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Orgone Technical Bulletin #46
started November, 2014


I am in the habit of avoiding Warriormatrix.com like the plague. It used to be mostly satanists, and was also very DORy due to the presence of the USN satanist shapeshifting reptilian Sensei Dennis. It is still a USN site, but Dennis got killed 2 years ago and replaced by a clone with a wimpy vibe. More importantly, it seems mainly sincere people post there in recent years.

Nonetheless, somehow I still avoid the place except when a reader refers me to a particular thread.

At this time I haven't even read the 2nd thread except to skim some of the pages.
Note that there is a broken link on the first thread to a Reich article. The article can be found here. I have also barely skimmed it.

Basically, all you need to know is to boil (simmer for 15-30 minutes) and freeze your sand, stones, or other objects three times. This will bionize them.

So far I have only tried this with some cheap landscaping rocks sold as Arkansas River Rocks, which are mostly quartzite. It worked out real well.
My stones have a bit of a sharp edge to their vibe due to a couple of the programs we put it them (Ave Maria and Right Whale) and thus conflict with evil energy more than the items on WimpMatrix. There are some nice people there, but I doubt any of them have real warrior weapons that can compare with my stuff (strut, swagger).

What are some applications of this?
I really doubt it is of value for remote weapons [update: I do sometimes use a bit of bionized stuff in some remote weapons], however, for stones or orgone devices to be worn or kept in one's space, I think it is very good. Also in TBs and probably in CBs.

I made a fairly large cone and some 5oz TBs. In this pic, the 3 TBs each have 1 of the treated quartzites, and the cone has 20. I really like the feel.
(The resin programs in the cone are very different from the ones in the TBs except that both have layers of the PRG pgm. The TBs have aggressive, evil-busting pgms whereas the cone has harmony and well-being pgms.)

I used no metal in these except for a bit of powders in some layers. I put some metallic-looking glitter in one of the cone's layers. Also the cone has 1 large capacitor in it.

It is probably beneficial to bionize shavings, too.

Program Compatibility:

I get that bionization would interfere with most of The Committee's programs (in the same stones, not in the same pieces). But it goes very well with certain programs:
Especially the Ighina pgm (decribed on this page). And, from this page, the Right Whale, Ave Maria, SacredG, Lovely Time Wash and Salty Time Wash programs.

I just let The Committee choose, and they primarily choose the Ighina pgm but include traces of the others mentioned (one stone can have several pgms, each in a separate section of the stone).

Just a hunch, but I strongly suspect that bionized objects have considerable value in strengthening life-forms against EMF, microwaves, etc. and that they would be good to put on appliances and to carry on one's person. If you can't pour resin or afford to buy orgonite, you can carry bionized stones and place them around your home, vehicle, etc.
You can bionize jewelry if it is tough enough to stand up to boiling.
Incidentally, selenite is water-soluble, and amber would be ruined by boiling.

Is the effect permanent? I think so. On the 2nd thread I referred to, people comment that 3 years later it is still fine.

Some ideas: I intend to bionize some titanium shavings and use them in the PRG program. I think this should work real well. I am a bit leery of trying to boil fine powders (seems messy and potentially wasteful) but one could use unprocessed titanium powder in addition to the processed shavings if desired.

Also I am processing some sand. Because the particles are so fine, one should use Committee programs with sand that also work with resin (so that both ingredients get same pgm). All the pgms mentioned above qualify. One could make successive layers of sand/resin mix, each with a different one of these pgms.
The advantage of using stones or pebbles instead of sand is that they can be programmed separately from the resin they are in.

Nov. 24: I have bionized some sand and a bunch more river quartzite.
Also, as depicted, some large quartzite, metal, and some crystals. (Keys depicted for size relativity only.)
The metal stuff is copper tubes from India as well as brass bullet shells of various sizes that someone picked up at a shooting range. I was guided to bionize these, and have already used some as resonant cavities in a device.

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