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Orgone Technical Bulletin # 33

March, 2009

Superb Environmental Energy Correction Devices

summary of important points

[Important Update: see updated page here for a better way to go.
This first page is mostly quaint historical data that might be of interest to some. It contains a lot of relatively irrelevant data.
Do not sweat the stuff about the synergistic programs and ingredients. These are no longer particularly needed.]

This OTB is a bit awkward. It is not a formulaic recipe anyone can follow with ease. But if even a few people use it well, it is worth my time and trouble to type this up.

I will be discussing how to make resin mixtures that will take 2 advanced programs. The programming is available for free from The Committee, or you can email me for free assistance. I want to see people making this stuff.
Without the particular programs, the instructions in this OTB are of scant value.

The shape of the devices can be anything from simple ice cubes or truncated cones to large items of any sort. Emphasis will be more on materials than construction.
Please note that some of the ingredients are TOXIC. Avoid skin contact with or inhalation of barium carbonate, sindhooram, antimony...

The core is the strontium/barium program mentioned in OTB 27. The other programs are more synergists for this than anything else.
Lately I have come to consider the strontium/barium program the best for environmental gifting. It is also excellent for putting onto the electic grid and plumbing.
Here are some excerpts about the strontium program. Not all of this is of equal importance here, but I thought I'd collect it all here:
OK, here is something waaay kewl: an Arcturan program that Pitwexin will do for free for you. It requires strontium of the non-radioactive kind.
Strontium naturally occurs in strontianite and celestite. Celestite I dowse as unsuitable; perhaps it has only low levels. But strontianite should work well, some better than others. But perhaps the most cost-effective way to go is a liquid extract sold as Eco-Strontium Marine. I just ordered 3 bottles from here but there are many retailers. I get that a 21% solution or stronger of this in water will take the program fully. Water probably won't hold it long, though, unless the bottle is cast in resin mix (be careful to avoid overheating and boiling out). It's probably best to have P program it after the casting is done. Also one could perhaps drip it on pieces of cloth and cast those in something. I do not yet know if it dries up or remains viscuous.
Or, one could use cheap ferrite magnets. I think all ferrite magnets, even flexible refrigerator magnets, contain suitable levels of strontium. I just bought several blister packs of various shaped magnets at the hardware store this morning and had Mr. P program them. Only ferrite magnets seem to have strontium. Other ferrite products do not.

What does this program do, you may be wondering. Well, it is an anti-evil program more powerful than most of the ones on this page, IMO. In a one-part program that is not attuned to any individual. It appears to be very effective against any type of evil entity, including humans.

I stumbled across this info because I had a 1# bag of mixed rough jasper and carnelian from Mexico I had bought months ago and done nothing with. I was handling these the other day, when P got all excited and wanted to pgm the whole bag with something great. I said go ahead. Two minutes later, 6 evil reptilians showed up to check out the source of this horrifying energy and lodge a formal protest. Which landed them in jail; so much for democracy around here.
It took me a while to figure out what made these jaspers and carnelians different from others. My source has no more. Presumably they came from a part of Mexico rich in strontium.
These, and the magnets, are fantastic for tossing their etheric bodies into remote targets, like the center of galaxy-hives, or someone's pineal gland. Amazing impact. I get that these rocks are 94% as strong as the magnets.
I have some of the rocks on various witness plates, orgone devices, etc.

A friend wrote that one could buy crystalline strontium salts, e.g. strontium carbonate, from a chemical vendor, and mix that into resin. And that strontianite is strontium carbonate. And that celestite does have a high concentration of strontium, as it is mainly strontium sulphate.

Well, I guess then that the sulphate form is not good for this. The carbonate is...

I read the other day that some ferrite magnets use barium instead of strontium. Yet I get that barium is just as good for this pgm!
I see that barium sulphate is available on the web. Barium carbonate is also available from Bailey. One could mix both barium and strontium into water or resin for possibly a slightly improved effect. In fact I have some barium sulphate someone gave me, but I haven't tried it for this yet.
I also got the marine strontium solution I'd ordered, which I likewise haven't tried yet. It's a clear liquid.
However, I have programmed all the barium in sky chem, warehoused or wherever it may be, and hopefully will remember to do it again occasionally.
I bought barium carbonate as well as strontium carbonate from Bailey, 1 and 5# respectively. The liquid stuff I got elsewhere is great for bottles, but for easy-to-make tossing gifts I just mix some of these powders in the mix. The trick is to use the right amount, and that is where your intuition comes into play. I use a larger amount of strontium and a smaller amount of barium. However, this is probably only like 1% better than using strontium only. The barium is not really necessary.
I have a special powder formula I use, consisting mostly of iron oxide red, but any old metal/mineral mix can be used with these powders and work real well. I would avoid using more than a tiny bit of copper or copper-rich alloys like brass and bronze, if you plan to also use the 2nd resin mix / program I will give you. Excess copper interferes with that program's efficacy, even if it is only in an adjoining layer. However, a bit of copper as in a coil is generally OK.
There is a stone program that is highly synergistic with the strontium pgm (but probably has little use otherwise). This came to me a couple months or so ago. Unfortunately, the only stone that takes it is carnelian of an uncommon quality, as shown here. I have 2 other varieties of carnelian also, but neither will take this pgm. They are opaque, whereas these stones are more translucent or "gemmy". Pelham-Grayson sells this stuff for $7.50/# (link) which is not too bad. You may not be able to find suitable carnelians elsewhere. Email me if you want my opinion on some.

(I cannot send anyone to Pelham-Grayson without some caveats on doing business with them: they have a minumum order of $50 as well as exorbitant S&H fees on small packages. Expect to pay $16 or more for S&H in the US. On the other hand, many of their items have great prices and/or are unavailable elsewhere.
Worst case scenario that I have run into with them is when they were out of stock of the main thing I wanted, so, without a word, they simply shipped the other $31 worth of incidental little items to me at a S&H cost of $16. So you may or may not get a bargain. And if you write any notice in the text box at checkout, in my experience they will ignore it and do just the opposite, even if it costs them a bunch of income. In fact, the only written communication they respond to, no matter how important, is if you have trouble finding something on their spotty search engine.
If you have any difficulties with your order, call them at their toll-free number.
At the time of this writing I have been attempting to place an order for some time. Twice I did place an order, submitted my CC info, and got a confirmation page. But never a confirmation email, nor did they ship. Then I emailed them about the situation several days ago, but got no reply. They just don't give a hoot about small-time buyers; they must exist mostly on call-in orders from retailers. If I can muster up the stomach for it, I'll have to call them someday.)

Of these tiny ones, I use about 6 in each ice cube. P-G also carries a larger size of these carnelians, which I have made attempts to purchase.
However, the strontium pgm and the others I will give on this page still work great without the carnelian one.

In fact, just recently I was given another program for a stone that replaces the carnelians in this usage.
This requires a readily-available mineral, selenite. This takes a completely different program that is also a synergist with the strontium pgm.
One can use powdered selenite, but I slightly prefer to use small pieces as well as the powder that is incidentally generated when I carve slices of selenite with a sharp wood chisel. I used a throwaway plastic lid to do the work in.

Incidentally I also try to shave the pieces so I am left with nice "crystals" which I set aside for later use in more fancy devices (see pic to right).

My feeling is that for best repair of Earth energies, it is best to have both the carnelian and the selenite pgms in the devices, but not both in the same device, and the 2 kinds of devices should be deployed some distance apart like maybe a 1/2 block or more apart for best results. I tentatively get that perhaps a ratio of about 2 selenite cubes to each carnelian one is best. However, it is not critical to have both. If you have problems getting suitable carnelians, for example, you can just make the ones with selenite instead.

The second resin-mix formula: One does not need to use this second formula, which I will term the grey formula only because the cast comes out definitely very grey in color. It is more complicated to get the ingredients and do it right. Recently I gifted in the DC area, TN, and Oxley, AR with gifts that had the strontium pgm and carnelian pgm, but not the grey stuff. The strontium/carnelian stuff really kicks ass, causing a deep cleansing of demonic energies out of the hidden dimensions of the Earth, but the grey stuff is synergistic with it and also really sweetens up the energies.
Even without the grey stuff, these units are, IMO, better than anything else for environmental gifting that I know of at this time.

The grey program first came to me many weeks ago. I was guided to buy some of Bruce Stenulson's MAGNETITE BEARING QUARTZ SILVER / GOLD ORE ore, and told it would take a new pgm that should be added to my environmental devices. I contacted Bruce, and he was sold out until late spring, at least.
However, then I was able to dowse out a resin-mix recipe that would be even better. I get that Bruce's stuff will only work 94% as well as the resin mix.
The recipe is problematic because I do not have exact measurements for the ingredients. Due to variations in fluffiness of material, to be exact I would need a fairly precise scale, and then so would anyone trying to duplicate the formula. But the worst news is that the primary ingredient, grey kyanite ore powder, may not be obtainable. I happen to have a good personal stash I got years ago from kyanite.com, but their site is no longer up. If you find a source for the ore (not necessarily grey) I am willing to dowse for you whether it is of suitable quality for the program. If it is not in powder form, that means you need to pulverize it, and I'm not sure how difficult that would be.
Anyway, here is the approximate recipe. The quantities are ball-park only, by volume not weight. Only proceed if you are a tuned-in intuitive.
  • kyanite ore - 4 parts
  • magnetite powder - 1 part (note: magnetite can vary quite a bit in quality. It is possible that some magnetite might be unsuitable. Again, you can email me to have me check it.)
  • dark brown rutile - 1/4 part
  • titanium dioxide - 1/4 part
  • granular ilmenite - 1/8 part.
  • petalite powder - 1/12 part.

    The last 4 items above are available inexpensively from pottery suppliers such as Bailey.
    The above ingredients alone will work, but probably only about 91% as well as the entire recipe, which also includes small amounts of the following:
  • sindhooram (contains lead tetroxides)
  • antimony trisulfide
  • silver (can be pieces of wire)
  • gold (just a wee touch)

    Sinhooram AKA sindur is an orange powder available at some Indian groceries. Not much is needed, and I have a bunch. I might spare some for a small fee. Antimony trisulfide is available from micronmetals.com, but you have to buy a lot more than you'll need, and it's not cheap. Again, I have a bunch. Powdered silver might be convenient, but it is OK just to add a little solid piece instead. On ice cubes, I snip little pieces, 1 per cube, of silver wire.
    Only a very tiny bit of gold is needed to enhance the activity. Gold flakes or gold leaf is fine. Larger chunks or pieces of gold wire are not suitable. Nor is monoatomic gold suitable.
    Gold of at least 10 carats is good enough.

    I found that on eBay one can get very cheap little vials of gold flake, which apparently is ground-up old wedding rings and stuff. Might want to clear it before use. Some of what I saw dowsed as 11 carats, and others as 18 carats. No carats are given in most descriptions. This much should be enough for about 4 gallons of resin since it dowses as 18 carats. I also ordered a bunch of .999 silver flakes (which dowse as honest .999) very cheaply. However, even 60% silver would be OK.
    A tip: search on eBay for "silver flake" and some of the offers will also have gold flake.
    My silver came in tiny glass bottles which should be great for making stuff with.

    Alternatively, ores of silver or gold would probably work just as well in larger amounts. In fact, I am getting that the ore I mentioned from Bruce Stenulson would work great in lieu of the silver and gold in the recipe, and that 1/5 or 1/6 part might be about the best amount to add.

    How I make these cubes:

    Not that you have to do it this way exactly.
    First, I pour a layer of clear epoxy in the trays which have been lubed with WD-40. I asked The Committee to program this clear layer with whatever they thought best here, and then dowsed that they programmed it with the soprano pgm mentioned on Jan. 12, '08 in OTB 27c.
    After that has hardened enough, I put half a dozen or so of the small carnelians in each cube mold. Alternatively, a comparable amount of selenite.
    Then I pour a fairly generous layer of my mix containing strontium and barium. I might add some small quartzite or quartz pieces to this layer. The purpose of those is to give The Committee something to fill with additional programs, such as Right Whale, Arcturan anti-evil, DA, AB, etc. This they will do after the cubes have been completed otherwise.

    Lastly, once that stuff has set up fairly well, I place a tiny piece of silver wire on each cube, then pour a thinner layer of the grey mix.
    Or that's what I've been doing, but in the future I will use silver flake. You can see that not much silver is needed. One could add more. Silver is cooling, so if you are gifting a torrid environment, you could put several times as much.
    Incidentally, selenite has very cold energy, whereas carnelian is warm.

    The bottom unit has the carnelians, the top one has selenite.

    Each type works slightly differently on Earth energies, and it is better to put the 2 types some distance apart, at least 100', maybe more.

    Still to come: in the near future I will make some items with metal shavings and strontium/barium. I will measure the relative volumes I use for this program, and report them.

    Update April 1, '09: I did have much better luck when I contacted Pelham-Grayson by phone. Received the box today. The "medium" carnelians are almost marble-sized, and too big to be appropriate for ice cubes. So if you are making small items, get the small size.

    On another note, when using the liquid (aquarium) strontium solution, I like to put little carnelians in the bottle with it. But don't try this with selenite; selenite is water-soluble.

    April 16, '09: I recently learned that strontium carbonate is considered non-toxic after all, and removed the warning above.

    Also I put together a summary of important points of this OTB.

    April 25, '09: A warning if you order the carnelians from the source I gave. I ordered some of the small ones, so I could make more ice cubes, but they substituted with a bag of medium. So now I have 4 bags of medium.

    Important Update: see updated page here for a better way to go.

    (10:40am) Too much time on your hands? Got orgone and feel like blasting gang stalkers? This guy's youtube channel and blog are chock full of images of NYC lizards.


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