Rifat products guide

(Unofficial) Beginner's Guide to Tim Rifat's Products
[note: see bottom of page first]

IMPORTANT update Aug/2012: Do not send money to Tim Rifat. This page was created in 2006. Since then I have had numerous people write me that Tim either sent them nothing and did nothing for their money, or else sent stuff that doesn't work. They never get their money back from him. For a while Tim was psi-attacking and implanting people who tried to collect money he owed them. I think I fried him to the point where he can no longer do that, but if this happens to you, let me know and I'll fry him some more. Also he and his gay lover have practiced various forms of black magic against me, especially Klipoth Kaballah. Also Tim has hired Russian psychics etc. against me and even a Syrian black magician who ritually sacrificed 3 rabbits to raise evil energy against me.
Many years ago Tim did have some accurate info and workable technology mixed in with BS and virus-riddled schlock. But the last few years he only puts out bizarre garbage info and worthless tech. The info that used to be relevant (e.g. about Archons) is now very passe' and no longer applies.

Tim's products are 2-part: each large crystal or other device comes with a smaller "BPC" stone, usually a small tumbled pebble, that must be used with it. Usually, the pebbles are carried in the left sock. I advise putting these in a pouch to make them hard to lose.
The pieces are made specifically for the individual user and, as far as i know, are not transferable.

Months ago i bought the Sedna PC (personal crystal), which is touted as a formidable weapon. And indeed it is, but for warfare purposes, my impression is one's dollar would go further with some stuff he's come out with since.
Don't get me wrong, the Sedna PC is great. It also contains a lot of programming to enable one to navigate the dark-matter realms safely. Which i have not used much because i have not yet developed much in the way of out-of-body or lucid viewing abilities. Plus i'm almost always tied up in combat.
Indeed there are no doubt a lot of applications for the Sedna PC which i have not yet explored.
I do like it for projecting non-matrix high-orgone "dark matter" into the real world, "Volume of Protection" style.
Also, i find i can remove the corrupt energies from crystals, etc. with it.

I would like to give a bit of advice for the warrior who is considering investing in some of Rifat's tools.

For sheer all-out rapid demolition of evil, the Silmarillion Orbs are probably pre-eminent. There is also info on these halfway down the page at psi-lord.com. The full set of 4 costs 1.5X as much as the Sedna PC, but there is no comparison when it comes to shredding power. Especially as they grow stronger with use. They are 1&5/8"diameter quartz balls.

All one needs to do is hold them in the left hand to shred all the evil in the universe, kind of. I put them in a sock and tie it shut, and lay my left hand on it at night. Actually, since the orbs boost other PCs with "agglutinising force" i also keep my Sedna PC and anti-demon PCs, etc. in the bag.
This enables me to sleep soundly while grinding down DOR levels dramatically.
Also one can direct their energy bodies to targets, or mentally place targets inside the orbs. This seems to hold true for any type of device.
I often carry one of the orbs, the Gold Age one, in my left pocket during the day. Actually, i need to get me a small camera belt pouch for all the crystals i need to carry just to provide me with the security to cope with everyday life.
I always carry the BPCs for the Orbs in a pouch in my left sock, and even when i'm not carrying the Orbs themselves, they are working hard, though not as effectively as if i was holding them.

The Anti-Demon PCs: These are effective even passively, worn in the left pocket. But can also be used actively as psychic swords, or can be used to withdraw energy from the target with a spirallic motion (draw crystal toward you away from target as you draw a spiral of 8 revolutions that shrinks in size as it approaches you).
These are particularly powerful in conjunction with the Orbs.
I have the Anti-Occultist one for a broad-spectrum weapon, as well as the Anti-Curse one. The latter seems very active just passively. I recommend it for anyone who has run afoul of the Satanic World Order, because, believe me, it will find endless evil crap to protect you from, even if you never wield it aggressively. It's very powerful as an aggressive weapon, too.
I have also just ordered the Anti-Vampire one, as the more positive energy i accumulate, the harder they struggle to vamp it off me. Most of us could probably benefit from this one, as well.

"High-Power Specific" PCs: Although i do not have them, i would particularly recommend the Iguana or the Eagle for someone able to spend time holding one in their left hand. No skill or insight necessary; the programming will automatically chew away powerfully at the specific target. And nailing these targets undercuts most of the DOR/black magic problems we are still having, freeing up people like myself for more skilled hunting.
The Merlin PC also feels very powerful.

Hematite Orgone Necklaces: I got one a few weeks ago and never take it off except when bathing, i.e only on rare occasions. The one i chose was #4. At least i thought i did, but the one i got was #5. Perhaps i hit the wrong button, or else there was a glitch in the software. No matter; #5 is equally suitable.
I also recommend these, as they work hard cleaning up the nasties around you passively, without further overloading your left pocket or hand. The more different kinds of these toys you can arm yourself with at once, the less crap gets through to you. And all that evil energy caught is converted into the most beneficial energy for the owner.
Incidentally, the subtle bodies of Tim's devices are very strong, so those who are able to astral travel can take them along.

All the aforemention devices (except the Orbs) have one thing in common: none are part of the "Total 34-piece BSRI-E" which the truly serious afficionado will desire. Since these stones are so expensive, i try not to spend too much money on things that are not part of the 34. If you think you might aspire someday to have the whole engine, you might tend to give preference when possible to components of the Total BSRIE.
People who buy the 34 get a complimentary Psi-Master Course and the Grail manuscripts. Also, you can just leave the stones in an array, and carry just one to get the benefit of all that power. You can charge "Angel Water".

The first component of the total-34 engine that the beleaguered warrior would want would probably be the Orbs. The next thing might be the BTRI, aka Council of 7, aka 7 Psycrystals. I recently got my full set. These stones do a lot. Virtually all of humans in this world are parasitized by an insectile larva over their head, by which energy is drawn from them to feed the archonic empire (Council of Nine, etc.). In 2006, this feeding has been knocked down to very negligeable levels, but there is another factor: humans are also remotely-influenced by archons running them via their larvae. This is probably the main reason why people are such assholes. Plus, the archons can send DOR down to the human via the larva.

One of the things the 7 do is make it impossible for a larva to inhabit your space. They also do all kinds of damage to the archons, while feeding you good energy in various forms.
One can simply leave these laid out with their BPCs in a pattern, keeping just one tiny BPC in ones sock, yet continually getting all that good energy. In the center of the circle goes the pic or written name of someone who has sold his/her soul to demons. According to Rifat, such people are as dead already, only being run by archons via the larvae over their heads. With the BTRI laid out in the circle, not only is your head-space kept larva-free, but the larva of the victim is shredded for fuel, draining the victim of energy. Carried out long enough, physical death allegedly ensues. I have yet to carry it to this conclusion, however, as after many days of "treatment" the victim is so feeble i can't get much psychotronic fuel off him any more, and i always have fatter volunteers vying for a cleansing solution.
Although Tim does not mention this, i have found that one can instead put in the names of archons (insectiles) themselves, e.g. Maat, or a group of insectiles, e.g "The Mighty Ones".
Another cool thing about this BTRI layout is that you can choose which benefits to emphasize by your choice of which BPC you wear. The list describing the different BPCs that come included with the BTRI states:
Resiliance/Resistance BPC wedded to the anti-ageing PC to enable you to survive long enough to break free of the Matrix. In Europe the anglo demonic reality is rampant and is using all manner of devices to cripple it's population, microwaves, fluidisation, semiotics, electromagnetic drugging in the 2-20 KHZ range... To develop you must survive, that is the only rule. The BPC enables:
a.Survivability in the Matrix's hostile environment of mind and body.
b.Gives your morphogenic filed the energy to repair physical damage by controlling your DNA to make you immune to all enviromental stresses.
Since those of us fighting the darkside constantly get slammed with loads of radionics, frequency weapons, etc. perhaps the BPC of choice is this one for the Anti-Ageing PC.
Plus the BTRI does much more.

There are other good weapons in the Total 34 that i don't have yet. The Awareness PCs are supposedly very powerful as psychic swords (halfway down this page for more on that) and even more so when used with the Orbs. I just ordered the set, thanks to support from a benefactor.
The BSRI-E (not the total engine) refers to 9 PCs called also "the Council of Nine" and takes things apart on the basis of the logic or whatever of the 9 insectiles of the Ennead, who weave the matrix we live in. There are protocols on Tim's sites for this.

One nice thing about Tim's products is that they are the only hard objects that people with the "corrupting touch" (see OTB 17) are unable to corrupt. Some of his products come as pebbles in a glass flask. the bottle itself is corruptable, but one can simply put the pebbles in a pouch instead.

As with anything effective one does, one may find that one's situation seems worse after obtaining Rifat tools. This is because you handle one thing, or start to, and they respond with a different type of attack, if they're really determined to persecute you.
One friend of mine bought an anti-curse PC on my advice, only to have a coven of reptilians on Pluto knock themselves out to try to smother him in DOR. Hard for me to believe they would go to so much trouble to maintain suppression on one guy, when they are losing so much ground everywhere that they seem unable to regain, due to dwindling resources/DOR.

This sort of thing is not a problem for me, because i can easily track down the perpetrators and nail them, just as i have been constantly doing since Summer, '05.
So if you buy his tools only to feel worse, email me and i'll slap the bad guys around some.

Update June 15, 2006: Some weeks ago i got the completed Total 34 BSRI-E, and it's great.
The Awareness PCs are great weapons, and i wrote about them quite a bit on my blog.
The Council of 9, aka BSRI-E, consists of 18 smokey quartz points of similar size and shape. One tapes the 9 BPCs onto the tips of the 9 PCs. There are various protocols on Tim's sites for using these. These stones are phenomenally powerful.
The Grail PCs totally amaze me. What i have mainly done with these is
walk targets out the Grail maze, which seems to be the most powerful tool yet for deactivating transmitters, healing ritual sites, clearing vortexes of bad energy, and quickly knocking evil beings for a loop!
I have not actually written the targets on paper as he says. I can easily plop the energy signature of anything anywhere i want, so it only takes me seconds to run stuff out the maze. I have not yet had any concrete proof of the remote-influencing power of any of my Rifat tools, in terms of altered behavior. That is, at least some processed bad guys are still doing the things i tell them not to, though weakly. But i dowse that they are being slammed with the energy of my intentions, and they do seem crippled. In any case, merely running a target through the maze in itself is extremely powerful.

Having the complete set of 34 is disproportionately much more powerful than having a partial set. I also got the Mind-Control Engine described 2/3 down this page which subverts Masonic structures to power the user's intents. Again, i have no concrete proof yet of effectiveness, but it certainly feels extremely powerful.

I can really kick some butt now, and have been, with the result that psychotronic fuel seems harder and harder to dig up. The situation has changed quite a bit lately. What do i presently recommend people buy? Perhaps some of the items on this new site, supernaturalspirit.com. There are Freemason burners, etc.; all kinds of tools that will get great results for even unskilled users.

I have some disagreements with Tim Rifat, mainly concerning his alliance with the Pulsars (Nordics). I get that only about 1/4 of the red ones, and none of the blue, yellow, or green ones, are good. I have to imprison yellow, blue, or green Nordics several times a day lately, as they are doing Enochian magic, sometimes Goetia, in NWO underground bases, attacking myself and my friends.
I strongly advise against getting any of Tim's pulsar-based products, including the Voodoo PCs.

Update June 20: A friend of mine has just received a special "soul stone" from Tim as part of a recue service he bought. Unfortunately, it has an evil Green Pulsar vibe to it.

Now i am no longer able to recommend Tim's products. The stones i got from him are amazingly wonderful, but he seems to be increasingly under the influence of the Pulsars.
I am grateful that i was able to get them when i did. Just barely made it. My feeling right now is that probably all the stones he's made in the last month or so are corrupted by programming injected by the Green Pulsars.