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Orgone Technical Bulletin # 27 CONTINUED

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Oct. 29, '09: Someone just emailed me some pics of devices he had poured to see if The Committee had programmed them. They had not.
I suggest that if you are not sure you have made contact, before pouring resin, try getting a crystal programmed by The Committee. It might be best to summon ChemmerBuster. If you are not sure whether they programmed it, they probably didn't. Email me to ask.

Dec. 10, '09: The Violet Flame program:
On Dec. 1, I blogged:
Violet Flame revisited:
I have never messed with this after once attending a presentation by Elizabeth Clare Prophet in which she strongly promoted this. I got a bad vibe off her (in 1976) despite my extreme naivete at the time. She is a satanist who promoted evil Nordics like Dwal Kul, Koot Hoomi, St. Germain, etc. (who are now deceased).
But recently Kneweyes wrote me:
Anyway I wanted to tell you I've been using that violet flame thing lately w/pretty good results. Never tried it before cause of the St Germain thing. But using a translucent violet flame, imagining yourself also as translucent while stepping into some bonfire you've imagined up, works pretty well to dislodge, or transmute negs & neg, & keeps 'em at bay. Build a few (6) bonfires pointing outwards in all 4 directions, above & below, and just let em transmute those suckers when they try to intrude. Bonfire out your space too. Translucent works better than full opaque dark violet. No mt shasta chanting needed.
You don't need this pgm to do the flame thing. You can do it with your mind. But you can also have The Committee imbue resin with the programming to protect you with the violet flame. It used to be that this pgm required additives, mainly tulsi powder, but it no longer does. I use plain resin now. You must get programming from The Committee for this (or any of our other programs for resin) WHILE RESIN CURES or you will end up with worthless crap!

The stuff I've made with this pgm is very crispy-feeling and potent.
It is useful for remote work, too. I mentally "threw" a bunch of the ice cubes into a demonic hive last night, and it seemed to have good impact.

OK, something new:
A new FREE crystal program: Archangel Michael:
In the past I have been down on people who program Archangels into things, as these crystals were very DORy because (I thought) the biblical archangels were archons. I was half right; they are angels who were possessed by archons. When I thought I was jailing and killing the archons that they were, I actually freed up the archangels.
Michael is traditionally a demon-fighter, so this is a useful program.
It requires a quartz crystal point about the size of a man's last pinkie joint.
Or better yet, a standard bismuth disk. Unfortunately these are hard to find unless you buy a bunch (eBay link). If you do buy a bunch you can send me any excess ;-)
I see Mythnlynx was carrying them, presumably in small quantities, but he's sold out. Incidentally, old RevTed is one of several vendors who have the corrupting touch (see OTB 17) so be sure to clear any products from him before using. The way to do this is at the bottom of OTB 17. Or have The Committee clear them. The Committee will also automatically clear any substances before programming.

Can be used for protection or as a remote weapon. This is a 1-part pgm
I originally stated in my blog that any person can only use 1 copy at a time. But that's not exactly correct. One will not get additional effect to oneself by having multiple copies in hand. But one can own as many copies as one likes, and keep them scattered around if one does not want to carry more stuff in one's bulging pockets. It is best to be within 20 feet of one at all times for some degree of protection against demons. Also, this program is not attuned to a particular owner, meaning if you have several around, and several people scattered around, they would all get some protection (unless any don't deserve it for some reason).
However, this same group of say, 5 people in a house, would not get much more protection if they had a hundred of these around the house than if they had maybe 6. Make sense?
Yet, if they had a party and a whole bunch of people showed up, then some benefit would kick in from the extra crystals.

Mar. 4, '10: The Water Charging program:
This is a great new program which really zings bodies of water, and improves the taste of drinking water.
When I first found out about it, it required a very complex mix of powders. But I wanted to make it available to the public, and prevailed on The Committee to modify it so that a simple mix of easily obtainable substances would work just as well.

To my surprise, it now requires only one additive: silica powder, 325 mesh (0.045 mm) or finer. I got 325 mesh from Bailey pottery supply cheap. And it only requires a small amount, about 1 tsp per 6 fluid oz. of resin. But if you put in several times that much, it will still be just as good. [Update Aug/2012: no additive required anymore for this pgm; plain resin is fine.]

One of these mini-muffins should suffice for a medium-sized lake. Or can be put on a water heater or cold-water pipe to zing the water at point-of-use. But then it would also kick back the energy into the water supply quite a bit.
It seems to work better than anything else to polish up the flavor of water.

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