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Revised, simpler version of Orgone Technical Bulletin # 33
edited & updated Feb., 2010

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Simplest cheap approach to being able to take advantage of the strontium program:

Forget all the complexity of the original OTB. Forget about silver, gold, the grey pgm, carnelians, blah-blah-blah. Passe'. Just forget it. Got enough out there already. The strontium-barium program is the thing we really need. Maybe in a couple years we'll achieve saturation with this Strontium-Barium pgm, but now it is urgently needed in greater quantities. [Update 2013: no longer needed in huge quantities, but I still often put a layer of this into TBs or other devices, as it is still a great and unique pgm.]

Update late Aug. 2011: New simpler formula!
I had almost run out of my powder mix for this stuff, so my handlers recently had me batch up another 2/3 gallon of powder. The interesting thing is, it contains no strontium or barium this time... yet takes the pgm just fine. The Committee has figured out how to pgm it into stuff without those minerals.

Well, that 2/3 gallon still has some other hard-to-get ingredients. So I pressed The Committee to come up with a simple formula that almost anyone in the world can easily get all the ingredients for. So now the "Strontium-Barium formula" requires just 1 ingredient; unsweetened cocoa powder.

Here is a pic of my first cast with cocoa. I used 1/3 tsp to 6 oz resin, but 1/4 would have been fine. And as The Committee gets familiar with programing cocoa, it will take less and less, probably, over time. Any brand should be fine, and if it's old and stale and has cockroach eggs in it, no problem. And you can put in a lot more cocoa powder if you feel like it. As well as shavings, rox, etc. but for most gifting these additives are usually not worth it, IMO.

OK, now I hope to see a bunch more people in distant lands making this stuff.

And if you can get tulsi and turmeric, you can make the Violet Flame stuff. Even just a teabag of tulsi with a smidgeon of turmeric can make at least 2 gallons.
The Water Pgm still [no longer] requires a pinch of fine silica.
For gifting certain locales, you might also be eligible for the Protective Pgm which requires no additives.
With these 3-4 pgms alone you can make amazing stuff.

End of update. What follows includes earlier instructions for using strontium for this pgm. Do not get confused. You do not need anything but cocoa anymore. But you can still use other mixes with strontium/barium if you want.
I have heavily redacted the rest of this OTB to remove confusing information in light of the cocoa breakthrough.

Update July 2015: Now, not even cocoa is required! This pgm now goes into plain resin.

Be sure to get the resin programmed with the strontium pgm as it cures. This programming is free from The Committee (see glossary). You may email me in advance if you want to make sure to have The Committee standing by.

There is nothing particular about strontium or barium [which used to be required for this program] that make them inherently good additives. You are adding such things ONLY to CREATE a RESIN MIX that is capable of ACCEPTING and HOLDING this particular PROGRAM. You can't get it programmed with this after it cures. If you do not get the programming while it cures, you will end up with quite ordinary orgonite.

Any stones/metal you decide to use can be given other free pgms afterwards, such as the soprano pgms, right whale, Arcturan anti-evil, artemisia tridentata 2.14X, DA, AB... (These pgms are explained in OTB 27c except for the last 2 which are in the glossary.)
I let The Committee have reign to use their judgement here.

This will make excellent units by most standards.

Update May 20, 10: Lately, due to improved programming skills on the part of The Committee, less powder has been necessary in some programs, such as this one.

When building more complex projects, sometimes I am guided to use thicker mix in some sections than others. And some of my big projects have several different S-B mixes in the different layers.
If in doubt, always use more powder.

June 3, '10: It amazes me that no matter how much I stress the fact, some people refuse to grasp that there is NOTHING SPECIAL ABOUT STRONTIUM as an additive, unless you are getting THIS program while the resin cures.
If you do not want to accept programming from my people, that is fine, but strontium is about the last thing you will then need. If you want to do your own kind of programming, fine. But I suggest spodumene powder instead (cheap from pottery suppliers). Use maybe 80-20% mix of iron oxide red and spodumene, and you will end up with something half decent. Still wimpy compared to the S-B programmed stuff, but nice.
Probably about 1 cup of this powder to a qt. of resin is good. Pour thin layers. Do not allow overheating, which will cook the lithium ions out of the spodumene.

In fact a bit of spodumene can be added to the strontium-barium mix [now just cocoa] if you are doing the program.
Always pour thin. If you're a newbie or using an unfamiliar type of resin, experiment with a few small things first to get the feel of how hot it gets.

Update: also see this.

Aug. 16, '11: I have been neglecting to mention that there is some experiential evidence suggesting that perhaps the Strontium-Barium stuff is effective against insect pests. Experiment. You can even use the ice cubes as radionics devices, if they have been made in the past 6 months or so. The Committee has for some time been able to imbue additional functions into resin. For example, even S-B and VF ice cubes and TBs these days have 99% STQ. So you can just instruct them to work on fleas, garden pests, or whatever bad insects.
It won't work if you merely stick some S-B stuff out there by the fire ants or whatever. It won't know to focus on the bugs unless you tell it to.

Mordok discovered this some time ago. He also noticed some kind of tiny non-physical beings that parasitize bad bugs' energy and seem to help a lot. He had some in his place back in FL, and I "imported" a bunch to my place. And he has them in his apt. in Leslie. They seem to do fleas and ticks, including eggs. They like the good orgone. You can probably get them to move in if you have good orgone devices.You can probably get them to move in if you have good orgone devices. At least if it's 80 degrees F or more. I think they dislike cool weather. Go dormant.

March 30, '12: I believe we may be about reaching saturation on the Violet Flame and Water-Charging programs. That is, unless you feel you want these programs, you are probably best advised to concentrate on what is hot now: see What's Hot.

Oct. 9, '12: The Strontium-Barium Program is still good and relevant. It can attack some low-lifes that the other programs don't reach.

The Strontium-Barium pgm will, if directed. (To clarify, I am referring to directing the completed unit, not permanently locking resin to a specific target during the curing stage. You can't, for example, ask for your curing resin to be programmed with the S-B pgm directed to Joe Blow. You will just get the S-B pgm.) Resin programmed with it can be planted near offending persons and/or used in remote weapons.

At one time, this program was attacking ALL people who had lost their souls as well as some who still had non-viable souls. However, then it came to my attention that not all soulless people are so bad; some of them even do good deeds. In fact it was because a guy drew my attention to the fact that the S-B stuff he had made was attacking him that I became aware of this. To my horror and amazement, I was able to cull his soul.

I found that the program had been directed, in a macro way, to munch on all people who had no viable souls. I "unhooked" it from him. Then had The Committee back off the macro directions. Apparently this was not a quality that was permanently locked into the programmed resin.
Now it only picks on negatively-oriented, criminal, parasitic types - which not all soulless people really are. However, it may not prioritize them unless you direct it to specific individuals.
Similarly, one might find it somewhat effective if directed against insect pests.

The S-B pgm (and VF and many other older pgms) will attack evil shapeshifters unless they are not into blood-rituals and still have an intact cloak and are not suspected. Whereas July 2012 [and several other, later pgms] will de-cloak such people.
The July 2012 is probably the only pgm that does this well [except for a few more recent pgms]. I have busted "mysteriously" DORy areas well with S-B and other pgms in the past, and had those areas get DORy again, and re-busted them several times, never suspecting that I was in shapeshifter non-satanist neighborhoods. Maybe 2/3 of evil shapeshifters do not have that tell-tale auric damage caused by blood-rituals. These older pgms will attack them well if their cover is at least somewhat blown. The beauty of the July 2012 pgm [etc.] is that it will automatically cause totally innocent-seeming but evil shapeshifters to flare up and get DORy.

Oct. 18, '12: As an aside, another program to use if you are wanting to address nasty individuals who are not shapeshifters or blood-ritualists, is the Sodium-Neutron pgm described in OTB 27c.

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