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Orgone Technical Bulletin # 27 CONTINUED
OTB 27f

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That last page was getting long so I started a new one.

April2015 Program courtesy of Joe, is a very powerful pgm that seems to be strictly for REMOTE combat against evil beings including ETs, ET hybrids, demons, and even human satanists.
Goes into plain resin but tolerates some powders.
Forum thread.

May2015 Program is another nice one from Joe. This impedes psychic energy attacks significantly. Must be kept close to victim. Not for attack. Protective.

June2015 Program: This pgm was written by Antuvozy to emulate the weaponry the Alah-kur use when hitting targets they are not "allowed" to kill directly. It is very effective against Sandy Hookers as well as the first category of critters I wrote about under Dec., 2014 on my Doubles page. Also against demons, reptilians, and shapeshifters. Not so good against EHETs.
This pgm can be directional in the same manner as the Jan2014C Pgm and others like it. And also can be used remotely.

July, 2015: Newsflash: now the Strontium-Barium Pgm no longer requires any additive, not even a pinch of cocoa.
It does tolerate many additives, however, so you can make it even with epoxy putty.

August, 2015: The Hexagonal Program from Joe requires a hexagonal mold, and is especially great for 2 purposes:
  • Gifting the western halves of the states of Washington and Oregon.
  • Making war on ConeHead demons.
More info and pics on the forum.

October, 2015: Some great new programs coming out from readers. From Diego in Brazil (or his Pleiadian guides) we have this which goes into plain resin. I guess I'll call it the Oct2015A Program unless he thinks of a better name. It has a strong anti-evil vibe, and I also suspect it is good for plants.

And another great, intense, anti-demon pgm from Joe, the Oct2015B Program (depicted). He added magnesium [correction: manganese] dioxide, but I think it will be just as good in plain resin.

July, 2016: The Plasterite Program is very hot stuff. OTB 47. And it now goes into wet concrete, too! Which is much cheaper and tougher. It also goes into mortar mix and stucco.
This pgm has no direct effect on physical perps, but is excellent against demons. It also has a strong effect in terms of lighting up U bases, and some people report a strong effect on chem as well.
Highly recommended, powerful, cheap, easy-to-make stuff.

September, 2016: The least cumbersome name I can think of for this pgm is the Sep2016 Program. It is very specialized. It is only for nailing evil Category 2 Egyptoids. And to grasp what they are, you need to read this. And it would help if you were somewhat clued into the principles of transvestigation before that.
In a nutshell, there are, for some reason, 2 energetic types of evil descendants of the Pharaohs. The Category 1 are rarer and probably more elite, and so far we have no pgm for them, although Antuvozy can "vibe them up" somehow, and then the Laser Pgm works on them somewhat.
The Category 2's are more common. Many of these have interbred with shapeshifting reptilians, giving us such slimeball pseudo-tranny creatures as Bill Clinton, Obama and Trump (and their clones). But many have not, and as such have been hard to "punish". But this new pgm seems to seriously inhibit their occult attack powers.

It (so far at least) only goes into brass and bronze of any type or shape, including shavings, powders, etc. It can but does not need to be incorporated in resin devices. I have containers of brass shavings which are now programmed with this, and in use as remote weapons.
Of course, should this type of target become less relevant in the future, the brass can always be reprogrammed again.

And here we have actually 2 programs that need to be touching each other: the Sep2016-2 Program for frying werewolves. These are linear wand programs like the ones in OTB 44.

(Each of these 2 wands has 2 layers in it with the 2 pgms.)

November 2016: Here is the Nov2016 Program from Joe. It is strongly against repticlones and werewolf clones. I really like this one: relevant and intense.

I like to mentally insert the ice cubes into victims of my choice.
So far I have found no way to soup up this program when it is in resin.
But this program also goes into concrete which has some Plaster of Paris added, which opens other possibilities and is far cheaper.

February, 2017: the incomparable Channel Program from Antuvozy merits its own OTB.

July, 2017: The July2017 Program written by Eenia goes into concrete or plaster. It is anti-Egyptoid.

It is being programmed into wet concrete at construction sites worldwide.

It is better with the addition of bionized sand/gravel and brass. The brass gets a modified version of the Sep2016 Program.

This is a 5 gallon unit with brass and a fair bit of bionized sand.

November, 2017: The Iron Embalmment Program (I take no responsibility for that name) written by Joe, goes into plain resin but tolerates a lot of powder additives, albeit without benefit.
It is now the pre-eminent program for lighting up and frying Egyptoids.
That includes all the Egyptoid hybrids such as Chungoids and most shapeshifting reptilians and their clones.

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