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This search engine is for loohan.com ONLY!

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For the FORUM only:
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DIY Advanced Google Search in case the above engines fail. (The forum engine tends to SUCK and produce no returns for things that are there and which Google Advanced does find. And the loohan.com engine is not much better anymore.) You have to specify the domain (loohan.com or https://loohanforum.orgoneitalia.it/). I often have to resort to this myself.

I used to have a convenient Google search box just for my site, but it was bonkers. Somehow Google found my FTP login (which was loohanc1) and would insert it into URLs in their search results, e.g. http://loohan.com/loohanc1/blog1-10.htm. Then when one clicks on the bogus URL, one gets a pop-up saying it is a dangerous page, "Get me out of here!" etc.
Rather bizarre that Google's bots would even be able to find my FTP login, as it was nowhere on the www, and only myself and my host would know it. And anyone reading my emails from my host on Gmail.