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Orgone Technical Bulletin # 27 CONTINUED

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July 10, '08:
I want to start off today by defining a new term:
PROTOCOL B programs are 2-part programs that
  • have the main stone that lays around most anywhere, in your garden, maybe, while the smaller stone is what is used, and
  • the smaller stone is worn near the right hip or used in the right hand (or put on a witness plate, etc.).
    This is differentiated from the more traditional PROTOCOL A sets, in which the smaller stones are usually worn in the left sock or left in a circle with the larger stones around them, and the larger stones can be wielded as weapons by themselves.

    I am getting increasingly fond of Protocol B programs, because they are so compact. Only the small stone is used, but it has the power of the complete set, making for a lot of horsepower per cubic cm.

    Another recent development is the making of specialized jailer sets. Even though one can only have 2 of the general-purpose jailers, there are probably infinite variations one can have.
    Especially potent is a specialized jailer set that is also Protocol B.

    The 2 larger sets here are such programs. Last night I got attacked by a new variety of ET called Yozupo (see yesterday's blog entry). I made the smaller set here, a large garnet with a somewhat large hematite bead, to attack them on an energy level. This is a Protocol A set.
    Then I made a Protocol B jailer set (on the left). Quartzite and a nice crystal (barely discernable under the corkscrew). Topaz would work fine instead of the small crystal, but as I was searching around for one the right size, my attention was drawn by this crystal. Its long, thin shape might be more suited for aggressive use in the hand, as turning it at different angles and/or pointing it somehow seems to help.
    By merely wielding this tiny crystal in my right hand, I can jail huge quantities very quickly.

    Shortly after I started doing this last night, I got punished by a bunch of Darpa reptilians, which gave me the idea of a similar program for reptilians (on the right in the pic). This one uses a quartzite and a piece of jet, though a nice smoky crystal would probably be just as good. Jet is a bit delicate.

    When not wielding these mini-jailers, I keep them on a witness plate or in a pouch on my right hip.

    On another note, it has come to my attention that most, if not all, of the programs I have come up with myself are being programmed for other people, not by Pitwexin, but by my 23D self, which can be doing 4 things at once in different places. If the demand ever gets too high, there may be slight delays in response.

    It occurs to me that there is also another type of 2-part pgm, in which the larger stone is kept in the circle or put on the rad device along with its companion, yet the companion is used as in the Protocol B stones. Examples are the anti-mantis set with the huge tourmaline mentioned June 30 in OTB 27a, and the wings-related set described at the end of the June blog. I do not know if I will produce many more sets like this, but I will call them PROTOCOL C.

    By now you are perhaps wondering "So where is the new Protocol B mantis jailer set?"
    Well, got one. It uses a quartzite almost as big as both of those in the pic above put together, and a clear qtz crystal. Size depends on quality to a remarkable extent with this particular stone. A natural citrine can be even much smaller than a nice clear DT qtz. I am using a citrine shard about twice the volume of a cooked lima bean, whereas a milky qtz would have had to have been 2/3 as big as my thumb.

    The new Protocol B spider jailer set uses a quartzite almost the volume of a hardball or an apple, and a green aventurine a bit smaller than a shelled Brazil nut.

    It was hard figuring out what kind of crystal to use as the big stone for my Protocol B jailer for evil mutant Venusian sorcerors. Finally figured it out: water! Ten ounces of water in a bottle. I am using cheap grocery-store distilled water with a 1/4 tsp M-state minerals in it. The companion stone is a chunk of pyrite about 1 cc.
    Even a plastic bottle should work.

    July 13, '08: Protocol B jailer for Venusian mutant scum: requires a volume of quartz or quartzite about 10% larger than a coconut, and a clear quartz crystal (double-terminated preferably) maybe 4 cc.
    This attacks them right in their DNA mutation to weaken them, and also helps jail them.

    July 17, '08: This is relatively exciting. John came up with a very effective Protocol B program that should prove most useful.
  • The main "stone" is not physical. Shown here are the companion stones to many of these sets.
    According to John:
    This set deflects evil energy away from your energy body and into the etherical stone... or the etheric stone is more like a shield that absorbs energies and sends them to the companion stone, from which it will either be sent to you in a healing way, or returned to the attacker in a damaging way, depending on if it is used offensively or defensively. Or else you could put the companion stone inside an amp or something to juice up your rad gear.
  • Each person can have as many of these as they want.
  • Not all stones are suitable for the companion piece, but there are many that are. Some are more compact than others.
    Shown here (starting top left and going clockwise) are:
    hematite, ruby, topaz, danburite, jade, black tourmaline, angelite, blue quartz, misc. tumbled stones -- I think they are all dyed agates except maybe the 2 brown ones which may be something else. With the tumble stones, there seems to be no logic. I reach in the bag, and some very few beckon me as appropriate.
    Then smoky qtz, malachite, pyrite. There is a piece of jet wedged in the scissors.
    The malachites are actually about 3X the volume of the pyrites.
    When a stone seems to give the green light, I also check to make sure it will hold 100% of the pgm. Some may feel right, but only hold 93% or something, so I will pass those up.
    I suspect that it is good to have a mix of these stones, as some minerals will be more active in some spectra of attack energies than others.
    Protocol B, so carry these in right pocket or belt pouch, and put them on any protective orgone devices you keep around you.

    Downloads available from me, John, or Pitwexin.

    Regarding the strontium pgm mentioned on the last page, I read the other day that some ferrite magnets use barium instead of strontium. Yet I get that barium is just as good for this pgm!
    I see that barium sulphate is available on the web. Barium carbonate is also available from Bailey. One could mix both barium and strontium into water or resin for possibly a slightly improved effect. In fact I have some barium sulphate someone gave me, but I haven't tried it for this yet.
    I also got the marine strontium solution I'd ordered, which I likewise haven't tried yet. It's a clear liquid.
    However, I have programmed all the barium in sky chem, warehoused or wherever it may be, and hopefully will remember to do it again occasionally.

    John came up with a powerful-feeling new Protocol A set that I'm calling anti-anti-prosperity. Why say something positive when you can say something doubly negative?
    He wrote me:
    I'm going to make a jailer that scans for beings who are trying to interfere with your abundance, and then jails them. Also going to make an energy ripper from the same. Put it into the same stone, big enough to hold both. I've run into this problem personally, and am making a wand for someone else who is, so I might as well make this program. My higher self has them available for download. Fist sized quartzite to hold them both, maybe.
    Actually, I'm using a sandstone about twice the size of my fist, and a piece of selenite maybe 0.3 cu.in. A fist-sized stone would not have been big enough, unless it was natural citrine. For me. This may vary from person to person. John says he often makes sets I've posted about with crystals much smaller than I suggest.
    I wasn't even detecting any beings trying to mess with my abundance factor, but this new set is working real hard on reptilians, mantises, and Yozupo.

    July 18, '08: Is the world ready for a mighty octopus jailer that also rips their energy strongly, is Protocol B with an etheric main "stone", and has a companion that is only slightly larger than a bean, of pyrite or hematite? Well, it's here. It doesn't get much more compact and powerful than this.

    And, there's also one like that for reptilians, using a selenite not much bigger than that.

    And the mantis one uses a selenite about the size of a pea.

    There's one for probably every astral species we've been fighting, but different stones are required. I'll post a few more as I figure them out.

    Short greys, bean-sized sodalite or magnetite.
    Tall greys, clear quartz around 4cc.
    Venusian mutants, pyrite the size of a cooked bean.
    Spiders, pea sized amethyst.
    Werewolf demons, a garnet the size of a cooked lentil.
    Red Nordics, pea-sized carnelian.
    Yellow Nordics, pea-sized amethyst.
    Pleiadians, jet or malachite the size of a large, cooked, Lima bean.
    Lyrans, the same but smaller, like a raw dried Lima bean.