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Orgone Technical Bulletin #43
Started July 2013. Edited and updated October 2015

Tips for Developing Psychic Sensitivity

Here are some tips and exercises that I hope might help some fraction of readers develop their sensitivity. Note that what works for one person might not work for another.

I sometimes get asked about how to boost psi.
First off I should make a few general recommendations:
  • Optimize your physical health. If you are a couch potato fed on GMO corn chips and corn syrup, you can forget about amounting to anything.
    • Avoid as much as possible TV, cell phones, Hollywood movies, and other sources of EMFs and subliminal mind-control. If you must use a cell phone, The Committee might be willing to program it with Energy-Rectification stuff. Also laptops, desktops, etc.
    • Avoid sugar, wheat, GMO, etc. etc.
    • Get some healthful exercise, maybe chi kung or yoga.
    • Eat organic greens.
  • Avoid fluoride like the plague. It causes calcification of the pineal gland. The pineal can be cleared somewhat by detoxing, correcting iodine levels, meditating on the 3rd eye, etc.
  • Make plenty of good orgone devices and keep some near you. If you can't do that, get some crystals or quartzite or other semi-precious or common stones, and ask The Committee to program them for you.
  • Fasting: I tend to be underweight, so I'm not seriously into fasting per se. In later 2012 I reported increased astral vision after fasting for 30 hours or so (then eating dinner and going to bed). However, the increased sharpness of perception faded back to normal levels over the next few days.
    Since then I have sort of gotten into intermittent fasting, as well as virtually eliminating carbs from my diet; suddenly, I lost all appetite for even potatoes. And the only sugars I eat are lactose in raw dairy, a few fruit that are not overly sweet, and 1-2 tsp of raw honey at night.
    Actually, what I do, is snack on UNSWEETENED organic cocoa wafers (which admittedly contain calories as fat and a bit of protein) in the morning, washed down with tulsi tea. Alternatively, one could use organic unsweetened coffee, mate', or green tea. I got the idea from here:
    "If you are addicted to sugar, for instance, and you really want to train your body gradually get rid of this addiction," Ori says, "using coffee would be a viable way to help yourself achieve this.
    "Train yourself to drink black coffee. Drink it sugarless on an empty stomach and you will see how, gradually, the cravings will dissipate..."
    My astral vision seems to be getting sharper, I am gradually gaining desired weight, and my nails grow much faster now, since age 59.
    Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and this advice is not intended to diagnose, cure, blah blah blah blah, or in any way threaten the felonious medical establishment.
    Further caution: Mercola advises people with fatigued adrenals to forego the practice of skipping breakfast. Futhermore, stimulants works by jazzing your adrenals. I tried quaffing a bunch of stimulating brew before morning workouts. Yes, I can get stoked on stimulating plants and have a good workout on an empty stomach and feel great, except that after doing that a few times I start getting low-back tightness which I suspect is from my adrenals being stressed. So more recently I drink mostly tulsi tea with just a small amount of white tea and a pinch of mate' while eating a few cocoa wafers if I work out in the morning on an otherwise empty stomach. Or even if I don't work out.
  • An easy exercise to develop sensitivity is How to Feel and Sense Energy.
Another great one is the Embracing Tree or Horse-Riding stance of tai chi. I found a fairly good description here. I disagree with the last caveat, about not tucking your tailbone under. You will have to feel that one out for yourselves, but what I was taught is that one should strive as much as possible to tilt the pelvis forward (the opposite of sticking out your butt). The idea is to have your spine straight from the top to bottom, with no arch of the lower spine.
That's if you are standing erect in this pose. But the way I was taught, one seldom stands straight up. The mid-back can be rounded outward like a turtle shell as one leans forward quite a bit, yet keeping the weight on the heels and outside edges of the feet. You want your pelvis pushed forward as much as possible while still keeping the weight correctly on your feet. (Similarly, if you practice tai chi, never push off from your arches; always the heels and outside edges of the foot.) The difference between the dynamic form (tai chi) and the static pose is that in the stance, almost all of the weight is on the heels.

If you do this right, after a couple minutes you will start to tremble and shake. If it is easy, your posture is probably wrong because you are not doing one of the specified postural details.

Why is this exercise so important? Many believe that the ancient Chinese were the best experts in martial arts and internal chi exercises, and this is the most important single exercise that the Chinese traditions have to offer. One should do it for 20 minutes daily.
Admittedly, I only do it for maybe 5 minutes a week, but even so, it is still powerful.

Also, if you practice tai-chi, you should pretty much keep this alignment throughout, never letting knees fold inwards, and always twist at the waist, not the hips. And twist on the heel, not ball of foot.
Personally I have not done the tai chi form since the late '90s, but I take this stance into other activities. My favorite exercise is to simply walk with knees very bent as though I was sneaking along a low fence and wanted to keep my head down, but maintaining the posture.
Always err in the direction of a faintly pigeon-toed, bow-legged stance (unless you have postural issues that would be aggravated by this).
Also when I ride my bike, I try to maintain the posture as much as feasible. But I have a bike with high handlebars that allow me to sit erect (I'm not too worried about wind-resistance because I'm too small to catch much wind).
If you try to take the posture onto most bikes, you will have to crane your neck back to see the road, which probably negates the benefit.
Embracing Horse is the premier exercise for developing one's chi and energy-sensitivity. It is also enormously boring, which is why I usually integrate it into walking exercise. This latter is not something I learned, but I figured it out a couple years ago.

At least according to one teacher I had, the single most important thing in tai chi (and this applies also to the horse-riding stance AKA embracing tree stance) is to "keep head suspended as if from above". That is, imagine your head is suspended from a cord that pulls on it and straightens your neck. It is a feeling of "neck extended" that you also maintain when leaning forward. That is, since you are leaning forward, obviously your neck is not as though suspended from above, but you still maintain that alignment of your neck.

Breathing when doing horse stance (or most anything else for that matter) should be diaphragmatic. Your belly goes in and out, not your chest. And your awareness should be on your tan tien below the belly button.
I have been breathing this way for decades and don't think about it.

Note the hand position in the pic. The thumbs are up. But another version is to let the thumbs naturally hang down (still keeping the fingers in the same postion). Both are fine, and one can alternate. One's gaze goes through between the hands. Normally this means looking down at the ground, as the erect stance, according to what I was taught, is seldom held for long, except for advanced students that have re-structured their posture by doing a squatting version for years.
Anytime I do Embracing Horse for a couple minutes in a fairly dim space, I start seeing my etheric field shooting out my fingertips. This always happens, and is the only time I ever see etheric fields. I first noticed this in 1988, and it still holds true reliably for me.

Dowsing: Not everyone has the potential to be a dowser, and among those who do, not all will be able to do it the same way.
Personally I am no good with a pendulum. Also I once tried a form of kinesiology that was recommended to me, but it would not work at all.
I will describe what works for me.

Things I discovered long ago:
I could move my finger down a printed list, and get a feel of which item was appropriate for me.
I could run my hand over an array of homeopathic remedies in a health-food store, and sense which one(s) I needed.
I could coBreathing when doing horse stance (or most anything else for that matter) should be diaphragmatic. Your belly goes in and out, not your chest. And your awareness should be on your tan tien below the belly button. I have been breathing this way for decades and don't think about it.me to a fork in the road, and sense which way I should go.

When I got a PC, I found I could scan a list with my mouse pointer. There is a direct subtle-energy connection running from the pointer of a mouse or touchpad to the hand touching it.
Later I realized I could feel energy off google maps this way.

Then in 2005 I developed the primary method of dowsing (off-computer) that I still use.

1) At first I drew 2 circles, and put a Y in one and an N in the other, representing Yes and No. But soon I realized that I would only feel the energy in the Y one at the juncture of the Y lines.
2) I replaced the Y with a cross, as that seemed to concentrate the energy at the junction slightly better. The N one fell into disuse.
3) I started making a cross over a cross, as in figure 3, as that seemed to work even better.

For a while I walked around with a piece of paper with symbol 3 and pulled it out to dowse stuff.
Then I started drawing the #3 symbol directly on my old jeans near my right pocket. Thus, I could walk down the street and discreetly dowse whether this person or that was a Satanist.
Then I realized I didn't really need to write on my pants; I could imagine the symbol was there -- I could place a mental version of the symbol on my pants, or a countertop, whatever, and rub it.
Then I started mentally putting the symbol on the tip of my thumb, and rubbing the tip of my index finger against it.
Then the symbol fell into disuse entirely.
So now I can be talking to someone and simultaneously very discreetly dowsing stuff. Or be driving down the road, and dowse everything without taking my hand off the wheel.

Interference in Dowsing: Be aware that negative entities can give you wrong reads, sometimes very convincing ones. One needs to be alert for this. They can be jailed if detected.

Knowing one's limitations and strengths comes from years of experience, and fact-checking stuff you dowse. I find that I am pretty reliable at certain things, whereas on other things, I might feel like I have the answer, but it won't usually check out well. For example, I once dowsed the adult height of a particular allied reptilian race as being 8', and months later, 6.5'. The truth is probably that they are tall, and somewhere in that range. However I haven't taken a tape measure to them yet.
In general, I am sharp about detecting negative energy, but if I were to dowse someone's height, weight, age, I would not bet on the accuracy of the results. Usually I can only be accurate on stuff that has strong energy associated with it.

Using orgone to light stuff up and make it easy to find: If the target is evil, then orgone devices or crystals that have been programmed with anti-evil frequencies can be brought to bear on them "radionically" even with no knowledge of the whereabouts or other details. After a while, they usually are easy to find.
Also, once you get your target all "vibey", you might be able to ask questions against that vibe, to identify your target.

Interfacing with allies in dowsing: Sometimes allies will "tell" you where stuff is. E.g. I have an ally named Durkistan who is really good at finding stuff, most of the time. If the location of something is undetectable to me, I can ask Durkistan, and usually after a while, I will sense he has found the target, and I can dowse the location.
Another example: Thor'p sometimes asks me the whereabouts of ET friends of his, e.g. Natan. Usually Natan doesn't mind revealing his location, and will "tell" me.

Google Maps and Google Earth are among the many valuable tools kindly supplied by the illuminati to facilitate their demise. Also Google Image search.
In looking for off-world locations, I usually have used Google Images, typing in such things as "galaxy", "galaxies", or "constellations", then scrolling down the page. This has become more cumbersome lately as Google has eliminated page numbers in their image results, giving one long page instead. Also, oftentimes I can't find a pic for the place I seek. Recently I have begun to use Google Earth more (which requires a fairly good computer and internet connection). Open Google Earth and go to View, Explore, Sky. They also have Mars, Moon, and of course, Earth available. Then if I want to post the location, I go to File, Save, Save Image, and it will give me a pic of the screen along with co-ordinates (example).

Negative Energy by Association: Often a person who is close to an evil shapeshifting reptilian, and/or under heavy attack by them, will feel like one. I have made a few embarrassing mistakes this way. I am getting sharper. In fact, these days I will often recognize from a pic on the web, that I am looking at a good person, or at least an innocuous person, or even a non-shapeshifting agent, who has shapeshifters close to them. Maybe "friends", significant others, co-workers, associates... and I blast these guys.

Which brings me back to the subject of using negative energy to discern details: Usually, if I feel, say, a DORy spot on the map, and connect some serious orgone to it, I will be able to get further info off it. Sometimes it is difficult and takes a lot of blasting time and work, but usually I can get depths of underground bases, who is down there and how many of them, the presence of transmitters, impressions of heroin or meth labs, etc.

Using Specific Programs to Identify Target Species: If you are sensitive, you might be able to feel energy feedback when blasting your target. If you try the (optimistically-named) Kill Clone program, and get a subtle feedback, your target is a clone. Or if the Strontium-Barium program does give kickback, but the Nov2012 pgm, July 2012 pgm, and other reptilian-decloaking programs do not, theBreathing when doing horse stance (or most anything else for that matter) should be diaphragmatic. Your belly goes in and out, not your chest. And your awareness should be on your tan tien below the belly button. I have been breathing this way for decades and don't think about it.n your target is most likely not a reptilian or a reptilian shapeshifter. It may be an ordinary human, or a non-reptilian ET such as Sasquatch.

Remote Scanning of People: I find this very useful for finding stuff on myself, as well as others. Usually I do not have a pic of the person I want to scan, or only have a partial pic. So I have taken to using pictures of mannequins, and letting the mannequin represent the person. I even put together this pic which you are free to use. Note that I choose pix that show the limbs separately (no crossed limbs) yet are not distractingly sexy. I use this pic regardless of gender of target.
Thus I can more easily sense implants, demons, cords, etc. Often the demons or implants are in the aura and not the body. Or in both.
Occasionally I have sought out diagrams of teeth, inner ear, or internal organs if the person had a specific complaint.
Also this is not only for healing; sometimes I can get a better fix on a dubious person by using a mannequin pic.
However, a pic of the actual person is much better! I tend to miss a lot if I haven't seen a pic of the person.

Lower Back Ache: I got this one from Franz Erdl. I can't make sense out of most of his stuff, yet have gotten a few priceless leads therefrom. He found that lumbar pain can be related to negative ET stuff underground. I think the body knows, at some level.
If my lower back suddenly gets a twinge, it usually means there are evil beings in U bases attacking either me or someone I'm trying to help. I then ask Lt Veo to trace them and light them up for demolition. But lately I have often been getting the same symptom due to hostile airborne ET craft.
It almost always is the lower back, but once I traced someone's neck pain to a U base in Belgium, and once I had it in between my shoulder blades.

Now I will give you some exercises (don't feel bad if you can't do them) to develop skills.

Can you discern whether a person or animal has a soul? Look at pictures of people and animals on the web, and see if you can discern this. Do not try to do this with pics of beings who are hugging or pressing against each other. In the original version of this OTB, I had pics of dogs and cats shoulder-to-shoulder. When I looked at the pics later, I got very different answers on which of the animals in those pics are ensouled. I had answers that were likely wrong posted for a couple years. So I have now replaced any group pics with pics of single animals.
Then check these pix and see if you got what I get. (Write down your answers and then check my answers here). Hint: most of the pix of puppies and kittens on Google Images are soulless. In real life, I find about half are ensouled. I find it also helps to try to feel out a person's or animal's higher selves. If they don't have a soul, they don't have higher selves.
Regarding animals, it seems as though all the "unfit" souls were culled all at once, and hardly any more have lost their souls since. Also many animals are soulless because they chose to discarnate! They can do this because my allies help them. The soul lives on, disconnected from the body.We have freed the souls of countless animals in bad situations. Even a few rare humans have discarnated.
OK, now for something else: can you remotely connect to a spiritually conscious animal? Not all ensouled animals are conscious in the sense of being trainable by my allies, of being telepathically accessible by strangers, or summonable in the astral. I will post some pix of conscious animals. All have been equipped with etheric weapons and demon-jailers. Some of these critters I can astrally summon fairly easily by thinking about them and sending love. Love is the universal language of ensouled animals. If you can't send it, it may be that you're somehow inadequate, or it may be interference by negative entities, including possible implants in your heart center.

OK, here's Milo. He lives in Wisconsin. If you connect to him, you will be hit by strong love. At least, I do.

This is a "wild" rabbit that was living on my property, about 1 year old, the BF of a conscious female rabbit of similar age. In 2013 I sometimes saw them together, sometimes separately. They got pretty close to me sometimes, but always kept their profile to me where they can watch me with one eye.
Aggressive demon jailer.

This was a juvenile timber rattler which I photographed in 2009. I did not harm him, but evidently he died not long after. Then in 2012 I saw him by my house as a fairly mature black snake; same soul.
Aggressive jailer.

Sometimes I befriend animals I only see on the web. Check out this hippo.
And the puppy I linked to above. Actually there is a network of my animal friends and other allies who approach them and give them etheric weapons, etc.

Addendum Sep. 2013:

Practice discerning reptilian shapeshifters. Try doing an image search for beauty pageants, especially child beauty pageants. Or competitive eating. Or motorcycle racing. Or transvestites. Mostly shapeshifters will come up. Can you tell which is which?
Note: by late 2015, almost all SSers have been replaced by SSer clones or other kinds of manufactured doubles.

How about the difference between real chem with metals, and whatever this other stuff is they spray in recent years, that has no metal, nor do the sprayers.

The pic to the right is of a hologram (or whatever they are) spraying non-metallic chem.

Right-click and select View Image for larger version.

Below is a pic of a real passenger plane that was leaving a long barium/aluminum trail.

If you are sensitive, try comparing the vibes of these 2 trails. And alleged planes.

If you find any real chem, please notify Tory the Arcturan girl on The Committee: she will program the metal, and alert the allies to the plane. (Alternatively, notify ChemmerBuster.) Some of the real chem is being sprayed by passenger flights, some by military flights, whereas much is sprayed by exotic craft that are presumably just disguised as planes. These latter are from underground bases, which our allies will destroy.

Another way to find real chem (if you can discern the difference) is to open Google Earth. On the bottom of the left column you should see "Layers". Open that and make sure "Weather" is checked off. Then, when you are viewing the Earth within a certain zoom range, clouds will appear (after a delay). Normally quite a bit of ripply and non-ripply chem. Scan the chem, especially the ripply stuff, with your pointer.
Or you can find real-time (more or less) cloud formations in some weather websites.

Update: Since I posted that last tidbit, I have never been able to find DORy chem on Google Earth. Others have been getting to it before me.
Also when scanning the Earth you are likely to encounter bad vibes in spots in the Earth. Can you differentiate? Let Lt. Veo know about such things. If you can't tell whether it is in the ground or in the sky, still let Lt. Veo sort it out.
Lately I am only finding stuff in the Earth. Except, more rarely, I sometimes notice evil spacecraft.

I find it also helps to try to feel out a person's or animal's higher selves. If they don't have a soul, they don't have higher selves.
Regarding animals, it seems as though all the "unfit" souls were culled all at once, and no more have lost their souls since.

Answers to questions about ensouled beings:

alligator snapping turtle: no
common snapping turtle: yes, ensouled
gecko: yes
poodle: no
elephant: yes
armadillo: no
cat: yes
gorilla: yes
rattlesnake: yes
chicken: no
porcupine: yes
hyena: no
raccoon: no
pig: yes

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