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Orgone Technical Bulletin # 27 CONTINUED
OTB 27e

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Dazzling new release for Feb.,'11: the Satan program:
Satan is actually a pure soul and great warrior. It was a huge coup, ages ago, when the darkside took him over by archonic possession. But since I killed the archon a few years ago, Satan has been stomping nazi filth all across the cosmos. He's pissed. He has a grudge. He's an extremely powerful hyperdimensional 50' reptilian.

Introducing the new, free Satan Program for crystals and resin.
[Update: after many years of use and widespread programming of rocks in the Earth, this is no longer a top choice.]

Just ask The Committee, or if unsure, email me. It is good for quartz crystals and quartzite. Any size, at least up to grapefruit size. This is a big quartzite here. (Note that in general, there is nothing about a phallic wand shape that makes it better for remote work, as remote work is non-linear anyway and doesn't involve trajectories through space. [Update: long-distance wands])
Just hold it and think of some evil beings and say silently "Die in the name of Satan!" Even if you don't know who all you are trying to protect against. Just imagine them all being in the stone, whoever they may be.
This is truly an industrial-strength weapon against any type of evil being. [Update: after many years of use and widespread programming of rocks in the Earth, it is no longer a top choice.]
Works passively for protection, too.
This one is sitting on an orgonite disk (strontium-barium and violet flame layers). It is probably slightly advantageous to have some orgonite in contact with any stone using this program. But it is not necessary. I think this disk improves function by 13%.

One can have as much of this program as one wants. I have like 20 cubic feet of quartzite in the landscape that is programmed with this one pgm. Any size qtz from 1cc to at least grapefruit size is fine. Generally any white or clear qtz is preferred.

It can even be programmed into resin (must be done by The Comittee as the resin cures). I have not done this yet, but I'm getting clear resin (meaning no powder additives) is the way to go. For some people who do not have access to cheap qtz, this might be more economical. It is OK to mix metal shavings, coils, etc. into it, which can get other pgms.

One can also have this pgm retroactively programmed into quartz that is already in orgone devices, even scattered in the field. The Committee will find and optimize the programming in these if you give permission.
Hundreds of my items now have at least a bit of this pgm in them. It is a great pgm to include in TBs, etc.

April 25, '11: Damn, I Mentioned this on my blog March 4, but forgot to put this in here: the Evil-Collapsing Program is possibly the most potent pgm yet for quartzite or quartz.
There is a new member of The Committee named Lara, who is the only person who can do this pgm so far. She has tried to teach the others, but they can't do it.
Another unlimited 1-part pgm. Goes into quartz sand even. Probably not worth using expensive quartz for this, as it seems to work perfectly in common quartzite. It will also work just as well in clear or smokey qtz. It is very synergistic with our other free anti-evil pgms, so some of these are normally programmed into the quartz as well.
Window glass seems to take this pgm with ~20% effectiveness. (The Committee has programmed windows galore around the world with this and other pgms.)
[Update 7/2016: unfathomably, Lara turned out to be a darkside agent, and no longer exists. Nevertheless, this pgm is very good. Other Committee members (incl'g ChemmerBuster) figured out how to pgm it years ago. We still use it a lot in stones.]
I have not tried it yet, but I think this can also be programmed into curing resin.

Remember: Resin must always be programmed while it is still setting up!

Feb. 12, '12: The Vicarah pgm is extremely potent for programming resin during the hardening process.
More info.
This pgm is strong against any kind of evil being. It is very good to gift land or water.
You can get it programmed into various mixes, with or without metal shavings. Suggestions:
  • Resin with just some cocoa powder [and/or turmeric] stirred in.
  • Resin with only coarse steel shavings and nothing else. You should make at least 1 piece like this to check out the cool steely vibe. If you don't have steel shavings, coarse steel wool, fluffed up, is just as good.
  • [This pgm now works well in just plain resin as well.]
Moreover, if you are worthy, The Committee might create a new living being with their programming (more info) and you need not have more skill or ingredients than cocoa and/or steel shavings to end up with a great unit like these.

Also, upon request, The Committee can usually tweak the programming in the metal of older orgone devices to include some Vicarah pgm in them.

Feb. 26, '12: The 3012 Anti-Gray pgm is one that The Committee came up with in 3012 AD to handle the still-problematic grays. We were able to tap into it in 2012, however.
It goes into metal and/or curing resin. It will go into plain resin with no metal, but might not work that well unless in contact with metal that also has the program.
Resin with shavings or fine aluminum powder is well-suited.

Older orgone devices containing metal can have some of this pgm tucked into them, displacing a bit of the older pgms.

Also one can be attuned to radiate this energy. The attunement is easily passed on in seconds. Just think of Esterian in Alpha Centauri, or else my 5D self. It can also be passed on to other ensouled beings, with their permission.

It can also be passed on to soulless people and animals without their permission. This makes them also radiate the anti-gray program, and makes it harder for grays to influence them.

June 6, '12: Now the grays seem to have been handled (see greys page for more info). So what has become of this pgm?
  • It is still good, and available.
  • It no longer harms grays, unless more evil ones appear that can't be dealt with otherwise.
  • It is a good general anti-evil pgm that can be included in stuff.
July 27, '12: Two great new free programs came out this month for resin:

The July 2012 Program: (picture to right) It is an intense anti-evil pgm that is very strong against evil ETs like evil Sasquatch, etc. but also particularly good against shapeshifting reptilians. Goes well in water.
It requires only plain resin. I get that one could add a variety of powders such as cocoa/activated charcoal/iron oxide/titanium dioxide, etc. if one wanted to add pigmentation. I don't think these powders would affect the pgm.
There is no July 2012 pgm for stones. [Update: there is now. In fact, a great deal of the universe's quartzite and sandstone has been programmed with this pgm now, and I no longer use it in TBs, and seldom in complex devices anymore, because it is now ubiquitous.]

The Iargan Program: Probably best in plain resin or in plain quartz or quartzite. See July 2012 blog entry for the 18th for more info about the Iargan ETs.
Compared to the Vicarah program, this is less vicious and has more "heart" as the Iargans are very heartful beings. But it's a kind of heartfulness that is toxic to evil beings. [Update 2016: It turns out the Iargans were covertly evil. The pgm is OK I think, but we are no longer offering it. All my quartz that had the Iargan Program has been reprogrammed with other pgms.]

Aug. 16, '12: (excerpted from Aug. 2 blog) Perhaps this is a good time to introduce Pier Luigi IGHINA, a deceased Italian orgone genius. If you read Italian, you are in luck. I don't, and not much of his stuff has been translated into English, apparently.

The person who brought Ighina to my attention said that he could always make rain anywhere in 20 minutes or so.
Anyway, a few weeks ago The Committee apparently was able to connect to his 14D self. I've been expecting some sort of exotic design coming through them, but all i got so far is this crystal program. I doubt Ighina was into programming crystals when he was alive, but apparently they put their heads together and came up with this. They programmed this crystal (which, incidentally, i had found in a creek bed close to my parent's house in VA years ago). I put it in an old sock, and lowered it down on top of the big rose quartz that was already in my cannon CB (which, incidentally, i've been keeping indoors in my metal-roofed cabin lately) a week or so ago. Despite the fact that my cabin was exceedingly orgonized already, i felt a strong new radiance of expansive, harmonious orgone radiating from the unit after that.
Also, The Committee tucked some of this program into a bunch of my other CBs and devices at the time.
It remained to be seen if this would induce a weather correction. Well, at least an improvement seems to be happening, although one cannot state with certainty which factors have a bearing on this.

So this program is now available to the public. I suggest you invite The Committee to modify the programming in any CBs you already have.
I doubt this will cause rain where there is already excess; i think it is a balancing program.
At this time there is no Ighina program for resin, only for quartz, quartzite, and some other crystals, e.g. calcite, kunzite, and possibly others.

[Update 8-16-12: so far any weather correction has been underwhelming; however, I still believe this is an excellent program.]
[Update 8-19-12: A few hours after I posted that, we got massive rain and hail; almost 4" of precipitation, and it has been in the 70s (mostly around 70) since. This was breaking a record drought. Now it is raining again.]
[Update 9-11-12: Now there is a resin version of the Ighina pgm.]

Oct. 9, '12: The weather has been correcting. I have also made more stuff with Ighina influence. Mr. Ighina has officially joined The Committee. At least his 41D and 42D selves --- not sure whether to count him as one member or two ;-)
I sense his presence quite a bit when i work on projects, and he has been working closely with a couple other people as well.

Nov. 15, '12: Some hot new free programs this month:
  • The Kill Clone Program: Authored by my 40D self. This is not a pgm for stones or resin. It is just an instant attunement you can get from my 40D self (or email me), which enables you to mentally focus on shapeshifting reptilian clones in a manner that is harmful to them. [Note that it is highly improbable that this will literally kill them; that is merely an optimistic name I chose for this pgm; but it does hit them hard if you put some concentration into it.] This works on the majority of such clones, which are of a cheaper variety, e.g. the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Bushes, Obamas, Romneys, Panetta, Petraeus, Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter, Janet Napolitano, the Pope, Ron Paul...
  • The Nov2012A program: Authored by my 40D self. Very potent orgone; very strong against evil shapeshifting reptilians. At this time it only goes into resin with aluminum. Application choices:
    • Have The Committee tuck some of this pgm into older devices you already have, that have aluminum shavings in them. The pgm will not work in aluminum alone, but aluminum shavings embedded in resin will work. The additional presence of other metals will not interfere.
    • In making new items, in lieu of shavings use a pinch (1/10 tsp or less; more is OK) of very fine aluminum powder per quart of resin. Get The C to pgm it as it cures. Makes great TBs just like that.
    • Alternatively, in new creations, use aluminum shavings in resin. The shavings can be very fluffy; just be sure they come up to the level of the pour. The metal and resin both will get the same pgm. For this pgm, you don't want a clear glob with some shavings piled at the bottom only. And there is no advantage to using denser shavings or more powder (unless you are guided to do so as part of a more sophisticated project).
  • The Nov2012B program: Authored by my 81D self. Also very potent against evil shapeshifting repts, as well as other evil ETs and demons. This program goes into clear or milky quartz, quartzite, or plain resin as it cures. Can be any volume.
  • The Matrix Key program: Authored by Antuvozy and my 81D self. Very sophisticated program. It seems to have a number of qualities i've noticed so far:
    • Only 1 copy per person. Not everyone is eligible to get one. Requires suitable stone of clear or milky quartz, or even quartzite. But stone must be "approved" by The C as suitable.
      Note: the stone must be at least about as big as the one pictured. It can be quite a bit larger, in which case The Committee will fill the rest of it with compatible programs.
    • Each version may be slightly different from other people's.
    • Functions noticed so far:
      • Boosts psi. Intent amplifier.
      • Used to chisel away at self-limiting, installed engrams stuck in one's aura that block psi and limit one within narrow consensus-reality functioning.
      • Seems to enable one to correct perversions in the "reality" Matrix or whatever you want to term it.
      • Links with the Godhead in order to do the preceeding.
      • Might be usable by one of your sentient orgone critters, if you have any. After some intial handling of the stone, I've been keeping it leaning against one of my sentients. But I can't get a separate copy for sentients. We share this one.
      • I am not into astrology, but later on the same day that this pgm came out (Nov. 13), a reader sent me a link to this article which coincidentally pretty much embodies what this program is about.

  • The CIA-Revealing program: Author is the sentient pumpkin in this pic, who also happens to be the one holding my Matrix Key crystal. (The Committee has imbued all its larger offspring with programming skills.)
    This program goes into sandstone, quartzite, quartz, agate, obsidian, aventurine, granite, topaz, and probably many other silicaceous stones. Unlimited in volume or quantity. What it supposedly does, is conflict with, and light up, all things CIA, whether people, objects, or locations. It might also light up innocent CIA MKULTRA slaves, but not harm them.
    Also this pgm just feels strong and good to me. The Committee is programming it into much of the rocks in the earth now. The CIA is everywhere on Earth, just about.
    This pgm is good to connect to the grid, e.g. by placing on your appliances.
    For some reason it seems to only work for CIA, not similar agencies.
    [Update 2/2013: It actually does not work on all CIA agents. I think it works on the vast majority of them. Also it does work on a bunch of offworld "CIA" that we have been having trouble with. There are bunches of ET shapeshifting repts on other galaxies that have this same CIA vibe. This is probably the source for most of the CIA inhabitants under the Earth.]

March 10, '13: The Rolling Vicarah pgm is the old Vicarah Program, but modified to make it simultaneously a Rolling Force program. Rolling Force pgms require a roundish mold, like a sphere or most of a sphere. Also some animal molds, e.g. pigs, or Halloween pumpkin molds, will work.
The party to contact for this particular free programming is the multi-talented and lovely ChemmerBuster. Antuvozy has been training him. She developed this pgm from the Vicarah pgm.

I get the impression this program makes orgonite that acts like a slippery lubricant that makes it so certain levels of evil can't grab a hold of an area. Should be good for protection as well as gifting.

Here is an example of a dome that didn't make it, sent in by a reader. He asked for this new pgm, plus in the bottom layer, Nov2012A. What he got was the common Arcturan Anti-Evil pgm where he wanted the new one. So he ended up with an OK orgone device, but nothing special.
The mold appears to be bell-shaped. I think the dome section is almost enough of a sphere to take this Rolling Force pgm, but not quite. So The Committee stuck in the other program instead. [Update: now, due to improved programming, even if the cast is less than a hemisphere, it will still get the Vicarah program and some degree of rolling quality.]
[Further update: it is generally best to avoid making hemispheres or anything close to a hemisphere, because these put out "vertical negative green" which is detrimental to human health. For further info see this thread.]

Some people have successfully opened up burned out incandescent bulbs and used these as molds. I understand this works, but you may have difficulty cleaning all the glass off. Also, a reader took a ping-pong ball, cut a small square in it with a razor blade, supported it on a bottle cap, and made an epoxy sphere with no release agent. It turned out well and he was able to easily peel off the plastic.

Mold that makes 35 spheres. This is the one I use.[update: that mold falls apart after a number of uses. Whereas this mold is cheaper and much more durable.] The result is sphere-like enough for the RF programs. In fact, I ran out of epoxy before I could fill all the hollows. Some of them are only filled to 1/4" from the top, yet are getting the program. Should make good slingshot ammo, among other uses.
But one mistake in mixing a batch of resin could easily ruin such an expensive mold. I have been careful so far and have used mine several times with no observable deterioration. I use lecithin-based pan spray as lube. [Update: a better value that makes the same size but rounder spheres is here. This mold is probably better quality for resin use, for a much lower price. The purple one started to tear apart after maybe 12-15 uses.]

This program can go into plain resin, but is also compatible with various additives, for example, resin with just some cocoa powder and/or turmeric stirred in. Or resin with only coarse steel shavings and nothing else. Or steel with other metals. Other powders like aluminum, iron oxide, quartz dust, titanium dioxide, activated charcoal, and many others are compatible. However, additives don't necessarily make it work better.

Here is my first batch of Rolling Vicarah. I used only cocoa and turmeric as additives. You can see in my fingertips I am holding a partial pour. I think this is the minimum height I can make with this pgm in this mold. Any less and the pgm wouldn't take properly. Left of that is one that is full.

[Update: A reader got the idea that this must all be done in one pour. In the pic of brown spheres, one can't easily see the delineations of the successive pours, but these were done in at least 3 stages. All RF pgms can be done in layers.
The RV pgm is tolerant of a wide variety of powders, metal shavings, and glitter. Just don't put in any larger objects like BBs, gravel, etc.
This pic to the right is of a RV sphere. There is only that 1 pgm in it, despite the variegated layers.
Also, hardware stores sell epoxy putty. One can easily roll this into balls, and get the free Rolling Vicarah pgm. Be sure you are connected to The Committee before you roll. Use suitable gloves, as epoxy is largely BPA.
The spheres harden up in 1/2 hour. Any size at least 1/4" in diameter will take the program. This is a nice way to make small spheres that can be incorporated in wands, coils, etc.
Don't drill holes to make necklace beads, as that will ruin this pgm.]

May 11, '13: PRG Program: stands for pseudo RayGuard. It is The Committee's attempt to mimic these commercial products which feel really great but are not reasonably priced.

This program requires titanium shavings or titanium powder.
[Update: no more additives required! The PRG pgm is fine now in plain resin. It should tolerate some powders/glitter if desired but I would not add shavings of any other metal than titanium. And if you are adding titanium shavings, it is desirable to bionize them for PRG.]
Titanium ores like ilmenite or rutile are not suitable. Nor is titanium dioxide.
It has the same applications as the Energy-Rectification Program [but is also useful for remote combat against evil beings], but the PRG pgm is FREE for non-commercial use. And very potent. This sphere feels kinda gnarly in the pic because it is sucking in so much bad energy. But it is putting out wonderful energy for quite a distance.
It is so strong that I suspect that some electrosensitive people might have trouble with it; for such people it may be best to make very small items first.

Any shape is fine.

You can't see it in the pic, but the bottom 1/3 of this sphere is black because I added a bunch of shungite powder. Shungite is used by the Russian military in paint to block EMFs. Adding it to the titanium and resin changes the quality of the vibe. I like it both with and without, hence I put a layer of it in the sphere.
Both titanium shavings and shungite powder are available on eBay at this time.

Titanium shavings are not that pretty. One could add touch of turmeric for a golden tinge (at least with the epoxy I use), or a bit of cobalt carbonate for a purplish hue. The latter would again change the quality of the energy.

June 17, '13: I really love this PRG Program, and have been casting quite a bit with the titanium powder. I got some powder on eBay that's cheaper because it has impurities -- but it's fine for our purposes. Use at least 3 tsp of titanium powder per qt of resin. More is OK, and other powders can be added in addition.

Some new programs this month. The first 2 were developed specifically for de-cloaking certain strains of shapeshifting reptilians (but they have broader action than that).

The June2013A Program only goes into silicon (not to be confused with silica nor silicone). It happens that years ago I bought several silicon disks at a good price. One side is dull and the other mirror-like. The one in this pic was already cast in epoxy years ago.
This program decloaked a particular strain of shapeshifter, whose home base is right in the center of this pic of Abell 2218! Examples of these people are Ben Fellows & wife, Erika Brannock, and Michael & Nicole Gross.
Now that they are de-cloaked, we don't really need this pgm for that, but it's still a sweet, strong pgm if you happen to have a chunk of silicon. It has strong anti-demon activity. Silicon powder will not work for this. The silicon piece should be set on or incorporated into some compatible resin-based orgone.

The June2013B Program requires only some fine aluminum powder in resin. 24 fluid ounces of resin should get at least a rounded tsp of fine aluminum powder. At this time, at least. Shavings won't do for this one. Any shape or size of mold.
This pgm has de-cloaked a strain of shapeshifter from 5 planets located in the center of this pic. But way behind Ursa Major; about 1.5X as far from us as Ursa Major is.
Examples: Maria Sharapova as well as most of the operatives involved in the Boston Marathon street theater production. Also at least 5K live in Orange County, CA, especially around here. Many of these are into surfing.

Again, now that we have ripped their energy cloak, we no longer need this pgm so much for that. But it is still a good general anti-evil pgm which I like.

The June2013C Program was developed by ChemmerBuster, and is a powerful program against evil beings of all sorts.
It requires equal amounts of fine aluminum powder and fine silica powder (the type sold for glazing pottery). At least a rounded tsp of this mix per 24 fluid ounces of resin. If in doubt put in more. Also other powders can be added to this if desired. This piece contains some blue pigment and a bit of glitter in addition to the silica/aluminum mix.

July 30, '13: The August2013 Program was written by Antuvozy, and the programming is available from ChemmerBuster. Another powerful anti-evil pgm. For every 24 fluid oz of resin, add 2 tsp cocoa powder (if it's clumpy, break it up first; I use a paper cup and a plastic spoon as a mortar and pestle for old cocoa --- also, one can use turmeric instead of the cocoa on this pgm) plus 2 tsp titanium powder (I use the cheaper grade with impurities). If in doubt, add more of these 2 powders. [Update: now it requires only 1 tsp of each per 24 oz.]

Titanium shavings can be substituted for the titanium powder. Of course, then you will have to use enough shavings to fill up the space of the pour.

This pic is of pieces made with the powders only.

Aug. 15, '13: So many programs; which to choose?
My strategy for tossable gifts is, use only resin programs that require resin. There are many great programs that require resin or metal or quartz. Those programs are already out there. That tower you'll be gifting already has many copies of the grid program, and is stuffed with anti-evil pgms. That lake you'll be tossing a TB into has metal trash, rocks, etc. that are already programmed by The Committee. That Masonic temple already has all the metal, marble, and sand in it programmed. So rather than putting those same pgms into your resin, use the resin for those pgms that require it.
For general gifting against evil energies, at this time the best programs are June2013B, June2013C, August2013, Strontium-Barium, PRG, and Rolling Vicarah.

Sep. 9, '13: New program: Sep2013 Program.

This was designed to hit clones of shapeshifting reptilians harder. Lately they have apparently become very resistant to orgone. I suspect the new generation of clones is somehow modified.

Antuvozy developed this pgm which requires only a bit of turmeric in resin [turmeric no longer required]. However, this pgm might be even more effective on evil non-shapeshifting reptilians and draco. Yet oddly, I have the impression that for (non-clone) shapeshifting rept hybrids, this pgm is only 40% as good as the ones mentioned in the last post. [However, when layered with other programs, due to synergy, this can easily come up to 100%. Also, by itself, the Jan2014C program is much better against shapeshifting reptilians and their clones, and equally as good against reptilians. So that is your first choice for remote warfare against such critters, but this program is also great to include in pieces.]

One can also add a fair bit of iron oxide red (hematite) powder to the turmeric. Gives it a nicer orgone feel.

Resin cured with this pgm can be used remotely as a weapon, or proximally. One can layer it in with the other pgms in TBs, etc. It seems to have some synergy with the Strontium-Barium pgm.

Oct. 29, '13: Two new feel-good programs available for free from The Committee. These were written by a friend of mine in Redmond, WA, who got in touch with his 40D self. The one on the left is for self-esteem, self-confidence, etc. It requires some spodumene powder or manganese dioxide. Or both. I used only manganese dioxide (from pottery supply place) in these.
About 2 tbs manganese dioxide or 3 tbs spodumene per 24 oz of resin.

The grey ones are a program meant to stimulate desirable growth in plants, animals and people. And spiritual growth. Not sure if it actually does all that, but I'm putting some in my garden.
This second pgm requires only aluminum shavings or powder. I used about 1 tbs aluminum powder with 24 oz of resin to make this first batch.

Both these pgms produce strong positive orgone output, on a par with the other pgms on this page.

Jan. 2014: The awesome Demon Disintegrating Program by Antuvozy. It will shatter demons if you jab them with it. Or connect it to them remotely. Or if they come near it.

This pgm requires resin and at least 2 tsp of fine silica powder (as sold for ceramic glazes by pottery supply stores like Bailey) per cup of resin. [Update: no more silica required.] One can use several times that much silica, up to 14 tsp per cup, but it won't be more potent. Do not add any other powders, nor shavings, BBs, or other small objects. [Update: it can surely handle most fine pigment powders. Activated charcoal is good.] One can add quartzite or other stones, nuts and bolts, etc. but not too tiny.
One can layer into TBs, make wands, protective pendants, etc.
Any embedded quartzite, etc. can later be pgmed with other synergistic pgms.
One can use resin objects made with this pgm to stab proximal demons that crowd into you and perhaps seem to just get more solid when you try to jail them. Ka-poof! Or use remotely.

By default the purified energy residues of the killed demons will revert to the Godhead. But if you have jailer programs as well, then the energy will come to you as "psychotronic fuel" which is OK to do. Jailer pgms can be incorporated into the same devices as the Disintegrating Pgm provided you add a few stones, metal chunks, or magnets. Or you can direct separate jailer devices to "cover" the Disintegrating Pgm. Or some people will prefer not to jail but simply disintegrate and let the Godhead have it.

A very potent pgm, and highly recommended.
Also, 2 more pgms this month. These require plain resin with no additives:

The Jan2014A Program is top notch against all evil or parasitic nuisance soulless vertebrates, including Sandy Hookers [actually the April2014A pgm is much better agaist Sandy Hookers], mice, poisonous snakes, raccoons, shapeshifting reptilians, feral dogs, Sasquatch, Earthlings, etc. Probably not effective against robotoids and synthetics, however.

The Jan2014B Program does not attack any beings, but is supposed to be effective for neutralizing demonic energies (including those from physical ETs and hybrids).

The Jan2014C Program seems to be a variant of the excellent Jan2014A pgm, but more suited for remote work, whereas the A pgm is more suited to proximal busting. The C pgm requires between 2 and 4 level teapoons of fine iron oxide powder (as sold by pottery suppliers) per 8 fluid oz of resin. [Update: no longer required!] No other additives. This iron oxide comes in red or black and possibly other colors. Any will work fine.
This pgm goes into black tourmaline (AKA schorl) as well.
This pgm was authored by my 100D self, Antuvozy, and Vox.

Another cool thing about this program is you can make resin wands with it. The longer sticks depicted here have a direction toward one end. The Committee can program resin while it cures to make it directional in any direction. I asked them to make it toward one end in the longer ones. It should have an effective range of about 70 feet. (The reason for such range has to do with peculiarities of this pgm. Other pgms won't do this nearly as well: more like 4-6 feet. Also the shape and length matter a great deal!)

Actually the effective range is infinite, as this is a great program for remote work. However, it should be about 4X as effective if you linearly blast someone within 70', as compared with hitting them "radionically" at any distance.
Also the 70' linear range can be greatly increased with inspired wand construction.

The mold I used is an "Ikea Plastis Synthetic Rubber Ice Cube Tray" like this. (Actually an older pink version with 7 slots.)

I said this program is not good for gifting, but if you get directionality in it, of course it becomes useful for gifting. Especially if you bury it facing in the direction of a nearby place where evil critters congregate. Or straight down.
For more info on these wands, see OTB 44.

April, 2014: There is a new free Rolling Force program from Antuvozy, the April2014A Program. It is good for remote warfare, local protection, or gifting the environment.

It goes into spheres of curing resin or quartz. Depicted are epoxy ones (most have a dash of activated charcoal for ease of identification). Also the yellowish sphere is quartz.

This pgm is good against EHETs (i.e. what I've been calling Evil Human ETs), physical reptoids, and, as described in here, Fancy Clones (if any still exist), evil Organic Robotoids, and "Another type of artificial human" [and excellent against Sandy Hookers].
These might be all the types of targets this particular pgm is useful against. The Rolling Vicarah program is more broad-spectrum.
As with the Rolling Vicarah, as long as it's at least slightly more than a hemisphere, it will take the program.

(As an aside, if the spheres are less than a hemisphere, they might still be useful, but will not have full RF function. E.g. the Rolling Vicarah ones would still get the basic Vicarah program, with some rolling qualities. This contradicts what I said March 10 of last year. But things change, as programming skills continually improve. [Update: they now do seem to have full RF functions.])

BTW I recommend Brambleberry sphere molds.

Also this month we are releasing another Rolling Force program for free public use. I call this the Halloween Program as these spheres were cast last Halloween, under Antuvozy's direction. I just made this one batch, never knew exactly what it did, and merely put them in a sack under my bed, as prompted.
But now it turns out this pgm is very effective against the highly pesky #1 reptoids here, and 'Vozy wants to release it to the public. [Update: it appears the #1 and #2 reptoids are extinct now.]
As you can see, it requires only plain resin and spherical molds. Alternatively, quartz (any type) spheres.
It might not be of particular value against other specific types of perps, yet it does something or other of value apparently, other than nail #1 dracs, or I would not have made them back then before we were aware of them.

Aaand, the April2014B Program, also from Antuvozy. This is the strongest pgm yet for redirecting evil energies of demons and ETs. These go into plain resin. I added orange pigment for ease of identification.

Also this program goes into stone spheres: any type of quartz, aventurine, obsidian, agate, or possibly some other stones. There seems to be a certain minimum size for the full pgm, as well as a maximum size beyond which other RF programs will get tucked in.
[Update 6/14: no more complexity about size. Now you can make them any size, and they will get the full pgm. Also one can redirect bad energy directly to sender (with any RF pgm). And this pgm seems to be pretty good for finding hidden attackers and automatically nailing them.]

For the 2nd batch, I used this type of mold, which works fine, size-wise.
A ping-pong ball should work as a mold for this pgm.

One person doesn't necessarily need a buttload of these. Even 1 spheroid, used with some mental intent, can redirect vast amounts of evil energy. And the sphere doesn't have to be near the user. (Maybe at first, though.) What I've been doing is imagining a tornado-like funnel cloud of the bad energy coming to a pinpoint in the victim's duodenum, heart, or other delicate area (sometimes I sense to use spleen, pancreas, etc.)

Also one can use these to protect another, distant person, redirecting attacks to a worthy recipient.

Also this month we have the April2014C Program, in which Antuvozy converted a 5-year old 2-part program with complex powder mixes into a simple 1-part pgm requiring only some fine aluminum powder.
The original 2 pgm set (pic of 2009 units in which these pgms predominate) was especially designed for remote warfare against evil beings. But I stopped making it after a while because other exciting new pgms came along. It is probably not the best program for most targets, but it was recently discovered that it is excellent for nailing synthetic "humans" (as described here). In fact it feels very strong when used on this type of target, which nothing else really phases much.

1-2 tsp of fine aluminum (like 325 mesh) per 24 fl oz of resin should do it.
Although this pgm is primarily for remote applications, it is OK to put a layer of it in TBs as well.

April2014D Program: from Antuvozy, is to stymie evil astral beings. Another Rolling Force pgm. This will probably not actually kill most, if any, demons. It is best incorporated in a multi-prong approach which also uses the Demon-Disintegrating Program and maybe jailers as well. It will not fully handle demons by itself.

Again, plain resin or any type of quartz spheres.
For local protection or remote use.

April2014E Program: from Antuvozy, is to counter evil "dream plane" entities that are immune to the other stuff. Another Rolling Force pgm.
See blog entry for April 24, 2014 for further explanation.

Again, plain resin or any type of quartz spheres.

April2014F Program: from 'Vozy, again takes plain resin or any quartz ball. Another Rolling Force pgm.
Not sure exactly what it does, except it seems to burn holes in the DORy "matrix of evil", and should be good for gifting the environment as well as other things.

More about the April2014A Program: It goes into cylinders as well as spheres.

For example, this pill bottle is good for making a tossable item; just leave bottle on it. The reason this is a good bottle is because it has parallel sides. Even the neck is another cylinder, so I poured it to the brim. The rounded curves of this bottle are not a problem; after all this pgm goes into spheres too.
If you know someone who takes pharmaceutical meds, those often come in cylindrical bottles that make good TBs, too.

Furthermore, The Committee can program directionality into it. This one has some linear radiance for 30 feet or so, but it is relatively wimpy. Still, one could bury it point down.

The reason the wand effect is wimpy is because of the shape dynamics. With a different size and shape of mold, very impressive range can be reached. See the May, 2014 entry in OTB 44.

May, 2014: Note: so-called Whiskey Ice Ball Molds are probably good, too, for the RF pgms. [Note: I bought one of the black molds for 4 spheres and do not recommend them for casting. The holes are too small to pour resin through easily.]

June, 2014: The June2014 Program was especially formulated by Antuvozy for yet another type of fake human made by the CIA (examples). Without this program, these "people" feel like ordinary soulless Earthlings to me. But this pgm really lights them up, and feels good too.
This pgm goes into plain resin, and is well-suited to remote work against all sorts of evil ETs and hybrids. Also nice to put in TBs, etc.
Also this pgm is well suited to making resin wands.

(And meanwhile I have realized that the April2014A pgm is the best against Sandy Hookers.)

July, 2014: There is a set of 6 July programs. These seem to be slightly different shades of the same pgm. These are the July2014A thru F Programs. They are in the tradition of the Jan2014C and the June2014 pgms. Like these they
  • go into plain resin
  • are excellent for remote blasting of evil physical ETs and ET hybrids
  • make wands (as shown in OTB 44) with the same impressive linear range.
Of course you can make these pgms in any shape if you don't care about linear range, but are just using them for remote combat.

Sep., 2014: I mentioned before that epoxy putty is useful for making Rolling Vicarah balls. Someone asked me what other programs it might be good for. I get that all epoxy putties would work well for the Strontium-Barium pgm if you work a pinch of cocoa into it.
All brands of epoxy putty should work well for Demon-Disintegrating, Jan2014B and C.

The Jan2014C and Demon-Disintegrating pgms can be used to make wands. Make them between 5 and 7" long and 1/4" to 1" diameter.
For many people, only the wands will be cost-effective, given the price of the putty.
These here are JanC wands, about 1/4" diameter. One is 5&1/8" and one is 5.5" long. One might be able to slip these skinny ones inside pens to make covert wands.
I have not tried this with the D-D pgm. If such a D-D wand were taped to a JanC wand, it should work like the cast wands that have those pgms.

Also, at the risk of being confusing, I get that Oatey Fix-It Stick Epoxy Putty is good for the April2014F rolling force program only. I admit I haven't tried it, but for some reason I get that even the Rolling Vicarah pgm (which is compatible with virtually all powder additives, especially steel) would only be 90% as good with this type of putty.
Note that the Oatee lizards say "mixes in your hands" and "non-toxic" even though the MSDS sheet says "Glycidyl ethers of Bisphenol A resins 10-30%". I don't know what Glycidyl ethers are, but Bisphenol A = BPA.
Use rubber gloves with epoxy putty. Knead well, folding it over itself numerous times until it start to stiffen slightly. I then rolled it out on a Formica counter, which worked well and did not stick.

I also took an entire $5 tube of the putty and made a single wand out of it. I had thought that the maximum length should be 6", but this turned out 7" and still has the same range. It is also slightly larger than the cast wands I try to hustle for $7.

Nov., 2014: Hot new pgm from Joe in Renton. (forum thread)
He calls it the Velvet Program, but to me it is just a very strong pgm against demons and black magicians. I just call it the Nov2014A Program.
Also, it is just as well-suited to wand use as the JanC, June, and July pgms of this year, with the same directional range.
Depicted is just part of the stuff I have made with this pgm during the last few days. The pgm goes into plain resin very well. If some fine aluminum powder is added, it modifes the quality in a way that is also good; I sometimes use both mixtures in the same piece. [update Dec 2014: I no longer sense a real difference between the ones that have aluminum v the ones that don't.]

And, I get that it is fairly tolerant of moderate amounts of misc powders and glitter, and that any brand of epoxy putty should work well to make wands as described in the September post above.

And the Nov2014B Program, which is entirely different. It is not weaponized. I'm not even sure what it does, but I get it is good to keep in one's space and garden. (Forum thread.)
Goes well into plain resin. And is tolerant of a fair bit of powder ingredients, but not necessarily shavings or glitter. Any epoxy putty also should work for it.

Dec. 2014: Another couple great programs from Joe this month (BTW these 2 programs go well even into resin+shavings orgonite):
This is the Dec2014A Program, which specifically reams another type of artificial double as described this month in my Doubles page. It is very powerful at making them obviously DORy. Also it is strongly anti-demon and a decent all-around anti-evil pgm.

He used aluminum and silica powders, but I get it's just as good in plain resin.

And this is the Dec2014B Program, also from Joe, which is another strong anti-demon program. He used iron oxide and turmeric, but again, it should be just as good in plain resin.
I think it is mainly effective against non-physical evil entities.

January 2015: Here is the Jan2015A Program by ChemmerBuster. It is an excellent pgm against etheric as well as physical bad guys.
It goes into plain resin but is also tolerant of a wide variety of additives such as shavings, powders, and glitter.
(Cool mold donated by InspirationMagician.)

There is also a JanB pgm, which I will discuss more later. So far there is just this thread. It 's a weird pgm.

And also from Joe, the Jan2015C Program for gifting the Earth. This is not an anti-evil pgm. Depicted with bionized stones. I gifted my garden etc. with this.
This pgm should tolerate various powders but probably not shavings.

February, 2015: This is the Teffa Program. This one is by a tortoise named Teffa, who lives in the South American jungle somewhere. It's a long story how I became aware of her. She has a powerful intrinsic anti-demon vibe. Sometime back I asked her to write us a resin pgm. But turtles can be slow. It took a couple weeks or so.
The program is strongly anti-demon. It can tolerate glitter and some powders, but probably not shavings.
It is suited for long-range wands, too.

Joe's new Earthy Program, as he calls it (slightly mislabeled in pic). (Forum thread.)

And indeed I am making a mess of TBs (with bionized stones) to bury on my own property, as I sense it is beneficial to the Earth energies. But to me the most important thing about this pgm is that it seems to seriously weaken the EHETs as well as various evil reptilian ETs.
It goes into plain resin. I've been adding a bit of tulsi powder on the hunch it improves it slightly. It can also tolerate at least some other powders. Joe made some with hematite powder (iron oxide) which feels good.

It is also very good to put a layer in TBs that have misc. other pgms.

March, 2015: Another great new pgm from Joe, the March2015A Program is intensely anti-evil, good against physical as well as non-physical entities.
Works fine in plain resin but also tolerates some powders.
And, it is well suited for long-range wands, too.

And here is the March2015B Program. Its function is to convert "vertical negative green" energy to horizontal negative green. The former is harmful to humans but beneficial to cats. The horizontal form is beneficial to humans.
There are also some other programs which do the same thing, notably the Strontium-Barium pgm.
Forum thread with more info. External link with more info.

It goes into plain resin, and can also probably tolerate various powders, but at this time I get that some iron oxide is usually best, which is what I used here. Maybe 2 tsp per pint or so.
Also the pgm goes into many types of stones (which may be bionized), e.g. any type of quartz, peridot, topaz, garnet, agate, and probably a few others. Fluorite is one, but because it is soft it may not be good to boil it.

It also goes into qtz sand. However, due to the difficulty of programming such fine particles, don't put sand into resin that you want a different pgm in. That is, both the resin and the sand should get the same pgm. I think if the sand is pre-pgmed and then put into resin that gets a different pgm, the pgm in the sand will interfere with pgming the resin. Conversely, if the sand is not pre-pgmed, The Committee will not be able to find all the little particles in the resin to pgm them after the resin is cured. In the pic above, the slab contains a bunch of bionized sand with this pgm. The disk does not.

And here is a ring made in a party tray mold. Just epoxy with no additives. This pgm is well suited for remote work, at least in this shape. Good for nailing cities and other EMFy targets.
Additives would not have improved the function for this purpose.

Update: this pgm also goes into lead, but unfortunately not into lead-tin solder.

The Laser Program is so-called because it mainly goes only into "laser" crystals (definition). Ironically, at the time of this writing, I don't even own a laser crystal. But there are rare crystals that are not lasers that can work.

How it started: I had made this little wand last fall. No resin, just 2 clear, cheap polished crystals from China, a piece of pipe, and a bit of metallized tape.
But more recently it was reprogrammed by my angel wife Eenia. I had met Eenia in January of last year, when a funky-feeling entity approached me while I was fighting Bighead demons. It turned out to be a beautiful, powerful angel girl who also had been fighting them a long time, and gotten all slimed by them. We cleaned her up, and naturally she married me. Since then she has done a lot to help, including programming taped wands, etc.

Anyway, once I realized that this little wand was amazingly powerful, I used it a lot in map work and on pictures of evil "people". Despite its diminutive size, it was my favorite weapon for such things. It lights things up, fries evil beings, etc. Mostly I have been putting it on my PC mouse when I have the cursor on a target.
A few days ago I realized that I could get the same function from a crystal, but the proper crystal was rare. I had none in my possession. I found one on eBay but it sold for more than I wanted to bid. Then I realized that probably any so-called laser crystal would work for this. Someone in Brazil whom I sometimes rescue from satanists is supposed to send me some.

Meanwhile, impatient, I was looking online for some, when I saw this Lemurian (there are Lemurian lasers and non-Lemurian lasers, but this is a Lemurian non-laser). "HUGE Natural Rough Uncut Clear Lemurian Quartz Crystal Healing Point - 226.5 GR". That's half a pound for $26 with shipping. I bought it and it is already programmed by Eenia and in use! Even though it hasn't shipped yet as I type.

Unless you are very sensitive, it is unlikely you will be able to find a non-laser crystal that works for this. But so far every crystal I have seen pics of that is called a laser, is suited.
Some sell at extreme prices, but it is not necessary to buy those. For example, as I type this, there is a "Natural Large Rough Uncut Quartz Crystal Point Laser Wand - 37.8 GR" selling for $3 + 5 shipping listed on eBay. And this place carries bags of 25 small lasers for $25 + shipping. [Warning: some people have had problems with this vendor! I have never used them. Rumor has it they will refund your money if you threaten to report them to agencies.] All the depicted crystals will work for this.
More info on forum thread.

Even if you are not skilled at map work, you can use this program to remotely fry evil ETs and hybrids. You don't even have to have it on you to use it. Although I really like to use it on the computer, finding DORy spots on the map and frying them.
Ask Eenia for the programming; it doesn't take long.

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