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Loohan Communications Office

Orgone Technical Bulletin # 36

November 26, 2009

Salvaging those Resin Dregs

For years I have been saving the resin left in the bottom of the mixing container, and re-using the container several times until there is a significant buildup.

If you pour much at all, this residue can be a significant resource.

The disk at the bottom was broken out of a quart yoghurt container that had thus been used. I will use this disk as is for gifting. Sometimes I re-cast such disks (as in the top unit) perhaps adding a piece of hardware cloth and maybe a little something else.

This works for polyester or epoxy resin. I normally use epoxy, and if one doesn't mix it very, very well, the disk will be a bit sticky when popped out. In this case one could just give it a decent burial in the yard, but usually I take these and re-cast them upside down as in the top unit, allowing fresh resin mix to pour down the sides and harden to cover the stickiness.
Or, just stick the sticky disk in a plastic bag for later throwing into a lake, bag and all.
This top unit has a rather tall dregs disk in it.

In this pic, the dark mix is my latest strontium-barium mix.
By default The Committee will program the dregs for you if you are working with it. In the case of strontium mix, obviously the strontium program is appropriate. With other mixtures, they may or may not program the dregs with the same program as the main object you poured, as the latter may be suited to one thing and not the best for a gifting disk.
Sometimes these disks have some layers of one mix, others of a different mix, and clear resin in between. The Committee will put in what's best, program-wise.

Salvaging Old TBs, etc.

Incidentally, the strontium program (OTB 33) is top-notch for making the most out of old stuff like those crude items I cast years ago and still have a few lying around of. The Committee will optimize the programming as much as possible in the old unit, and it gets encased in a strontium mix which gets that program. Fairly crummy old stuff can be really made good use of this way; more than one might think.


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