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Orgone Technical Bulletin # 27 CONTINUED

first part here


April 25, '08: A note on citrine: If you can get large natural citrine at a reasonable price, like the friend who just sent me some, it will hold much more programming per volume than cheap baked-amethyst citrine or most clear quartz. At least for certain programs.
Here is shown the big citrine first shown Nov. 1, with a real citrine beside it. Even though it is about half the size of the big one, it holds all the programming (which we shifted over).
Plus, the anti-reptilian crystal of Oct. 8 has just had its program moved to another such citrine, well under half its size in volume. And that's a fairly decent quartz crystal, at that.
And these citrines don't even have points or facets; they look almost like they came out of a rock crusher (but I don't think they did).

Also, there are new programs out now, described in my April blog. These are not in paired sets, but individual crystals. They are not attuned to any individual. Even most orgonite pieces or clearcast items are suitable to retroactively place these programs into.

Each program contains an actual jail with one entity in it, and the program to reverse its energy output to energy that is detrimental to that species. Due to the similarity in energy quality between the tall greys and the reptilians, the tall grey programs are also devastating to repts. The necessary size of the crystal depends on the strength of the inhabitant.

Available at this time are: 2nd tier tall grey, 3rd tier tall grey, 4th tier tall grey, octopus, 3rd tier reptilian, Tyhiz, mantis (and the mantises have recently been recognized by me as probably the single most dangerous life-form left), and, I just realized, evil human.

One can have as many of these as one can use, while supplies last, except for some reason one can only have one of the reptilian one.

Moreover, although a certain sized crystal is needed, for some reason the critters do not take up additional space when added to another suitable programmed set. I don't fully understand why this is, but suppose it is because the programming to reverse the inmate's energy can utilize the prior program.
Thus, my new little anti-rept set's citrine crystal also has my 3rd tier reptilian in it now. Likewise with my mantis, tall grey, 4 octopus, assassin, and 4 anti human BM sets. And the other human-targetting sets like the astral rippers, anti-intel, military, police, etc.
The anti-Tyhiz set shown is too small to contain a Tyhiz, unless made a bit larger. A blue Tyhiz goes in.
Any of these programs can also be contained in the main crystal of a set with the general anti-evil or anti-chemtrail programs, which one can have infinite copies of. Just so long as the crystal (or whatever) is big enough.
If you have questions, read the April blog. If you still have questions, email me.

May 1, '08: Two new sets. The top one is against evil Arcturans(!) and the bottom set is against evil Sirians. The top one is qtz + qtz, the bottom qtz + a small carnelian (but other stones might be OK). The bottom right stone is actually a lot smaller than it appears, because I happened to use one with a shallow profile.

In addition to the 2-part programs in the sets, each larger stone depicted contains a 1-part program as described in my last entry, with the respective trapped entity. And numerous of the latter can be had, but only 1 each of the 2-part programs.

Also, I neglected to mention in my last entry, when natural citrine is used for an appropriate program, not only is it more compact, but also more intense.

(later) The new spider program is out now, too. Some programs require time for him to batch up. This is another 1-part program with a jailed critter. Fits into the anti-spider set or is used alone. Plenty available. Due to the variation in size of the spiders, the crystal can be tiny on up to tennis ball size. Pitwexin will fit in an appropriate spider.

May 6, '08: The mantises have these allies I described in my blog yesterday:
Some kind of hominid, reminiscent of sasquatch, but with both light and dark patches on its fur/skin/clothes, whichever. I bagged it. Something new. I dowse the species name as Zawz. They are 6'2". I got dozens more. Then i had P make me an anti-Zawz set out of a large Apache tear about 1.25" diameter, and a small carnelian about 1cm diameter. Then he superimposed another program into the Apache tear, with a jailed Zawz.
Loads of these guys in all 6 universes and numerous time-lines.

Also, there is a type of demon common in Arab countries and Arab-influenced ones like India and Pakistan, called "Djinn". I don't know much about them, but Pitwexin can make a set for them out of a medium-sized quartz and a kidney-bean sized quartz, and can also stick a jailed one in there with a reversing program. Everyone can have 2 of those sets, as well as lots of the jail program ones.

May 22, '08: Some troublesome new demons called Titocuk just appeared on the scene. Rhino-sized bunnies from hell.

Here is a 2-part program for them that also contains a jailed bunny program.
I used milky quartz and carnelian.

June 1, '08: Some of the Pitwexin sets may no longer be functional against evil Earth humans in this time-line!

As I posted recently:
I seem to get the impression that some of the Pitwexin sets may no longer be functional against evil Earth humans in this time-line, as these people no longer have the toxic energy quality that made them fodder for such programs, e.g. general anti-evil, anti black magician, anti intel agent, anti dirty cop, etc.
Though evil J-rods, Venusian sorcerors, and other humans not on this planet and time-line are still subject.

I get that the anti-[evil institution] ones still work, though. Perhaps they work on another level than individual humans as i had assumed.
Some time back, I jailed all black magicians on Earth, abandoning their bodies to become taken over by evil Lyrans (usually). Then John discovered that evil Lyrans were usually only that way due to implants, and removed them. Although a small percentage remain evil anyway. But when yanked from persons they are possessing, the evil ones are usually replaced by good ones now.
What does that mean, exactly? The human host seems unaware of the change! And keeps on doing evil. But I don't know to what extent. They have a good vibe nonetheless. Can they remain the slaves of the demons and evil ETs, or will things gradually improve? I don't know.

I am now holding my citrine depicted top right, and it definitely is helping against cloned human astral attackers from another constellation. Also you can tell your stones to work on other time-lines.
It is possible the Assassin set is no longer of much use.

June 16, '08: Good news! John B had Pitwexin rework the anti-human programs so that they work on a different energetic basis. Now the ones against evil humans of all sorts (intel, cops, ethnic, even the assassin set) are once again "digging into" the bad guys.

Also John just sent me a note saying "You can have P program your jailer units to automatically figure out how many things are messing with you, then jail that number of things. Seems to work pretty well for me." And P's working on mine now.

June 17, '08: Turns out that here is a separate anti- program for every level of tall grey. Thirteen levels are hopefully all there are of these. There is a lot of function overlap, that is, the anti tall grey program given on the previous page is for 1st tier, but is also fairly effective on all levels. The one given early on for Lompoy, well, Lompoy are actually 2nd tier tall greys, so it, too, works on all tall greys some.
Thus, one can have up to 13 anti tall grey sets. And each one can also contain a 2nd tier grey and its reversing program, as that's as big as will fit in the anti tall grey crystals, which incidentally should probably all be around the same volume of qtz. Likewise with the malachites. Actually, they need not be malachites. My supply of malachites of the right size is dwindling, so I just used quartz shards of about 1cc volume for the companion stones in the remaining 11 sets that P is working on now.
Since tall greys are so close to reptilians in energy quality, these crystals will also effect those a fair bit. Unfortunately, short greys are energetically dissimilar from these species, and need their own program.

June 23, '08: Here are 2 new programs. The first is an anti-Chitauran pgm that has been in this lineage a long time. These are a type of reptilian. A fairly large qtz crystal and an unidentified tumbled stone that felt right. I always use my intuition in selecting the best stone I have on hand for a purpose.
The 2nd pgm is new; it's against a type of black snake that attacked John last night. He and his girlfriend might be the only victims thus far. He had P develop this program. I used an Apache tear and a carnelian, but quartz would be fine for both.

June 30, '08: A few announcements:
  • With most, if not all, of the 2-part programs, it is possible to break up the program for the main crystal into many smaller ones, for example if one does not have a large enough crystal. I have known this for a long time, but not used it. John figured it out independently. Rifat even sells hematite necklaces like this -- all the hematites are part of the same program, with the "BPC" being separate. One could even mix stone varieties.
    This is also true, incidentally, of some of the Arcturan programs. It is not true of the jailed-entity programs, but perhaps each of the small stones would in itself be large enough to have its own entity.
  • In the future, I probably will not bother with the hassle of producing pics of the sets so much. Incidentally, many of the pics on this page no longer have the same programs, because I switch things around at times.
  • As explained recently in my blog, I have become a programmer myself, coming up with some great originals as well as being able to do the 2-part programs (traditional and new) that Pitwexin has made. Pitwexin, Antuvozy, and Oborijo are watching me closely to see I don't screw up. However, my normal self has scant comprehension of the technology; it is all done by my higher-dimensional aspects. So I can't answer a lot of technical questions.
  • John B has gotten Pitwexin to make some new programs, some of which I haven't even tried yet.
    I haven't even talked to him yet about what parameters he uses for the stones, but here's a couple I have made. On the left is one to help with etheric implant removal, including even implanted spiders, octopi, etc. The crystal is very small, smaller than you might think from the pic because it is thin and flat, kind of tabular (this is purely incidental). The black stone is a pebble from a bag of Hawaiian black sand someone once sent me. Actually, I was hunting around for a tiny Apache tear when I spotted the bag and realized it was even slightly better. Any tiny obsidian, even a large bead, is fine here. The quartz crystal should be of relatively decent quality.
    It feels extraordinarily powerful for its size, but remember, it facilitates removal, and won't necessarily work miracles by itself.
    [See also important update on OTB 27c, entry of 3/13/9.]

    Another one (no pic) is for invisibility, at least toward astral attackers. For this I used a medium-small quartzite and an unidentified tumble stone almost as big as the quartzite. Most any decent kind of stone should work for the companion stone on this.
    It feels strong, but I am unsure how much it does. Since I already have enough stuff to lug around on me, I just put it in my big circle. It must at least make it more difficult for them to hit me.

    [Note July 11, '08: Red letters "B" and "C" in the text refer to which protocols (explained on next page) are used with the set. Otherwise they are all Protocol A if it's a 2-part pgm.]
    And I have come up with a new, different, anti-mantis set [C]. It requires a large black tourmaline, ideally 11 oz or so, and for the companion stone, either a piece of jet or something iron-based, like hematite or an iron-rich orgonite. I think jet is best, or the iron-orgonite with jet in it. I'm not sure what luck you might have calling on my higher self to program it. You can just call on Pitwexin; he can do it. If he won't do it, it's probably that the stones are not suitable. Eight ounces might be a minimum size for the tourmaline for this program. However, it can be in many pieces just as well as 1 large crystal. One could even take crumbs of black tourmaline, and cast them in a mold with a minimal amount of resin, and ask P to program it all while it cures. The companion stone could even be cast inside the piece. The companion stone could even be an automobile lug nut with the hole packed with jet, pyrite, hematite, magnetite, or iron oxide. Or it could be a ferrite toroid with stuff packed in it. My set uses a piece of jet almost as big as my little finger.

    More about the alleged assassin program. Can one connect with this crystal to a person via their photo on the web or elsewhere? Definitely. Can one connect to a person via their name on the letterhead of a missive sent out by their underlings, even if they have not interacted with you more personally, nor have any awareness of dealing with you in any manner? Definitely.
    It probably helps to physically put the point of the crystal right on the pic or name.
    Can one do it with their name in a phone book? No, I don't think so. For some reason this particular program seems to require "contact" within certain parameters, and I find it challenging to define those parameters.

    OK, here is something waaay kewl: an Arcturan program that Pitwexin will do for free for you. It requires strontium of the non-radioactive kind.
    Strontium naturally occurs in strontianite and celestite. Celestite I dowse as unsuitable; perhaps it has only low levels. But strontianite should work well, some better than others. But perhaps the most cost-effective way to go is a liquid extract sold as Eco-Strontium Marine. I just ordered 3 bottles from here but there are many retailers. I get that a 21% solution or stronger of this in water will take the program fully. Water probably won't hold it long, though, unless the bottle is cast in resin mix (be careful to avoid overheating and boiling out). It's probably best to have P program it after the casting is done. Also one could perhaps drip it on pieces of cloth and cast those in something. I do not yet know if it dries up or remains viscuous.
    Or, one could use cheap ferrite magnets. I think all ferrite magnets, even flexible refrigerator magnets, contain suitable levels of strontium. I just bought several blister packs of various shaped magnets at the hardware store this morning and had Mr. P program them. Only ferrite magnets seem to have strontium. Other ferrite products do not.

    What does this program do, you may be wondering. Well, it is an anti-evil program more powerful than most of the ones on this page, IMO. In a one-part program that is not attuned to any individual. It appears to be very effective against any type of evil entity, including humans.

    I stumbled across this info because I had a 1# bag of mixed rough jasper and carnelian from Mexico I had bought months ago and done nothing with. I was handling these the other day, when P got all excited and wanted to pgm the whole bag with something great. I said go ahead. Two minutes later, 6 evil reptilians showed up to check out the source of this horrifying energy and lodge a formal protest. Which landed them in jail; so much for democracy around here.
    It took me a while to figure out what made these jaspers and carnelians different from others. My source has no more. Presumably they came from a part of Mexico rich in strontium.
    These, and the magnets, are fantastic for tossing their etheric bodies into remote targets, like the center of galaxy-hives, or someone's pineal gland. Amazing impact. I get that these rocks are 94% as strong as the magnets.
    I have some of the rocks on various witness plates, orgone devices, etc.

    July 1, '08: I just came up with a new pgm against physical evil humans. It might be more for human groups, e.g. Mormons, Chinese torturers, a crooked police department, rather than individuals. It might be better for offense than defense.
    It requires a large crystal, something over 1.5 cu in and of fairly good quality, or a natural citrine maybe 1.1 cu. in. And a bean-sized sodalite companion. Other stones might work for that. It feels real strong.

    Do you have etheric wings? A tiny percent of people do. If so, check out yesterday's blog entry, at the bottom of this page
    [C]. Also the next day's entry.

    OK, a few more program sets:

    The first seems to be something to enhance multidimensional integration within a person. It takes a fairly large quartz of most any quality; probably about 2 cu. in., and a black tourmaline of maybe 1.5 cc.

    Here's one that seems to be anti telepathic manipulation; probably about 3X as good as the grid program for this (though the grid pgm is awesome for other reasons!). This one is more for putting in one's circle rather than onto the grid (though of course, one can put one's circle around a grid-blaster if convenient). It requires a real big quartz of reasonable but not great quality, maybe 4 cu. in. and a big iron pyrite, maybe 2/3 cu. in.

    A new, compact, anti-spider set, using a green agate the size of a shelled Brazil nut and a citrine the size of a Lima bean.

    One to prevent mantis takeover of your mind. This one may reverse the condition if you can get it to a victim of such. And even if you're tough-minded enough to resist anyway, this set will munch on any mantises trying. This one is a purple fluorite maybe 3/4 cu. in. and a pea-sized amethyst.

    One to reinforce all one's energy centers against attack/parasitism, including all those above the crown. A quartz about 1.5 cu. in. and a hematite the size of a cooked green pea.

    One to reinforce one's higher-dimensional aspects against attack/parasitism. I used a quartzite almost 2 cu. in. and a malachite the size of a Lima bean.

    One to facilitate astral travel, consisting of a qtz about 2.3 cu. in. with a howlite the size of a cooked kidney bean.

    One to improve or conserve physical eyesight, consisting of a garnet about 1.2 cu. in. and an amethyst the size of a cooked green pea.

    July 3, '08: A friend wrote that one could buy crystalline strontium salts, e.g. strontium carbonate, from a chemical vendor, and mix that into resin. And that strontianite is strontium carbonate. And that celestite does have a high concentration of strontium, as it is mainly strontium sulphate.

    Well, I guess then that the sulphate form is not good for this. The carbonate is, but checking prices, it seems to me more cost-effective to use that liquid. The specs for the liquid don't state what chemical form the strontium is in, but volume for volume, I get that the liquid is better than strontianite rock and probably even pure chemical powders. And I don't think the molybdenum component is a factor, as far as taking this program.

    I came up with another program
    [C] using one of the big black tourmalines. This one uses a medium-small pink Lemurian crystal for the companion. What does it do? Not sure exactly, but it seems to attack evil energy from yet another angle. It is very good to put both stones on an amplifying device. That might be the best way to use it. Part of what it does is chew on what Kneweyes terms "the glop" and describes as a gelatinous-seeming negative-energy sludge that covers large areas of Earth.

    July 4, '08: A new, more powerful anti-reptilian set I came up with: it takes a sizable qtz crystal of fairly decent quality, maybe 4 cu.in., and a hematite about 2.5 cc. As soon as I started programming these, the repts started attacking.

    July 5, '08: And here is a new anti Tall Whites set, or actually 8 of them. One can have up to 10 of these.
    Apache tears and cheap rough rubies. Other stones would do. In fact I made a couple more sets with qtz and malachite. I used fairly decent crystals of comparable volume to the Apache tears, but the malachites are tiny, like 1/2 as big as the rubies, or smaller.

    June 6, '08: I came up with a set specifically for the Venusian human/demon hybrids, which may be the major directive force behind much of the opposition. Even though the anti evil human pgms are effective on these, I reasoned that since they were genetically distinctive, a special pgm should be feasible. And one came to me. It uses a large crystal, perhaps 3.5 cu.in., and the 2nd stone I used was a black tourmaline a bit smaller than a marble, but other stones would work, including but not limited to obsidian, pyrite, hematite, magnetite.

    July 7, '08: Another new anti-mantis pgm!
    [B] This one uses quartzite or other quartz about the volume of a large grapefruit or small cantaloupe, and the companion stone is about the size of a hazelnut with its shell. Like many of the pgms I'm coming up with, the small stone is best worn or used on the right side, and is the part you use aggressively when so inclined. It does not much matter where the large part is kept.
    So it is very convenient to have such a small companion stone. Especially when you're already a bit bogged down with rocks. Of course it is also good to put on a witness plate or the like.
    What type of stone for this? I used a red jasper, but I think orange or green aventurine would be good too, or rutilated quartz, maybe others.

    And another new anti Tall White pgm
    [B], using quartzite the volume of a fairly large cantaloupe, and a chunk of green aventurine a bit smaller than a walnut. The usage protocols are as for the mantis one above.

    My higher self has gone ape. There are now over 80 new pgms I haven't even had a chance to make yet, though P & O & A are making some of them. I won't be able to post about most of these, but here are a couple small ones I just made:

    Abundance: I suspect this one works well in relation to the number of vertical energy centers the owner has. It may not do much for someone with 7 or 12, but may be strong for someone with 48 or 96.
    It uses a piece of jet about 1/2 cu.in., and for the small stone, I used a carnelian slightly larger than a cooked green pea. Ferrite can substitute for the jet, even a ferrite magnet(s).

    Higher self integration: Grounds one's higher-dimensional aspects into one's Earthly life. Takes a hematite a bit larger than a shelled Brazil nut, and the small stone can be topaz, citrine, qtz, amethyst; about pea-size.

    July 8, '08: More new ones. Starting at 1:00 position and going CCW, anti evil Pleiadian; green aventurine and carnelian. Anti mantis: I dowsed that snowflake obsidian was best here, but didn't have a sufficiently large one, so used these 2. Clear qtz pebble. Anti-octopus: garnet and reddish agate(?). Anti evil Lyran: citrine and quartzite. On rare occasions I get that cheapo citrine is actually more suited for a pgm; this is one such instance. Another one against those self-mutated Venusian vermin: Apache tear and hematite.
    The last one, unlabeled, I have not fully defined yet, but it has something to do with strengthening the energy body against unauthorized penetration. Green aventurine and hematite.

    Also a couple more jumbo pgms. One takes a quartzite the size of a grapefruit and another quartzite somewhat larger than a walnut shell. It is another anti mantis set.
    The other is a quartzite with about the volume of a softball or large orange, with another, better qtz of most any kind, about the size of a golf ball. It is for playing hardball with spiders, not only the common attacking type, but also the rarer tarantula-like ones that like to cozy up in internal organs and cause damage.
    All these sets of today have the normal protocols. I just added them to my big circle.

    Then my stern taskmaster of a higher self forced me to spend my day making several dozen more little sets. Most of these have smoky quartz as the main stone, and indeed will probably not work well with regular quartz, though they probably would with natural citrine.
    I ended up making sets for several species that I did not know about, but my higher self thought they were important. Like Tall Grey Tiers 14 through 81.
    Sorry I forgot to include a size-reference item in these pics. But you can see hardware cloth of 1/4" mesh along the edges of some of the pics. All the main stones on the rest of this page are rough smokey quartz, except for in the last pic.

    OK, starting top left and moving down, the companion stones are:
    hematite, topaz, jet, snowflake obsidian, howlite. Next row as well as first 3 of last row are all general anti evil human. These should work on any type of nasty human, regardless of mutated genetics or whether there is even a human soul still present in the body. These are different programs, to attack the target from many angles. Companion stones are:
    howlite, orange agate (not carnelian), red jasper, agate, howlite, blue-black kyanite (but obsidian or blue kyanite are also good), snowflake obsidian.
    Next row, red jasper, citrine, citrine, kyanite, carnelian, agate, topaz, and amethyst.

    My higher self has a thing about octopi, too. From 12:00 going clockwise:
    hematite, carnelian, jet, 2 red jaspers, 2 citrines, 2 peridots, topaz, not sure about the next, maybe jasper, then pyrite, amethyst.

    These are all different, except that the 2 with citrines are the same program, that one can have 2 of.

    I tried to consolidate all the octopus smokies in one pic, but missed a couple.
    Jasper, howlite, jet, citrine, rose qtz, agate (WW means werewolf demon),
    (next) black tourmaline, blue jasper (?), rose qtz, agate, citrine, jasper,
    (next) blue-black kyanite, hematite, clear qtz, carnelian(?) agate, citrine, green aventurine.

    And I tried to consolidate all the rept smokies in one pic, but missed one. Likewise a Joku. Happens when you're dealing in quantities.
    Rose qtz, jasper, hematite, quartzite, kyanite.

    More new species I'd never known about.
    Top row: hematite, howlite, howlite, citrine, hematite, carnelian.

    The bottom row is all different pgms against spiders.
    Howlite, snowflake obsidian, rose qtz, quartzite, rose qtz.

    The left row are all milky-clear qtz, with snowflake obsidian.
    The right row: green calcite + blue-black kyanite, green aventurine + carnelian,
    the tiniest set I've made yet, with citrine + howlite, and lastly, garnet + citrine.
    Yeah, so I missed yet another Joku set. Sue me.