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Orgone Technical Bulletin # 27 CONTINUED

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Update 2012: All of the stone programs (not resin programs) on this page now work fine in ordinary quartzite or milky quartz

July 20, '08:
I had just started the last page ten days ago, but now I'm starting a fresh page.
I thought the stuff I was getting into 2 days ago was pretty astounding, but it is dwarfed by what's been going on the last 2 days. From my blog of yesterday and this morning:
Whew, major tech advances were made this morning. Stuff that makes a lot of what we've been doing outmoded. Like being able to squeeze vast numbers of copies of a pgm into a pebble. Or many different pgms into one or 2 crystals. Probably most of the 372(?) 2-piece sets in my circle can be put into 2 small stones.

(8am) How wild it's getting. Last night i told my higher self it can start switching the pgms from my big circle into the small set i got together for the purpose, as appropriate. So now there are only 26 (i get) sets left up there that wouldn't work that way. Suddenly, i have an abundance of re-usable crystals on hand.

And then, i was thinking, i should take back out any mantis pgms and put them in into the mantis masher [pic]. It has that big quartzite plus a citrine companion stone cast into it. Then some time later, i noticed there were 7K+ anti-mantis pgms in there! Then a few minutes later, 9K+. Then i awoke around 2am and there were about half a septillion. My 24D self was writing new, different, anti-mantis pgms at an insane pace.
Right now, that thing has maybe 1/5 googol anti-mantis pgms, and it's still not done. A few of these might be pgms that one can have more than 1 copy of. Plus a few Arcturan ones (not specific anti-mantis) for synergy.

You might be able to download these anti-mantis pgms yourself, should you happen to dislike evil mantises.
Now at 6:30pm there are almost 10 googol anti-mantis programs in there, and 450,000+ anti Venusian mutant pgms. I decided to use some of the quartz space for that, as both species work closely together, and the V's seem to be running the mantises. Also there are 60-some pgms specifically designed to sour that marriage.
The thing is insanely potent already, and only a fraction of the space has been used.

I got that there were some stones still in my circle that would best be removed from there and put in my rad grid-blasting setup. The set of 8 stones that Tim sold me as Silmarillion Orbs needs to stand alone. This is a set of pgms that Tim ripped off from Pitwexin's lineage, and added gobs of garbage programming with stealth viruses to. A lot of cleanup was necessary. Antuvozy created the pgm some 50 years ago, and there are 474 sets in their time-line. The last one added was years before Tim started selling them.
I'll have more to say about that someday. This set is not available for free downloads. I will have them for $250 if some backordered spheres ever get here.

The only other set I needed to move to my setup was the 3rd one from the left in this pic, which I posted about on Oct. 9 '07 on the first page of this bulletin. It was for Lompoy, which turned out to be 2nd Tier Tall Greys.
I picked it up and was amazed by the crisp, crackling power of it. On further inspection, this set now contains over 2 googol separate anti-grey pgms against every type of grey, including shorts, Lams, 81st Tier Talls, and probably many I am unaware of. It does not address J-rods, as those are an entirely different species that merely looks similar.
The programming includes the ones against what Rifat calls the 12 Aeons of the greys (link) which Tim also ripped from P's lineage. And it's all yours as just part of this amazing package absolutely free to sincere warriors.
Evidently my higher self felt that the grey pgms are best kept in a separate stone.

And this is also true for the anti-reptiloid bunch of pgms. I was guided to take a largish natural citrine or qtz, and a surprisingly large malachite companion stone. It is now being packed with all the pgms against all types of evil reptiloids, including Draco, Joku, saurians, etc. but excluding Seraphim, as they are not energetically related. (There are many anti-seraphim pgms included in a "master anti evil entity set" that is available for downloads, too, though still a work in progress.)

So I now have most of my other pgms in a smallish clear qtz with a small companion stone, and that is being relentlessly packed with numerous new pgms. Eventually I may have to move it to a larger stone, but it is amazing what one can pack in a small space.

So what happened to keeping the companion on the right for Protocol B, and on the left for A? I don't know. Last night I selected 2 companion stones for my smallish qtz that has most of my pgms. One for Protocol A and one for B.
But the grey set that I had no conscious knowledge of until after it was done, has only one companion despite also containing Protocol B pgms. But I get that this companion stone can be worn anywhere, when not on a trend plate. I don't understand more than that. Another new wrinkle in programming, perhaps.
Likewise I was only guided to use 1 companion stone for the rept one.

What about the old Protocol A "general anti-evil" and the "anti-chemtrail" pgms? These are unlimited pgms in that they can be in objects of any size and quantities. So with this new type of programming, it simply packs a whole lot more of the same pgms into the same stones.

And Arcturan pgms are also shrinkable in size, so one can take the Arcturan anti-evil pgm (which has a finite size) and have little pebbles or large boulders programmed with zillions of copies partitioned from each other.
Or if one had strontium-rich rock with the strontium/barium pgm, that could also be improved thusly. Even ferrite magnets are capable of taking 30X as much programming as was the case a few days ago. [Note Feb. '09: For some reason I am now disagreeing with this part about the strontium pgm. I don't understand how I could have made such an error, but my impression is that this pgm is not compressible. It is very powerful. The larger the object programmed, the more goes in. As for ferrite, ferrite and ferrite magnets should be able to take like 50X as much programming as they did before. This applies to compressible programs like the grid pgm, but I don't think it applies to the strontium pgm.]

July 21, '08: The New, Improved Companion Stone:
With the advent of Protocol B programming, and the fact that increasing numbers of people are putting these stones on radionics/orgone devices instead of wearing them, as well as the recent evolution concerning space usage and program consolidation in crystals, a bunch of higher-dimensional shamans got together and hatched a new breed of companion stone. This requires a bit of extra programming that the old kind did not have.

It seems not to matter where you wear it; could be on an earring. It will work at least as well as the old kind, but with disregard for which side it's on or where it is on you.
The only thing better is to put it on a strong orgone gizmo. But if you are using it for protection (like most of us), you will want to stay near the machine or else carry your crystals with you. Or better yet, carry just the one companion stone. Say you have 4 separate mega-sets: anti-rept, anti-grey, anti-mantis/Venusian, and Everything Else. Just put these in a circle like the old Protocol A stones, with the companions on the inside of the circle and the energy direction going inward. Then carry just one of the companions, probably Everything Else, unless maybe you are experiencing acute reptilian attacks and take that one. Because of the circle dynamics, all the stones' energies will also ride on the one companion, as with the original Protocol A sets. Or put all these stones that you're not carrying on an orgone device, or put the companions on separate plates from the main stones, or on separate devices. Best might be to put them all on a big cast plate with hardware cloth in it.
[Update: these days the companion stone programming is ordinarily folded right into the main stone; so no 2nd stone is necessary.]

July 22, '08: A new free Arcturan program today, against evil telepathic influence. Arcturan pgms are 1-part. Stone size is flexible, as you get googols of copies if you want, in one stone or more. I don't think there's a limit. The stone I was guided to select is a clear qtz a bit over 1 cu.in. I doubt more is needed.

July 25, '08: Strontium water: Yesterday I grabbed my big 2-bottle unit and half-filled the bottles with charged water to which I added about 2 tbs of the liquid strontium product to each pint bottle. A lot less than I originally thought would be necessary. Also for good measure, some barium sulphate that is for making a medical suspension. Whether it stays in suspension long-term in an immobile bottle I do not know, but the strontium product is very much a solution; doesn't even say to shake before using. I suspect that if the water were doped only with strontium/barium in forms that fell out of suspension, the water might lose its programming when that happened.
Also I added some M-state powder and a bit of natural camphor. And 2 spiral seashells each.
Programmed the water with the strontium pgm, and connected the wires to stuff.
It is extremely powerful.

The "master anti evil entity set" contains all kinds of stuff, on inspection. Like cleaned-up versions of Rifat's Awareness PCs, BSRIE, Freemason Burners, and probably more. And this does not appear to be stuff he ripped off. You see, Tim was not always a worthless scoundrel. In years past he actually did some important original work. And the shamans want to honor the fraction of him that is good by incorporating his pgms. This also slightly lessens his karmic debts. So do Tim a favor, and get these free downloads.
There are also at this time some 450,000+ other pgms of other origins, many quite new, in this package.
Also if you wish, you can subsume most or all of your other misc. 2-part pgms in with this stuff and lighten your load of rocks.

Two new 1-part programs of interest:
The Right Whale frequency recently mentioned in my blog. I don't think the whales themselves can program stones, but this and probably other cetacean freqs can be had via P or me.
This is kind of intense, high-pitched, and very repulsive to evil beings. Though Wikipedia has this to say:
Vocalizations made by right whales are not elaborate compared to those made by other whale species. The whales make groans, pops and belches that are typically around 500 Hz. The purpose of the sounds is not known but is likely to be a form of communication between whales within the same group.

A report published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B in December 2003 found that Northern Right Whales responded rapidly on hearing sounds similar to police sirens -- sounds of much higher frequency than those made by whales. On hearing the sounds they moved rapidly to the surface. The research was of particular interest because it is known that Northern Rights ignore most sounds, including those of approaching boats. Researchers speculate that this information may be useful in attempts to reduce the number of ship-whale collisions or to encourage the whales to surface for ease of harvesting.

The other new pgm is an Arcturan anti-reptilian one. Heh heh.

September 21, '08: The death-ray program is something different. It is not compressible. It puts out a freq inimical to all life forms (I think) but has programming to ensure that it can only be used against evil beings. I have been using it a while now with no ill effect to myself, and plenty of ill effect to the enemies.

It requires a crystal approximately 1 cu. in. in displacement, either smoky, clear, or white quartz. Even quartzite is OK.
Each person can have up to 5 of these stones. [Update: you can have unlimited amounts of this pgm, and common quartzite works great now for it.]

September 22, '08: This is a program used in the weapons of the Pleiadian Special Forces who work with the Goddess Maia. I received permission to copy it into a crystal program. Everyone can have 2 copies.
These stones are a bit smaller than the last group. I get that smoky is preferred, but natural citrine or clear quartz will also work well. Not milky quartz. A bit of milkiness is OK. [Update: With advances in programming tech, milky qtz or even quartzite works fine with this pgm.] Crystals should be faceted, not amorphous chunks, for this pgm.
I'm not sure what it does. I became aware of it when these Pleaidians used it against evil humans. It feels strong, and like it knocked a lot of the DOR out of them. It is probably effective against all kinds of bad guys. There are probably many ways to use it. For right now, I just added these 2 stones to the circle depicted above, which is working on Dia reptilians.

Where can one get nice smoky points like this? I got all these from Tim Rifat years ago for upwards of $70 apiece. Can't recommend that source any more. Live and learn.

October 9, '08: Five new 2-part programs have come out against the Ootox decribed in my blog Oct. 1, which can be added to a master set. [Update: Ootox are extinct.]

Also, as I mentioned recently there, we have a Crystal Programs Committee which consists of Pitwexin, Oborijo, Antuvozy, John's higher self, my higher self, a female Arcturan named Ruzurxi, a male from the Constellation Hercules named Vox, and now, a good reptilian female named Piti. They get together and dream up software.

Here is a traditional good-reptilian pgm from Piti. It offers protection from evil entities. No need to do anything with it but own one, and preferably keep it within 100' of oneself. I don't know if there are any stones other than green aventurine which are suitable for this pgm on our plane. You can ask for it from Piti, Pitwexin, or my higher self.

Oct. 13, '08: Piti just came out with a new protective program. She has been learning from the Arcturans, etc. This pgm has some Arcturan influence.
No need to use any fancy crystals for this. Any white, milky, or clear quartz is fine. I used a piece of my quartzite. Size: somewhat larger than a common marble, but smaller than a shelled walnut.
To use, simply carry in a pocket or pouch, and let it work by itself.

Oct. 27, '08: Two new programmers have joined The Committee: Ey and Tory, petite ladies from a different Arcturan group. They have a different style of programming.

These programs offered today are in their pure traditional style. They are not compressible, though some of their other pgms are.
These 4 programs are not attuned to any individual. One can make as many as one likes. They are used to help keep a space clean of negative entities. Only use 1 set per location, however. Just place the rocks in it somewhere.
You may be guided to use different stones, I don't know. These are the ones they selected from my collection: 2 large milky quartzes, one clear quartz point, and 1 Apache tear (though other obsidian is fine).

November 13, '08: The Committee gained yet another member recently, a 22D guy named Dik, who has already had a great influence on the programming.

As described in my blog recently, I have come under astral attack by non-black-magicians in Ukraine and Georgia that are on the payroll of the NRO (U.S. National Reconnaissance Office). Arrest the evil human, and he is replaced by an evil reptilian, Lyran, or Pleiadian, who then acts in the same way as the human did, attacking while connected to a physical Earthling body, which is for some reason more powerful than just a discarnate ET. I don't think that ever happened with the bodies vacated by MPDed/Satanist astral attackers for some reason. But these non-Satanists just keep replacing their jailed astral bodies with ETs so the same humans can be used endlessly as a power base from which to send the ET attackers.
This new situation (dealing with not only humans, but also evil Lyrans, Pleaidians, and reptilians who "are" the astral bodies of physical humans) required a new crystal program.
I used a funky danburite the size of my thumb, but any nice quartz of any color or type is also a likely candidate. It is sort of an astral ripper program, to weaken the attackers so they can be dealt with more easily. It is worn on the right side hip or pocket or can be set on nearby orgone devices. It is an amalgamation, an eclectic synthesis of styles cooked up by The Committee. One-part program.

Also I have some issues with unusual demons in some parallel reality. I think they are called the Pijokoy but I haven't gotten much of an impression of their shape. Perhaps short and blob-like.
The program against these guys requires a crystal of rather high clarity, but chips, nicks, busted points are OK I was guided to choose one that looks to be about 2 cu. in. in displacement.
This is a somewhat unusual program. One-part but attuned to a particular user. Not compressible.
There does not seem to be any point in using this with radionics/orgonite or placing it anywhere in particular. Just owning it and having it on your windowsill or wherever makes it work at maximum effectiveness.
[Update Jan. '09: That advice is not cast in concrete. I was guided to include this stone in a device I made.] [Update: Pijokoy are extinct.]

Nov. 16, '08: Kneweyes wrote me about a piece of music she uses to dispel demons. It's Ave Maria by Ana Maria Martinez, from the movie John Q. Here's a youtube video of the relevant section. [Warning April 2015: there is at least one deliberately corrupted version on the net: example.]
I took the energy in the track that is repellent to them, and had it made into a program you can download into clear quartz. This is an unlimited program like the Right Whale program and many others; you can put it in any size quartz, it is not attuned to any individual. I am adding the program to my orgone devices I've tossed in the field, as well as my personal items.
I'm calling it the Ave Maria program. It is very powerful and highly recommended.
Good in topaz or smoky or clear quartz, but even quartzite is pretty good.

Nov. 17, '08: Some clarification: Ave Maria means Hail, Mary. I noticed my Buddhist friends out there are avoiding this one, presumably because they are leery of dubious "Catholic magic".
But the power of this pgm has nothing to do with Mother Mary. Mary is a good person, still floating around somewhere, but dispelling demons was never her forte. Alas! As things would have gone much better for her, Jesus, and Western "civilization" had that been the case.

Quoting from Kneweyes' first email on the subject:
It is not the topic of the song, but the tones, vibrato, and frequencies that send nasties running...
The very highest note she achieves, at the end there, is super clearing/cleansing and you can imgine sending that sound/tone/frequency at your target. It kills or sends running. Reliving/ keeping that song in your thoughts creates a powerful cleansing shield. Try it out ;) Send it with a neon red color throughout [all dimensions].
Jan. 12, '08: I just heard from Kneweyes again. She has recently acquired Ana Maria Martinez's CD "Soprano Songs and Arias" and says "The 7th song on the disk, Pucinni's "La Rondine: Chi il bel sogno di Doretta" is the asskicker of the bunch."
I haven't even heard it, and I get an intense vibe from it! So now there is also a crystal program available with the energy of this song in it.

Feb. 6, '09: In fact, I get that her Ave Maria piece is only 83% as effective as that last one.

A "new" demon has appeared in a big hive near me. I have not yet found more of these, but they can be very discreet. They are called Delk and are real big 5D steers. [Update: Delk are extinct.] Very powerful when they decide to attack.
There is now a Protocol A, 2-part program against the Delk. I just had it added to my master set, as it is a compressible pgm that takes up little space. If you want the pgm by itself, a small qtz pebble and a large grain of quartz sand would be big enough.

Also of course there is a separate reversed-jailed-Delk pgm. To hold a jailed Delk requires a piece of quartz of about 1/2 cu. in. but (as I believe I have mentioned before but can't find now) John B devised a method in which the reversing program is contained in a stone while the jail holding its entity is purely etheric. This has still proven itself stable so far. This enables one to use grains of sand (in the resin mix) for this. Each grain of sand contains the reversing pgm for 1 Delk.

Feb. 18, '09: Just as it is possible to put the energy essence of sound into a crystal program, so is this also possible to put the signature of geometric objects or graphics into programs.
We have 2 new programs today:
  • The SacredG pgm. This is a blatant ripoff of something I mentioned in my blog 1/8/9:
    (5pm) A cool site someone sent me a link to. I haven't actually checked it out much, but if you sign up for free, you get a full-page version of this pic, which has really good energy. They got some free stuff, and some stuff they're selling, and it all has great, clean energy.
    I put one of the 4" wide versions of this SacredG pic they sent me (for free) under some well-filtered and charged-up water and it did improve the taste even more. To a significant extent. I was dowsing that I should print these off and imbed them in my epoxy devices. But that's a big hassle. My printer has been sitting idle for a couple years, and I'd hate to have to install it and get new cartridges and do all this work and get aggravated. So here's a program of the pic's energy.
    [Update: hematite works extremely well with this program.]
  • Then there's the Infinitude pic. This pic also has great energy. I use it as desktop wallpaper.

    I tested the 2 stones and the SacredG pic for improving water flavor, and had the impression that the SaredG charged stone was the winner. And being in stone form, one can do things with it like keep it on a pot when cooking food.

    These are both unlimited compressible 1-part programs. The larger the rock, the more copies can be packed in.
    I think any kind of quartz or quartzite should be fine for this. Also copper takes programs these very well, so you can do your copper plumbing and house wiring, etc.

    Feb. 28, '09: A reader asked me
    Are the pgms in OTB27a compressible? If so, has it become irrelevant what kind of stones I use for them?
    To which I responded
    Yes, except for that anti-mantis set with its large tourmaline, and the strontium pgm. Just disregard the advice about specific minerals and size. I don't know why, but the minerals don't seem to matter (in most cases) with the new compressed programs.

    The other programs on other pages specifying a very large black tourmaline are also not compressible. They all require the activity of the large tourmaline.

    March 13, '09: An update regarding the implant-removing set mentioned on 6/30/8 in OTB 27a:
    I don't actually physically handle it to remove implants from myself or a remote being. Lately I have found that it seems most effective to imagine it swooping into the implant and merging with it and continuing onward to pull the implant out (and into a jail, perhaps). Of course this is easier to do on larger implants than oodles of tiny ones.
    The program is only slightly compressible. The main crystal will now fit into a quartz the size of a cooked Lima bean.
    With the new programming, it is no longer necessary for the stone to be of any clarity. A rough piece of landscaping quartzite would do.
    I have not merged the main stone into a larger multi-purpose stone, due to the nature of its application. I did merge the companion stone into a master stone. The companion is compressible to the size of a grain of sand, and can be quartz or quartzite now as well.

    April 17, '09: Two new programs. Both are unlimited 1-part pgms, meaning you can have as many copies as you need. It is compressible, hence I recommend maximum concentration if it's not too intense for you.

    Artemisia Tridentata 2.14X. That's supposed to be a homeopathic-type number. If you prefer a different potency or several, that can be accommodated. Not everybody need do the same thing. Any size quartz, quartzite, quartz sandstone. A nice DT crystal will work slightly better.
    I had The Committee custom-tune mine with the addition of small amounts of 4 other pgms: the 2 soprano pgms, Right Whale, and the Arcturan anti-evil. I use 3 nice crystals, protectively wrapped, and hold them in my left hand. Have all 3 work on the same target. This is pretty effective for remote targets or protection.

    Fi octopus anti-anti-karma: [Update: Fi are extinct.] Don't know what else to call it. Maybe the Fi octopus karmic accountability pgm. My friend Harold sent me a crystal he programmed against Fi octopi that work some mojo to keep their buddies from being subject to karmic kickback or the law of attraction or something. Sounded hokey to me, but the crystal had a crispy program that was doing something.
    I had The Committee check it out. They didn't change his pgm much. They put it in compressible form. I have a big quartzite programmed with it now.

    April 23, '09: There are now karmic accountability programs for each type of Nordic, as well as Fi, Xso, Tall Whites, and Venusian mutants. [Update: only the latter are still a problem.] I have big hunks of quartzite for each, except they chose a sandstone for the Venusian one. Any clear or white quartz is fine for these pgms.
    These may be the only species that use anti-karma stuff.
    I have a feeling that at some point down the road many of the karmic accountability pgms will become obsolete and we can re-use the quartz for other things.

    May 5, '09: The committee has lately been working with a friendly dragon, and coming up with a whole bunch more programs as a result.
    This one is not for everyone. I'm not sure that everyone will be able to get it, and it requires some sensitivity to use.
    It takes 3 pretty nice little crystals. They don't have to be DT. Here I have some Tibetan DTs. The 2 nicer ones (on the left) have 1 pgm, and the other crystal, more milky, has the other. Ask for the 3-crystal dragon set. Limit 1 set per person.
    To use, hold the 2 with the same pgm in your right hand with your thumb and fingers, in such a way as to maximize the energy; that is, put the yang points forward and rotate the crystals in your hand for the best-feeling positions. Hold the other crystal in the left hand in the same way. Use the crystals to blast away at your target (e.g. an evil person or a demon hive) that you imagine a small version of in front of you. After a few minutes of this, you should get the feeling that's good enough; the crystals are now locked on well, and you can just set them down somewhere where they can continue to poison and chew on the evil target indefinitely until you decide to switch to something else.
    At least that's how I use them so far. Possibly you may intuit other ways.

    May 8, '09: The Time Wash programs were given to me by my friend Esterian. Here's what she said about them:
    OK. Um, something I've been learning the past few days. The enemies I'm fighting use time to push off and/or bury my allies. I've asked these guys I call Energy Guys (I don't know what else to call them) to come and teach you an energy we've termed Lovely Time Wash. It's a combination of love energy and time-stable energy that washes away a lot of that energy that's used for attacking people. I think it will totally neutralize what you call DOR. There are 2 guys made of it that you can probably utilize, Luh-li-tye and Vleemsh (that's the enunciation, not the spelling).
    I did meet those guys, who look like very benevolent old men with big smiles.
    She also said:
    [One of] the core methods of the enemy's operations. They do things with "time" resonation. It's how they push people away from themselves, an' stuff.

    We've developed an energy matrix we call Time Wash. In actuality, it's a key element in dark energy ["dark energy" as related to "dark matter"]. We were using it with love energy, but found that love to be feeding some of what we were trying to wash out. Babs I sent to you knows exactly what it is, as far as using it and its vibe, but we don't have words to describe it, other than, perhaps, "material time stability."
    Recently Esterian sent me a new astral ally, a gorgeous little redhead named Babs who is able to radiate the 2 programs Lovely Time Wash and Salty Time Wash.

    I had Babs program these 2 pieces of quartzite, one with each pgm. They feel wonderful. I put one in each pocket, and they made me feel a lot better while weakening attacks on me greatly.
    These are extra special pgms and a real treat.
    After a few days I switched to carrying smaller stones.

    The Committee is not doing this. Maybe they'll be able to figure it out someday, maybe not. You have to ask Babs. She's 5'3" with straight orangish hair, green eyes, pink skin, and very sweet. I am not sure whether she will do this for everyone or whether there are quantity limits to what she will do.
    The Committee taught her how to compress programming. Technically the stones can be any size, the bigger the stronger, but again I don't know if she will balk at doing boulders. It is probably better to do a lot of little ones and give them to your friends to carry. They may not be that effective just laying around.
    Also it is very effective to send the energies to remote targets, using the stones and radionic/orgone devices. The stones don't need to be big to be effective for this.
    Clear or white quartz. These pgms can't be mixed with other pgms in the same stone.

    June 1, '09: Here is another 1-part program. Esterian told me of an ally named Pa-Paw Shantul, who works to destroy evil dark-matter entities by returning them as purified energy to the Godhead. Working with him is an alternative to jailing them. Gets you in better standing with God to tithe yourself. Also one can whipsaw the enemy with both approaches.
    Anyway, there is a free pgm available that only works on entities deemed in need of culling, and pushes them into Pa-Paw Shantul's embrace for disposal. A somewhat decent crystal about the size of a girl's little finger might be about right. The pgm is not compressible. One copy per person.
    Just point it at the enemy, in your imagination or otherwise. Or put it on radionics devices, etc.

    June 3, '09: Esterian wrote me last month:
    We made another energy matrix, it's just love energy. We call it Good Job and give it with compliments and praise to the reptilians, an' stuff, and it just so happens that it is an excellent slayer of demonic implants.
    Babs can program this. Nice energy.
    Esterian told me a while back that good reptiloids do best when given a lot of appreciation for what they do. I'm so scattered I sometimes neglect this somewhat, so it is handy to have the program.
    This can also be sent/boosted with radionic/orgone devices.

    June 7, '09: Esterian told me that "sodium neutron energies" are great against evil stuff. There is a new program out for quartz that is pure sodium neutron energy. It is intense. One copy of the program took up a 1.6 cubic cm Tibetan DT of pretty good quality. But one can use any good, rather clear quartz, and one can use a big crystal and get numerous copies in it.. [Update Aug. '09: the pgm has been modified slightly so that even any rough quartzite is now also suitable.] This program is unlimited within reason; anyone can have up to a couple cubic feet of it.
    One can also use chrysoprase.
    Copper is 96% as good as quartz; a length of heavy gauge wire will work, or copper pipe, coils, etc. of sufficient size.

    June 21, '09: I still haven't had them pgm chysoprase with the sodium-neutron energy. I invited them to, but instead they chose a couple amethysts.
    But for this pgm I get that the best thing might be copper shavings in resin. Ideally, the resin could be programmed while curing, but it also works to have just the copper in an older device reprogrammed retractively with this. I had this latter done with some cylindrical units, and they came out nice. But I get that pyramids might be the best shape for this, and it doesn't matter whether they are truncated or what angle the sides are.
    These depicted units were programmed while curing. Except that each has a piece of landscaping quartzite in it which got programmed later with 5 other pgms from this OTB.
    To use, I just mentally connect the pyramids to the target.
    I think bronze would work well instead of copper. Brass, not so well.
    (BTW the mold I used here is not the commonly-available cheap thin kind of silicon mold that bows out easily, but a more expensive, somewhat stouter and larger one.)
    [Update Oct/2012: this pgm is good for addressing scumbags who are not into black magic nor shapeshifting reptilians. Most of our pgms do not do much to such people.
    Another nice thing about it is that it has a cooling effect on the energy of copper. I normally am ubalanced by energized copper, unless it has at least 20% of its mass programmed with this pgm.]

      *   *   *   *
    Also today Esterian wrote me about another new energy weapon:
    What we need is negative-neutral energy. It "melts off" EVERYTHING ''THEY" KNOW HOW TO DO.
    Well, whatever that is, The Committee can tack it onto whatever orgone devices you already have. Out in the field, too. So far they seem to prefer doing that. Maybe it doesn't take up space.
    They are doing up most of my stuff. Feels pretty worthwhile.
    You can have them tack it onto buildings, vehicles, etc. etc. as well.

    June 27, '09: Also a pyramid set into a squarish base is real good for the Sodium-Neutron Program.

    A larger one is here. This one has a bunch of other wild things in it as well, plus a heavy layer of the strontium-barium stuff.

    Aug. 09, '09: Some new members of the Programming Committee: the aforementioned dragon; her name is Novz. And 4 Yejkusti men. The Yejkusti are not programmers by tradition, yet they learn fast and have a lot to contribute.

    New free program: the Roller. This is a real nice pgm to be giving away free. It requires a crystal sphere in the size range of 43-45mm.
    [update: this pgm now requires only plain resin.
    This mold is ideal for this.]
    Smokey qtz dowses as best to me right now. I am using a 45mm labradorite, which I get works 99.4% as well as smoky. I get that clear or fairly clear qtz would be 99.2%. Rutilations are OK.

    This program has similarity to the Four Ages Marbles but is less sophisticated.
    This pgm is also all about the Rolling Force. Like the marbles, it is real good for deflecting negative energies and mind-control energies into a surrogate target. This seems to be the prime use of this stone. Simply tell it to shield person X (a single entity is probably usually best) and deflect evil forces into person Y. Person Y should be a rather deserving sort or it will not work.
    I'm getting that for this specific purpose, it works better than the marbles, because it allows less slip-through.
    It is very powerful.
    This is a 2-part program, and requires a small 2nd stone to go with it. [Update: due to tech advances, companion stones are no longer necessary because the functions can be all programmed into 1 stone.] This can be a tiny tumbled quartz or maybe other semiprecious stone. Unless you already have a master companion stone that the pgm can be added to.
    The programs must be attuned to a specific owner, and are not transferable without a minor tweak.
    Limit 1 copy of this pgm per person.

    One can also have the 4 Ages Marbles at the same time, for a small fee of course.

    On second thought, rutilated quartz might be the best way to go. I just bought this one and the program has already been transferred to it so you can feel it. I get that this is 131% as powerful as my Labradorite. But it's going to cost me like 3X as much. Also this is better-than-average rutilated quartz for this pgm, with its fine hairs.

    What if your sphere is oversized? The extra space can be stuffed with synergistic programs and it can turn out pretty good. One could probably go up to 52mm or so. But it may generally be more efficient to use a stone of the proper size.

    Aug. 30, '09: My rutilated ball arrived. I get that carrying or holding it makes it work 60% better than just sitting somewhere, but if I place it on a powerful orgone device, that makes it work 92% as well as carrying it, and is much less cumbersome.

    By the way, many of the species we have been dealing with in the past are no longer a problem, having been neutralized, converted, or being in the process of conversion to good. Thus, many of the pgms given in this OTB are no longer doing anything. You can re-use those stones (or spaces within stones) for different pgms if you like, or you can keep the old programs if you don't quite trust that the species are forever handled. That way, if any entities do revert, the malefactors will be hit by the pgms and "show up" energetically as they struggle against it. Benign entities will not be harmed by any of these pgms.

    I had an interesting experience last night. I was checking on some evil human targets I had posted in my blog, and noticed they felt like they had been severely ravaged by someone. A lady in east Texas, who was just using 3 little crystals. Extremely powerful. Who, I wondered, did that programming? A 5D male, is all I can get. But I was able to get The Committee in contact with this dude.
    Here is the program. It works just as well with quartzite as fine crystal, I get. In fact, I get that the original set only works 92% as well as mine here.
    And the bigger stone here is not even quartzite, but some other more porous stone that was also in my sack of Arkansas river rock (sold for landscaping). But quartzite would be 99.5% as good for the larger stone.

    This feels like it might be the most powerful pgm yet against evil physical humans. I don't think it works on other targets.
    It requires 3 stones, and there is a limit of 1 set per person. But if you want more sets, there are oodles of Arcturans lined up to have sets made for them that you can use. So you can make thousands if you want. I plan to make more myself.

    To use: place the 3 stones anywhere in a triangle formation about the size shown here. You can write the targets name/description on paper and place it between the stones, or use a pic. Or just use your mind to connect the stones to the target; that's what I do.
    The target can be 1 evil human or many.

    OK, I just made several more sets. It appears the larger stone can be any of a variety of types. I have some in quartzite, some in that porous stone, one is some kind of blackish stone. If you are sensitive, go with your intuition. There may be stones on the ground that are fine for this.
    All my small stones in these sets are quartzite.

    Sep. 11, '09: Today we have a new program. For months, The Committee has been working with Jessica Schab's 31D self to devise an awesome program. Jessica has some issues, but her higher selves are OK.
    This pgm performs the therapy mentioned in my blog lately as well as in the Species Status List in a supercharged, steroid-driven manner.
    Only 1 stone is necessary. In this pic, the quartzite on the left was first chosen, and worked great, but then I got that somewhat gemmy carnelian is even better. The white stone no longer has this pgm, but is depicted so you can see what size quartzite is good. [For those unfamiliar with US currency, the 5-cent coin is about 21mm diameter.] One can also use any white or clear quartz.
    But carnelian of this grade is maybe 22% better, I get. Since I did not have any large enough for the pgm, it was broken down in 2 parts. Actually, there were 4 pgms in the quartzite, and now there are 2 in each carnelian.
    This program is actually 4 programs together. You could use 4 smaller carnelians.
    It is very sophisticated and intense. I doubt there is any advantage to combining it with radionic or orgone devices, as the pgm is so completely effective by itself in a stone. Just tell it whom to work on.

    Sep. 14, '09: Another exciting new program. Let's call it the knife program, although any flat piece of high quality steel of suitable size will work just as well: a narrow putty knife, a wood chisel, a piece of saw blade, a file...
    It works on evil physical targets. I don't know what it does, exactly, but it feels like it lays a hurtin' on their energy bodies.
    [Update Feb 2017: even the average 2" blade is big enough, and the blade can be as big as desired; more of the same pgm fills it. But bigger is not better.]
    When directed against a single evil human, it requires 20-30 seconds to do as much damage as it's going to do. After that there is no point in working that target further with this pgm.

    Oct. 12, '09: The indications are that the Delk mentioned Feb. 6 are going to be a big problem for a long time. [Update: extinct.] They are still plentiful, and powerful.
    There are now plenty of 2-part anti-Delk and Delk-jailing pgms available; enough to fill 2-3 gallons of quartz or quartzite. So if you have a big hunk or several of quartz, maybe a big cluster, whatever, you can call on The Committee to do optimized custom programming against Delk. Citrine is good, too.
    Email me if you feel unsure about how to get the programming and I'll see you get it.
    Incidentally, the strontium pgm (OTB 33) is also excellent against Delk.

    I haven't tried it yet, but I just learned there is a program available for orgone devices made to boost garden and soil health. We'll call this the Garden Program. Oddly, the substance required is lead. Even old tire weights with the clip still on are fine.
    I will be looking into getting some lead shot. Of course one wants to insulate it from the environment with a thick layer of resin. I probably will cast small disks of shot, then re-cast them in larger disks without lead.
    This is an unlimited 1-part pgm; one can have as much lead programmed for one's use as one wants. The more there is the greater the effect, but only up to a point.
    The resin can be programmed (while setting up) with other free pgms, a different one for each layer, if one wants. The Artemisia tridentata pgm would be one good one.
    One can alternatively use radionics methods to pgm fertilizer freqs or pest-repellent freqs into the resin.

    Oct. 27, '09: I have now made some garden helpers. It does not seem to matter what size or shape mold or what size or shape of lead pieces. I suppose one could just toss programmed lead into the garden and it might be stable enough in a non-acidic garden, but I'm no expert on the science. I would not do that. I prefer to cast them in epoxy.
    Some guidance I got is to keep the units very simple. Just use resin with some (not loads) of turmeric, and ask for the Artemisia Tridentata pgm only. This is very compatible and may repel pests some, too. You can specify potencies for the artemisia pgm, or just let The C do what they feel is best. With me they used 2.22X.
    After the resin has set up, The Committee will pgm the lead with the Garden Program. If there are steel clips on lead tire weights, they will by default also be programmed with the Artemisia Tridentata pgm. But generally it is not advantageous to add metals.

    Alrighty, this page has grown a bit long, so I am starting the next page of this bulletin, OTB 27d with an announcement.

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