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Loohan Communications Office

Orgone Technical Bulletin # 34

April, 2009

The Yejkusti Path

This OTB is getting a bit afield of orgone technology. It is more about a spiritual path, or at least parts of one, that are being put into stone programs.
The Yejkusti Path is something I know little about as I begin this OTB. It is not for everyone, but some people will be drawn to it.

The word Yejkusti refers to the path as well as the followers of the path. The "Yej" stands for Yeshua AKA Jesus. "Kusti" might mean something along the lines of comrades or co-workers.

The Yejkusti people are 7D humans whom I dowse as being physically incarnate in our world in Earth bodies, but if so they must be in some offset time spur or parallel something-or-other. They are of a species named Rujil.
I put The Programming Committee in touch with them last month. Working together, they will endeavor to "translate" as much of the Yejkusti stuff as possible into crystal programs which are available for free to the public, at least for those who are meant to have them.

On Feb. 17, I was given programs for 3 stones. The programs go together. I do not know exactly what these stones do, but they haven't killed me yet. Any quartz is fine, even quartzite from a bag of landscaping rocks. The set is attuned to one owner. No need to do anything with them but keep them in a place where you spend a lot of time. But don't always be close to them, as your energy body needs time away from them as well.

Now this next set, given March 18, works completely differently. You need to be guided to select 10 stones (it helps if you have a wide stash for The Committee to pick through) for your set. In all likelihood they will be mostly different kinds of stones than what was chosen for me. Just follow the energy. The Committee will "vibe" the stone it wants you to pick up next.

Then you will be guided to put them in a layout, which also may not at all resemble this one. You can do 1 layout a day for 20 days, always with the same stones. If you miss any days, it is no problem, the process will pick up where you left off next time you do a layout.
Each day will bring a different layout. This pic is of my 3rd one, just to give you a feel for the energy quality. When I pick up my stones to do a layout, I feel very strongly which stone to set first, and exactly where to place all the stones. Often at least one of the little carnelians is placed atop a crystal.
With me, I am always guided to first put the 4 big crystals facing inward in a cross formation.

After a while, maybe 40 minutes, the layout will be "used up". You may leave the stones like that, or gather them up, it doesn't matter. They do continue to work at some level regardless.

I had no idea what to expect when I first did this. I hadn't even suspected a Jesus connection, nor do I define myself as a Christian, although he is part of the group I've been working with militarily for many months now.
The first time I did a layout, Jesus visited me in the astral and did energy work on me for a few minutes. This was sometime after I had put away the stones. I actually got a visual impression of his 6D self: muscular, short brown hair and beard, yellow-gold nimbus around his head.
The second time, he showed up 1 hour after I had set the stones in an array, and worked on me for almost 40 minutes.
On subsequent layouts, he has started work right away shortly after I set them up, and worked for a long time, but always remotely.
I normally just go about my usual business during these sessions.

The 10 stones get stronger and stronger, and after 20 days... well, I don't know yet, but I think they get used differently after that.

April 16, '09: My last such session was last night. For the last week or so, all the layouts ran for several hours at a time. The "20 days" actually turned out to be 27.
Now I have not yet received any further guidance about what to do with the stones.
Also, I have had so much going on that I can't evaluate what changes have occurred so far in myself as a result of this path. I do feel better all the time, but it's hard to isolate the reasons for that.

June 5, '09: My path has taken on a more Christian flavor of late. That is, I can feel the energy of Jesus, and can tell who does and who does not have a connection to him. More than half the people who think they do, do not, is my impression. In the case of at least one such person, I keep finding a Tall Grey imposter being her "Jesus". I bag it and after a few hours there's another.

All this time, the 10 stones have just been sitting in a bag, feeling strong. Then suddenly yesterday morning I was prompted to do another layout. This one had no cross formation. The points were facing inward in a circle, with the danburite in the center. Except that the smokey point faced outward at an odd angle.
A few minutes into this, I was prompted to stand about 8' in front of where that smoky was pointing, for a couple minutes.
Then a couple hours later, I was prompted to rearrange some of the crystals in the layout. They have been like that since, and I don't know how long they need to "run" that way; possibly a week.

Also, recently I was guided to make this item. Although it took The Committee and myself to translate it into a 3D programmed item, the actual software content is 100% Yejkusti, and 4 Yejkusti oversaw the process.

It is a Gate Key to open portals so that only good entities (e.g. from clean universes) can use them.
Possibly the highest-intensity item I have yet made, in terms of energy per cubic mm.

Also, there is now a new Yejkusti program available to the public for free. Ask the beings who are "behind" these pics on this page.
It is not programmable into stones. It is like a super-reiki thing for healing you can do with your palms. You need an attunement. It takes 45 hours to download and install.
Incidentally, if you have received western "Reiki" attunements in the past, these can be surgically removed by my allies. Write me. Almost all western Reiki is corrupt, and has demonic hooks.

Jan. 22, '11: My set of 10 stones sits there month after month. Once in a long while I am guided to tweak the layout a bit. It is still doing a lot.

A few months ago I re-cast the gatekey, making it 10X as powerful (pic).


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