timer type of freq pulser, which makes the LEDs flash at a certain rate. The rainbow flashing LED may behave a bit erratically, but the energy is nice.

This unit normally has 2 mobius coils around the big danburite (which used to be on a different unit) as well as having the inner mobius plugged in, but in this pic, it is powered only by the LEDs. You might be able to get a feel of the energy by placing your mouse cursor on the bare copper under the T.
UV is used as a disinfectant. After I posted about LEDs, the NSA made 9 UV units and radionically targetted me. I wouldn't have noticed had I not gone scouting for them expectantly. I was a bit worried that bad guys could misuse this. But the units were not very effective against me. I think they put them in storage.
Nonetheless, my impression is that this stuff is very effective against evil beings.

Notice how I have the LED wires going in a T joint at 90 degrees. Back around 2002 there was a guy named Saso Burja who made wild "poshast" orgone devices with Ts like that, wrapped with leather for insulation. For some reason, this is very powerful. He also reported freaky unpredictable phenomena or something, as I vaguely recall, and I only recently started experimenting with this. It was while I was working on this that I had a weird experience involving wire losing conductivity. I still have this piece of wire. Then a day or two later the plug end of a cord going to another unit went bad. I do not know if this is related.

But there is no need to do it this way. If you do, it does help the energy if you insulate the T. I used electrical tape. This means more energy goes to the resin instead of radiating out the T.

I find that aiming the horizontal protrusion to magnetic north makes for much stronger energy.

I put wadded aluminum foil in each end of the pipes to protect the resin from the UV.

June 22, '07: Today it occurred to me that I should put LEDs inside the copper-frame pyramid that surrounds my RoboCop. I felt that the best place to run the wire in was the mid-point on the east base pipe, so I added a T there. I snaked the LEDs in there so that the UV one is under the NE corner, and the rainbow flasher under the SE corner. Thus each bulb shines directly into 3 different pipes. It seems to have boosted the setup a good bit.

I am running most of my LEDs on straight DC current.

October 2008: Where have I gone with this over a year later? I consider internal LEDs to be one of the best soup-ups. Especially now that I have sprites (which seem to my mind's eye like flashing points of light) hanging around. Can't guarantee they'll want to hang around you, but your chances are greatly improved if you have some fine orgone device(s) incorporating flashing LEDs. They live in my devices like that, increasing the functionality with their good energy.
I don't overdo the candlepower, though. Usually I use 2 flashing LEDs of different types. I haven't even put UV ones into anything new in a while. I select different LEDs from catalogs based on their vibe. Some LEDs feel pretty null, while some have a distinct good energy about them. I usually use 1 rainbow-flashing type as well as one of another color, dowsed for optimum suitability with what I'm making.

If you use LEDs rated above 3V, you can safely run them on 2 D-cells for a long, long, time. With no resistors. Resistors rob a tiny bit of electricity, wasting it as heat. Just hook the LEDs up in parallel. Battery holders are cheap at Radio Shack, etc.
The LEDs will probably continue to work until voltage drops pretty low, more dimly. But brightness is not particularly correlated to orgone stimulation; they might be a bit better when dim. And sprites might not like it too bright.

April, 2009: Actually, the LEDs need not blink to attract and hold sprites. Recently I have made 2 different units, each with only 1 non-blinking LED. Both have hundreds of sprites in them. In one case, the LED is infrared and produces no visible light at all, yet the unit has 200 or so sprites.
None of the units without LEDs have sprites, though they do have the devas and pixies.
I would like to stress that I never add LEDs (or other components in recent years) haphazardly. I carefully dowse anything I put into a project to be the best choice in the best location for the best results.
However, even a haphazard application of LEDs is likely to bring in the sprites IF they want to be with you.


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